Finding Suitable ARTISTS For Making Custom Paintings

suitable artist for custom painting

The days when people were eager to buy readymade paintings are coming to an end. They do not prefer paintings which have already been made by the imaginations of the artists. As the modern world is progressing towards advancement in all aspects of civilization, art is not an exception. This progress in the field of art has given rise to a new trend: custom paintings. Pretty self-explanatory from the name itself, custom paintings are made on the basis of the demands of the customer who wishes to have one for him. From the choice of picture to be painted to the dimensions of the frame desired, paintings offered these days have the option of being completely customized. This flexibility has attracted more and more people in the field. A person who is new to paintings is more likely to be attracted by a painting of his portrait than a painting of any scenery or a historical event.

Every nice painting begins with the first step: selecting an artists who can understand your needs and exactly what you want. Different artists have different qualities. Some may be quick in delivering custom paintings but the quality is compromised; some may be the opposite; some may stray off the customer’s needs and paint something different from what the customer wanted while some may simply start arguing that the idea presented is not good enough for a painting. Without a proper compatibility between the artists and the customer, the painting fails to achieve fruitful results in making a lasting effect on people. It is a common problem leading to loss of painting quality.

But one need not be troubled with such issues. With every problem comes to a solution, and this article is just what you need. This article has been dedicated to the entire do’s and dont’s to be kept in mind in order to decide a professional artists for custom painting purposes. It is irrespective of the type of photos you want to be painted; be it a family photo, couple photo or a picture with friends. Photos can be categorized, but it is unfair to categorize paintings based on their subject. Every photo is important and has an emotional touch associated with its owner. Hence it is our endeavor to ensure no pictures loses that touch while being converted into a painting.

The Painting Process :-

An artist adheres to a specific process in painting photos and having a detailed knowledge of this process is crucial. The process involves the manner in which the photo is being sent to the artists, the type of painting services offered, the manner in which the painting is sent back and if there are any beforehand previews available for the painting. Most of the online portals have email-ids where the picture can be mailed along with dimensions for the frame. In case of paintings demanding specific attention, the artists can have a conversation with the customer on anything which must be strictly followed for the painting. The painting, once completed is shipped or delivered by post to the doorstep. In order to provide improved satisfaction, painters often send the photo of the paintings in the process to their customer to ensure a level of legitimacy. Should the person be unsatisfied with it, a painter may choose to begin it all over again. Since these can cause unnecessary delays, painters often have a complete interaction before they get started with the painting. The interaction is as important to the artists as it is to the customer.

Background of Expertise :-

Not all artists have an equal dominance over every single category of paintings. It is difficult to find such people, and it is always recommended to ensure the type of painting you want falls into the expertise of the painter. The best manner of ensuring this is to ask the painters beforehand. Before submission of photos for paintings, one must always inquire about the type of paintings undertaken by him for custom painting purposes. An artist who has a mastery over only oil painting may find difficulty in charcoal painting, owing to which he may not deliver the best quality charcoal paintings if he is asked to do so. This is why a thorough idea of the expertise of the artist is a must. Another way to ensure his credibility is to go through the works of the person. Artists always have a collection of their favorite pieces of art, and this can shed a good deal of insight into their artistry skills. Like any other job, an artist can always be judged by his paintings. Hence it is advisable to have a look at the personal art galleries of the artists before proceeding forward.


Post-Processing Options :-

When a photo sent to the artist is a bit difficult to be exactly painted, he often offers a number of image processing options to change the nature of the image, the scale of which is up to the discretion of the customer. A photo may not be taken properly, or it may have been taken in low light, or it may have failed to capture someone who has been requested to be added to the painting. Sharp color contrasts can be a problem, and so can be the background. Based on the color contrast, a particular picture may look beautiful in watercolor but may not look equally beautiful if it is oil paint. On careful scrutiny, these shortcomings are detected by the artist and informed to the customer. No photo is captured perfectly. While searching for custom painting services, the post image processing options must also be taken into account. The photo, after making it free from imaging defects can be digitally edited and sent back to the customer for preview. This acts as a preview of the painting. Any needed changes by the customer can be incorporated into the painting.

Comparison of Similar Services :-

We never suffice with a single option, do we? Similarly, there are varied custom painting services worldwide and it is advisable to compare a good number of them in order to zero down on a single service which appears to be most suitable. Resort to any friends who have availed such services and ask for suggestions, engage two or more friends into the searching process in order to broaden the service searching domain. When more people zero down on the same thing, it automatically makes a person more satisfied to try the same service.  While making the comparison, remember that every custom painting service has something unique to offer. The more the number of additional benefits offered within a short budget, the more it makes a service preferable. Another important point is the distance. Often it happens that the service that one may have found suitable is far away. In such cases, delays can be a problem and can also add to extra travel expenditure. Besides, it cannot be said if a painting will remain fresh for a long time. Proper preservation is necessary to prevent any damage to the painting during transportation.

The Satisfactory Quotient of a Painter :-

A picture speaks a thousand words; a single glimpse at a painting can tell a lot about the satisfaction offered by it. Just like a musician cannot impress audience unless he strikes the right chords, a painter cannot impress people without understanding what they want the most. Narrow-mindedness does not help; and as such an artist must understand the exact things a customer needs to be depicted in his/her to-be-paintings. The best way of satisfying a person is to do exactly what the person wants and not add personal additions to the piece of art. This is why modest and understanding painters are much more preferable than egoistic ones who boast about their paintings. Such people may fail to understand your needs and try to prove that he knows it better than you do. Nobody knows the kind of painting you want more than you, and nobody can explain it better it better than you yourself. On a final note, it is always good to prefer painters who are humble and eager to listen to you than ones who exert a know-it-all attitude.


Customer Service Policies and Variations :-

Customer service policies may be the most overlooked portion for any customers. Despite requests, we tend to forget to read the policies. But why would someone spend spare time to read pages of boring documents? However, once again I urge the readers to go through the document, long and boring as it appears, in order to know about the scenarios and how to deal with them. If you ever feel cheated, you will know it. If one ever wants to know something specific like guarantee period, the documents contain such details. The policies often give an idea beforehand of the kind of service to be dealt with. Generally, a customer service policy includes all the necessary details; the turnaround time, the cashback guarantee, warranty period, types and quality of colors used in paintings and how long will it take them to get damp, how the paintings should be preserved.

Turnaround Times and Hidden Costs :-

Often, it happens that a person can be incurred with costs without providing the proper explanation. This causes serious arguments during business transactions. While discussing the photo and the way it is to be painted, one must always have an idea about the specific part costs and if there would be any additional charges for availing extra benefits. Along with the hidden extra costs, the effective turnaround time must also be inquired. Long turnaround times often make it a delayed service and may increase transportation and shipping costs. The time must be confirmed, failing to adhere to which would allow a customer to take necessary steps. If it takes longer for the artist to finish the work, it may lead to customer satisfaction issues. Hence the time and the cost, plus any additional costs must be considered and decisions may be taken accordingly.

Going through all this, one can understand that finding a suitable service for custom paintings is not an easy task and requires an utmost patient search through internet. Once a mistake is made and the painting is delivered, it is difficult to return it back (depends on the return back policies of the service). Even if you keep it with you, it would fail to achieve the desired task of being attractive. At a certain stage, the process also tends to become cumbersome and tedious. Being an emerging trend, such services are abundant. More the number of services more is the difficulty in making the choice for the most suitable service for satiating your needs. Whenever you feel confused on whom to decide, we have the best custom painting service suggestions in mind.

PortraitFlip is an online custom painting portal which specializes in providing custom paintings to people along with a vast flexibility over painting styles, frame dimensions and photo types (couple photos, family photos, and group photos). The procedure for procuring such paintings is simple as any other similar services. Once a photo is taken by mobile or camera, it can be sent online to the portrait flip portal by email or other relevant contacts available on the website. Once sent, further details can be provided to them. They involve frame dimensions, painting style (oil, charcoal or water-colored) and size of paintings. Any issues are resolved by directly interacting with them so that in the end the painting is not affected. Once these are mentioned, the painting is completed in a short span of time and the resulting painting is delivered to the eager customer.


Being a blooming start-up, PortraitFlip has a splendid collection of paintings for people if they have any doubts regarding availing their services. I urge you to go to our website and scroll through the magnificent paintings. They are bound to make you smile in appreciation.

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