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We all love to attend various social occasions, don’t we? but choosing a gift can at times be an agonizing affair.Meeting up with your dearest friends and relatives can at times be the best kind of detox that anyone can receive.But no one likes to turn up to a party empty handed right!!“Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is, in reality, great, if it is given with affection.”Choosing the perfect gift can be an especially tricky affair as different people have different choices.Our choices very often describe a part of our personality or certain characteristics which vary from person to person.Occasions are divided by the person in the limelight but united by the traditional practice of rewarding the person with a nice gift.There is no hard and fast rule which makes the process even more difficult.Choices differ, desires differ and hence gifts which have the wow factor on being unboxed varies from person to person within your social circle.family charcoal drawingPresenting an honorable gift is the crux of any occasion.It is human nature to want to feel special and a gift ensures that he feels just that tad bit luckier and special.A present can at times echo those desires of a person that he does not willingly want to share with the public.For example, a little child loves eating chocolate but is afraid to proclaim it due to his parents.When this same kid is presented with chocolates of different varieties, ecstasy knows no bounds.Making someone feel special by presenting him with a gift of his choice is one of the greatest deeds of virtue.Won’t you feel happy when the kid smiles at you after he has unwrapped the gift pack and watches an assortment of delicacies in front of him?Not only does such a gift have a lot of materialistic value but also an emotional attachment is built between the receiver and the one giving the gift.Sometimes even the poshest or fancy gadget may get a lukewarm reaction from the person whereas a simple article may touch his heart.Balancing the emotional and materialistic quotients is a pivotal part of the process.At times the emotional value of articles is much more than their economic values and at times vice versa.Emotions add an edge to a seemingly simple and common item and make them priceless.There are some things on which you just cannot put a price tag.Everybody has at least once in his life been tormented by the question of “What should we gift him?”It is a common dilemma. especially when deciding on a gift for a person who prides himself on being an introvert.Their likes and dislikes are most of the times an element of surprise.Asking them about their preferences directly is an equally mammoth task.“Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all.”   -Tinku Razoria.With the progression of time and technology, there are quite a few interesting innovations springing up around us.There is an infinite number of cool gadgets, gripping novels, must watch movies in theatres, expensive articles, vintage artifacts, attractive ornaments, trend-setting outfits and much more.photo to charcoal sketchThe list only grows with time.Adding the cherry to the cake, online commerce has advanced at an exponential rate.This makes availing things as easy as using the remote to control your television set.Online shopping has cut across international borders like the knife through a butter cake.A person is not restricted by many very things as it was in the earlier days.One can even purchase a limited edition item which may not be manufactured in his country at all.The only two issues which may cause some form of hinderance is the money and the estimated time of delivery.The wide repertoire of gift recommendations across countless blogs across the internet makes one wonder“is there really a single choice which suits everybody?”Well, it sounds like the answer to that may be no but we have something which is very close to giving you the same ultimate satisfaction.Portrait painting is a delight to the common eye.Customization of articles has become a new trend in today’s times as it helps add to the emotional quotient between the receiver and the gifter.Why our clients love usAs beautiful as ever these paintings are a new version of the already archaic custom of painting.Earlier paintings were never big on the concept of flexibility and customization but that has changed in recent times.But a change in time has also seen a change in the process which has made it easy even for a simple commoner to acquire any painting that they want.Gone are the days when all the elements of the painting were fixed beforehand.The duration of the completion made it tiring and unaffordable for the middle-class people.Too painful for the wallet, art was considered a leisure only for the richest class of people.A modern-day custom portrait painting comes with the negation of all these shortcomings.Offers a lot of flexibility where the customer is the king and is capable of making the portrait according to his liking and needs.The customer can even demand a sketch of himself or a close member who he wants as it will be the perfect blend of the artist’s skill and a touch of personalism from the customer.The customer can also refer to a wide array of artists for expert advice as to the features which should and should not be added to the portrait.As it is a growing trend the idea of custom paintings has led to the rise of numerous start-ups dedicated to delivering excellent portraits at a cheap and affordable price.A collection of painters who strive to make a portrait a common household item in every home.In exchange for a nominal fee, they shall deliver your paintings at your doorstep.PortraitFlip is another such online portal that offers you a wide variety of options when it comes to handmade custom portraits.We have a portrait of every occasion that you can think of and a dedicated team of artist who will do everything to make your portrait the center of attraction inside your home.How to orderAll that you need to do is follow a series of simple steps.
  • Send us a picture of the scenery or people that you want to be sketched in your portrait.
  • Provide us with all the detailed description of how exactly you want the photo.
  • Choose the style and other features, once we start work on your portrait you will be notified via email.
  • And in no time you will find that your painting is outside your door waiting to hog all the limelight in your home.
That too at cheap and affordable prices.We believe in the philosophy of spreading the beauty of art all around the world.The galleries of PortraitFlip are always available for viewing and appreciation from art enthusiasts all around the world.

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