Our Story: What is PortraitFlip?

PortraitFlip was founded with an artistic spirit and a lofty objective: We aspire to inspire you to recreate your memories in the best way possible – With Art!

We want you to have art that resonates with your soul.

Art that doesn’t just hold meaning to the creator but also to the buyer.

We offer you the to turn your photos into handmade paintings by professionals at an accessible price while leading the way for artists around the world to earn with their talents.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Meaningless and expensive gifts.

The Beginning

Started in the dorm room of a college in 2018. The idea to create handmade paintings struck us when one of my roommates was looking for a service to turn their favorite photos into a painting to gift their partner.

He wanted to gift a present that wouldn’t perish with time nor something with little to no meaning made by machines in a factory.

And the rest of us experienced something similar when we looked for a worthwhile gift and were amazed at how difficult is it to find a handmade gift that didn’t leave our wallets bare. What were the options?

The Journey

Started with just a handful of saving as a side hustle to earn some pocket money today, we are bootstrapped startup with thousands of happy customers across the world

As we embarked on this journey of immortalizing memories through handmade paintings, we realized that this art doesn’t just give life to your beloved photos but also to artists that make them.

The realization of having the opportunity of shaping the future of artists across the globe helps us realize the importance of handmade Art and the skill that goes into making it.

Today we house more than 250+ professional artists across the globe that help us deliver your memories to your doorstep.

Why PortraitFlip?

We turn photos into paintings, making them unforgettable – allowing you to experience your memories like never before.

And we also make handmade painting replicas of your favorite famous painting.

Art has the ability to arouse emotions in its perceivers and we want you to feel joy and awe at the sight of a painting that you connect with.

Art translates experiences across space and time, letting us relive the memory that which we so dearly cherish.

At PortraitFlip, we aim to help you frame your happiest memories for you to relive them as and when you wish.

When you get a painting from PortraitFlip, you have the freedom to shape your painting.

Making you an integral part of the process enables us in delivering the portrait painting your memories deserve.

We all need something little to remind us of our loved ones, and getting your favorite image painted is a sure way to immortalize them.      

All you have to do is upload the photo/s you want to be painted and select your preferences.

Whether it’s their birthday, an anniversary, or any occasion, there’s always something to give. 

A gadget, dress, or accessory is a good fit but one day all those gifts will be forgotten. 

What is the purpose of the gift if it cannot deepen your relationship? 

That’s the gap Portraitflip is endeavoring to fix.  

A materialistic gift can be a choice, but an artistic gift is one that can nourish your relationship with your loved one.

“A painting speaks more than a thousand words.”

We take your favorite photo and our artists flip it into a custom handmade painting in just a matter of days —and that too in the comfort of your home.  

Imagine such an expression on the face of your loved one when you hand them a beautiful handmade custom portrait.

If this hasn’t had you saying – ‘Paint My Photo’ already,

And for all those who think handmade custom portraits are not expressive enough for a gift, here’s a sneak peek:

Imagine such an expression on the face of your loved one when you hand them a beautiful handmade custom portrait.

A custom portrait strikes the right chords and provokes the deepest of emotions.

With each medium, a different emotion spills.

Here Are A Few Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Portrait Painting

  • The photo

Doesn’t matter if your photo is old, blurred, faded, perfect, or a famous painting; we will paint it for you.

  • Multiple Mediums to Choose From

Painting a portrait isn’t just about the image itself but also the style of the painting.

The medium of your painting facilitates the viewers to interpret your painting more deeply and accurately.

Whether you choose to turn a photo into an oil painting, watercolor, or any other medium, it is bound to be beautiful.

Portraits have a way to enchant the beholder, making it impossible for the viewers to not peer at them.  

  • Frame

The frame is like giving the final touch, the cherry on top that makes it complete.

It acts as a visual barrier – keeping the focus of the viewer on the painting.

It is important to understand that the frame should enhance the experience of viewing the painting and not distract and overpower it.

The frame is like the body of the portrait, it can bring uniqueness to the experience.

Our Mission

PortraitFlip is aiming to elevate the crowd from giving short-lived gifts to precious paintings that actually serve the purpose of gifting. 

How many times has it happened that the gift you receive is not relevant to you or it wore down too soon?

Giving a  handmade custom painting as a gift will not only add aesthetic beauty to the wall but will also make the receiver feel good every time they see it. 

Do you still want to stick to the gifts that add no value to their life?

Or do you want to deepen your bond with them?

You decide!

Hey Reader!

Thanks for reading.

We’re glad that you reached here.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can write to us in the comment section or reach out to us at support@portraitflip.com

Do not forget to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such content.

Have a great time!

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