choosing the correct size for a portrait

A portrait painting is not just bought for the sake of it. It is used to decorate walls and ceilings. It can be kept on tables in a laminated form. However, the factor to keep in mind here is the size of the portraits. Choosing a proper size for a portrait so that it can be fit into or attached as needed is something that needs utmost attention. The article is dedicated to providing a guide towards selecting the perfect size for a portrait based on availability and demand.

In the most common sense, there are three primary portrait sizes available. To name them are small, medium and large. The dimensions vary based on the company providing painting services. From making a picture that can fit into a wallet to a picture that can be hung on a wall, all sizes come under these three categories. There is a fourth category, known as custom paintings. As the name suggests, these portraits are independent of standard available sizes and are based on customer provided dimensions. However, it is quite less available than the other three mentioned and takes considerable time in being delivered to customers.

A number of factors are taken into account while size selection. The number of people in the portrait, the type of the picture, the focus of the picture (this means if it is a scenery, the focus should be on the background whereas for a family portrait the focus on the people in the photo), cropping options post picture is charted into paper and many more. One important note is that the guide here is based on the recommendation. There is no hard-and-fast rule that allocates a certain size of the portrait to a certain kind of picture. The only thing is that following these recommendations would make the photo more attractive and appealing.

Large Sized Portraits:

There are two dimensions referred here. The outside dimensions and the dimensions of the phot in specific. The idea is that every picture is accompanied by a borderline with a fixed thickness. The thickness of the borderlines is different in each standard sizes. These pictures have the largest rectangular dimensions and only custom paintings dimensions are sometimes close to them.

The picture dimensions for a large sized portrait is 18 inches x 12 inches (format mentioned is height x length). The outside dimensions of the entire photo with the borderline thickness are 24 inches x 18 inches. The thick lines at the periphery are of equal thickness at all the corners to make it symmetrical. The scope of people and background to be added is huge. This is why it is recommended for family portraits, as family photos have a lot of members to be included in it. It is not suited for the couple or single photos. The minimum number of people in a large sized portrait is four and can go well beyond that.

The most convenient part of a large portrait is the space for the addition of background. Paintings of sceneries and nature are best done as large-sized paintings. It allows for more details and intricacies of the elements of the portrait. A lot of these factors must be compromised in case of the medium of small sized pictures. The most common applications of this category of portraits are family rooms, dining rooms, and drawing rooms. Other than family portraits, such sizes can also be used in walls of corporate office spaces. Largely sized portraits draw a lot of attention since they are visible to a larger audience.

Medium sized portraits:

The medium-sized portraits come in between the small-sized and the large-sized portraits. From an appearance point of view, they are slightly square. These pictures are wider, unlike the large sized pictures which are longer. The purpose of the medium-sized portraits and their appeal is different from large portraits (Every particularly sized portrait have a varied reaction to its viewers).

The complete frame dimensions of the medium category are 16 inches x 20 inches (format mentioned here is height x width).  The picture dimension excluding the borderline is 11 inches x 14 inches. The most recommended number of people for fitting in such sized pictures is three. This is in consideration of the fact that each and every person in the photo is detailed and every feature is visible. On making it two people, there is more space to add the background as well. This is left to the discretion of the person who wants the photo. Generally, medium-sized portraits come with two borders; a visible outer border and an inner white border. This makes the picture quite compact, in case the focus is to be made on a specific person.

In a way, medium size portraits offer the most convenience. Due to their optimal size, they can be transported and also be fixed on a wall for viewing. There are more options of adding the background by properly adjusting the focus of the photo. Cropping options are also more flexible in case of medium-sized portraits. Medium portraits are perfect for small galleries and tables where it can be laminated and kept.  Tables filled up with books can be decorated by placing portrait photos, and medium-sized portrait pictures are the preferred choice in such cases.


Small Sized Portraits:

The smallest of the three standard available sizes, small sized portraits are quite handy and serves its purpose of being carried anywhere as a memoir or a token of love. It also happens to be the most commonly preferred size, owing to the fact that it is portable and compact in size. Generally, these sizes are done for a single person only and there is no way of adding more people or background. Similarly, extra details are overlooked while trimming or painting pictures in small-sized frames. They closely resemble the standard sizes of printing papers.

The size of the picture, including the frame borders, is 14 inches x 11 inches (height x width). The picture must be specifically fit into the dimensions 10 inches x 8 inches. To maintain a minimum threshold for visibility, the faces in the picture must be at least 2.5 inches. There is no need to mention that these sizes are unsuitable for two people. But dogs, cats, and similar pet animals can be added to the photo if desired. Surroundings should not be focused here, as these are specific to a person and selected for the same reason.

Small sized portrait photos can be easily fit into cases and travel bags to be carried. They can be slid between pages of books and copies. They do not need to be laminated; they can be kept on bedside tables and dining tables with ease. You can even squeeze or bend these pictures and fit inside your wallet. You can always carry a small sized portrait with you.

Custom Sized portraits:

The only remaining special category of sizes offers flexibility with respect to dimensions. In case of special demand, the dimensions can be changed and made as per the demand of the customer, in exchange for an extra charge. The shape can also be adjusted; meaning which the frame can be long or it can be made wide. To accommodate more people as well as the background, custom sized portraits are used. In some of the cases, the sizes are specified by the customer. However, in most cases, customers are asked about the number of people and the background to be included in the photo and artists or photographers make a suitable size accordingly. The choice is left to the customers. They could either squeeze all the family members in a fixed size photo, or they could select the flexible custom sizes to make sure everybody has a fair portion of the picture frame to themselves. Generally, custom paintings are larger than large-sized paintings, but there can be exceptions as well. The range of frame sizes is huge for these sizes based on customer preferences.

Not only the overall frame, but the borderline and the regions specific to the painting can be made as per the customer requirements. Custom sized portraits, similar to largely sized portraits are used for big occasions. Although they are quite good at stealing the spotlight, they are slightly expensive. The expenses may go up more if there are more specifics demanded by the customer. To summarize, it has to be a really special occasion for you to avail a custom sized portrait.


Custom portraits are what we call “live large and lavish”. There are plenty of options to add family members, your favorite pets, sceneries, and background, with no need to compromise any details any features in the paintings. It covers for all the inadequacies present in large portraits, medium portraits as well as small portraits. For each of them, the number of people and details are tradeoff factors. One has to be sacrificed for the other. Custom sizes are free from such issues.

Since sizes are such a troublesome and time-consuming issue, consultation is offered for people who are new in the world of paintings and photos. The purpose and the ideal size for the same are taught to select. For custom sizes, the charge additions are enumerated accordingly, so that people know where they are spending the extra bucks. In many cases, these consultations are free. In fact, there are numerous articles dedicated to the selection of sizes, background, cameras, scenes, color contrasts, and frames. Every occasion is a special one and no two occasions have a similar perfect size. They are different for every single occasion. It is up to the person to make the correct decision of portrait size and make it attractive.

The charge mentioned earlier is a concern. Most of the consultation agencies do not charge low costs. In the process of adding extra details, (customer being unaware of the fact) there are more bucks added to the bill. This makes a custom sized painting with slightly a few extra added changes very costly and unaffordable. The charge varies based on custom painting services and photo consulting sites. Hence it is a cumbersome job to select the best custom painting service which can economically provide custom paintings. This is where PortraitFlip comes into the picture.

Portrait Flip is a custom painting service site dedicated to the providing of custom painting and sketches to art enthusiasts all around. Custom paintings are not custom only in terms of size, but also in terms of painting style and photo. The painting style can be selected from the three types offered: oil, charcoal, and watercolor. The picture that is to be painted can be sent to them online. Within a short span of time, the paintings, as demanded by the customer will be delivered to them in their fresh form. These paintings can be gifted to people, hung on walls, carried as a memoir, kept beside bedside and dining tables as an attractive showpiece.

The charges offered are minimal, and there are fewer charges added for customization of portraits. In an overall sense, provision of paintings is relatively economical and it is much more preferred to avail portraits from this portal. Family-based portraits, couple-based portraits, and single person portraits are all welcome.

Generally, people prefer to offer classy gifts like earrings, books, laptops, smartphones, furniture and dining sets. But portrait paintings are better and beautiful in their own sense. These paintings may not be highly expensive, but they are timeless and can be preserved as pieces of memory. Have a portrait painting for yourself, and you will not regret the decision. Meanwhile, when you are free, do not hesitate to go through our galleries and decide for yourself. We have a lot to present, and we are sure it would make you happy and eager to avail similar custom portraits for you.

Have a good day going through the exquisite collection of painting services offered at Portrait Flip






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