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An observant eye always looks for the intricate details in any picture. Any interesting picture incites a thinking process in a person on how the picture can be turned into a sketch or a painting. Every feature needs a different skill within the broad domain of painting. The most intriguing issues to be pondered upon are where a person might start the painting, which category of brushes or pencils should be adopted for the task, how big should the sketch paper be, and many more. Now artistry is not as easy as ABC and even though the thoughts seem to be compelling, a person cannot master the art overnight. But the fact that a person is not well versed in the art of painting does not mean that he/she should be deprived of possessing the same.

There are countless tutorials available on the internet related to sketching and painting tutorials. From sketching individual body parts to sketching elements of nature and sceneries, no part has been left untouched. Tutorial based articles, tutorial-based videos, and even tutorial based books are available online. A lot of people use these portals for learning painting. But painting requires practice. Even with online tutorials at our disposal, it is difficult to master it if we do not develop a habit a sketching and painting something every day. On the other hand, tuitions from professional artists are a costly affair and most of the people are quite hesitant to have one for them.

A lot of times desperation to get hold of the painting of a deeply loved picture becomes overbearing and aspiring artists resort to digital techniques to artificially generate them. Photoshopping pictures, image modifications to convert pictures into similarly appearing paintings a few of these examples. Since painting requires patience and a lot of time (if it is a really detailed painting or the person is a perfectionist!), the thought of having to paint something immediately makes a person give up. To help them with such needs, custom portrait painting portals exist.

Custom painting is synonymous with the flexibility to the already readymade old conventional paintings that have existed since the olden times. Before we delve into the concept of custom painting portals, we have made a compact list of the factors which influence our selecting of a painting. One does not just barge into an exhibition and randomly choose a painting to be his favorite, isn’t it?


The photo:

The first and foremost task is to select a photo which a person desires to be converted to a painting. There are no such constraints on selecting a photo, as long as it is visible and clearly illuminated for viewing. For convenience, it is advisable to have a digital version of these photos so that can be sent anywhere to relevant sources. The photo sets the stage for other aspects to be considered for making the painting. There are two primary aspects to be taken care of in a picture: the contrast and the details. The contrast refers to the combination of colors how the manner in which of the regions of the picture are illuminated. If the regions are not properly illuminated, then it becomes difficult to sketch them. Hence one must make sure that the photo is completely and properly illuminated. The second point to take care of is the features in the painting. More the number of features more will be the time spent on painting them. If the number of family numbers, for example, is more (family photo), it requires more time to be painted than a couple photograph (which includes two people).Following the selection of the photo which is to be painted, the next thing to select is the relevant painting style.


The painting style:

Painting is not a fixed part; various paintings have various styles. Each of them has their own unique features. The three most commonly preferred painting styles: oil painting, watercolor painting, and charcoal painting. Even though there are varied choices of material used for painting purposes, these three have garnered the maximum popularity among masses. The simplest among all of them is watercolor painting as it is the first style that to beginners in the field of painting.  The requirements for making watercolor painting are plain water colors obtained by mixing the colored paste with the minimal amount of water. These watercolors can be used to color the sketch paper with paintbrushes. Paintbrushes also have a wide array of sizes. Depending on the detail required in a picture, an artist may select a certain size of the paintbrush. Oil paintings are similar to watercolor paintings with the single addition of oil which is mixed with the colored paste. Addition of oil makes the picture more durable and long-lasting.  Oil painting is slightly difficult than watercolor because oil takes more time to dry.  Charcoal painters, on the other hand, employ a different set of skills to use charcoal as the preferred material for painting.


Choosing an appropriate size for the painting is essential. If the frame size is not proper, then a lot of details will be overlooked. Based on the number of members in the painting, the background and the color contrast, frame sizes are selected. The frame size is the thickness of the border line which runs throughout the periphery of the white sketch paper. The color of the frame borderline is also selected based on the resulting contrast it would put on the entire painting. includes the It may be largely sized portraits which can be hung on walls; it can be medium sized portraits which can be laminated and kept in furniture tables, study tables, and dining tables; it may be compact, enabling it to be kept inside books or pockets or bags. These days most of the frames are customized. This means that the dimensions can be selected by the customer and if the person is not well versed in frame selection, he/she is guided by professional people. It often does happen that a beautiful painting does not appear to be attractive due to an improper selection of frame size.

Earlier paintings were readymade and a person was supposed to select from an array of already painted works of art. Although it seemed fine, often there were some photos which a person wanted as a painting. This level of flexibility was not offered and artists would charge the huge amount to paint something afresh. In the modern era, this problem has been alleviated with the upcoming of the idea: custom paintings. Custom paintings offer flexibility for the three most important aspects of a painting as mentioned above: photo selection, painting style, and frame selection. Readymade paintings are mostly done for exhibition and antique purposes. For personal purposes, which involve paintings as gifts, as precious memoirs, as works of art to be hung on walls, as a showpiece in tables around the house and as a valuable possession.

Custom paintings are useful in a number of ways. It can have diversity in being used as a valuable belonging. On being offered a certain level of flexibility, custom paintings appear to be interesting even to people who are not skilled in the art of selecting them or making such paintings. Compared to conventional readymade paintings, these offer a wide range of perks.


More valuable and precious than a materialistic gift is a painting, which is touted as an emotional present gifted only to the closest people. Paintings are preferred to costly and pompous electronic items which are prone to damage over years. In most of the special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, wedding ceremonies and achievements, paintings are offered. Being an upholder of quality and royalty, painting is also a delighted choice of gifts among the elder section of the society. These paintings symbolize eternity and timelessness as they do not wear off with time and can be preserved with convenience.

Showpieces in the home:

Homes are places which become more beautiful when adorned with paintings. Paintings can be laminated and kept as an article anywhere around the house. It can be converted into a huge frame and hung on walls. These days, many people have started to welcome the idea of frescoes; paintings are directly done on the walls of a house. However, customization of painting offers more benefits as they have the option of being transported in different walls across the room. The easiness of the frames allows custom laminated paintings to be taken off from a wall and put up on any other wall without much trouble. You can come up with innumerable innovations for using paintings to decorate your house.



Sometimes, it is not for decoration or gift presents. Sometimes it is only for the purpose of memories that a person desires to have the paintings of the most cherished moments of his life. People tend to record videos of their family vacations; take pictures of the fun times spent with friends and many other ways to preserve these moments. The pictures of such nostalgic memories automatically become more beautiful when they are custom painted. Painting is often made in order to preserve special moments as a token of happy times.


Collection of paintings of varying subjects and styles is considered as a hobby and a lot of people make it a habit of collecting decent paintings made by artists; new and old all around the globe. Comparing paintings, positive and negative criticism, or simple appreciation of the beauty of the works of art; different people have different reasons for acquiring paintings. Such people are not only limited to the acquiring of readymade paintings and also try a hand at custom paintings. Custom paintings are quickly gaining attention from art enthusiasts in the recent times. This sets the stage for the further upliftment of the custom painting community around the globe.

With the advent of online portals and deliveries to the doorstep, procuring a painting based on a photo has become relatively simple and cheap. The charges involved are quite minimal and the qualities of the paintings are not compromised since the portals are handled by professional artists who are dedicated to the cause. Even with limited knowledge and experience in the field, a person need not worry. These artists help in providing guidance and recommendations for everybody. These online portals are easily available online; and most of the process, which involves selection of frame size and painting style, can be easily done online. The picture can be sent to their relevant contacts by mail. Similar to any online shopping portals, transactions in different modes are available.


Portrait Flip is a blooming online custom painting portal specialized in providing custom paintings to their customers. With an array of professional artists at their disposal, they strive hard to cater to the needs of all those who love paintings but find trouble in mastering the art. The online site for accessing their services is PortraitFlip. Custom paintings services are a growing trend and it is quite a difficult judgment to choose the best painting services that can be economically affordable. Portrait Flip happens to be a comfort; both in terms of the quality of the paintings as well as the economy.

The process is as simple as mentioned earlier. The picture needs to be sent to them (relevant contact details are available on the website). On sending the photo, the desired painting style (charcoal, oil or watercolored) has to be specified. The frame sizes are available and displayed before making purchase orders. A preview of the photo, with the frame size, is displayed for convenience. In exchange for a nominal fee, the photos are painted in the mentioned style and delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Not only for purchasing custom paintings, one can spend quality time surfing through the exquisite collection of paintings made by Portrait Flip. Each and every one of them is a delight and the paintings are quite diverse in their subject and nature. Whenever you feel like admiring some nice paintings, you know where to look!!

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