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Family photos are not something that you throw away when they become old. They are more than articles; they are fragments of memories passed down among generations.When these pictures turn yellow with time, people resort to different ways of renewing them.Precious moments do not repeat themselves, and the photos taking during these times are all that a person has to reminisce his memories.Some of the ways of immortalizing these old souvenirs are:
  • Collecting these photos into a single album,
  • making a collage out of these pictures,
  • further laminating it, and
  • digitally saving them in storage devices.
 Turning these family photographs into something that’s evergreen is convenient in a number of ways.They can be gifted to family members during special occasions; they can be kept close to self and taken along everywhere without any fear of getting torn or damaged.These articles would adorn the home. They can be kept on dining tables, living room tables, hung up on walls for people to see. There are numerous ways of putting them to use.These pictures are valuable pieces of your life.We all know how agitated our parents and grandparents become when they cannot find the photos of their younger days as they are lost in the gunk being all the photos that we take every day and overcrowd our collections with.Similarly, we get surprised and happy whenever we take out a children’s book from the basement of our house and a small picture of our child falls from one of the sides.As a child, finding these kinds of childhood photos of my parents at my grandparent’s house would evoke curiosity in my more than anything.These photos always evoke a sense of nostalgia; a sense of the old days which would never come back.The only thing that can be done is cherishing them and making them unforgettable by preserving the photographs.We have made a list of the most recommended methods of preserving old family photographs. Preserving them in a way such that they remain intact even after a long time is an essential job.Besides, there is practically less hassle involved in the preservation of such pictures. 
  • Sleeping Pillows and Bedsheets:
Pillows and bedsheets are the two things we use every day as our companions of sleep, and without them, a good night’s sleep becomes uneasy and uncomfortable.So why not decorate these midnight companions with photographs that would always make you smile whenever you see them? Artistic bedsheets, drawing based pillows are available on online shopping portals. Bedcovers and pillow covers are also customizable and can be decorated with different artworks and sketches. Plain pillows are just not preferred and giving them some kind of aesthetic design has become a necessary addition.Adding to beds and pillows, sofas, divans, and lounges also come with a variety of options for customization by addition of paintings and sketches.Generally, customers purchase a pillow and numerous pillow covers with diverse sketches, using one each day to make it seem less monotonous. With custom paintings coming into play, old pillow covers can be made to look new by printing family pictures or your favorite pieces of paintings.Other than printings, favorite artworks can also be sewn into bedsheets. We can always relate to childhood memories where our grandmother would sew shapes of flying animals, picturesque sceneries into old bedsheets and make it completely adorable or just sew in Van Gogh’s starry night to put in some aesthetic in this rather bleary life.Sleeping pillows and bedsheets, coincidentally, are one of the many ways where we can affix family photographs for the sake of making them priceless and desirable along with a constant reminder of the good old days. 
  • Daily Reminders:
The best example of attractive calendars are the corporate calendars.Every month is accompanied by a fresh face,  a new quote, or a different scenery from the previous month. To add to the variance, the fonts and the colors change on each page and the month.In college calendars, new faces, accomplishments, and events due to accompany every new month.In tourism-based calendars, every new page consists of a month and a beautiful piece of scenery, where the scenery varies in each month based on the season during that month and the corresponding scenery during those times. Winter months like December have pictures of snowfall whereas summer months like May and June have pictures of cracked land and thick sands.The concept of calendars also extends to families. As gift presents, families are often presented with calendars where every month corresponds to a photo of a member of their family or an event that occurred in the particular said month.To add to the innovation, every month is accompanied by a picture of the important events to be happening then.If February is the month of the anniversary of any member, then that month will have a picture of the couple exchanging wedding rings.If November happens to be the month of someone’s birthday, the month will feature a picture of the member’s selfie with the birthday cake in the background!Such family calendars can be easily procured by relevant calendar printing services. The idea of gifting these calendars is very unconventional and innovative.Not only family based, but the calendars can also be customized on the basis of the occasion.Couples can be gifted with a couple of calendars, where each month marks their favorite moments experienced during that month.For example, if they proposed in the month of October, the month can have a photo of the said proposal. If they had their first child in the month of July, the month can have pictures of them holding their first child. Family calendars can be infinitely customized. These family-based custom calendars add flavor to the fact that you would never forget important dates. All the important occasions are red marked on the calendar. Besides, it makes the calendars much more personal.If you were born during the month of September, won’t you love to have a calendar where the September month page features your photograph on the cover! 
  • Photo Collections:
It is a nice idea to spend leisure time searching through the entire house for old photographs and bringing them together into one place.Finding these pictures and then attaching them to a single notebook is a safe way to ensure that they never get forgotten somewhere. It is from here that the idea of an album originated.Albums are an integral possession in almost every home; every family has an album that has photos from when they were babies and teenagers. The best part is that these albums are not constant and photos are constantly added here; photos worth preserving as memories.Albums are also gifted during special occasions. During birthdays, the person has often gifted an album of all the best photos that were ever taken of him.During wedding anniversaries, couples are gifted with albums where their favorite photos are featured.Similarly, family albums also serve the same purpose of preserving special moments; those that would never come a second time.Along with photos, the idea of gifting collages is also a fine idea. Collages are also similar to paintings to respect the fact that they are the collection of the most memorable moments. However, the appearance of an album and collage differ on a number of aspects. Based on individual choice and the type of occasion, people can gift collage or they can gift photo albums.The only difference between collages and picture is that colleges are a huge puzzle having all the photographs in a single frame. Some pictures are big while some appear small. Although it seems very appealing, all the pictures cannot be fit into a single frame without compromising some of their individual frame sizes.The collages can be hung on walls like simple paintings whereas photo albums cannot be used as wall paintings. Whenever you feel bored, try collecting old family photographs and try making collages and paintings out of them! 
  • Decorative Fridge Magnets:
Fridge magnetThese small magnets are available in different shapes and sizes. With a magnet attached on one side, these chunks can be attached to metallic walls, desktop cabinets, cabins, tabletops, and most commonly, refrigerators.The non-magnetic side of these chunks is usually printed with a photograph of the choice of the person owning it. These chunks serve to be a cool and delightful sight for onlookers.They can be simply plucked off and fixed anywhere, as long as the surface is metallic.The trend of converting family photos into decorative magnets is increasing these days. They are extremely cheap and the photos can be easily undersized and printed on the non-magnetic sides of the compact little things.They are durable and unless handled roughly, they can last for a long time. Even if the chunks are damaged, the compact picture can be taken out and fixed on a new piece.The pictures can be permanently printed on the surface, or they can be simply put on top, provided the picture is on a small sheet of paper. Not only family photographs, emojis, cartoon characters, cool one-liners and anything you like can be printed on these magnets.The most interesting part about these magnets is that they are eye-catching figures.Whenever you open the fridge, or the cabinet to take out something, or the bookshelf to search for a book, or the door to enter your room, the first part that gathers attention are these small pieces of attraction.That is also why some people put up to-do lists and post-it notes along with them so they are reminded to do chores.If not needed at the current moment, they can be stored inside boxes, although it is much better to keep them attached to any overlooked region of walls (as they tend to lose the magnetism when kept idle). 
  • Ornaments:
Golden mughal jewelleryOrnaments and jewelry are the most promising articles that can be customized by the addition of small photographs. The addition of photos increases their value as well as their appearance.A plain ornament without any small touch of personal emotions is only a dull piece of expensive metal. It may look costly but it lacks the personal touch, and the personal touch is furnished by these tiny photographs.Along with paintings, the ornaments can also be carved to get beautiful shapes. Like paintings, carving ornaments makes it a valuable artifact.However, since the carving process takes away portions of the semi-precious metals, the carving is not preferred as it decreases the monetary value. Paintings, on the other hand, have no such issues and do not affect the monetary value of the jewelry. Small paintings done in miniatures chits of paper or cloth can be attached firmly to them using adhesive.They can also be strip off when not needed or when a new painting is to be attached, as a single painting being attached for a long time can make it a dull sight to behold.Jewelry can adorn various parts of the body: neck, arms, legs, torso, and head. Each of them has a dedicated type and category of jewelry, and the paintings for every type of jewelry differ based on how appealing they would look.Turn the dull pieces of expensive stones into valuable belongings!  fathers day acrylic paintingNow, by far the best way you can turn your old souvenirs into priceless artifacts is this.Has it ever happened to you that you had a wonderful time? Maybe at a festival or some kind of celebration. You clicked a lot of photos and exchanged it with everyone.Now, you’re a busy person of the 21st century who receives a lot of garbage photos like those 21 good morning memes from that one WhatsApp group you’re not even interested in.Maybe you take out time and move these important photos in a separate folder and such but one can never be too cautious. They will be lost to memory and lost to the world when its really too easy for drivers to get corrupted or just get accidentally deleted.So, one of the best and most helpful ways you can preserve the memories most important to you is to have them custom painted by a professional artist on a canvas. After this, you can hang them on your walls where they will make your house feel more like home than anything else and be as a reminder of the fun and happy times you had.Seeing these constantly will give you hope in a state of crisis as a reminder that things were way better and they will get even better no matter what lies in between.Custom photo to canvas paintingThe most recommended manner of turning old photographs into wonderful articles is to convert them into custom paintings by sending them to  PortraitFlip!These custom paintings are customizable art where the painting style, the picture to be painted and the frame size can be selected by the customer.The picture which is to be painted can be sent to their relevant mail and the painting style can be mentioned along with it. Frame sizes can be chosen voluntarily or it can be decided by the artists if one is new into the field.There are numerous online portals offering custom painting services these days, but in our opinion, the best one is Portrait Flip.They provide custom paintings following the same procedure mentioned above to people who love paintings. In exchange for a nominal fee, they provide custom paintings right at the doorstep.

GET STARTED Any trouble experienced in choosing frame sizes or painting styles is acknowledged and solved by helpful people here. Other than painting services, Portrait Flip has a wide array of paintings for people who enjoy them.We leave it to the viewers and art enthusiasts to judge the quality of these works of art.


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