Gifts are a symbol of selflessness. It is a practice of presenting people things which they like and cannot afford. But being a selfless act, the very thought gifting yourself looks like a ridiculous idea, isn’t it? On the contrary, gifting yourself is considered as “spending money on petty interests” for the sake of it. Think about your trip home, the food center you pass by every time you stop to catch a bus or a train. How many times did the idea of having a nice meal all alone come to your mind? Most of the times it would either be with friends or with family. Who likes to eat alone?

The negligence of self-appreciation and self-acknowledgment is not a very broad-minded mentality. One should always reward himself with something which makes him rewarded and eager to work more hard. This brings out a new trend we love to call “Gifting yourself”. It simply means the art of buying something that you love, something for which you have been saving all the pocket money. We are masters of introspection, and as such no other person is aware of the likes and dislikes of the person more than the person himself.

This article is a collection of all the preferred gifts which we love being gifted, but do not disclose or share with our friends. Mentality varies a lot; an introvert may not tell much about himself. You never know if he is happy with being gifted a thriller novel, or if he is sad on seeing a box full of chocolates. Knowing likes and dislikes is the first step while deciding a gift, and that is not a trouble here as you know what you like. Gift choices transcend materialistic preferences; it is no hard and fast rule that a costly Xbox console is bound to be more attractive than a weekend trip to the nearest hill station. This is why expensive material gifts should not be relied on having an impact all the time.

  • Orphanages and old age homes:

Having a charitable sense of mind and the desire to be engaged in social service is not a new trend. The sight of children playing among themselves and enjoying their life is a delight to behold. The process of turning into an adult has indeed instilled a huge amount of regret in us. Have you not, for once, dreamt of waking up a small kid again? Not only visits, helping the organizations financially are the nice way to make yourself as well as the deprived children happy. Spending time with these small kids is a mental booster and soothes the soul. To encourage people to spend time with orphans, they have opened the gates at all available times. There are no stringent rules for visiting hours. Orphanages are a beautiful way to bring joy in our life as well as other’s lives.

Similarly, old age homes are also a mentally and spiritually productive practice. The sheer amount of negligence is visible in these places. Helping these people not only boosts our morale, but it also gives them hope in the concluding stages of life. Elder people are a storehouse of wisdom and there is a lot to learn from their personal life experiences. They may not have a great many things to offer; they only have life lessons at their disposal. These lessons are much more valuable than the materialistic gifts that people crave. Offering a hand to those have always been there throughout our childhood is not a choice, it is a must.

Supporting them financially is the end of social service. Just donating money regularly is not okay. One must if he can find time from a hectic schedule and dedicate it to these places. These people need us, more than anyone else. On the other hand, we have a lot to learn from them, more than anyone else.

It is ironical how the two ends of our evolution in life have most to present us. To present us with the beauty of life which is often forgotten, owing to the stress and the rush of life. Children orphanages, as well as old age homes, are must for occasional visits. Visiting these once in a while is a great diversion from the teenage and the mid-life struggle. Even an hour or more during weekends is beneficial. How many times would the idea of visiting orphanages and old age homes cross your mind? It is definitely a preferred choice for gifting yourself.


  • Solitude Travels:

Weekend trips, vacation trips, family tours; not quite something which one does alone, do they? This is exactly why once in a blue moon, a person must embark on long trips. Totally alone, without any human intervention. It does not take a lot of time. There is no need to worry about any others, their luggage or their choices and personal plans. The most interesting part of such trips is that they need not be planned. Book a ticket, pack your bags, start off for the journey and after reaching the destination you can make further plans. The journey is a different experience altogether. Getting to know new people and new places, taking challenging tasks like trekking, long walks are a few of them. Every person has a life experience to share; knowing which is a great way to enlighten our lives.

Challenging tasks can be undertaken without much hassle. A person is more likely to do trekking on a long trip than a family trip to hill stations. Parents would never allow it without discerning the dangers involved, and these things are no issues when you go alone. Besides, there are no problems regarding spending outside hotels. You can spend your night sitting in a park, or sipping coffee on the balcony, or exploring the bustling marketplaces. No journey is complete without acquiring a few souvenirs of the place, and these end up as unforgettable memories.

Once you start the practice of embarking on solitary errands, it would gradually prove out to be a wonderful hobby. Since the problems associated with traveling with groups is automatically not there, people tend to go on travels alone and enjoy more than family or friend filled trips. It is not only the destination but also the journey that makes it a nice trip. The practice of going on weekend trips for the change of air is also being prescribed by doctors, explaining that these travels help in alleviating job and life-based stress. Failing to be free of stresses and burdening yourself with it over the prolonged time can be detrimental to the physical and mental state.

An occasional change of air is always welcome. Hence the idea of presenting yourself with a weekend lone trip is definitely worthy of recommendation.

  • Being a constant learner:

Hobbies and pastimes are what a person does during leisure times. The kind of hobbies undertaken has a great influence on the person. There is no age limit to learn something new. Learning something new is always beneficial in some way or another. It may either increase a person social quotient, or intelligence quotient, or emotional quotient. It can also have a relaxing effect on the mind and turn out to be a decent stressbuster activity. The list of things can be infinite. A person can theoretically learn a new art every day. What is new to one may be a piece of cake to another. For an elder person, blog articles and net surfing may be an entirely new trend. On the other hand, painting and sketching may be a rare thing for a youngster. When one tries to learn something new, it engages the brain as well as the body into action. A stagnant body and mind are always harmful. The very point of hobbies is to engage you in a productive activity by using your brain and body without making it a stressful task.

It is not only about learning new; you can also find the completely new activity of your own. Innovation is always encouraged and hobbies fuel your innovative mind to do something new; every time you try to learn something new. The best part about learning something which you have never tried before is that it is never a waste of time. Sometime and somewhere it will always prove to be beneficial. It also makes a person more eager to take on challenges and come up with viable solutions. There is an unknown art waiting to be learned all around us. Take a look at your dusty bookshelf. Pick up any old story book and start studying. Somewhere in the basement, you accidentally find out a guitar. Start learning the notes, the string movements. While surfing the net, you come across a fine article. Try writing something similar on the same title and see if can write a better piece of information. There are numerous things you can learn.

As a gift, develop a habit of learning something new and mastering it. The more skills you have, the more developed a person. The mind is in a perpetual state of development, and it should be allowed to flourish by helping yourself by learning a new art every once in a while.


  • Lone-Wolf:

In a world where life is in a constant state of rush, stress is not a new term. Every now and then, a person becomes exhausted mentally in a level that he/she may choose not to share it with anybody. During these times, one likes to be left alone and dedicate himself more to introspection. Pondering over self-doubts, assessing yourself critically is a way of understanding where things went wrong. Being in the company of friends, colleagues, and family is certainly advisable, but a fixed amount of time should also be kept for introspection. If there is any thought bothering you, sit alone and think about it deeply. Being alone gives a certain sense of the increase in thinking capabilities. The idea is to spend a day alone doing something which a person generally does as a group. Eating alone in a restaurant, spending time alone in the library, coffee stall and park. Taking a long solitary walk is another example of the self-inflicted solitary time period.

The absence of people close by who would judge you at every step is a great boost to the thinking process of the brain. It may seem to be boring, but gradually the benefits of allocating a small time of your schedule to solitary introspection for mental health will become obvious. Besides, it also makes our decisions free from external influence and opinions. A person who is alone will conceive ideas in a better manner than being in a group, where he may be constantly hindered by other’s opinions. It’s not bad, sometimes people put up a good argument and bring out the better qualities. However most of the times, the opinions stated obstruct the free thinking and does little to extract ideas.

In the process of dedicating time to others, we tend to forget to dedicate time to ourselves. It is nice to always gift ourselves a small chunk of time daily so that we can learn more about ourselves.

  • Using up the savings:

It is no secret that we have something which we want very badly. Badly enough to save pocket money every month so that we can save the amount that we need to possess the special thing. But in the course of saving money, we forget why we are saving money and slowly it turns into a habit. In the end, the habit of saving money is there but the reason why we were saving them gets lost in oblivion. This is a very common happening.

To get rid of such forgetfulness, make a list of all the dream things you have ever wanted since childhood. There may be some which you can afford now. There may be some which may look childish, (considering you have grown up) but there are new variants available. Possession of something which we have always wanted instills a sense of accomplishment in a person. Imagine saving money for that Xbox console as a child and forgetting about it. All of a sudden, you see the advertisements of the latest version of the same. Do not hesitate to buy it if you still want it as badly as you wanted it as a child.

It is not only precious gifts but a hobby of collecting specimens any objects of special interest that require us to use up our savings. Hobbies of collecting stamps, coins, decorated cups are a few of them. If you love collecting stamps, make a habit of buying them. If you love collecting decorate cups, save money and utilize it to gift yourself with these wonderful articles.

The art of self-appreciation is thus a very convenient manner of developing as a better person. Choices of gifts for this occasion can be materialistic or they can be something which imbibes values and lessons. To make such presents memorable, the idea of custom paintings and portraits is another recommendation which is worthy of mention.

The custom paintings are paintings which are completely customized to the needs of the customer. This means that the customer has the independence of deciding the painting and the painting style to be applied (watercolor, charcoal or oil painting). The picture to be painted can be sent to them by mail. On sending the photo to be painted and specifying the desired style, the resulting photo is painted and delivered back to the customer. The person can decorate the walls of his home with these paintings, he can keep it close to him as a memoir, or he/she may have it laminated and kept on tables.

PortraitFlip happens to be such an online portal which specializes in making such custom paintings and delivering them to customers in exchange for a minimal price. They have a huge experience in understanding customer needs and a wide array of paintings for people to feast their eyes. To vouch for them, this is a sample out of the numerous paintings in their reserves. It is an eye candy for panting enthusiasts and art lovers.

Have a delight going through their exquisite gallery of paintings and do not hesitate to ask if you want one of such paintings for yourself.

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