33 Personalized Gifts For Cat Lovers

Personalized gifts for cat lovers with the product displayed.


Looking for some fresh and personalized gifts for cat lovers?

Here’s a list of some cool yet personalized gifts for cat owners by PortraitFlip.

We all have some friends in our life who just cannot imagine their life without their feline family.

Gifting these friends a customized cat gift could really go a long way.

But it is very difficult to buy a personalized gift, especially for cats.

No worries!

We have curated a list of 33 personalized gifts for cat lovers, so without further ado let’s dig into it:

1. Custom Figurines From Photo

custom figurine from photo personalized gifts for cat lovers

Cat figurines!

Aren’t they apt for a cat lover?

These figurines can be custom made according to the cat’s face and color.

You can not only choose your favorite collar color but you can also add the name of your buddy’s furry friend at the base.

Interested? You can easily find a vendor on Etsy.

2. Pet Portrait From Photo (Every Pet Lover’s Dream Gift)

Custom Cat Portrait Illustration Personalized gifts for cat lovers

Gifting a marvelous painting made from the photo of your friend’s cat would be a purrfect idea.

Finding a genuine artist becomes very difficult when it comes to converting a photo into a painting.

And of course, the hassles which come along like:

Finding the gallery, Getting it in your preferred medium, Price, Time, Delivery, Advance, and what if it is not worth the money?

We at PortraitFlip can help,

We started many years back with keeping the real art alive and to connect genuine artists to people in need of painting.

And today we are the world’s best website to order paintings from photos.

For us your painting is not just a mere order it’s a happiness package expressing emotions that we send to your doorstep.

Interested? You can check our pet portraits gallery here.

3. Custom Cat Portrait Illustration

custom cat portrait illustration for personalised gifts for cat lovers

A wonderful memory with your beloved pets could be just the perfect occasion to have them depicted in order to always remember them.

A cat illustration is just like a portrait but instead, it has greater depth and detail to it.

You can send multiple images of the cat to the vendor and after the vendor is done processing it he will send a final image for confirmation.

The sculpture is made out of polymer clay and white wood frame.

Find the dealer on Etsy and grab an amazing personalized gift for the cat lover.

4. Badass Cat Dad!

Badass Cat Dad tshirt

Cool Badass Cat Dad t-shirt, perfect for father’s day, dad’s birthday, Christmas gift or any special occasion when you want to let your badass cat dad know you love him.

The vendor provides sizes from S to 5XL, so you don’t need to worry about the availability. He also provides many color options.

You can find this vendor easily on Etsy.

5. A GPS Tracker

Although not personalized but we from PortraitFlip want to make you aware that you can follow a simple and easy way to never ever lose your furry friend.

This GPS chip can be easily attached to the collar and is with your feline friend every time.

Whenever you cannot find the cat, you can simply track it on the app.

You can find many companies offering this product and choose the best for you.

Protect your pets, and never let them be away from home!

6. Customized Playing Cards

Customised playing cards

Cards are fun!

Your friends would totally love the new personalized which has the photo of your feline family at the back.

Make the games more fun by getting these cards from Shutterfly.

7. The Original Plush Cuddle Clone

Plush cuddle clone for cat lovers

Personalized gifts for cat lovers have reached their new peak after the introduction of Plush Cuddle Clones.

These clones are made exactly to look like a cat and are a great way to show tail-wagger the importance he/she deserves.

Not only the pet can play with the furry replica but it is a very beautiful décor option as well.

After selecting the breed of the cat you get personalization options like the position of the cat, eye color, tail angle, mouth and tongue position, etc.

Now haven’t they took personalization of cat gifts to the next level?

8. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Customised coffee mug as personalised gifts for cat lovers

Print the purrtner’s illustration on a coffee mug to make the coffee break more fun.

Do you have 2 pets?

Great! You can add both of them on each side of the mug.

Find vendors on Etsy.

9. Custom Ball Markers

Custom Ball Markers for cat lovers

Is your friend also interested in golf?

Then we have got a purrfect one for you!

These custom ball markers can take one cat face on each marker.

Gifting them a set of these ball markers can help them on the golf fields with a cute personalized touch of their cat.

Find these on Shutterfly.

10. Purrsonalized Doormat

Purrsonalized Doormat as personalised gifts for cat lovers

Get a custom made personalized doormat for your buddy’s cat.

You can add some catchy and funny text on the mat like:

  • Our Place is Purrfect!
  • Johnson’s With Two Pawmarks
  • I Hope You Like Cats
  • My Cats Are Judging You

11. Cat Planter

Cat Planter for gift

Super cute custom hand painted cat head planter to look like a cat.

You just need to send a photo to any vendor who deals in this on Etsy.

You can also have an option to get a planter with or without a drainage hole.

12. A Royal Cat Portrait With Face Swap By PortraitFlip

PortraitFlip Royal Cat Portrait From Photo

Royal cat portraits are gaining popularity, we have received hundreds of orders in the recent months for royal cat portraits.

We at PortraitFlip make these by swapping the face of a human by a feline face.

The edited design is sent to you for approval and if you don’t like it we offer unlimited revisions to get it approved.

We guarantee no questions asked return policy which binds us to either replace the painting or return the money in case of dissatisfaction.

We offer mediums like:

  • Acrylic Painting
  • Charcoal Drawing
  • Colored Pencil Sketch
  • Oil Painting
  • Pencil Sketch
  • Watercolor Painting

Checkout our gallery here.

13. Cat Glass Paperweight

Cat glass paperweight personalised gifts for cat lovers

If you are looking for memorial gifts for your cat-loving friend, then this might be an apt gift to heal your friend.

You can get the cat face printed on the glass paperweight and gift it to your loved ones.

The keepsake can also be used as a keepsake to grieve for the pet.

14. Sculptures by Willow Tree

cat sculptor

Guys at willow tree understand the importance of customized gifts and the emotions they carry

Susan Lordi, the sculptor of willow tree is selling hand-carved sculptures since 2000.

Since she has been carving sculptures which are made to order.

A personalized cat sculpture will show a kind notion of being considerate and empathetic.

It would as an interesting element to the décor of the room as well.

15. Cat Themed Mouse Pad

Customised phone cover as personalised cat lover

Ironic, Right? Cat Themed Mouse Pad!

These mouse pads are specially made according to your cat’s face, you can get the silhouette or the photo printed on the mouse pad.

This makes a very useful gift for cat owners. Get yours From Etsy.

16. Customized Phone Cover

The customized Phone cover is a very interesting gifting option available to you for your cat lover friend.

You can get either a matte or a glossy finish to your phone cover. These covers are made in silicone.

Get yours on Shutterfly.

17. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalised cutting board for cat lovers

Does your friend have good culinary skills and likes to cook more often?

Yes? Then this product is purrfect for him/her.

Design an amazing cutting board with the pet’s face at the back and gift it to your friend.

The front face is used for cutting and the back has the photo of the pet.

Find this product on Etsy.

18. Personalized Cat Pillow

Cat pillow for personalized  cat lovers

Get your personalized cat pillow with the exact same body characteristics as of the cat.

This cat pillow would act as an exact replica of the pillow.

It would go purrfectly on the sofa in the living room or as an interesting element on the bed

19. Cat Egg Mold

Cat egg mold as personalized gift for cat lover.

Serve them with a sunny side up using this cat egg mold and make their mornings beautiful.

The cat egg mold comes with a quality frying pan and silicon mold, you must carefully place the egg yolk in the two circles and egg white in the rest of the area.

You can find this on uncommongoods.com.

20. Charcoal Drawing Or Pencil Sketch Of The Cats With Parents

Charcoal cat sketch from PortraitFlip for personalized gifts for cat lover

How do you think will a black and white charcoal drawing or a pencil sketch of the cats with the parents look in their living room, stunning won’t it?

Black and white sketches made from a photo are a very unique and classy gift which you could consider.

It would not only increase the animal-human bond but also increase your bond with your loved ones.

Check PortraitFlip’s Charcoal Drawings Gallery and Pencil Sketch Gallery.

21. Mastiff Ornament

Mastiff ornament for cats

The Ornament Is:

  • Easily personalized with a sharpie
  • Meticulously hand painted
  • Realistic breed features
  • Holiday packaging makes for great gift giving
  • Perfect for mastiff lovers

Find yours on Amazon.

22. Plush Slippers

Plush slippers

Plush slippers can be the perfect gift for your friend’s pet as it exactly replicates the cat.

These slippers are handmade to look just like a pet!

Super soft and comfortable!
For internal use only.

Find one for your pet at FreakyPet.

23. A Storybook

cat storybook

Gift a personalized storybook to your friend.

This is a purrfect gift for kids as they are attracted towards stories.

The website lets you personalize by asking letting you design exactly how your pet looks.

It would then let you type in the names of the cat and cat mom.

You can add details like the sender’s name, paw color, etc.

And finally, you receive an interesting storybook in which your cat is playing the lead role.

Grab yours on Bispublishers.

24. Cat Bookmark

cat bookmarks

Now isn’t that cute!

Your geek friends would be amusingly happy when they receive such a lovely bookmark.

And you can customize it by just sending a photo of your friend’s pet.

This makes a very cool small gift and also doesn’t dig a hole in the pocket.

Get yours on DIYCandy.

25. Hanging Sign

Hanging sign personalized gift for cat lovers.

This 15cm x 12cm hanging sign comes with customizable text and breed of cat.

This goes perfectly at the main door to make people aware that you have a feline friend who will constantly judge them!

You can easily find a vendor on Etsy or Amazon.

26. An Oil Painting Of The Cat Mom

An oil painting from photo of a cat and a woman as personalised gift for cat lovers.

Hey! Just imagine the reaction of your friend when he/she steps in to see this marvelous painting hung in the living room.

She would be the happiest person on earth.

But why an oil painting?

Oil paintings are known for their archival properties, they have the potential to stay for hundreds of years only if made in a traditional way.

Traditional way comprises of following the discipline by giving enough time for the painting to breathe or dry.

But why PortraitFlip?

PortraitFlip houses more than 100 specialist artists.

Our oil painting specialists follow the traditional method and are inconsiderate of time,

They give each layer enough time to dry which leads to nothing less than a masterpiece!

Our artists also use high-quality canvas and colors from the market leader Winsor and Newton.

Check out our oil painting gallery here.

27. Personalized Tote Bag

Personalized tote bag for cat lovers

These tote bags can be customized according to your image of your friend’s feline friends.

These look beautiful and are very useful in day to day activities of shopping.

You can get yours on Etsy or Amazon.

28. Family Gift Key Hanger

This key hanger has multiple key holders, these holders can be customized based on what pet your friend has.

You can add cat structured holders or pooch structured holders.

You can also customize the family name according to your friend’s surname.

29. Customized Cat Earrings, Bracelet, and Necklace

cat earrings, bracelet and necklace for personalized gift for cat lovers.

Personalized ornaments are never out of trend.

These are apt and easily usable, these have a lot of customizations available and looks very beautiful.

You can easily find dealers on Etsy.

30. Custom T-Shirt

custom cat t-shirt

How can we complete the list without a custom kitty Tee!

Custom tees look very trendy and attract many eyeballs towards you.

And how can we forget the pool of personalization available to it!

You can add a photo of your own cat, add a funny script, add icons and the list is endless.

31. Customized Chenille Brooch Pin

brooch pin for cat lovers.

Yes, you read it right, a brooch but not from plastic!

It is made of a very soft fabric which is generally used to make soft toys.

This brooch would look so outstanding that the conversations would just start effortlessly.

And on top of that it’s your cat, isn’t that cool!

Get yours from Etsy.

32. Personalized Cat Ornament

Personalized cat ornament

Celebrate your favorite four-legged friend with a custom ornament featuring their name.

This ornament is laser engraved and cut from 1/8″ Birch plywood and personalized with the cat’s name, and if interested, the year or other details.

A great gift for the cat lover in your life or a way to commemorate a beloved pet.

33. A Classy Watercolor Painting Of The Cat Friends

watercolour from photos of cat from PortraitFlip as a personalized gift for cat lovers.

Watercolor paintings look rich and elegant, consider gifting a portrait of the cat with her friends or with other members of the pet family.

You can impress anyone by getting such a portrait and showing how much you value the bond between them.

Watercolor paintings are difficult to Control and Manipulate also the viscosity of watercolors plays a major role in getting closest to a masterpiece.

But, we at PortraitFlip are all about expertise and 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers.

If we fail at doing so we offer No Questions Asked Return Policy.

Our Other Amazing Services Include:

  • FREE Worldwide Shipping
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Only 30% Advance
  • Get the Painting Rolled, Gallery Wrapped, or Framed.

This makes us the world’s best website to get genuine handmade paintings from photos.

Check out our watercolor painting gallery here and our happy customer reviews here.

That’s all folks!

If you are reading this, thank you!

I hope this article help you find the best personalized gift for cat lovers.

Share it with a friend who you think would love to read about them.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can write to us in the comment section below.

Do check out PortraitFlip, a one-stop platform to get the best handmade portraits.

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