Trends In Home Decor: The New Statement Of 2023

An interior of a very beautiful house with a house portrait up on the wall, there are some plants, a lamp and a chair in the image. The text reads Trends In Home Decor: The New Statement Of 2022

The trends in home decor bedazzle themselves every year.

We get Instagram-worthy trends, the ones that blow our minds away.

How can something be so simple yet elegant or so bold yet calming?

This year we are going all-in for comfort.

Since the past two years have been an emotional rollercoaster, the experts predict this year to be calm and snug.

From Bipholic 2023 interior trends designs to serene earthy tones, every one of these fads has been curated for you 🙂

You wanna know what the right way to 2023 home trends is?

Stay with me and I’ll show you everything, I promise.

Get ready to glam up your home with these top home decorating trends for 2023.

Let’s start with…

Family painting from different photos

Drumroll, please!

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1. Living Room Trends In 2023

A living room with trends in home decor. There is a sofa, pillows on it and paintings on the wall. The whole living room is decorated in soft earthy tones.
Image Source: algedra

As interpreted by experts this year is all about calmness and convenience.

Since everyone has literally been operating from home, multifunctional spaces have become a necessity.

‘Multifunctional, airy spaces will dominate. There’s been a lot of focus on well-being and health recently. So it makes sense that our houses will continue to reflect this in the use of natural materials, plants, and, more generally, light and airy designs.

Sylvia James (Interior designer)

These 2023 living room trends are literally everywhere, but I have cataloged the best ones for your living rooms.

And we start with…

A. Traditional Touches

An interior of a living room trends that has a vintage painting portrait of a man and a lady kissing with a car in the background. The room has a very cozy and chill vibe.

Getting in touch with our roots while giving a modern look and feel to it.

A traditional touch doesn’t necessarily mean an antique piece or something.

It could also just be a very chic and vintage portrait that will be an amazing living room décor piece in 2023.

A debanior piece of art that reflects your personality and fits right in with your ambiance.

Very elegant!

Just a hint of modern living room ideas in 2023 mixed with the traditional hues.

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B. Curvy Furniture

A living room trend that involves curvy furniture. There is sofa that is curved. As well as home decor that is in a curved shape.
Image Source: Pinterest

Sounds weird? Trust me it is the most comforting thing ever.

They give a sense of balmy nature and give peace to your mind.

At this point, almost all manufacturers’ high-end to low-end are co-operating curves, soft-lines, and arcs into their living room furniture trends 2023.

Living rooms in 2023 are just going to feel like a big and warm hug. The best trends in home decor!

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C. 3D Art

An interior of a house with a wall full of 3D art. It is a living room trend in 2022. Sofas that are grey and white in color. There is a table in the middle.
Image Source: Amazon

We are living in a world of Gen-Z at this point.

They love trying out new things and this is one of them.

Basically, the walls will have illusions that make them look 3D. 

Get as crazy as you want, and let your personality show through!

If you want to get creative, this is the living room design in 2023 that you are looking for.

Know anyone who is moving into a new home? You can even gift one of these paintings as a housewarming portraits from photos!

D. Biophilic Design

A beautiful interior of a living room with interior designs that include Biophilic designs.
Image Source: Pinterest

Living trends in 2023 have drastically changed due to the pandemic.

Gone are the days when all we wanted to do was sleep in and not experience the outdoors. 

Now all everyone wants to do is surround themselves with plants and greenery.

Biophilic designs include lots and lots of plants, large windows that let the light seep in, and ventilation.

2023 interior design trends in home decor have made a good run this year. Craving an intimate connection with nature.

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 2. Bedroom Decorating Ideas 2023

A bedroom decorating trend that is sustainable and chic as well. thee is a pretty bed with a lot of mix and matched pillows. A fuzzy coat on the chair and plants.
Image Source: architecturaldigest

The place where we have our little rendezvous with life, the place where all our worries go away.

Won’t we want our bedroom to reflect who we are?

The bedroom decorating ideas for this year has come to save us.

Our trendy bedrooms will not only make us feel comfortable but will also make us look chic.

Let’s see what the experts have to say about 2023 bedroom trends.

Writer’s Tip: A house oil portrait might help in elevation the aesthetics of your room.

A. Classic Canopy Bed

Bedroom decorating ideas in 2022 that are so popular. There is a canopy bed that is white with white furniture around it. All-in-all it gives a very classy vibe.
Image Source: Villaelite

Jared Hughes a designer based in Atlanta says “I think canopy beds are really going to be having a moment in 2023″.

We are going back to classics and I absolutely love it!

One of the alluring master bedrooms trends in 2023

It is a very maximal style of decoration trend which is classic as well as a trend for home decor that is in the moment.

B. Mix And Match Pillows

A bed with a variety of different throw pillows. Different textures and styles. This is one of the bedroom decorating ideas and is listed under trends in home decor.
Image Source: Amazon

First I’d like to introduce the Japanese traditional aesthetics called Wabi-Sabi. 

It basically normalizes the way one looks at beauty. 

“Impermanent, incomplete, and imperfect” in nature is how Wabi-Sabi is described.

In bedroom trends of 2023, we are sure to see a mix of different patterns, colors, textures, and a blend of various other things. 

Mix and Match pillows are major uprising trends in home decor.

C. Being Cozy Is The Dream

A bed with fuzzy throw blankets that are white in color and there are pillows all around. A bedroom decorating trend .
Image Source: Pinterest

Bedroom trends have gone from spicy to calm and collected.

The past two years of trauma have made everyone love the cozy vibe.

Experts say this year everyone will play around with cozy textures, top designs, and subtle exteriors.

Caroline Brackett who is the principal and owner designer at Caroline Brackett Studio of Design, says:

“If it’s not comfortable, forget it. For textures, that means anything furry, nubby, or cozy.”

D. Glam It Up

An interior of the bedroom that has cabinets decorated with colorful wallpapers. A plant is placed in the room and this is one of the bedroom decorating ideas of 2022.
Image Source: Pinterest

The empty spaces in our room can be glam if we want them to be.

The glam expert is here, don’t worry.

Whether they are cabinets or just places that feel like they need a little color.

All you have to do is get a little crafty and make trendy bedroom ideas as bright as your personality.

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An interior or home decor trend of a kitchen with green cabinets and a very chill, close-to-nature vibe. This is one of the Kitchen 2022 trends in home decor.
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, renovations are always a big deal right?

Kitchens are like where the party starts.

Because no food no fun.

Apart from that a classy kitchen always makes a home look lavish.

The kitchens in 2023 are going to leave you dumbstruck.

A. Sustainability: Green Is the New Black

The repurposed kitchen idea is where this image comes in. It is an image of a kitchen that has wood used from the frame of an old bed. This is a kitchen trend of 2022.
Image Source:

Where are my environmentally-friendly people at?

I’m pretty sure this is one of the trends in home decor that you will love.

Repurposing anything and making something new out of it is the best kitchen design trend of 2023.

I mean who thought humans will actually start giving a s*** about the dying world right?

But anyway, we can make kitchen cabinets out of old discarded bed frames and use the wood for so many other things.

Sustainainabilty is going to save us.

B. Dark Toned Kitchens

The kitchen trend of 2022 that is dark toned kitchens. There is dining room furniture that is dark toned and there is a painting on the wall. it is a trend in home decor.
Image Source: home-designing

Embracing our personalities and how we want certain things to look,

kitchen cabinet color trends 2023 has brought a brand new fish into the sea.

Dark toned kitchens that can adapt to anything. 

Even if it is the hectic work-life balance that we had to maintain these past 2 years.

These kitchen 2023 trends in home decor will make life a little less miserable.

C. Let’s Get Crazy For Some Color

Kitchen cabinets that are colorful and vibrant. This is a new trend in home decor and it is also a kitchen 2022 Trends in home decor.
Image Source: southernliving

In 2023 I don’t think you will see any person settling for the norm.

Colorful cabinets are going to be the kitchen cabinet color trend of 2023 that is going to spread like wildfire.

As I said before, letting your personality show is what these trends are about!

If you want to follow the color trend of 2023 then Pantone has announced ‘Very Peri’ as the color of the year.

Have fun with these kitchens in 2023!

D. Artistic Landscapes

A beautiful interior of a kitchen with a landscape portrait as an art piece. It is brown and white.
Image Source: tilemarket

Want your kitchen to look artistic?

Get a landscape portrait from PortraitFlip that adds glam to your kitchen. 

This is one of the trends in home decor, no-one will forget.

Landscape portraits depict all the goodness of nature in a life-like painting. 

Making your kitchen a bit more flattering.

PortraitFlip has the best artists who will literally create art that revamps your home.

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4. 2023 Color Decor Trend

The color trends of 2022, there are green sofas and its a very pretty interior. Trends in home decor 2022.
Image Source: homesandgardens

Eager to know the color predictions for this year, aren’t you?

creation of adam reproduction

Well, let me help you out.

Only the top color trends of 2023 have been curated in this list.

Jumping on to the most predicted one:

A. Emerald Green Home Decor

Emerald green home decor in 2022. The whole room is full of emerald green and green toned sofas and furniture.
Image Source: ruemag

Emerald green is such a posh color, it goes well with almost any other color.

Not only that but it stands out in the crowd. 

One of the color trends in home decor ideas that are fun and chic.

The color symbolizes harmony and growth.

Soothing and comforting as well that is exactly why the experts say this year we are going green!

B. Chocolate Chic Hues For Home Decor

An interior with chocolate hues and brown tones. A color trend in 2022 that is very popular. Trends in home decor.
Image Source: whitehorsedesign

The experts have noticed a lot of demand for chocolate hues and camel shades. 

Interior style designs are tilting towards the warmer tines because they are more welcoming.

A shade of brown goes with everything, furniture, home decor, curtains, or literally any other piece. 

It also has a very unique vibe to it as almost everyone was inclined toward gray and now they can’t get enough of the browns!

C. Soft Earth Tones

An interior of a house with a fireplace and furniture in earthy tones. The walls are also painted in such earthy tones. These are some trends in home decor 2022.
Image Source: Pinterest

The experts are so on point this year that they understand just what the need of the hour is. 

2023 color trends in interior style designs are correlated to the color of the year.

This is always decided by where we are as a society.

“People need healing spaces that are restorative and calming,” says Ginger Curtis, owner and principal designer at Urbanology Designs.

Soft Earth tones make you feel just like you’re in touch with nature.

In touch with all the goodness in the whole world.

D. Warm Wood Tones

Color trend of 2022 with light wood furniture and this image shows a piano table with a black chair. A plant. And a lot of other decorative items. This is one of the home decor ideas of 2022.
Image Source: stylebyemilyhenderson

Long gone are those days when people stain their wood the darkest color possible. 

The time for light and warm wood colors interiors is here. 

It can be done anywhere in the entire home. 

Trends in home decor that you wish you knew sooner.

Don’t limit yourself and let your imagination run wild, make the whole home like you.

After all, these colors for home interiors are here to stay.

Outdoor living space imagine. White sofas that are in an outdoor space around a bonfire. This is one of the trends in home decor of 2022.
Image Source: architecturaldigest

As we have forgotten the difference between indoor and outdoor, we mix up the two.

Not a bad thing, obviously.

It’s always a joy to see greenery indoors, but making the outdoors comfortable?

Piece of cake with this section written just for you.

Shall we?

A. Elegant Outdoor Furniture

An elegant outdoor furnished area. There is a wooden cot with pillows and bedding that is yellow in color. There is a chair and a make shift table. The whole area looks very pleasing and relaxing. Outdoor trends in 2022.
Image Source: forbes

“Outdoor furniture will become more sophisticated and refined as we continue to spend more time entertaining outdoors, and our patios become true extensions of our interior décor.” -Timothy Corrigan.

Be one with nature when your outdoor living designs are so pretty.

This is just one of the outdoor trends in home decor that I’ve listed, there are thousands of these out there.

B. Concrete Furniture Replaces Normal Furniture

Sustainable outdoor home decor furniture. This image shows concrete furniture that is replacing normal furniture. Trends in home decor 2022 that are very popular.
Image Source: blastation

A new convenient way to look at things.

Concrete furniture for outdoor trends 2023 is good for the environment as well.

It would change the total aesthetics of your outdoor area.

Also, a great way to save money as it is a long-term investment!

Your personal money adviser is here 🙂

This is one of the patio trendings in home decor that can be made comfortable with just a cushion. 

C. Egg Chairs

An egg chair that is sitting in an outdoor area. This patio trend of 2022 in home decor is comfortable and chic. There is a L-shaped couch with pillows and blankets. This is a home decor trend.
Image Source: decoist

These comfortable chairs don’t just look comfortable, they look elegant.

An outdoors trend that I don’t mind hopping on.

If I had a great outdoor area 🙁

Egg chairs can be placed with couches and plants and literally anything you want.

Again get all creative with this.

D. Multifunctional Spaces That Were Absolutely Needed

Multi-functional space in the outdoor home decor trend that makes things useful in so many ways. You can store wood and also light up a fire on this bonfire range. There is a fireplace in this image and inbuilt chairs around it. A trend in home decor.
Image Source: Pinterest

Didn’t our kitchen table turn into our workspace?

Maybe the kids had to do their online class away from all the noise so they settled in the serene outdoor patio area.

When you saw them struggle you realized your outdoor area has to be a bit more multifunctional.

A table can be used as a barbeque grill as well. Just one example of multifunctional spaces.

These outdoor living designs have made life easier for everyone.

A home office home decor trend that is getting really popular. There is a room with subtle but strong light a desktop and a comfortable chair. It is quiet and suitable for work.
Image Source:

The comfort of our house is all we had during this hard pandemic. 

We had to manage home, school, college, school, and our well-being as well.

This was a time when we realized how much we lost touch with nature. 

A home office in 2023 will be the ultimate comfort zone for any human being possible. 

Just to make it a little better I’ve listed these items that might make it cozier!

  1. Get a room that will be quiet enough for your work environment. Someplace where you won’t get distracted. 
  2. You can get smart to save some space, and get a foldable table that can be kept away when not used. 
  3. If some piece of furniture screams you then you have to get it. Decorating trends for 2023 do not have to be limiting.
  4.  2023 home office design trends have become so important due to the pandemic. The color trends of 2023 matter, when you use calming and soothing home design trends, you will feel a change in your overall mood.

Wall decor trends can be a pretty family portrait that gives an emotional touch to your office. A family portrait that can include every person you love, incorporating lost loved ones in a painting is something PortraitFlip excels at.

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7. The Best For The Last

Modern interior with trends in home decor 2022. An image showing the recent trends in 2022. There is a sofa and they are all according to the colors of 2022 soft and earthy. These are some of the home decor trends of 2022.
Image Source:

You thought I would let you go without a little cherry on top?

If the article was happening for you before you reached here,

Then Olala. You are in for a ride.

Since it is the last section, 

Might as well take a ride on the loveliest roller coaster while leaving right?

A. Home Decor Boho

A interior of a bedroom furnished in a boho design. There is a bed draped in sheets with different colors. A chair that looks comfortable. A small mirror and a cabinet. All of this is pleasing to the eye. This is one of the other trends in home decor 2022.
Image Source:

Boho basically defines an irregular structure or an unmatched personality.

Mixing up textures and layering them is more their style.

When we think about Boho designs for home decor, we expect a very unexpected but exciting view.

Something that makes us wonder what was going on in their head when they chose this home decor trend.

But Boho designs have our heart, so no one is complaining!

B. Statement Lights

An interior of a room with statement lamps that are a part of the trends in home decor 2022. These trends are unexpected trends that can be placed in the living room as well. There are gold lights hanging from the ceiling.
Image Source:

Lighting up your house has never been this easy.

Trust me when I was searching for all these amazing home decor trends in 2023, this particular one caught my eye.

That is why it made its way to the bonus list.

Lights literally make a room look aesthetically pleasing.

The trends in home decor have not been disappointed so far!

3. Smart Gadgets And Technology

An image of a smart desktop on a table. There is food around the table. This is another trends in home decor 2022. That is smart gadgets and technology.
Image Source:

I’m pretty sure this is not going to be one of the trends in home decor that you didn’t know about.

We see them in almost every home now.

From Alexa to Siri and so much more that we don’t know about.

Technology has skyrocketed and I cannot explain how advanced everything is.

A modernized approach to technology that can help everyone grow. 

The smartest trend in home decor 2023. 

To Sum It Up

Trends In Home Decor: The New Statement Of 2023 is all about comfort.

As I said before our home should feel like a warm hug.

A little place that gives us solace through this hard time.

I have made it my mission to deliver the best 2023 decor trends to you, let me know if I’ve succeeded? 🙂

The most interesting piece I have ever written.

A little DIY artist myself I have discovered so many things I am going to try.

Let us know if there are any ideas we can add to trends in home decor 2023.

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Hey precious readers, 

Again as always, it was a pleasure writing for you.

Home Decor 2023 has been interesting. The color trends in home decor have my heart.

Tell us which section you liked the best?

Cheers to more pieces where I get to pour my heart out for yáll.

You know what they say about timeless pieces right? A memory you want to last forever is supposed to be made eternal. 

Our amazing artists have a lot to show you head over to PortraitFlip to know more!

Follow us on Instagram and Youtube, as well.

Ciao then, we’ll meet soon my loves.


The trends in home decor change every year. Some of the home decor trends for 2023 are soft earthy tones, elegant outdoor furniture, statement lights, landscape portraits for home decor, mix and match pillows, and biophilic designs. To know more about the various trends, read this piece.

Even though gray is considered an all-time favorite, this year for the trends in home decor it might change. Don’t worry, you can always make use of the layering trend and come up with something unique.

Some trends that are going out of style are fast furniture, accent walls, and shiplap. Everything you need to know about the trends that are trending in 2023 is in this article. Head over to find out!

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