40+ Trendy And Personalized Gifts For Cat Lovers That Make The Cut!

Cats may not be known for their inquisitive or perky natures. However, they’d become curious and, at times, even sneak up on you. 

And cat lovers adore their cats while doing this. They tend to pamper their cats a lot. 

Whether it’s their cat’s birthday or any other occasion, cat lovers make sure that their fur-baby gets the best. They work really hard for it!

To appreciate your cat lover friend, you must present them with an amazing and valuable gift. Looking for one?

Here’s a collection of cool and unique personalized gifts for cat lovers. 

1. Interactive Food Dispenser

A blue colored food dispenser dispensing cat food in white background
Image source: New York times

Some cats are lazy, and some are always curious. Talking about the latter, they’re always in “Dora the Explorer” mode.

Mind-tickling activities are a must for lazy kittens. However, their parents cannot spare the whole day for them. In that case, this interactive food dispenser is a very useful gift for cat lovers. 

Surprise your cat loving friend with this personalized gift for their cat and make their life super easy. 

2. Cat Ceramic Water Fountain 

A cat drinking water from a pet water fountain.
Image source: New York times

Food and water are the basic needs of any living being. As responsible pet parents, we’re supposed to keep water bowls handy for our fur babies. 

Let’s just replace the regular, boring water bowl with this amazing ceramic water fountain. It compliments the basic explorative nature of cats. 

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This is one of the best personalized gifts for cat lovers. 

3. Cat Scratcher Lounge 

A cat laying on a cat scratcher lounge in a white background.
Image source: New York times

Cats love to jump here and there. They have a highly flexible body structure. 

To compliment their physique and fatigue, this gift idea for cat lovers is revolutionary.

This scratcher lounge, which can match your cat’s body, will provide top-tier comfort. Your furry friend will love you to the moon and back.

It’s a purr-fect gift for your kittens. 

4. Cat Tunnel Bedroom 

A kitten with a purple bed tunnel in a white background.
Image source: New York times

Not able to find your kitten? It might be under your bed or sofa, or maybe in the shoe rack. 

Well, kittens are restless. When it comes to hide and seek, they’re unbeatable. 

Get this tunnel bedroom for them and avoid the hustle of finding them again and again with these gift ideas for cat lovers.

5. Chewy Goody Box

A red goody box with a lot of chewy goods in a white background.
Image source: Womans day

Who doesn’t love surprises? Cats aren’t similar to dogs, who get exhilarated by receiving pet presents. But cat lovers keep on shopping for their cats. 

They treat their cats no less than their children. For them, a gift is a gift. 

So, here is a box full of surprises as a gift idea for all the cat lovers and their cats. The plush and soft toys would make their furry friends happy, and the souvenirs are for the cat lovers. 

6. Cat-Mom Bracelet 

A cat mom bracelet in a white background.
Image source: Womans day 

Mother’s love always stands out. This cat mom bracelet embraces the bond between the cat and the cat loving mom. 

Surprise your cat mom with this alluring present. Your favorite cat mom will surely fall in love with this present. 

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7. Hoodie With Cat Ears

A grey colored hoodie with cat ears in a white background.
Image source: Womans day

Cats are cool, and so should be their pet parents. So, here’s an amazing personalized gift for cat lovers.

This cool and trendy hoodie with cat ears will make them look even cuter in front of their fur babies. 

8. Cat Fleece Throw Blanket 

A white colored blanket with cat imprints on it.
Image source: Womans day

Cuddling their cuties is a daily routine for cat moms and dads.

They always find ways to canoodle their fur-babies, especially when they go for work or come back from work. This way, they’ll just forget all the stress while sharing a cuddle with their kitten.

Let’s make it more comfortable by giving them this soft and pretty throw blanket. Now, every cuddle will be a special one.

9. Custom Pet Pillow

Cat faced pillows with different color.
Image source: Womans day

Another cat in my area? Shucks! I’ve got to scare them away before my mom finds them cute!

Meaowwww!!! Thank God, it’s just a pillow. Mom, I’m the only furry friend of yours. 

Give one of these to a pet parent and watch their cat become envious. 

10. Cat-Paw Seat Cushion 

A paw shaped black and pink cushion kept on a chair.
Image source: Womans day

Comfortable seating is an essential part of any living room. Making it a bit more cool for your cat can be a challenging task.

Here’s the perfect solution for that: This cat-paw seat cushion is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as well. Surprise your cat-loving friend with one of the best personalized gifts for a cat lover. 

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11. Travel Pet Carrier Bag 

A travel pet carrier with a glass opening kept in a white background.
Image source: New York times

Now take your kitten wherever you go. Let them feast on the fresh fish you caught from the lake while camping. 

This travel pet carrier, which provides the utmost safety and comfort, will let you take your pet via road, rail, or air.

You can surprise your cat lover friend with this one of the best personalized gifts for cat lovers.

12. Hand-Stamped Pet ID

A travel pet carrier with a glass opening kept in a white background.
Image source: New York times 

A unique gift for a cat lover can evoke the inner feelings of the person!

Just like that, a gift which is special and valuable is the best combination. How about these hand-stamped IDs?

Not only will these hand-stamped IDs make your pet lover friend look cooler, but they will also keep track of their cats in case they get lost. 

One can engrave its address or number and keep track of its kitten.

13. Cat Lover Quotes T-shirt

A cat mom top with quotes written on it.
Image source: womans day

Custom-printed t-shirts are always fresh gifting options. Even when given as a gift to pet parents, this trendy and sarcastic top stands out!

Surprise your pet-parent friends with this dope gift. 

14. Cat Socks 

Five socks of different colors with cat shaped faces in white background.
Image source: womans day

Looking for an innovative and unique gift for cat lovers? Your quest ends here, folks. 

These cat printed socks stand out from the competition and add value to your cat lover’s fashion statement. 

These socks are surely one of the best personalized gifts for cat lovers. 

15. Cat Leaf Earring 

Two cat leaf earrings in a white background.
Image source: womans day

Cat jewelry is extremely popular among cat owners. This cat leaf earring happens to be the most alluring one among dozens.

I can only imagine the look on your cat mom’s face when she receives this gift with glee. 

Surprise your cat loving friend with this personalized gifts for cat lovers.

16. Comfortable Cat Harness 

A kitten sitting with a red harness in a white background.
Image source: Amazon

Cats also go out for walks just like dogs. This comfy harness allows your cat to roam around in it for hours. 

This comfortable harness makes walking easier for both the parents and the kittens. 

17. Kitty Light 

A yellow colored kitty light between two hands.
Image source: womans day

As they say, pets can light up your house. Here is its literal meaning: Kitty lights

This cool and shimmering kitty light lamp would soften the mood in your home. 

18. Cat Storage Basket 

A grey colored cat basket kept on a wooden floor.
Image source: Country living

Cat parents and cat lovers always wish that their house could be cat-themed. 

Let’s make it easier for them. This cat storage basket will look very stylish and luxurious next to the fridge or washing machine. 

This is a gift that looks good and has high usability. I think it’s purr-fect!

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19. Cat Measuring Spoons 

White colored cat spoons with a cat shaped plate in a white background.
Image source: Country living 

Cats like to sneak into the kitchen and steal treats from countertops and shelves. The act that seems annoying is actually adored by pet parents. 

Let’s make their kitchen a cat-friendly place. These cat themed measuring spoons speak about their cute bond and make it subtle 

20. Cat And Owner Portrait 

Cat and owner portrait in a bedroom with its original photo on the left.

Paintings and sketches are known for depicting untold stories. Some portraits hit the spot real quick, while others unfold every layer with a new glance. 

There can be a lot of beautiful stories created in this cat-human relationship. 

Willing to unfurl them? Gift a handmade, customized cat and owner portrait from PortraitFlip to your cat-lover friend. 

These personalized gifts for cat lovers will turn them emotional within a fraction of a second. 

21. Comfy Cat Bed 

A cat sleeping in a grey cat bed in a white background.
Image source: Country living

Your kitten leaps around the whole day and seeks some repose toward the end of the day. 

Guess what? I have one of the best personalized gifts for cat lovers.

It can not only give him comfort but also make him cuddlelish.

Provide him with the best and most comfortable cat bed. Let him caress the bed while he sleeps. 

22. Cat Tree House And Condominium 

A cat peeping out of a cat condo in a blue background room.
Image source: Country living 

Hyperactive cats require a lot of training and exercise. Most of the time, they manage it themselves. Sometimes, they rely on their owners for their exercise. 

Get one of these for your cat-lover friend and let them dedicate some time for their cat’s fitness.  

What’s better than a treehouse for a frolicking, adventure-loving kitty?

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23. Cat Themed Wall Décor

A kitten wall decor with three kittens peeping out of the window in a room.
Image source: Home designing.com

Cat lovers dream of a cat-themed world all the time. From bed sheets to pillow covers, from curtains to cushions, everything should be paw-some for them. 

Let’s turn their dream into reality. What’s better than wall decor to start with!

This cat themed wall décor is highly aesthetic and creative!

Being one of the most unique gifts for cat lovers, It’ll always leave your cat lovers in an awe-inspiring moment. 

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24. Pet oil Portraits 

A cat oil portrait in a room with it's original photo on the left.

Pets always prove to be great subjects for paintings. They signify compassion and love in the most organic way. 

How about embracing their faithfulness through paintings? Pet portraits can turn out to be one of the most lovable gifts for any cat lover. 

Surprise your cat lover friend with his/her cat’s portrait by PortraitFlip and let them cherish it forever. 

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25. Cat Plush Slippers 

A pair of cat plush slippers in a white background.
Image source: Womans day

Comfortable footwear is an unsung hero of our lives. Be it shoes, slippers, or Crocs, if it’s not comfortable and smooth, it’s not worth it at all. 

Slippers are synonymous with comfort. Hence, they can take away all the soreness and pain in a snap. 

These personalized cat plush slippers would make your friend really happy, and he’ll walk miles with his cat in these slippers. 

26. Personalized Cat Lover Cushion

A cat cushion with quotes on it kept on a grey sofa.
Image source: Home designing.com 

It might sound bizarre, but it’s true. Cats are judgmental by nature. 

However, many people don’t know this. Let’s inform them in one of the most creative and funny ways possible. 

This “My cat is judging you” cushion will alarm your pet lover’s friends’ visitors before they guess the personality of the pet. 

Astonish your friend with this amazing personalized gifts for cat lovers.

27. Cat Fridge Magnet 

6 cat shaped fridge magnets in a white background.
Image source: Womans day 

Fridge magnets are one of the most popular and long lasting souvenirs. They are easily available, highly customizable, and inexpensive. 

Apart from your fridge, you can put it on your almirah as well. Now, how can you make it a memorable gift for your cat-lover friend? 

Here’s an idea! Gift them a customized fridge magnet with their photograph on it. Your cat-loving friend is going to love this simple yet amazing gift. 

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28. Cat Tissue Holder

A cat shaped tissue holder in a white background.
Image source – Home designing.com

As I mentioned earlier, the world is like a whisker-land for cat lovers. According to them, everything should be cat themed. 

So let’s take another step in that direction and surprise them with this personalized gifts for cat lover. This tisuue holder, can be kept on your table, in the kitchen, or on the patio.

It’s surely going to add value to your cat themed ornamentation.  

29. Cat Rockstar T-shirt 

A man wearing a cat rockstar t-shirt in a white background.
Image source: Country living

Is your cat the center of attention wherever it goes? Their owner should also grab some attention with their outfit. 

Now it’s time to make the cat dad look like a rockstar. This cool t-shirt is a perfect fit for cat lovers who happen to be rockstars as well.

Gift one of these t-shirts to your cat lover friend and give them an opportunity to be the center of attraction alongside their cat.

30. Cat Tea Cup Infuser 

A cat shaped tea infuser with a fish rotor in a white background.
Image source: Home designing.com

A cloudy sky, a cool breeze cruising through your hair, and a cup of aromatic tea. What else do you need to kick-start your day? 

This cool and aesthetic tea cup infuser stands out among the cliche gifts and reminds you of your cat whenever you’re sipping your tea on days like these. 

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31. Cat Ice-Cube Tray

A cat shaped ice-tray with cat shaped ice cubes in a white background.
Image source: Home designing.com

Having a mocktail? Here’s an ice cube. Woah! It’s cat shaped !

Yes, there are ice-cube trays with cat shapes as well. Surprise your cat loving friend with this unique and inexpensive gift. 

Stock up your mocktails with this special personalized gifts for cat lovers.

32. Cat Pencil Sharpener 

A cat shaped pencil sharpener with a pencil infused in it in a white background.
Image source: Home designing.com

Cats and kids share a few characteristics, such as curiosity and affection. So there should be a dedicated gift for all the cat-loving kids.

Here’s one of the coolest personalized gifts for cat-loving kids. a cat pencil sharpener. 

A fine sharpener which makes your pencil point-perfect and produces less waste. What else do you need when you have a cool and funny gift which is pretty usable. 

33. Cat Pencil Sketch 

A cat pencil portrait kept in a room.

Tracing down captivating moments sounds so serene. Actually, it is. 

How about recreating that moment for your close one and presenting it as a special gift? Sounds cool, right?

PortraitFlip creates highly nuanced pencil sketches that capture every emotion. Let’s celebrate your kitty-bond through our art together.

You can also choose to get a pencil portrait of you and your pet to celebrate them!

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34. Kitten Hair Clip

6 kitten hair clips kept on a white paper.
Image source: Country living 

 This cute clip resembles the innocence and cuteness of your kitten. 

Put it in your hair and cherish your cat love for a lifetime with this very cute gifts for cat lovers. 

35. Cat Ring Holder 

A metal cat ring holder in a with a ring kept beside it.
Image source – Womans day

Is the love of your life a cat lover? She loves kitties! She even has her own fur baby!

If that’s the case and you haven’t proposed to her, then a cat-shaped ring holder will suit this situation the best. 

She’ll burst out in tears of joy after seeing the two cupcakes of her life on a single plate.

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36. Bird Teasing Toy

A blue colored cat bird teasing toy on a white background.
Image source: Country living

 This mind-boggling toy would charge your cat for the day and get it going.

It’ll not only keep your kitten busy but also stimulate its senses and give it mental exercise. 

37. Cat Door Stopper 

A cat shaped metal cat door stopper on a white background.
Image Source: Amazon

Kittens enjoy attacking you from behind and giving you a jump scare for no apparent reason!

We humans call it peek-a-boo. How about a similar gift for your cat loving friend?

This cat door stopper in the shape of a peek-a-boo would remind your friend of every jump scare their cat has given them. 

Trust me, it’s one of the best personalized gifts for cat lovers.

38. Soft Jerky Cat Treats 

A pink and blue colored packet of salmon nuggets in an off white background.
Image source: Womans health

Treats, Treats, Treats everywhere!

Say no more; our kitten is already drooling! 

Not only are these soft jerky treats delicious, but they also provide essential nutrients, which are best for a kitten’s coat. 

39. Cat Leggings 

A black colored pair of cat printed leggings in a white background.
Image source: Womans health

Looking for a cool gift for a stylish cat mom? You’re in the right place my friend. 

These customized and classy leggings with cat print, are perfect for cat moms who love to dress up. 

Surprise your favorite cat loving friend with this alluring present and the next time they completely steal the show at a party, the credit goes to you my friend. 

40. Cat Cactus Scratcher 

A black colored cat scratching a cactus with its paws in a room.  
Image source: Womans health 

Cats love to scratch! They can keep on doing it continuously.

It’s our responsibility to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves while scratching from the wrong object. 

Here’s a cactus scratch toy as a gift for all the cat lovers. Now, their cats are safe so let them enjoy their scratching time!

Final Note: 

No matter how sneaky, curious, or paranoid our cats may get, we still tend to pamper them a lot. 

Cat lovers or cat parents really look forward to getting the best for their fur babies. It’s quite obvious that their cats mean the world to them. 

In order to surprise their kitties, they’re in gift-hunt mode constantly. This article is a must-read for those who are compassionate and loving. 

Authors Note: 

Hey guys, thank you so much for reading the whole piece!

I hope you find this post informative and interesting. I’ve literally searched 70% of the internet to get the best recommendations for you guys. 

However, if you guys have any suggestions for us, the comment box is yours, folks.

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See you guys in the next post! 

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1. Do cats acknowledge their owners efforts?

Cats are demanding in nature. They need continuous pampering and attention in order to stay intact with their owners. However, they have an extremely affectionate side as well. They appreciate their owners and their efforts by bestowing love upon them.

2. How to surprise a cat with a present?

It’s not easy to sneak up on cats. They are expert in this game. If you really want to surprise them, all you gotta do is keep the present around their bed or food bowl. They’ll come and sniff it, once they’re sure about it, your job is done!

3. Do cat owners get protective for their pets?

It depends on the individual. Some owners are really protective for their fur babies. While some are chill and let their pets near most of the people without any tantrums.

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