How To Recover From The Loss Of Your Pet (Pro Tips)

How to recover from the loss of your pet (pro tips)

A pet is known as man’s best friend and rightly so.

But what happens when this best friend, companion, and confidant is no longer present with you.

“No one realizes why dogs are known as man’s best friend until they experience the loss of one.”

It leaves a huge void in your life. It can be an excruciatingly tough and painful period of time.

We have thus written and curated this article to help you recover from the loss of your pet in an effective manner.

We realize that every person copes and deals with depression in a different manner hence we have just provided you with a rough manual of tips as to how to recover from the loss of your pet.

1. Time To Grieve And Release Your Emotions

Time to grieve and release your emotions

Many of us get trapped by the weight of our own emotions.

We hold on to them for so long that it makes us hollow from within. Learn to let go and it can be the best remedy to recover from the loss of your pet.

Letting it go can be somewhat scary at times because it gives you a feeling of dishonesty towards your pet.

Release everything, cry if it makes you feel better, punch the pillow if it helps.

Over time you will ultimately realize that it does help you to unload all those emotions of grief and sorrow.

Time may not necessarily heal all wounds but it gives you the strength to endure the pain and grief.

2. Get A Memorial In Their Honor

Get a memorial in their honor

Deep down we all wish that the people who are close to us may go on to live forever by our side.

However we know that this is impossible.

Their body may perish but we can always keep and store them in our memories.

You can get a pet portrait painting done of your beloved pet to honor and cherish their presence.

It can be a great tribute and memoir of sorts.

It will help you to recover from the loss of your pet better as you will have some means of remembrance.

Your pet may have left this world but he certainly hasn’t left your heart.

It will also act as perfect showpiece displaying the immense amount of love that you had for your pet.

It may not entirely stop the grief but it will give you something to latch on to.

It will gently assist you to recover from the loss of your pet.

It will also be a great way to show your friends and colleagues how much you adored and loved your pet.

3. Reflect On Past Memories And Moments

Reflect on past memories and moments

Of course, the reason that you miss your pet so much is because of the special bond that you shared with them.

This bond was created or strengthened because of the moments and memories that both of you have created together.

We realize that this may seem really stressful as remembering those golden moments may bring you even more grief.

Trying to subdue or restrain these thoughts and feeling will only further aggravate the situation.

This part is innately linked with the first point that we mentioned or rather they go hand in hand to help you recover from the loss of your pet.

Most people tend to cage those emotions not realizing that ultimately it will have to come out in some form or the other.

Not only you but your loved ones will also have to suffer because of this.

“If you do not address what hurt you, you will bleed on people that didn’t cut you.”

It is important to take a step in the right direction and accept these feelings, not only will it be better to help you recover from the loss of your pet but also keep the people around you safe from any unwanted emotional outburst.

A strong individual is not one who hides his depressions and insecurities rather they are those people who bravely face it and get on with their life.

4. Choose A Calming Practice And Use It As Often As Possible

Choose a calming practice and use it as often as possible

All of us have a process or ritual that helps calm our senses. It restores and rejuvenates us.

Grief and anxiety can be a really dark and melancholic phase in any person’s life.

Every person who is going through this requires some form of distraction that can provide him with some much-needed solace at the given time.

It can be a great means of escape from the harsher realities of truth.

It can be any practice as long as it helps you feel better like for example:- painting, sculpting, music, art, and dance.

Even watching a light hearted movie can be a great idea at times.

Choosing a calming practice can be a really effective way to recover from the loss of your pet

The best thing about this is that different people can adopt different practices, which shows just how versatile we are.

There is no one piece suits all for this method.

“I believe that every person has uniqueness – something that nobody else    has.”

– Michael Schenker

5. Make Sure You Meet The Daily Needs

Make sure you meet the daily needs

We notice that there is a sudden loss of appetite which may be a symptom of acute depression.

In such situations, it is necessary that you meet your daily basic needs to try and restore some of the normalcy in life.

There will be days when you will just feel like covering yourself in the blanket and laying on your bed or couch all day.

As tempting as it may seem it is not a very great way to recover from the loss of your pet.

In fact it is not a great way to recover from any loss.

Not meeting your basic needs can be really dangerous as you could become very weak and seriously ill.

You cannot recover mentally and emotionally if you aren’t physically stable.

The mind requires the body and the body requires the mind if both have to function properly.

One is practically useless without the other.

Sometimes being brave or strong is not some random fearless act but rather it is going through the motions of everyday life without crumbling under the weight of your emotions.

Going through life when every muscle in your body wants to just quit is the true hallmark of a warrior.

Invoke that warrior within you and you will go past any and every difficulty in life.

Recover from the loss of your pet and help your scars to strengthen your body.

6. Consider Volunteering At Your Local Animal Shelter

Consider volunteering at your local animal shelter

The loss of your pet may sting you a lot and make you feel really lonely.

Spending time with some not so fortunate pups and animals can help lessen that grief and pain to some extent.

It will make you feel like a really responsible person and even assist you to recover from the loss of your pet.

Spend time and look into their eyes.

It may remind you of your beloved pet who adored and loved you without any conditions.

Doing something selfless can help you in a great way.

It can help you release the feelings of guilt that you may possibly feel after the death of your beloved pet.

These feelings may be especially strong if your pet had to undergo euthanasia.

It may take some time for you to recover from the loss of your pet but this is a good way to start and give something back to society.

7. Put Pen To Paper About Your Feelings

Put pen to paper about your feelings

This may sound a little absurd but it can be a great way to deal with stress and recover from the loss of your pet.

Write down your feelings, scribble it out on the pages; put it in the form of poetry or essays. A eulogy would work just as well.

You will surely feel a great relief as you can finally put forth your feeling somewhere where no one will judge or object to it.

Your journal can be a great medium to recover from the loss of your pet as you can portray your unfiltered thoughts and feeling in it without any worries.

Not everybody is a fluent writer but everybody has a story to tell.

You don’t have to be the next Shakespeare or Plato!

All those raw emotions will slowly and slowly help you recover from the loss of your pet.

The pen is mightier than the sword and can even be quite liberating at times.

8. Don’t Cringe To Seek Help Or Support

Don’t cringe to seek help or support

Many of us seem that it is inappropriate to share your problems or troubles with other people around us.

This is not true!

In fact, you should actively seek support to help recover from the loss of your pet or any kind of loss that has taken place.

Happiness is doubled and sorrows are reduced when you share them with trustworthy people.

There are numerous hotlines that will provide you with some much needed emotional assistance like:

If you feel too helpless and suicidal thoughts enter your mind you can click here to find suitable resources to help you out.

Remember that seeking guidance and help is never a sign of weakness.

On the contrary, it takes courage to ask someone for support, it takes guts to accept the fact that you need a shoulder to rest on and there will be phases in life when you shouldn’t be alone.

Do not be shy to ask for help to recover from the loss of your pet as it will help restore balance and equilibrium in your life.

No man can live like an island churning through life alone, everybody needs someone to help and be with us along the way.

You can also find other people who have lost their pets. Get in touch with them and ask them for different methods on how to recover from the loss of your pet.

They will have some invaluable piece of advice for you to get through this painstaking phase of your life.

9. The Feelings Of Guilt

The feelings of guilt

Whenever we lose something that is very close to our heart there is always a feeling of guilt attached along with sorrow and pain.

We constantly fight a battle against this guilt which traps us down making us think that the entire thing was our fault in the first place.

If you want to recover from the loss of your pet, you have to accept that there are some things which are totally outside our control.

Even if we wished to we would not be able to do anything about it in certain circumstances.

You need to let go of that guilt.

We realize that it is something which is easier said than done but it is the only way forward.

It may seem easy and valid to blame yourself but it will never help you in the long run.

You may suddenly feel like the ground beneath your feet has gone but alas worry not for the process to recover from the loss of your pet or the loss of any loved one is a slow and gradual one.

Accept the fact that what’s happened had happened and you cannot do anything about it.

10. Have Like A Special Ceremony As In A Funeral For Them

Have like a special ceremony as in a funeral for them

Sometimes no matter how hard we try it just seems impossible to forget your pet.

Have a special ceremony like a funeral, memorial or thanksgiving to honor their memory.

You could even write a eulogy to help you feel better and recover from the loss of your pet.

Call close people and relatives. Give your pet a proper burial with all the possible rituals.

It may not heal your entire wound but it will certainly help provide you with some solace.

You can even invite other family members and colleagues to say a few words on the sad demise of your beloved pet.

It will help you reconnect and filter out the emotions that are present within you.

11. Move On In Life

Move on in life

Last but certainly not least, after a point of time it is necessary that you move on in life.

The past is in the past and there is very little that you can do to change it.

This is the most important step to help you recover from the loss of your pet yet for most people this is the toughest part.

For many people moving on can seem like a very cold-hearted thing to do because it instills in them a sense of betrayal.

They feel that if they go about living life like they used to, the love and memory of their beloved will slowly fade into oblivion and therefore dishonor their memory.

This is the final part in any process of overcoming grief or sorrow.

“The truth is unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”

– Steve Maraboli

Learning to move on is a gift, not a vice and it is mandatory every once in a while.

We realize that all of the things that are mentioned in this list are easier said than done.

Grief and sorrow are very tough to handle and we hope that this article may have provided you with some kind of assistance and guidance.

“It takes strength to get through grief, to grab hold of life and let it pull you forward.”


– Patti Davis

12. The Importance Of Recovering From The Loss Of Your Pet

The importance of recovering from the loss of your pet

Since pets have short life spans and humans are known to outlive their pets recovering from the loss of your pet is an important thing.

While some of the people may not understand the emotional connection that you had with your pet, there is nothing wrong in grieving for his/her loss.

Most of them have a question like why does losing a pet hurt so much.

For most pet owners they are not just some random animal but rather faithful friends and even as important and essential as the family.

They bring joy and excitement into our life.

Hence when you lose someone who is so close to you getting back to old ways becomes a tough task.

This article is thus specifically written to help you to recover from the loss of your pet.

Always remember that there is nothing wrong in being emotionally distressed, the only problem turns up when you do not address it in a proper manner, to recover from the loss of your pet is a very demanding process and make sure that you have adequate help along the way.

Tell us which point you feel is the most helpful from the above-mentioned methods to help recover from the loss of your pet.

If you feel that you too have some other method or practice that you would like to share regarding how to recover from the loss of your pet please mention it in the comments section below.

This article is not only for all those people who have lost their beloved pets but also for those who are going through some of the other tough periods in their life.

Our team here at PortraitFlip sincerely hopes that this article has provided you with at least some valuable knowledge if not a lot.

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”

– Hellen Keller

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