35 Purr-Fect Personalized Gifts For Cat Lover For All Occasions (2022)

a boy giving a girl with a cat a gift for an occasion. There is also words like personalized gifts for cat lovers.

Here in whisker wonderland, I have the meow-st on-point personalized gifts for cat lovers.

No matter what the occasion, these gifts will be your auxiliary on every gifting occasion.

Be it a cat owner’s birthday, international cat day, or even Christmas.

Even on days like these, there are endless options when it comes to choosing gifts for cat lovers.

Cute toys and delicacies for the cat, adorable accessories for the human, and unique personalized gifts for a cat lover who has everything. 

While it may be a cinch to satisfy a dog lover.

Cat lovers on the other hand need a little of je ne sais quoi.

These days, not just any cat-themed or cat gift for a cat lover will suffice.

And who knows one of these gifts might just get you into the cat’s good graces.

Trust me, these gifts are highly sought after and recommended by a cat owner herself—her being yours truly.

So don’t even second guess before choosing one from this well-put-together list.

Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

1. A Modern Litter Box

A modern litter box shown as a gift for cat lovers

This Christmas gift is for single cat-moms and dads.

Having to take care of a cat is taxing and changing the litter tray every two hours is worse.

People are left with two options, always – either keep cleaning the tray every two hours or train the cat to poop as a human would.

However, this modern litter box is the best cat mom’s gift.

It comes with an integrated scoop, dustpan, and hand brush and is made by engineers and cat behaviouralists.

2. A Handmade Cat Portrait 

a photo to painting of a cat by PortraitFlip is shown as a personalized gift for cat lovers

Do you know of a potential cat mom?

What can be better than presenting a handmade custom pet portrait to your friend who is crazy about cats?

Gift her a portrait of a photo of her and her neighbor’s cat.

Portraitflip is known to create professional pet portraits that look like real works of art.

I am sure this friend will not be able to make out the difference between the real cat and the portrait…

…you can call this hyperbole but you will only believe it when we take you to our gallery. 

Gifting a portrait has never been a thing but you can make the change by gifting a portrait.    

Nobody thinks about it and that way you can stand out in a crowd of people who will probably get a bottle of wine.

Plus, if your friend keeps on looking at the portrait every day, she will definitely get a cat eventually.

I am not over-selling this but, PortraitFlip makes portraits as fresh and as realistic as a living cat on canvas.

3. Cat Themed Quilt Set

A cat themed quilt shown on a bed as a potential gift for a cat lover

 A cat-themed gift especially a cat-themed bedding set may not be for a regular person but it is a perfect Christmas gift for cat lovers.

It is heir-loomed and entirely handcrafted.

The cat-print in muted colors is not overbearing and gives a relaxing hue to the sheet making it a wonderful present.

4. Kitty Coffee Mug

A cute cat themed white mug shown as a cat themed gift for a cat lover

This is one of those gifts for cat lovers that has a screaming cat personality. 

It is a stylish and classy mug that comes with a kitten inside it—

No, I don’t mean a real kitten but more like one made out of ceramic.

Why would an ordinary coffee mug be an ideal Christmas gift for a cat lover?

This cat-themed gift comes with a cat body made out of high-quality ceramic.

But the most enjoyable part of this mug is the surprise inside.

Your friend will be surprised to find a tiny kitten waiting for her once she finishes her coffee. Ka-yut!

5. Cat Printed Tights

A pair of cat themed leggings or tights shown as gifts for cat lovers

Remember that scene from Me Before You where Lou desperately looks for that one yellow-black bumblebee tights and finally gets them as a present from Will?

Well, if you have a friend who loves to wear tights and is also a cat lover, this one is for her.

Made for grown-up women, it is cat-themed with bright-colored cats printed on a black base.

It also serves as a style statement and shows people what is important to her.

Trust me, she will wear “them in bed, in the bath, all summer long. Her favorite outfit was the glittery boots and her cat-printed tights.”

6. A Cat Cave

igloo shaped caves that are big enough for a cat shown as a cat themed for a cat lover

Cats love to crouch in and sleep in cozy spaces.

If you have such a cat-mon who is tired of cleaning feline fur from all the corners of the house, gift her a cat cave and thank me later.

Not only the cat-mom but also the cat will be smitten by this gift and maybe love you a little more.

Her cat can comfortably sleep inside the cave and look at the world she is tired of.

Pamper the cat and cheer your friend with this ideal Christmas gift for cat lovers or an ideal gift for a cat.

7. A Cat Ornament

A christmas ornament with a cat painted on it shown as a possible christmas gift for cat lover

The Ornament Is:

Easily personalized with a sharpie

Meticulously hand-painted

Realistic breed features

Holiday packaging makes for great gift-giving

Perfect for mastiff lovers

Birthday Gifts for Cat Lovers

1. Cat Headphones

Ariana Grande shown wearing cat themed head phones

This is not particularly one of the personalized gifts for cat lovers but it is on point for someone’s birthday.

Cat-themed gifts similar to a Cat-Headphone came in and went out of fashion like the mood swings of a cat.

But that doesn’t mean that your quirky friend cannot be another Ariane Grande on your campus.

This makes for a fashionable stunt for a friend who loves cats as much as he loves to dress out of the box.

Cat headphones will never go out of trend if one knows how to carry them.

Plus, it is cute and it plays music.

Can you come up with better birthday gifts for cat lovers?

2. A Customized Royal Pet Portrait

a royal photo to painting of a cat by PortraitFlip is shown as a personalized gift for cat lovers

Jim Davis once said… “Cats rule the world.”

Well, no qualms about it. A perfect gift for your cat lover friend is an imperial portrait of her cat.

It is amusing and your friend would be more than glad to put it up on her wall and show off her royal cat (which we think the cat deserves).

You can also gift this to a friend who still has to adopt a cat.

It will just boost her process of getting a cat faster.

3. Cat Themes Measuring Cups

Cat themed measuring cups that can be given as birthday gifts for cat lovers

There are many gift ideas for cat lovers but selecting the best gift for cat lovers is the real task.

Here we bring yet another cutesy cat-themed gift, cat measuring cups.

This gift is perfect for someone who is a baking enthusiast or a baker by profession.

Made from porcelain these adorable cat-themed measuring cups are cute and sturdy in design.

Imagine, the person using these measuring cups while baking and going “aww” every time he/she uses the cups.

This is not only one of the meow-st stylish birthday gifts for cat lovers but also a  very practical one.

The cat-themed measuring cups are so beautiful that they are bound to cheer up its user.

4. Cat Pillow Case Set

A cat themed pillow case set on a bed with a black cat sitting in front of it shown as a personalized gift for a cat lover

A Cat lover’s life revolves around their cat(s).

If you have visited a cat lover’s house and not seen cat-themed slippers and curtains around, then you are definitely in the wrong house.

A Cat pillowcase set is just the right gift that can make a cat lover’s day, or say night, better.

A comfortable sleeping bed is what anyone needs.

What better than a cat pillowcase set to make the bed even cozier and cute to sleep on?

These pillowcases have got on them minimalist cat ears designed to fit any style.

It just perfectly celebrates the love one has for cats.

Simple and stylish as it is,  this is also a cute and unique birthday gift idea for a cat lover

5. Welcome Mat Or Doormat

A welcome mat shown as a cat themed gift for a cat lover

Cats may not have a welcoming nature but a cat lover will love coming home to a cat-themed welcome mat.

Welcome mats and doormats slightly differ in use.

A welcome mat is one placed at the entrance of a house and doormats can be used outside rooms inside the house.

Well, if they already have cats, then your doormat is soon going to turn into a scratchpad but that’s for later.

You can choose between giving just a Cat themed welcome mat or adding more cat-themed doormats and making it a set of mats.

Cutesy gifts like cat-themed welcome mats can be put to use right away.

The cute cat face and colorful design will also help in cheering up visiting guests.

6. Cat Trees and Towers

cat tower is shown with cats relaxing on it as a gift for cat lovers.

Cats = (Jump + Climb + Scratch + Sleep) x on loop

Cat trees and towers are perfect for them and will keep them busy, at least for some time.

It comes in many options and has a varied range of fun towers to classic towers.

Cats think of themselves to be the god and enjoy watching their humans from above.

A cat tree/tower is not just to satiate their drives but also their throne to belittle humans.

The fun thing about these cat gifts is they are also great birthday gifts for cat lovers.

And also the fact that nothing can make cat parents happier than to see their furry buddy have a great time.

7. Chic Wine Glasses 

pair of cat themed wine glasses shown clinking

Cat-themed gifts can be fun but a regular cat mug is important.

This wine glass is one of the funny gifts for cat lovers you can choose for a cat mom.

There is no better birthday gift idea for a cat lover who also happens to be a wine enthusiast.

This amusingly elegant wine glass with the perfect tag for a cat lover is just too glamourpuss to handle.

This wine glass has a holding capacity of 15-oz which means a decent glass to gulp down.

Inexpensive Gifts for Cat Lovers

1. Plush Cat Slippers

A pair of personalized cat themed slippers shown as a gift for cat lover

Pretty cute, fun gifts for cat lovers like these warm and plush cat slippers are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

And a cat lover is surely going to be overwhelmed.

On a cold winter night, a cat lover friend will just love to get these warm and plush cat slippers on.

It has the cutest face with buttons like cat eyes.

It has a leather and rubber sole with a wool-like lining.

Very comfortable and warm to the feet this cat slipper is the sweetest and warmest gift for cat lovers.

Buy these inexpensive gifts for cat lovers at Freakypet.com

2. Cat Dad T-shirt

An images showing a man wearing a t-shirt saying cat dad

Cat lovers are definitely not just “Cat Moms” but there are “Cat Dads” too.

You got a Cat Dad in your life?

This t-shirt is just perfect to appreciate the dads in them.

Being a cat dad is just awesome and a t-shirt that just helps in proudly flaunting the same is quite the perfect gift.

And if I might say this is also one of the most perfect personalized gifts for cat lovers.

I can vouch for everyone when I say we admire all “Cat Moms” and “Cat Dads”.

These self-proclaiming Cat Dads are just wonderful.

They will love a gift that has a cool screenprint saying “Cat Dad” on it.

3. Paw Print Socks

a pair of woolen cat themed socks shown as a gift for cat lover

As mentioned earlier that there are both Cat Moms and Cat Dads in this world.

We bring you a unisex gift idea for cat lovers, the paw print cat socks.

Cat-themed gifts that are wearables like earrings, slippers, t-shirts, and socks are birthday gift ideas for cat lovers that provide all the personal and cutesy feels.

One cannot resist wearing these cute cat socks.

They feature paw prints on the toes making it look just like the cat’s feet and super cute.

Being unisex it can be worn by both “cat moms” and “cat dad” and are available in different sizes.

4. Cat Lunch Bag

a cat themed bag shown as a gift for a cat lover

This is a lunch bag for adults with cat prints suitable for carrying to work.

It can also be used by kids for school.

The Neoprene cat lunch bag is perfect for your 9-to-5 working friends.

This is not just an ordinary cat lunch bag but this bag is also eco-friendly and reusable.

Which makes it one of the inexpensive birthday gifts for cat lovers.

Made from 4mm thick neoprene this cat lunch bag can also be machine-washed.

Made with PVC-free materials to ensure food safety this is the best gift for cat lovers who make it a priority to always pack their lunch for work.

But if you want to flaunt your love for cats the best you can do is get a cat-themed item.

5. Cat Glass Paper Weights

 a cat themed paper weight shown as a personalized gift for a cat lover

If you are looking for memorial gifts for your cat-loving friend, then this might be an apt gift to heal your friend.

You can get the cat face printed on the glass paperweight and gift it to your loved ones.

The keepsake can also be used as a keepsake to grieve for the pet.

A remembrance, inexpensive, and one of the best-personalized gifts for cat lovers.

6. A Cat Sculpture

a woman and cat sculpture carved from wood shown as a cat lover gift

Guys at willow tree understand the importance of personalized gifts and the emotions they carry

Susan Lordi, the sculptor by Willow Tree is selling hand-carved sculptures since 2000.

Since she has been carving sculptures that are made to order.

A personalized cat sculpture will show a kind notion of being considerate and empathetic.

It would as an interesting element to the décor of the room as well.

7. Cat Acrylic Painting

a photo to painting of a cat by PortraitFlip is shown as a personalized gift for cat lovers

A cat painting would be an exceptional gift for some who is crazy about cats.

Quite the basic form of painting acrylic paintings may sound old-school but they still stand out.

A cat acrylic painting is pretty much the ideal and personalized gift for cat lovers.

We at PortraitFlip are here to help you get this idea turned into reality.

Suggested: Best Companies To Buy Custom Pet Portraits Online.

Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers

1. Cat shaped Tea Bags

tea bag in the shape of a cat shown in the image

Cats are not everyone’s cup of tea but they can make a cup of tea.

We are talking about cat tea bags.

Yes, this unique and very cute thing is available for real.

Yet another unusual gift idea for cat lovers these kitty-shaped tea bags are available to brighten up a dull day.

These cat tea bags are suitable for the quirky cat lovers in your life.

2. Cat Shaped Ice Cube Tray

ice cubes in the shape of cats shown as a gift for cat lovers

Cats can be described in only three words quirky, quirky, and quirky.

Even the cat owners and cat lovers are mostly of quirky personalities.

This unusual cat-shaped ice cube tray is here to take you off-center.

Ice that is shaped like a cat, just the sound of it gives you the chills—a chilly-perfect and one the most unique gifts for cat lovers.

3. Soap Bars

a personalized cat themed soap shown as a cat lovers gift

There is literally nothing that cannot be turned into a cat-themed gift for your cat lover friend.

Cat-themed soap bars are other unusual gifts for cat lovers who will love to bathe with soap that makes a cute kitty face.

These soap bars are handmade with natural ingredients.

These can actually be converted into personalized gifts for cat lovers.

4. A GPS Tracker

2 cat gps trackers shown on top of one another

Although not personalized but it is a great way to never ever lose your furry friend.

This GPS chip can be easily attached to the collar and is with your feline friend every time.

Whenever you cannot find the cat, you can simply track it on the app.

You can find many companies offering this product and choose the best for you.

Protect your pets, and never let them be away from home!

5. Cat Earrings

a pair of personalized cat earing to match some ones cat's face

They are for you, not your fur baby.

Cat Earrings are for real.

Across the internet, you will find hundreds of sites that sell cat earrings.

A cat lover will never get tired of two things —cats and personalized gifts for cat lovers.

These cute earrings come in silver, gold, copper, pearls, and many other options.

They are just one of the best unique gifts for cat lovers that can be used to put on for work, evening hangouts, or just any regular day.

Believe me you, you can even get these earrings personalized enough that they match your friend’s cat’s face. IYKYK.

6. The OG Plush Toy

A plush cuddle cat themed toy shown as a personalized cat lovers gift

Personalized gifts for cat lovers have reached their new peak after the introduction of Plush Cuddle Clones.

These clones are made exactly to look like a cat and are a great way to show tail-wagger the importance he/she deserves.

Not only can it be a toy for the cat but it is also a very beautiful décor option as well.

After selecting the breed of the cat you get personalization options like the position of the cat, eye color, tail angle, mouth and tongue position, etc.

Also, these keepsakes are the best unique gifts for cat lovers since they are made to order.

Now haven’t they taken the personalization of cat gifts to the next level?

7. Personalized Coffee Mugs

a mug personalized with a cat lover's cat that can be given as a gift to a cat lover

Print the purrtner’s illustration on a coffee mug to make the coffee break more fun.

Do you have 2 pets?

Great! You can add both of them to each side of the mug.

Find vendors on Etsy.

Funny Gifts For Cat Lovers

1. Cat Planter

cat themed planters shown as a cat lovers gift

Super cute custom hand-painted cat head planter to look like a cat.

You just need to send a photo to any vendor who deals in this on Etsy.

You can also have the option to get a planter with or without a drainage hole.

Tell me this cannot be counted in the list of funny gifts for cat lovers.

2. Cat Themed Mouse Pad

a cat themed mouse pad shown as a cat lovers gift

Ironic, Right? Cat Themed Mouse Pad!

This is exactly why this is one of my favorite and fun gifts for cat lovers. 

These mousepads are specially made according to your cat’s face, you can get the silhouette or the photo printed on the mouse pad.

This makes a very useful gift for cat owners. Get yours From Etsy.

3. Personalized Cutting Board

a cat shaped cutting and cheese board shown in the image

Does your friend have good culinary skills and likes to cook more often?

Yes? Then this product is purrfect for him/her.

Design an amazing cutting board with the pet’s face at the back and gift it to your friend.

The front face is used for cutting and the back has the photo of the pet.

4. Cat Shaped Shoulder Bag

a cat themed should bag shown a gift for a cat lover

If you can’t carry your cat with you wherever you go, this kitty shoulder bag is the next best option to carry with you.

Ideal for the fashionista cat lady in your life this cute cat-shaped crossbody shoulder bag is perfect to complete the whole look.

It goes well with almost any outfit.

Wonderful streamlined stitching outside and a fully lined interior on the inside – a cat shape to top the whole look.

A crossbody shoulder bag can be worn in three ways:



Single shoulder

Just because it is so fun, I made sure to include it in the funny gifts for cat lovers list.

5. Cat Sleeping Mask

 a cat themed sleeping mask shown as a cat lovers gift

For a traveler soul or a homebody, this silky cat sleeping mask is just the best.

This can be a gift or for personal use, it will not disappoint when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

More suitable for frequent travelers and people who are always on the go. 

This kitty sleeping mask is not specifically for cat lovers but is useful for everyone and is overall a cute and thoughtful gift idea.

It can also be counted as personalized gifts for cat lovers.

6. A Goth Candle

a pink goth candle that when melted shown a cat's skeleton

This is one of the best Halloween gifts for cat lovers.

If you have a friend who resembles a cat in temperament as much as she loves a cat, this may be the stop point for you.

This cat candle is a perfect Christmas gift for a cat lover. It has an elegant white body with a clear-cut angular cat design.

What comes as surprise is the metal cat skeleton that reveals itself slowly as the candle melts.

It is as elegant as threatening…

…just like our fur-frenzy feline.

Gift this candle to your witchy cat lover friend so she can come back and relax with her furry kitty in a relaxing and aromatic space.

7. Cat String Lights

cat themed fairy lights shown as a possible cat lovers gift

Fairy lights are the trendsetters for home décor ideas.

Fairy lights are basically a thin string of LED lights that look very beautiful when used for home décor.

Gifts for cat lovers such as the cat-shaped string lights are something creative, fun, and different.

The cat string lights are too cute to be true.

A cat lover in your life is bound to love these cutesy lights that will not just shine but make cat faces light in a corner.

A home or room décor that has cat string lights is one of the unique and somewhat funny gifts for cat lovers.

Honorable Mention:

Custom Painting: A Beautiful, ThoughtFul, and Personalized Gift for Cat Lovers

a photo to painting of a cat by PortraitFlip is shown as a personalized gift for cat lovers

Just imagine the reaction of your friend when he/she steps in to see this marvelous painting hung in the living room.

She would be the happiest person on earth.

But why an oil painting?

Oil paintings are known for their archival properties, they have the potential to stay for hundreds of years only if made traditionally.

The traditional way comprises of following the discipline by giving enough time for the painting to breathe or dry.

But why PortraitFlip?

PortraitFlip houses more than 100 specialist artists.

Our oil painting specialists follow the traditional method and are inconsiderate of time,

They give each layer enough time to dry which leads to nothing less than a masterpiece!

Our artists also use high-quality canvas and colors from the market leader Winsor and Newton.

If this does not scream unique and personalized gifts for cat lovers I don’t know what would?

Check out our oil painting gallery here.

That’s All She Said…

Hey, friends of cat lovers,

Cat lovers are as choosy as a cat can be. Like cat-like parent, you see.

I hope these personalized gifts for cat lovers helped you solve at least one problem—a perfect cat-themed gift for a cat lover.

These gifts have been tried and tested on cat lovers, so don’t hesitate to get any one of them.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to us on YouTube.


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