Our Story: What is PortraitFlip?

The best way of expressing your affection for someone you admire is with a gift.

Our belief is in handmade custom portrait!

Whether it’s their birthday, an anniversary, or any occasion, there’s always something to give. 

A gadget, dress, or accessory is a good fit but one day all those gifts will be forgotten. 

What is the purpose of the gift if it cannot deepen your relationship? 

That’s the gap Portraitflip is endeavoring to fix.  

A materialistic gift can be a choice, but an artistic gift is one that can nourish your relationship with your loved one.

“A painting speaks more than a thousand words.

PortraitFlip is a handmade custom painting service that is changing the gifting experience for the better. 

We take your favorite photo and our artists flip it into a custom handmade painting in just a matter of days —and that too at the comfort of your home.  

For all those who think handmade custom portraits are not expressive enough for a gift, here’s a sneak peek:

Imagine such an expression on the face of your loved one when you hand them a beautiful handmade custom portrait.

A custom portrait strikes the right chords, and provokes deepest of emotions.

With each medium, a different emotion spills.

The Painting Mediums Offered At PortraitFlip

The Painting Mediums Offered At PortraitFlip

At PortraitFlip, we offer six mediums to turn your photos into paintings. 

Whether you like vibrant colors or monotone, the choice of mediums to make a custom handmade painting is entirely yours. 

(And, I must tell you that each painting is a masterpiece irrespective of the medium)

Acrylic Painting

The acrylic painting has the brilliance of capturing vivid colors on the canvas. 

Our artist’s work is so magnificent that the canvas seizes the raw emotions of the photo. 

Oil Painting

Oil medium lets the color tone blend together to give the painting a “fluid” look.  

The smooth texture of an oil painting will mesmerize anyone who looks at it. 

The oil painting is known for  Memorial Portrait, Merged Portrait, Family Portrait, Child Portrait, Couple Portrait, and  Pet Portrait.

Watercolor Painting

From transparent to dark stroke, and from wet washes to dry brushes, watercolor painting can produce painting effects that are unique.

They can capture a photo in a creative way and the watery texture gives a fresh look to the painting. 

If you have a liking for uniqueness, then go with Watercolor painting. 

Charcoal Painting

If your love for a custom handmade painting is classy, then the charcoal painting is all you need. 

A charcoal painting lets you capture the emotion of a photo in its purest form.

Pencil Sketch

Similar to charcoal but lighter in texture, a pencil sketch can give your painting an artistic feeling.

All the people who think that pencil sketch can be dull, you should definitely check our gallery for second thoughts. 

Color Pencil Sketch

Adding colors to the sketch will definitely turn the custom handmade painting vivid.

If you’re someone who has a liking for colorful sketches, then a color pencil sketch is great for you.

What Makes PortraitFlip Unique?

What Makes PortraitFlip Unique?

PortraitFlip is one of the leading custom handmade painting services in the world that promises 100% satisfaction to the customers. 

The artists working with us are professional with their work and perfectionist at heart. 

The whole process of turning your photo into a handmade custom painting is simple and can be done online. 

Now you must be thinking that turning a photo into painting will cost you wealth, right?

Not at all! 

PortraitFlip offers affordable handmade custom paintings (with the range starting from just $60)  without compromising the quality of the artwork.

There are a few things that make PortritFlip stand out from the others.

  1. 100% Handmade portraits made by professional artists.
  2. Free worldwide shipping and super fast delivery.
  3. A robust quality control process to give you a top-notch quality portrait 
  4. Unlimited revisions on your painting (because we want to deliver a perfect product)
  5. An option to pay 30% of the fees as a deposit and the rest only after you approve the final painting.
  6. 24×7 online support at every step of the process. 
  7. A preview of the finished painting before it is shipped and the option to make desired changes if you are not happy with the final product.
  8. Superior customer service.
  9. Exceptional value for money deals!

And one of our best policies is a No-Questions-asked money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the final painting.

Categories Offered At PortraitFlip 

Categories Offered At PortraitFlip

PortraitFlip offers different categories of custom handmade paintings to fit everyone’s needs.  Here are our categories: 

1. Pet Portraits to treasure your little furry members

2. Custom Human Portraits to deepen your connection with your fellow humans

3. Couple Portraits to express your love to the other half.

4. Compilation Portraits where you can merge different photos into a single painting to bring all the unfinished memories together.

5. Custom Baby Portraits to cherish the new beginnings.

6. Family Portraits to show your love toward your family

7. Grandparents and Grandchildren Portraits to bridge the generation gap

8. Parents and children Portraits to strengthen the parents-sibling spirit

9. Custom House Portraits to refresh the memories of your childhood house

10. Landscape Portraits to hold your favorite place close to your heart

11. Royal portraits to add humor to your life.

12. People & Pet Portraits to take a family photo of you and your pets together.

13. Bad Photos To Portraits so the old photos can be reinvented into high-quality paintings. 

14. Vehicle Portraits to memorialize your whip!

15. Not sure/ others for the people who want a handmade custom painting that involves many categories.

16. Gift cards for the people who are reluctant of choosing a photo and want the receiver of the gift card to decide. 

How To Turn Photos Into Painting With PortraitFlip?

Steps to turn your photo into a handmade custom painting are simple and can be done online. 

Even a person not well acquainted with the “online era” can order a painting without any hassle.

All you have to do is:

  1. Visit PortraitFlip.com 
  2. Click on “Paint my Portrait”
  3. Select a category. 
  4. Choose the medium of the painting you want (Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Charcoal, Sketch)
  5. Customize your order (choose the number of objects, and size of the portrait).
  6. Upload a photo or multiple photos and write the suggestions to the artist if you have any.
  7. Choose Finishing Options (Rolled, or gallery-wrapped, or framed)
  8. Choose shipping option (Free or Express shipping)
  9. Click on Checkout and pay the fee.
  10. Now sit back and relax as our artist turn your photo into a custom handmade painting. 

You can also write us an email at support@portraitflip.com to place your order.

Our Mission

PortraitFlip is aiming to elevate the crowd from giving short-lived gifts to precious paintings that actually serve the purpose of gifting. 

How many times has it happened that the gift you receive is not relevant to you or it wore down too soon?

Giving a  handmade custom painting as a gift will not only add aesthetic beauty to the wall but will also make the receiver feel good every time they see it. 

Do you still want to stick to the gifts that add no value to their life?

Or do you want to deepen your bond with them?

You decide!

Hey Reader!

Thanks for reading.

We’re glad that you reached here.

Now you’re just a few steps away from giving your loved one a gift of their life!

Just press on the order now to begin the wonderful journey.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can write to us in the comment section or reach out to us on social media.

Have a great time!

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