Eyes are special, as they allow us to have a peek into the mentality of a person. No matter how much good we get at hiding, lying or feigning things, our eyes can never hide it. It is true that the eyes are the most original part of us. Having said so, it is no wonder that drawing eyes are indeed a challenge and requires our utmost undivided attention. Nevertheless, here is a generalized approach to get started with drawing eyes.

  • The initial step to draw eyes is making an idea of the outline and shape of the final eye. With the help of an HB pencil, make a basic outline of it. The basic outline consists of only the eyebrow and the outer shape of the eye. Keep in mind that the outline must be light dark.
  • Inside the outer shape of the eye, make a circle and another circle inside the circle. The inside circle should be blackened. They collectively represent the iris and the pupil. The blackening must be performed with a 6B pencil.
  • The region between the iris and pupil is to be shaded with a less dark of black. This is in order to differentiate between the iris and the pupil.
  • This lightly shaded region is supplied with spokes, which look like pairs of close vertical lines joined by bent curves. If you ever look at your eyes closely in a mirror, it would be easier to see the spokes that have been mentioned here.
  • The intersecting regions of the spokes and the pupil require special attention. Add shorter and darker spokes extending from these bases. They should be denser and have a darker appearance. Ona variation of darkness, the inner pupil is completely black; the base of the pupil is less dark and the following outer pupil region inside the iris is the least dark.
  • The lower surface of the eye, or rather the eyelid has to be darkened with a 6B pencil. Making the borderlines thicker and darker will create a roundish appearance to the eye.
  • The following step to draw eyes is the shading of the region lying between the eyebrows and the upper eye portion. These shades represent the skin.
  • It would be unrealistic to keep the eyeballs untouched. It would seem to be too white amongst a perfect shaded drawing. Hence this situation must be rectified by adding an extremely light shade around the eyeballs. The purpose of adding shades is to blend the eyeballs with the rest of the drawing, not making them black.
  • The concluding part of the tutorial on how to draw eyes is adding the eyelashes. Eyelashes extended as twisted thick and black lines from the lower eyelid regions and the upper eyelid regions.

It is advisable to remember that eyes depict the skill of an artist in a way which no other drawing can. Hence have a habit of regularly practicing the above-mentioned approach to drawing eyes, to be as perfect as possible. To sharpen the sill, notice how renowned painters draw eyes in their paintings. However, if there is any point where you feel demotivated and begin to think that you may never be in possession of such drawings, then there is no need to feel bad.


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Nice, isn’t it?!

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