Christmas arrives not only with a festive and joyous atmosphere all around, but also with opportunities of surprising your mister right. The quest for the perfect gift is tedious and a futile effort if it does not make him jump on his feet with joy at the first sight. Arts, guitars, formal shirts, watches, classy ties and the list go on. One never knows what would be the reactions when he unpacks the gift box with hopes and expectations at his peak. In order to ensure sure that your mister right gets the right gift from the right person; we undertook the trouble of making a list of the most common gift recommendations for men.  So, let’s delve into the mind of a regular guy and know about his likes and dislikes.

  • Custom Portraits:

Traditional paintings are losing their essence. But it certainly does not diminish their beauty and pricelessness as a gift present to loved ones. These days, customization of portrait paintings is becoming the trend. The uniqueness of these custom painting is the fact that the photo, as well as the style of painting, is left to the discretion of the customer and delivered freshly prepared. For recommendations, my choice of custom paintings goes to They have mastery in providing custom paintings to those who are in need of it.

To get custom paintings from portrait flip, all you need to do is end the relevant photo of the picture to be painted at the site, and mention the particular painting style needed for the same (oil, charcoal, and watercolor). Following this request, the paintings would be delivered to you. These paintings would never let you down. They also turn out to be wonderful gifts for special people. Here is a sample of portrait flip paintings:

Pretty splendid, aren’t they?!

  • Illustrated coffee mugs:

Imagine drinking coffee from the cup which resembles your favorite fictional character’s merchandise. Or, think about the coffee cup having laminated photos of your group photos which were taken in your most memorable camping trip. Every sip of that coffee fills you with the taste of nostalgia. The cups can be decorated with custom pictures and wallpapers. Now electronics has added the icing to the cake with cooler features. As soon as the mug is filled, the cups change color.

  • Smart Flask:

Similar in appearance to a smartphone, it is a miniaturized reservoir for liquor and is electronically operable. Controlled amounts of liquor can be stored and poured into glasses. Being the first of its kind, it is a preferable choice of present for such occasions. The device is definitely a spotlight grabber for the die-hard liquor fans. The point from the liquor pours out looks like a headphone jack. The best part of the device is its ability to be concealed. Carrying a huge glass bottle which can always fall and shatter into pieces poses a problem, which is effectively solved with the help of this amazing piece of invention.

  • Cocktail Pack:

The pack consists of everything you need to mix up the drinks and prepare an awesome cocktail fit to your sense of taste. It can be carried anywhere and does not pose any issues of heavyweight. They are a must addition to a travel pack, and add taste all along the journey! The ideal places to have these pack in possession is flights, where it is easy to mix drinks. There is no need to call the attendant every time you need a drink which is mixed in the way you desire. It can be done with this cocktail pack.

  • Fitness activity tracker:

It is a complete health monitoring package. Form pulse reading and heartbeat detection to counting the number of hours spent sleeping, not a single health aspect has been overlooked. The latest Fitbit charge 2 wireless activity tracker is one such multipurpose device. Resembling a watch, it can be worn on wrists and has improved flexibility and long working life. Being wireless, it can receive long distance calls, text messages. Notifications, pending work reminders are all just ‘a wrist away from you’. To conclude, this device is a perfect replacement for a smartphone minus the disadvantages encountered while keeping a mobile always with you at all times.

  • Waterproof iPods:

It is a sigh of relief for the youngsters who are perpetually irritated by their iPods getting damaged due to contact with water. Just once the iPod may have fallen into a tub of water and that’s the end of it. The following innovations in the gadget are primarily the waterproof capabilities. Along with waterproof, they are also workable in underwater conditions. You do not need to keep your iPods aside while taking a swimming session in a pool. The separate components are waterproof as well. The wires and earbuds are also fully functioning underwater. The gadgets are now designed based on rough weather conditions. So, there is no need to be surprised if you spend an hour swimming with these on and still see them working perfectly.

  • Bluetooth gloves:

These gloves need not be taken off during cold climates. Phone calls, notifications, messages can be easily received from these devices. The extra features include microphones and speakers which can be used for talking over phone calls. A touchscreen has been enabled to operate it similar to a smartphone. The Bluetooth feature is very convenient. Even with so many features, it has a decent battery efficiency. One fully charged battery can make it last for at least twenty hours. The qualities of the gloves are not affected by adverse climatic conditions, as they have been designed accordingly.

  • Remotely Operable Pillow:

Remote controlling features added to the common pillow we use every day lead to this innovation. On combining two of these articles, the problem of losing remote and forgetting the last place where it was kept is totally solved. While watching the television from the bed, there is no need to leave it for the remote. The pillow itself can be used for changing the channels. The remotely operable pillow has the codes for almost all the remote control features found in lots of remotes, so it is adaptable to any system.

  • Corkcicle cum Beer chiller:

Chilled beer is difficult to maintain and warms up before the celebrations begin. To overcome this, these screws have been designed. In addition to helping in uncorking the beer bottles, they can also keep the temperature low for a prolonged period of time. While using this device, it is advisable to initially store the bottle in a freezer for at least an hour. After this, the device keeps it cold until the entire bottled is finished to the last remaining drop. This stuff ensures that the first sip you take from the bottle cools your entire body and makes you thirsty for more.

  • Xbox One:

The only recommendation in this article that does not need explanation and justification as a gift choice for youngsters is Xbox One. The reader may be more aware of the specifications of the gaming console than me!

  • Soccer shaped Cufflinks:

The same old cufflinks have been given a touch of modern art and design. It is still a craze among soccer enthusiasts. The appearance is beautiful, having a ceramic black tinge with a finishing of sterling round silver. They sure do add to the fashion statement and any formal attire. The mixture of black and sterling silver is a delightful eye candy. Irresistible for the soccer fans, with an extra touch of tempting shades, these soccer shaped cufflinks might just be the best piece of funky ornaments on the market.

  • Diaries:

There are just a few days left for the arrival of the New Year. A day which compels the masses to take new resolutions and start afresh. Having a personal diary at your disposal is quite handy during these times. Maintaining a record of daily activities, short-term and long-term ambitions, things to do urgently are some of the few motivations for keeping a diary. They are more attractive than plain white notebooks. The pages are segregated into months and individual days.

  • Skatecycle:

It is a highly customized skateboard that can be used in uneven terrains without the dangers of accidents. Not only the conventional style, it can be tried on with different postures like freeing hands and resting on shoulders while skating. The structure is lightweight yet robust, making it a portable hobby tool. In addition to these, there are pedals attached to the lower portion of the Skatecycle, making it safe when any objects sudden appear before it.

  • Guitar pick generator:

Musicians are a carefree bunch of people and often tend to lose the small part of instruments. Guitar picks happen to be the most commonly lost items. This interesting device is a punching machine which punches old gift cards and soft paper covers and provides replacements for lost guitar picks. Whenever you lose your guitar pick, these devices can be used to punch any scrap paper or cover there is no trouble at all. Guitar pick punches come with hundreds of custom shapes for paper cutting and a small pack where the picks can be stored. Hence this also acts as a keeping place for small instrument tools.

  • Double Fryer Basket:

Instead of looking for wide trays for cooking huge quantities of food at the same time, these double basket fryers can be used. Using compartmentalizing, the double sections can individually cook food and heat it for similar purposes. There are temperature regulators and timers for optimal cooking. With a large viewing window attached on top, the process can be seen and monitored in order to stop it anytime, in case of overcooking. The compartments are separate and can hold different food products and cook them simultaneously at different temperatures.

  • Portable Camping tents:

Weekends have become a synonym for one activity: outdoor camping. These days, there are tents available along with standing poles which are conveniently portable. These camping kits come as a compact pack consisting of poles, ropes, tent cloth, and pillows. With a wide variety based on sizes, tents are available for couples as well as group of children or friends going on a picnic. The tents are sketched on the exterior sides, so the sight of such tents from the outside is a beautiful sight.

  • Do-It-Yourself Hot sauce Kit:

A personalized tool for the chefs, these do-it-yourself hot sauce kits can be used for warming and be mixing varying brands of sauce and experimenting with the resulting flavors. Add these to the regular snacks like chips, French fries, nachos and the tasty becomes tastier. The kit is available with an instruction manual for the right manner of mixing spices, vegetables, and other ingredients to make sure it does not spoil the fun. The kit includes extra glass bottles and customized labels to make them look cool, which can easily grab the attention of a budding chef. It is a nice handy kit for cooks and chefs at home, restaurants, hotels and food centers.

  • Travel Gift Basket:

Travel gift baskets are ideal for people who have to frequently travel on short trips. Constant packing and unpacking takes time and patience and becomes a tedious task. To minimize these troubles, these baskets hold a list of the most important and unavoidable articles for any journey. They are compact and only hold the most required things for any travel. Depending on your choices, there are varied sizes of baskets available, each of them customized for personal use. You can refer to one small travel basket for all the stuff like chargers, USB cables, adaptors, earphones, deodorants, grooming kit, e-book reader and stationaries.

  • Passes to National amusement parks:

One of the only arrangements not available in every single country. Such passes are legit and are available online before any upcoming holidays. Almost all activities are included in the allowances. To name a few of them are hiking, fishing, rowing, cycling and a lot more. Visitors are given free access to any national parks and monument sites across the country. There is no end to the recreational activities offered. It becomes difficult to enjoy all of them in a single day. Trips to national parks on holidays are also a welcome change of air for people who do not get to travel much, owing to job issues and family responsibilities.

  • Three-dimensional printer pens:

Not only three dimensional, these electronic devices can be utilized for tracing curves in any sketched paper as well. With the three dimensional feature, they can be used for tracing shapes in the thin air. One who is familiar with the 3D printing manufacturing process would be able to relate well. The filament, temperature and the feed can be manipulated without much hassle. The material used as a filament here is plastic. However, it takes time to muster up the skill to properly use it. Improper timing can lead to irregular and unevenly cooled shapes. Fortunately, the 3D printer pens available these days are easy to use and come with a detailed instruction manual for proper operation.

  • Wallet power banks:

Conventional power banks with the outward appearance of wallets are a new innovation. Looking like wallets evades the risk of unnecessary attention from people who constantly keep asking for power banks for charging their own mobile phones. Adding to them, these gadgets come with more exciting features. They are available with a universal USB cable which can be used for charging mobiles, book readers, and tablets. It’s as they say, Powering smartphones with style”.

  • Television stick with enabled Alexa voice remote:

Embedded with the latest AI Alexa, this latest addition to the list of cool gadgets and stuff is a desire for any Netflix addicted guy. The stick provides live streaming access to limitless shows from Netflix, HBO GO, and Hulu. The only need is to plug in the stick into the HDMI port of the television and remote can be used to manipulate the TV channels, which starts live streaming shows. TV shows, apps, games are all available here. The gadget is not restricted to binge-watching TV Shows, it comes with a pre-attached microphone which can be used to call people, chat with friends around the globe and ordering food. All this while you are comfortably sitting on your couch!

  • Grooming Kit:

Personal hygiene is not a unique trait of women. These days, it is not uncommon to find men who are equally concerned and choosy about their appearances, especially facial hair growth. The complete package grooming kit includes shaving blades, aftershave, razor, trimming machine, shaving cream, nail clippers, hair gels and similar objects which redefine grooming in a stylish manner. It is a complete kit which has been specially made with the idea of personal hygiene and grooming in mind. Presenting these kits as gifts symbolizes the fact that you are concerned about his looks, which can make a person happier.

  • Cologne Box:

The preferred choice of gifts for people with panache; these boxes are purchased on a basis on the monthly subscription. The customers are given a choice of fragrance from a wide collection of the same. On subscribing to a monthly delivery system, a selected number of fragrance bottles are delivered to people. Ever thought about dedicating a specific perfume on each day of the week to contemplate the uniqueness of that every day?! Well, this cologne box is the perfect gift and rightfully serves the purpose of making you smell different on different days.

  • Prismatic Spectacles:

The device which makes a lazy person even lazier is here. It assists you in reading books while you are sleeping with your head oriented in a different way. Head movement is not required. The medical problems like neck cramps, prolonged neck pain leading to other health issues is automatically eradicated due to this innovation.

  • Barbeque Branding Iron:

Adding delight to the delicious delicacy, these iron sticks are for those who enjoy cooking as leisure. Imagine spotting your signature while grabbing a bit of that irresistible piece of barbeque and rejoicing at it. The plates can print such shapes, signature to the food items while grilling, as a result of which the shapes appear when they cool. That’s how delicacies are made more delicious, isn’t it?

  • Artistic reading and bedroom lamps:

Artistic aesthetics combined with the traditional table lamp gave birth to this wonderful home device. With a little touch of art, the ordinary lamp used for dim lighting and reading purposes looks extraordinary. Every time you enter the room, the first sight of these lamps is guaranteed to make you delighted.

  • Eyeglass Camera:

Tired of watching those cool spectacles which can record videos, take pictures secretly with just the click of a button? Well, this device is a dream come true for all those who have died to have an experience of that which has been portrayed in movies. It has a twofold purpose: it can record videos and take pictures as well. The content stored can be easily transferred with a USB cable, the ports for which are built in the camera. Besides, other than entertainment purposes, the camera has numerous office applications, where presentation and important documents can be digitally stored and shared among people without the need for reproducing them again and again. Similar to a modern camera, there is a flashlight attached to the eyeglass which assists in low light photography.

  • Veg Plantation Kit:

Having plantations and looking after nurseries is not a new hobby. These kits include seeds for various plants specific to the region. Fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs are all available as readymade kits.

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