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A portrait painting would be a wonderful gift to presentFace drawing, as it is called in these days is not so brain-racking as it sounds. One needs to know the tips and tricks to get started as a portrait artist to be good at it.

  • Before getting started, keep in mind that an H.B pencil is preferable for this task. Adding more to it a number of requirements are: ruler, eraser and a common sketch paper.
  • Start with a simple circle. Slightly below the circle, draw a small horizontal line, which would act as the chin. Having done it, join the two sides of the circle to the chin. Join the top corner of the circle to the below line.
  • Divide the to-be face drawing into eight parts, using not so dark lines. Use of a ruler is recommended for beginners. Ensure that the center line is properly in the center.
  • The face drawing in the making has to be given eyes! And the center line precisely has been drawn for that. Make simple eye sketches. Its okay to keep the eyes a close to the line. There are no restrictions to stick to the line, slightly above or below the center line is fine.
  • From the eye corners (the right corner for a left eye and vice versa), make a vertical reference line for the If you observe, you would notice that a box is visible from the 2 reference lines and the 2nd horizontal line from below. The nose will be sketched in this box. You can go through numerous nose sketches on the net.
  • You must be familiar with the mustache, right! Well, the lips are somewhat similar. You will get the better idea when you draw the lips assuming its a mustache, a little below the nose.
  • Did I forget the eyebrows?! The face drawing must be furnished with eyebrows. Eyebrows can be added as simply curved shades and do not need much expertise.
  • In a similar way, hair on top of the initial reference circle is to be added to the face drawing. They would be drawn as slanted (to the right) parallel lines. The upper end of the parallel lines can be joined using curves to adjacent lines.
  • Lastly, the remaining part happens to be the ears. Now you need to carefully understand this. Visualise a butterfly. How do you draw it?
  • Its like 2 capital “B” alphabets mirrored and joined, where the upper and lower parts are not similar. The same also goes for an ear as well. The only thing is that the “B” must be long and thin and one half is for each ear.

And there you go! You are done with a simple face drawing!


But while going through the entire tutorial, you must have faced difficulties in the drawing. It may be easy once you are in practice, but it needs a lot of patience and perseverance. But you need not trouble yourself with such issue.PortraitFlip is an online portal that sketches portraits of their customers based on their needs. You only need to send in your pictures, selfies, group photos, or any relevant pictures and they would sketch it (or paint it as you wish) and deliver it to you.

You can either trouble yourself with going through face drawing tutorials, or you could save yourself a good time by having these people do a nice sketch, just for you.

These are some samples from the portal I have mentioned. Have pleasure going through their sketches and paintings for yourself.

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Note: I regret the fact that I cannot attach step wise picture to assist you. But I hope that would you be able to master the basics!!

Good luck

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