Mastering the Art of Drawing Roses

We do not need to mention the fact that roses are a symbol of romanticism. For millennia, it has been upholding the love exchanged between people. The flower represents beauty in every sense of its features. The best way is to learn sketching is to learn how to draw roses. Needless to say, knowing how to draw a rose is quite a handy skill that one must have at his disposal. To assist you in the same, here is the know-how of draw rose.

  • The beginning of the “draw rose” approach is the inner bud of the rose. Sketch a simple egg-shaped oval, ensuring not to use thick lines and keeping the shades light dark.
  • The topmost region of the egg shape is accompanied by a lower curve. The upper region of the egg should be similar in appearance to the nail portion of a finger.
  • Now, from the lower portion of the curve, draw an upside curved arc. Within this arc, make a small oval. If you carefully see the egg, the upper portion would resemble the inner petals of the rose.
  • Use a heart shape to enclose the above mentioned inner petals region. Extend any one side of the heart from the lower region to the point where it touches the egg shape. For the upper region, use two inward facing arcs, one for each side, connecting the uppermost point of the heart on each side and the corresponding outward surface of the egg.
  • The sketch is to be furnished with another heart shape of a slightly bigger size. However, this heart shape will be partly tilted compared to the previous heart. The upper intersection of the heart virtually should exist inside the first heart, but it must not be shown.
  • Now, imagine the shape of an “S”. Making it long and slanted, use it for the finishing parts of the sketch. From the outer surface of the bigger heart make two slanted shapes on each side and keep it inside the egg-shaped oval.
  • Add a third bigger heart. This one should be a bit more open and its vertical symmetrical axis should be between the ones of the first two hearts. The right side slanted “S” shapes will be connected to the left-sided lower heart portion, and vice versa. This creates the lower side of the petals.
  • The next part is adding an array of petals to the drawing of the rose in progress. This is achieved by cup-handle shaped curves which are slightly at an angle with the horizontal axis. The shapes need not be exactly like it. Small curved irregularities will make the appearance more realistic and closer to roses. As you move to the lower portion of the initial oval shape, the petals will bend towards the horizontal.
  • To make it more attractive, shade the intersection regions of the individual petals. It is advised not to overdo the shade and restrict it to darkness slightly more than the initial light sketch. As you are done with it, add a similar shade to the petal regions, keeping the topmost corner of each petal untouched. The appearance should be similar the shadowing effect on the petals.

With this, one has a basic idea of the method to draw roses. It may seem to be easy but often, the visualization of the sketch with each progressive step becomes difficult. Anybody who says that “draw rose” is quite easy is either lying or has limited knowledge of the complete approach. But don’t they say that solutions exist for every adversity?

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