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The master who thought that colors were enough to convey an idea, a feeling or a thought to people who would understand.

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Mark Rothko Reproduction Oil Painting Samples

According to Rothko, colors could express “basic human emotions – tragedy, ecstacy, doom…” He made sure that his paintings, just through colors, could create in his audience an exhilarated emotion. On a personal note, Mark Rothko Replica more than a piece of luxury art is a décor statement. It may not add a lot of value as an artwork if you don’t know him but looks wonderous as a home décor element. With that thought, guess we have some artworks to flaunt.

No. 61 (Rust and Blue), 1953

One of Mark Rothko’s famous painting is No.61 that is painted across a canvas appearing like floating boxes of rust, blue and purple. More spatial than colorful, this painting, as Rothko suggested, are the colors of “inner light”. That being said, it serves as a great piece to be hung in the heart of your home.

Entrance To Subway, 1938

Although not known for his figurine paintings, Rothko did attempt a few of them making his Entrance to Subway the most famous. The painting screamed of the estrangement of a man from a man-made world and the loneliness that modern world has to offer. Only when the viewer is trying to grasp the meaning, the colors “interrupt” in order to bring them back from the tragedy. If this is not a masterpiece that your walls deserve, I don’t know what is.

White Center (Yellow, Pink, and Lavender on Rose), 1950

Colors served as a key to enter the realms of spirituality for Rothko. To understand Rothko, one needs to understand colors. White Center depicts the power and dominance of color red in our thoughts and emotions. The red rectangle is nothing but an elemental association like life, blood, fire and earth. Piercing through which the White appears as numinous glow to transcend realms. If you are into spirituality and meditation, this should go on your wall!


Known to be the Abstract Expressionist, Mark Rothko replicas just like his paintings appear hovering, shimmering fields of color that take you to different realms.
His paintings conjured the observer and left them with overwhelming emotions.
The gateway to the Abstract Movement and father of Color Expressions, this great artist can now hang at your homes too.
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