21 Pet Sympathy Gift Ideas You Can Consider

17 pet sympathy gift ideas you can conside

Dealing with demise is a difficult phase in every pet lover’s life.

Pet owners find it really taxing to move on and continue their life blissfully.

We at Portraitflip understand how a gift should be personal and thoughtful for pet memorials.

Hence, here are 21 pet sympathy gifts which will give you some perspective to find pet bereavement gifts.

We’ve got you all covered right from custom pet portraits to pet memorial stones.

Pet awakens one of our feelings which no one else can.

You first realize it when you come back from work and find him wagging his tail waiting for you.

He just does not stop licking and jumping upon you, isn’t it?

This is when he creates a unique space for himself in your hearts which no other pet can fill in for.

Once he leaves he creates a void, which we were always dependent on when we were sad.

So now that you are sad due to his demise, who should you hold onto?

Our near and dear ones deserve a chance to believe in life again.

Hence, it is important to give a head start to such people by showing gratitude and importance for their loss in the most genuine way possible.

Gifts besides (*) are recommended by PortraitFlip.

1. Customized Pet Photo Necklace:

Customized pet photo necklace

Pet sympathy gifts are a way to tell your grieving friend that you are there for his/her support and are really sorry for the demise of their pet.

Personalized pet sympathy gifts are necessary to seek such emotions.

Turning the photo of the pet into a necklace of a strong metal signifies a lot of compassion and gives strength.

It acts as something which the pet owner can hold onto for their life.

You can find such dealers at Etsy.

2. Pet Memorial Portrait Frames*:

Pet memorial portrait frames

There is a fine line between Empathy and Sympathy.

Empathetic people are generally those who have gone through the same as that of the friend who lost their pet.

Showing empathy is what you want when you console your friend.

A handmade portrait painting will signify that you really care for their loss and are sorry about it.

We at PortraitFlip.com help you to procure such paintings at the convenience of just a few clicks!

We offer a range of mediums to choose from.

We understand your emotions behind gifting, and what it means to the receiver.

Hence, we expect payment only when you’re 100% satisfied with it.

3. Pet Memorial Bottle Containing Ashes of Pet:

Pet memorial bottle containing ashes of pet

The idea of gifting your friend who lost his/her furry friend with such a

memorial which contains ashes of their pet is very unique.

You can add a note and decorative elements of your choice as well.

This makes it a completely creative pet bereavement gift.

It goes perfectly below the portrait painting of the dog and adds to the décor of the place.

You can find this on Etsy who also offer some other good options.

4. Susan Lordi’s Hand-Carved Sculptures*:

Susan lordi's hand carved sculptures

Guys at willow tree understand the importance of customized gifts for the person who gifts and the receiver.

Susan Lordi is selling hand-carved sculptures since 2000.

Since, she has been carving sculptures which are made to order.

A personalized sculpture will show a kind notion of being considerate and empathetic.

It would as an interesting element to the décor of the room as well.

5. Custom Pet Memorial Planter:

Custom pet memorial planter

Plants are amazing! They add a bit of nature in our houses or in our gardens.

Gifting a customized planter which has the pet’s name engraved on it can make the owner feel that the pet is with them in the garden.

Nothing can fill a void created by a pet, but they can show love to this plant in place of the pet to feel better.

6. Pet Memorial Jewelry:

Pet memorial jewelry

Pet Memorial Jewelry adds a touch of personalization to gifts which can be used in daily life.

They can be carved as the customer wants, adding a cute bone, pug or the dog’s breed structure which helps the owner to connect with the jewelry.

7. Plant Trees for Pets in their Memory:

Plant trees for pets in their memory

Planting trees as a gift is something which normally no one does.

But in recent time due to high pollution index, this act of planting trees as a gift is gaining popularity.

Planting multiple trees by the name of the owner for the pet and gifting the certificate of it can make the owner feel a bit lite.

The owner can visit the place where the tree is planted on his birthday or death anniversary.

Arbor Day Foundation supports people who are seeking to plant a tree who cannot physically go to forests to do so.

You can check out their service here.

8. Handmade painting of the Pet Owner and Pet*:

Handmade painting of the pet owner and pet

Dog owners and their family are at the receiving end of all the sadness and regret.

Gifting a portrait painting of the family with all their pets would also make an amazing idea to add to the list of creative pet sympathy gifts.

Portrait paintings can be availed in any medium from the following:

  • Acrylic Painting
  • Pencil Sketch
  • Colored Pencil Sketch
  • Oil Painting
  • Charcoal Drawing
  • Watercolor Painting

All of the above mediums can be availed at PortraitFlip.com, we also offer free shipping in almost all the countries with 100% money back guarantee.

9. Pet Memorial Bracelet:

Pet memorial bracelet

Guys at Honey Thorns make such personalized bracelets, this can act as another great idea for pet sympathy gifts.

They offer bracelets in aluminum, brass, copper, sterling, gold filled or rose gold filled personalized with a pets name on the front.

A customer can also prefer to engrave something at the back of the bracelet.

A perfect message would be the name of the pet with a pug mark at the front,

And a beautiful message like ‘You will always be missed dear’ at the back.

 10. Gift a New Adopted Pet*:

Gift a new adopted pet

Every pet leaves unique footprints on the hearts of people.

We agree that every pet has his/her own quirks which make him/her lovable.

Due to these unique quirks, a pet creates a void which no other pet can fill in when he/she leaves us.

You might have spent hours thinking ‘what to get someone whose dog died?’ but couldn’t think of a gift which would actually heal your friend easily and in less time.

Hence, gifting a new pet may help to recover from the loss of the old pet, and be an amazing pet bereavement gift.

New pets will create their own space in their hearts and will also make them believe in loving again.

Also, adopting the pet instead of buying a new one could help the pet getting shelter and the owner seeking happiness at the same time.

 11. Gifting a Book:

Gifting a book

It is rightly said that “Books help in washing the dirt from our daily lives”.

Books give a fresh perspective towards life through which we help to make our lives better especially when one is dealing with the demise of a pet.

There are various books available which are specifically targeted to offer help to people during their pet demise. Some of these are listed below:

  • I Will See You in Heaven
  • Losing My Best Friend
  • Signs From Pets In The Afterlife

 12. Framed Pet Cloud Images:

Framed pet cloud images

Cloud images outlining an image of a pet always have a message in them.

Cloud images signify that the pet is watching them from somewhere and the owner can instantly connect to such frames.

A frame of such an image in the living room of the pet owner will always let him/her believe in the Rainbow Bridge and help them to move on.

 13. Pet Memorial Stones:

Pet memorial stones

Pet Memorial Stones are generally kept beside the coffin of the pet in the graveyard.

Generally engraving the name of the pet and a message about missing are practiced by dog owners.

Etsy features a lot of dealers who make such products which can be made to order.

14. A Customized Portrait Painting of The Pet*:

A customized portrait painting of the pet

It is really difficult to get a good snap of your pet, isn’t it?

Sometimes you have to keep his favorite food near the lens and sometimes all you can do is call his/her name to capture the shot.

But later you find that something in the background got into the shot, the image a got a bit blur, or the background just does not go perfectly.

No worries at all! PortraitFlip is here to solve this little problem of yours.

We at Portraitflip help you get handmade paintings from photos.

We welcome customizations of any kind:

  • You can choose to change the background
  • Merge different photos of pets into one single image
  • Replace the face of the pet
  • Remove anything which doesn’t go with the image
  • Merge styles of two images

Our Photoshop experts edit the image according to the customizations and then after your approval, the artist starts the painting.

Pet bereavement gift need a personal emotion attached to it to let the pet owner believe that you understand the loss and they can seek your help.

Pair the portrait painting with a card to make it a beautiful gift package.

15. Send Ashes to the Moon:

Send ashes to the moon

Did you ever think that one day we might be able to send ashes outside the earth’s atmosphere and launch them into space?

Well, it is definitely possible now!

Memorial spaceflights is a company which was established in 1994 to offer memorials to be launched into space to honor the brave space explorers.

Later in 1997, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights made the dream of spaceflight into reality by launching a portion of cremated remains into near-space, the earth orbit, Lunar surface or even beyond.

You can venture into space as part of a real space mission, riding alongside a commercial or scientific satellite.

16. Sympathy Card and Sympathy Note:

Sympathy card and sympathy note

Cards make an excellent pet sympathy gift.

Cards with beautiful messages help to heal the pet owner easily.

These can be paired with any gift as they are very cheap or you can send multiple cards as well.

17. Pet Memorial Frame (Type 2)*:

Pet memorial frame

A Handcrafted rustic wood memorial sign for the pet can make an amazing pet sympathy gift idea.

These frames can be fully customized.

  • Choose from a wide range of frames
  • Add the breed of your choice
  • Add a hook to hang the pet’s collar
  • Customize the message

Interested? Find the dealer here.

18. Paw Print Cushion:

Paw print cushion

The company features this product for babies but since we are finding personalized gifts this makes it a perfect gift.

The product comes with a cushion on which paw prints of the pet can be taken to keep it as a memorial lifelong.

You can take the paw print of the pet and pair it up with a card to show your genuine support to your friends or family.

You can find this on firstcry.com

19. Photo Frames:

Photo frames pet

Photo frames are an amazing way to capture a memory.

Hence, making a collage photo of the pet in any style one likes can be a great option to consider.

Collages efficiently showcase many memories in a single photograph.

They can be tailored to add names, messages, and birth-death date.   

And hence is a good option for custom pet bereavement gifts.

Find the above-showcased photo frames on shuterfly.com

20. Customized Accessories:

Customized accessories pet

Customization makes helps to make a gift more personal and apt for the receiver.

Personalization takes a gift to an ultimate level and helps the receiver to connect with the gift.

Gifting the pet owner with a customized accessory which showcases the photo of the pet is an amazing pet sympathy gifting idea

Printyourpet.com is a website which offers such pet photo printing services

Accessories which can be customized by them are:

  • Cushions
  • T-Shirts
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Caps
  • Socks

Gifting an accessory is a great way one can ensure the use of the gift by a receiver unlike, flowers which only serve the purpose for a short time.

21. Suggesting to Getting Inked:

Suggesting to getting inked

Tattoos are expressive and describe the person who has it.

People ink words which describe them or even a fancy word related to their profession.

Tattoos are trendy and a great way of feeling a connection with the pet.

The pet owner can engrave the name of the pet or just a simple paw print design.

It will help the pet owner to stay connected to the pet after his/her demise as well.

You can find tattoo artists in your vicinity to get your friend or family member inked.

If you think that your friend or family member after receiving your gifts is still showing signs of depression you can:

  1. Go through the blog ”How To Recover From The Loss Of Your Pet” by PortraitFlip
  2. Introduce them to the Rainbow Bridge Sign.
  3. Ask them not to hesitate to seek support from understanding friends or relatives.
  4. Offer them to practice painting therapy or help them find a counselor.

This is it from our side for the article “17 Pet Sympathy Gift Ideas You Can Consider”

If you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful in finding the perfect gifting idea reach out to us through social media.

Your responses fuel us for making more such helpful articles.

If you are aware of any other interesting idea, share it with the Portraitflip community in the comment section.

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