The New Norm: Personalized Wedding Gifts 2022

An image of a bride and groom kissing each other with white balloons around them and a little black gift that reads wedding gifts. The text on the image reads The New Norm Of 2022:Personalized Wedding Gifts

The bond of matrimony should be blessed with awesome personalized wedding gifts.

The new norm of 2022 is customized gifts, whether it is birthdays, weddings, or graduation gifts.

Wedding gifts have to be thoughtful, a gift that reminds them of all the good memories they are going to cherish all their life.

The promise of a new start, a new life. 

It’s hard to get the perfect wedding gift right? Sometimes gifts just feel too much or too ‘meh’

Cast your worries aside and let me handle this for you.

Showering my love and time for you guys so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Let me help you with this process and start with…

What Is The Hype About Personalized Wedding Gifts Idea?

An image with wedding gifts.

A personalized gift for weddings basically means pouring your heart and soul into the process. 

Getting something that will always leave an imprint on their heart.

A customized wedding gift on the other hand is the loveliest way to celebrate the couple.

Why do we give someone a gift? To make their days a little bit happier right?

So let’s suppose, you got your newlyweds a gift. 

A personalized couple portrait maybe.

The painting looks so realistic that every time they look at it, the whole world stops. 

Now can you imagine the kind of gifts I have in mind for newly wedded babies?

A. Unique Wedding Gift Ideas Personalized

The image shows a man in a suit with a red gift and roses in his hand. The text reads unique wedding gift ideas personalized.

If you wanna stand out, unique wedding gift ideas and personalized editions are the way to go.

Showing your newly wedded couples that you were in fact, listening to their cringe stories and that you care about them.

1. The Perfect Wedding Gift

A frame with a few pages of a book or magazine cut in the shape of hearts. The texts Troy and Monique, July 30, 2021 is written in the image. A wedding gift for newly wed couples.

Everyone knows the couple I am going to describe.

You know the ones who have a certain catchphrase? Like the ones who keep quoting a certain book?

This gift is exactly for them. It’s a little ‘Do It Yourself Project’ but it’s easy.

All you have to do is find their fav quotes and print them out, cut them in the shape of a heart and place them on a frame. 

These personalized gifts for weddings will make them the happiest. 

2. Engraved Wedding Gifts

An engraved wooden board that reads Mr and Mrs Yip. Winnie and Raymond Est. 21st July 2018. A wedding gift.

Have you seen those chic wooden name boards?

This wedding gift is pretty similar, the newlyweds will have their very own wooden slab with their names on it.

A new start with the most gorgeous personalized gift for weddings.

I would be so excited to receive this.

It would also be one of the very first things they would own together as a couple!

3. An Oil Painting Portrait

A beautiful interior of a bedroom with an amazing painting portrait of a couple on their wedding day kissing. This is also a personalized wedding gift.

Obviously, this couple will have a lot of photos taken.

This generation is all about photos, but won’t it be an extremely cute surprise if someone gifts them a painting portrait?

Their very own photo to painting portrait.

Something that reminds them of a happy day. 

The portrait that makes them smile through hard times, makes them stronger and glues them together.

Also don’t forget to commission it from the best wedding portrait artists!

The best part is that they can wake up to this

You know the saying ‘the couple who smiles together, stays together’ right?

They know exactly what they’re talking about!

B. Personalised Wedding Gifts For Groom

An image of a groom holding a red gift and a bottle of champagne. The text reads personalized wedding gifts for groom.

You weren’t expecting wedding gifts for grooms first, were you?

Well, this lady likes to do things a little differently.

The grooms go first (just for today).

Let’s look at the personalized groom gifts before the brides come at me 😉

1. Personalized Mini Metal Photo Reel Print

It is a personalized mini reel metal photograph. It is a custom wedding gift, there is a women and man in the pictures who are smiling.

Millennials love capturing memories. It could be photos or portraits or even videos.

I got the best personal gifts for newly wedded couples would be this mini metal photo reel.

Look at it!

Just look at that decorative piece that will look fab on the bedside table or as a living room decor piece. 

You can also write a personalized message on the metal piece.

Maybe the date of their marriage? Or maybe the day they met.

Get as creative as you can.

2. Cuff Links With The Partners Initials On It

A mans sleeve with a cuff link with the initials of their partner on it.

Cuff Links are the epitome of class.

This is one of the ideas for personalized wedding gifts that just sit right with them.

I mean these small gestures are what actually matter.

You can imagine the reaction of the bride when she sees her now ‘husband’ wear cuff links with her initials on them.

I hope someone records her reaction. 

It’s the cutest wedding gift idea ever! I love it!

3. Geometric Home Decor Items

Three canvases of paintings of geometrical figures. They are show pieces for interiors. The perfect examples of personalized wedding gifts.

Couples nowadays usually start a new life, in a new place to make new memories.

Long gone are the days when they stay with their families, they crave independence and a little alone time.

Home decor items will be the perfect personal gift for a wedding.

Make sure to gift something stylish, in-trend, and amazing.

Something that will always be timeless and beautiful.

These personalized gifts for weddings are just what you’re looking for.

C. Customizable Gifts For The Bride

An image of a bride holding a gift in her hand and opening gift. The text reads customized gifts for the bride.

I think the brides take this day harder than the grooms.

It’s like the biggest and happiest days of their lives. 

Just thinking about the day you get to say ‘It’s official’ gives me goosebumps.

I’m pretty sure you feel the same way.

Let’s commemorate the beauty with these personalized bridal gifts.

1. A Personalised Keepsake Coaster

A personalized keepsake for a wedding gift that is a customized coaster with the couples initials on it.

The feeling of finally seeing his last name after your name is just amazing (I suppose)

That’s how I hope I feel right after I get married. 

Fingers crossed.

But a coaster that is always gonna says Mr. and Mrs. *beep* will actually make someone’s day.

A perfect keepsake wedding personalized gift for the bride.

2. Incorporate A Lost One For Her

A beautiful interior of a living room with plants and a chair. The wall has a personalized wedding gift that is a custom painting portrait of the bride groom and her deceased father. Incorporated into one portrait.

Did your bride recently lose someone?

I would like to present Kate, the sister of the bride-to-be.

She came to us with a query. “Is it possible to incorporate a lost loved one in a painting portrait?” 

We directed her to our compilation portraits gallery, where she saw the amazing work of our artists.

Immediately ordered one and got one just as she desired. 

Kate said, “I have never seen my sister so emotional, I know she misses our dad and it felt like he was right there with us.”

This is what PortraitFlip does, being a part of your emotional journey is something we love doing.

3. Star Map

A star map as a personalized wedding gift for newly wed couples. The star map reads The start of us, Suzy and Mo. January 24, 2015, Indianapolis, IN.


The word itself gives a mellow and romantic vibe.

Imagine laying under the stars, gazing up, cold air gushing around you, and your significant other is there holding your hand.

Gosh! It just instantly spreads warmth in you.

You can get a star map of the day they met or the day they realized the bond they shared is the one.

One of the customized wedding gifts that will make them go 

*Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we love it*

D. Wedding Gifts For Bride And Groom

A man and women hugging each other in joy each holding a gift in hand. One is a red gift with a ribbon and the other is a heart shaped gift. The text reads personalized wedding gifts for Bride and Groom.

Since we have covered them individually, let’s see what wedding gifts we have for the bride and groom.

I swear you will love what’s coming up.

These wedding gifts will make you wish you were married:)

1. Chocolate Body Paint

An image of chocolate.

Time to do something for the couple.

I mean, let’s face it guys you were looking for unique wedding gifts and here they are. 

Everyone is an artist deep down.

This chocolate body paint will spice things up in a fun and sexy way.

Let them get down and dirty. Make a masterpiece while they make love to each other.

The most unconventional wedding gift your newlywed couples will ever receive!

2. Dice Dice Baby

An image of four dices and its called naughty but dice. It is a wedding gift for newly wed couples.

Now imagine this one dice that tells you what to do. 

The second tells you where to do it.

The third one is how to do it.

A whole full little night planned out for them!

What are you waiting for, the newlywed gifts they won’t ever forget.

Thank me later 😉

3. Do One Thing Together Everyday Book

An image of a book that reads do one thing everyday together. It is a wedding gift.

For the people who don’t want to creep their friends off, you can get them this book.

A book that has fun activities to do together.

They get to spend time with each other and do things that they like. 

It could be a movie date or just building a pillow fort together.

Maybe talking about the best things in life or just something that makes you feel happy.

Spending time together is the focal point here.

E. Customized Wedding Gifts For Groom From Bride

An image of a girl holding a gift behind her back and a man standing in front of her. The text reads customized wedding gifts for groom from bride.

Either you are here because you are the bride or someone who is helping the bride.

Or you could be a person who is just curious.

Anyway, welcome to my blog. The place where I help you with anything you need.

In this case, it is customized wedding gifts for the groom from the bride.

Here we go…

1. Sweetest Keepsake: A Couples Portrait

An interior of a living room with a sofa and plants. It is a personalized wedding gift of a painting portrait of a couple.

So all my lovely brides wanna get something super cute for your s.o.

Here I come with the solution.

The perfect wedding gift: A gorgeous couple’s portrait.

Take your favorite photo from the wedding or just any photo of the two of you.

Send it to PortraitFlip with specifications, if desired.

Our artists will make the painting so realistic with your approval on every step.

Revisions can be made to the painting whenever you desire.

2. Personalized Photo Card For Wallet

A metal card that has a picture of a couple and it reads only once in your life, I truly believe you find someone who can completely turn your world around. Xoxo Amy.

Do you wish you could be with him everywhere he goes?

You know that’s not possible, love.

We can always get him a personalized photo card for his wallet as one of the customized wedding gifts.

One quote you always keep saying or something that you want him to know can be written on the card.

This way you are with him 24/7.

3. A Fine Leather Belt 

A fine leather belt that says Put on... Trun around...Mhm...that butt! Lawd have mercy. It is a personalized wedding gift.

Ladies, there is no one sexier than a man who knows how to dress well.

Well, you know we almost always have to help them, don’t we?

A nice leather belt that has something to say.

Like, Turn Around…Mhmm…That Butt…Lawd Have Mercy.

I mean why wouldn’t you get it? 

I certainly would. No second guesses.

F. Wedding Gifts To Bride From Groom

A girl receiving a gift from a man. It is a wedding gift. The text reads wedding gifts to bride and groom.

Time to celebrate those beautiful angels.

For everything she has ever done for you, the struggles, the pain, the happiness that she brings.

What better way to appreciate them than gifting them these customized wedding gifts.

1. Couples Calendar

A couples calendar that has a photo of the couple with the month. It is a personalized wedding gift.

A personalized wedding gift idea for your bride that will make her cry for sure.

Photos that are so close to your heart are all made in a calendar.

Every month you get to relish a new memory. 

Remember the memory and the sweet-sweet moments that y’all spent together.

The best-personalized gift for weddings so far.

2. Our Story: A Scrapbook

A scrapbook That says our love story. you can add the name and date of the couple as well. A personalized wedding gift for newly wed couples.

Make a scrapbook out of all of your fa memories.

How you met her, what you felt when you met her.

The day she became your girlfriend. The moment you realized she’s the one. 

When she finally said yes!

Pour your heart into it, make it your own.

3. Frame Your Vows

A personalized wedding gift that is the vows of the couple with a picture of them. It is a wedding gift for the newly weds.

The promises that were made on the wedding day are forgotten sometimes.

Not deliberately, obviously.

The most sentimental thing you can do for your love is frame the precious vows.

Get it painted and framed. A keepsake that will live forever.

Hang them up in honor of your love and dedication. 

One of the ideas for personalized wedding gifts for couples.

G. Personalised Wedding Gift For Daughter

An image of a lady holding a gift in her hands. The text reads Personalized wedding gift for daughter.

Your little babies are ready to leave the nest and start a life of their own.

You just don’t realize where the time went.

How did they grow up so fast? Start making decisions of their own?

All you can do is sit back and support them throughout the way.

To make it a tad bit easier for you here are some personalized gifts for a wedding

1. A Morse Code Bracelet 

A picture of a bracelet made with morse code. A wedding gift for newly wed couples.

Okay, let’s get this straight. Your kids love you just as much as you do.

They are hurting as well, leaving the comfort zone they have been in all their lives would not be easy.

Give your baby a keepsake wedding gifts morse code bracelet that will always be with her.

One that says ‘We will always be here, no matter what.’

One of the customized gifts for the bride, helping her muster the strength and courage for the path ahead. 

2. Wedding Flower Ring Holder

A ring holder made from wedding flowers. It is a personalized wedding gift.

The prettiest flower in the room is always gonna be the bride. 

But we will have to save some flowers from the wedding if we want to get our beautiful bride this wedding gift.

As it is one of the personalized gifts for weddings, you can always commission someone to do it. 

Check out their work and then send them the flowers.

Voila! The pretty wedding flower holder will be ready for your bride.

3. Memories That Last Forever

A beautiful interior above a table with vases and books. It is a portrait of a dad and daughter. It is also a personalized wedding gift.

Stuck with what to gift your little darling?

Every wedding gift seems a little too dull for your star

What better way to express your love than getting them a painting portrait.

Making the memory of your love last forever.

One of the wedding gift ideas that made a mark on my heart.

A painting portrait is one of the best-personalized wedding gifts you can imagine getting.

The iconic parent-child duo portrait is exactly what is required here.

H. Wedding Gift For Your Son

A man holding a gift and smiling while the text reads wedding gift for your son.

Realizing your son is soon going to have a family of his own can be bitter-sweet.

Making the most of this season is your responsibility.

And after all, you gain a daughter in this process.

This wedding gift for your son will be the most precious gifting experience.

Let’s make it the best!

1. “To My Son On His Wedding Day” Card

To my son on your wedding day. It is a wedding day gift.

All your feelings are written down in a note.

Showing him love, giving him all your wisdom, and making him realize that you are there even when things get hard.

Something he can read whenever he needs inspiration or just something to hold on to.

This customized wedding gift lets him know he is not alone.

Sentiments are flowingggg.

2. Throw Blanket WIth Initials On It

An image of a throw pillow with the initials of the couple. It is a personalized wedding gift for newly wed couples.

Who doesn’t like a cozy throw blanket? 

Every time he misses the warm hugs from his mom he can hold onto this soft blanket.

Of course, he could also just come to meet you but well.

Just get him this adorable wedding gift.

Personalize this wedding gift with their initials on it, I’m sure he’ll love it.

3. Honey Moon Package For The Love Birds

An image on a couple on vacation holding hands. They have a wedding gift that is a honeymoon vacation package.

Send them off to an island far far away.

A nice little vacation is just what they deserve.

Shower them in love and appreciate them.

Few relaxing days next to the ocean, no stress at all.

Just for a few days, you don’t have to empty your pockets.

Let them have some fun before the struggles come their way 🙂

I. A Little Cherry On Top

An image with flowers and gifts. Gift for weddings.

You thought I’d let you go without a little extra icing?

Sugar, I’m here for you 😉

Here are some extra personalized gift for weddings!

1. Fancy Diamond Earrings

A girl with a diamond earring. It is a gift for wedding.

Come on! Pamper her a bit.

Yes, I know the house will be all quiet after she’s gone.

It’ll be hard the first few days when you have no one to fight with.

When you will randomly burst into tears when you miss her. 

Get her diamond earrings as a wedding gift.

Then every time she looks in the mirror, she will remember you.

Remember the good and sad times, the ones where she didn’t get if she wanted to hug you or kill you.

2. Hand Casting Kit Custom Gift For Couple

An image of a hand casting with two people holding hands. It is a personalized wedding gifts.

Holding hands is the ultimate romantic gesture, isn’t it?

Let’s make that gesture concrete. 

And yes, I mean literal concrete.

These personalized wedding gift ideas involve a hand-casting kit.

A new start with the most stable wedding gift of all.

3. Let’s Goof It Up

A beautiful interior of a living room with a royal portrait of a couple. It is a personalized wedding gift.

How can you not gift your best-friend something goofy?

Something that no one will be expecting, I’m sure.

A Custom Royal Painting Portrait!

You can ask our artists to paint them any way you want.

Romeo and Juliet? Is your friend looking like a Geek God while his wife is sleeping in his arms? 

It’ll be done, don’t worry.

The best part is it’ll be delivered to your doorstep because we deliver worldwide!


This is my cue guys.

Personalized gifts for weddings somewhere resonate with me. 

Personal opinion, the best gift is the one that will leave them with a thousand memories forever.

No matter how big or small, cheap or expensive.

These wedding gifts are useful and helpful (also inexpensive)

Cherish the ones who are going to start a new life together!

You can also get them a gift card from PortraitFlip.

A wedding gift that they can redeem whenever.

Hey sweethearts,

It’s been a pleasure as always.

Hoping this article helps you in some way because, boyyy, I’ve gone to the ends of the world for this.

Anyway, these personalized gifts for weddings all are so precious to me. 

They just make sense!

So go out and get these amazing wedding gifts for those newlywed couples.

Check out our website and know what we do!

Follow us on Instagram and Youtube, as well.

Ciao my loves, I’ll be back soon!

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