A Custom Handmade Painting: 9 Things You Can Do Only With PortraitFlip

9 things you didn't know PortraitFlip could do

PortraitFlip started with the idea of creating a handmade painting from photo.

To bring warmth and happiness in the lives of every person associated with us and to grow with them.

But it is the creativity and imagination of our community that all take us a step forward.

Our art reflects you, your ideas – and with every new creation of our artist, a piece of credit goes to your brilliant thoughts.

We dearly thank our community to push us towards better service and creating a spectacular custom handmade painting experience . 

With that, here are a few things PortraitFlip is capable of doing because you were there to light our path with your innovation.

#1 Holding On To The Ones That Left

One of the most heartbreaking moments is when your close ones leave for a better world.

Although resting in peace, our life becomes difficult after they are gone.

Our community has taught us that a handmade painting can hold on to all the emotions that we ever longed for.

So much so that, it can make you feel the presence of people who left too soon.

#2 Turn Old Photos Into A Hand Painted Memory

Photo to handmade painting PortraitFlip

We carelessly forget our old photos to time and when we finally look back, we realize we have lost many memories.

With handmade painting, our community reminded us of the love we could never had enough.

It has made us realize that every lost memory can be recreated, and can be recreated for better.

PortraitFlip has left no stones unturned to make this memory come to life and give our customer the utmost pleasure of seeing us together.

#3 Black and White? We’ll Get This Right!

Black and white to colored handmade painting PortraitFlip

The color wasn’t always in trend, now!

There was a long untold time when everything you saw was black and white. 

So happened that once Danielle got us a black and white photo of his grandfather and his dear best friend.

She had only one request: “I want this in color.”

PortraitFlip had to do what it had to do, and it did what it did.

Take a look:


#4 Virtual Background

Sometimes you end up clicking a visually pleasing picture in the most wrong background ever.

But that’s okay!

Our community has often come up with creative background ideas and made us realize the importance of a perfect setting.

Once in while, everybody wishes to live a fairytale. A fairytale which was left unfinished.

So Eric came to us as asked if we could paint a picture of his grandparents in a heaven-like background.

He came a step closer to getting something like this:

Interestingly, we have also started providing a neutral background for all those who cannot make up their mind.

Check our Instagram for more such fascinating artwork.

#5 Bring All The Generations Together

“I wanted to get my husband something special this year for Valentine’s day. He loved it.  His grandparents passed before we got together and he thought the world of them. My husband and I are in our 40’s and recently adopted our two blessings. He has said that he wished they could have met the children because they would have loved them. So I had a picture merged of his grandparents and our children. He “MAY or may not” have cried when I gave it to him. We are so VERY PLEASE with our painting and the whole process.  Thank you so much.” Regina Vinson

One of our Favorite Customers

Blessed are the ones who have felt the touch of their grandparents.

It’s heart-wrenching that our most dear ones are often taken way before we have had enough of them.

But you think, therefore you are.

Just the idea of being together can take you to places.

All you have to do is send in photos of people you always wanted to see today.

While you can let PortraitFlip do its magic called Compilation Portraits.

Can’t believe it?

#6 Amplify Your Design With Ornaments

Photo to handmade painting PortraitFlip

It is a world of filters anyway, why not ornament a piece of art?

Our community has always surprised us with its interpretation of life.

And to put it on canvas just the way you imagined it, that’s what PortraitFlip does.

A perfect tool of technology and a fine touch of our artist can make all your wild fantasies come to life.

Be it your grandfather going for a hunt with his grandson, or your girlfriend on a bed of roses, or maybe your folks in heaven with a wing.

PortraitFlip will be the canvas to create your thoughts upon.

#7 Show Off Your Growth

Multiple Photo To Handmade Painting

Achievements play a very important role in the growth of a person.

PortraitFlip is glad to be a part of so many achievements of our community.

With every step you take, we are walking a stair up.

From your graduation to your marriage, to when to enter a new hood, we will be there to celebrate every wing you spread.

#8 Remember The Rainbow Bridge

“Once beside our feet, forever in our hearts” – the four-legged ball of fur brought all the possible happiness and comfort for the short span of time it was here.

For the kind of love our pets have showered upon us, they deserve a good deal of space in the house.

PortraitFlip takes pride in 70% of its community that comprises of dog-ma and paws.

One such customer was…

#9 Live The Royalty In Art

Who doesn’t want to live the life of Royalty?

God can be a little unfair sometimes but in custom art, we believe!

PortraitFlip has given several makeovers to people who always wanted to appear royal.

It looks blue and is named Royal Oil Portraitsif you are wondering what to get next for your annoying brother.

What do you think of this one?

Photos To Royal Handmade Painting

If these are not reasons enough for you to order with PortraitFlip, I don’t know what is?

Hey Readers,

We are small company that believes in spreading happiness in form of a handmade painting.

Visit our website www.portraitflip.com and check all the wonderful artworks that our artist has for you.

If you like our work, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube.

And, do not forget to place your order.

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