25+ Paper Anniversary Gifts For The Newlyweds

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Pop the champagne, and bring out the cake! It’s your first anniversary!

Celebrating a milestone is like creating the foundation to a great life ahead, with the motto of one year down and forever to go.

Wondering what is paper anniversary? 

Paper Anniversary marks the occasion of a couple’s first wedding anniversary. A warm and fresh beginning for a couple. 

First anniversary is often viewed as a fragile, delicate, and sensitive milestone, which is the reason it is suggested to give paper-made gifts to your better half. 

Gifts are a symbol of showing love and gratitude towards our beloved ones. We share affection and emotions in the form of gifts.

In order to develop, grow, and make it beautiful and better, it’s been a tradition to give your partner a paper anniversary gift! 

Which is also your first anniversary present to your better half after marriage!

There are endless gifting options but we have picked some of the best first anniversary gifts.

We’ve shared some amazing and thoughtful paper anniversary gifts; let’s check them out:

Couple Painting

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1. Charcoal Painting

A charcoal painting is a wonderful paper anniversary gift idea.

A painting can be one of the best ways to express your gratitude to your beloved one.

Like, imagine you hand over a gift-wrapped package to your partner after a dinner and when they open it, they’re just awestruck. 

A beautifully handmade charcoal drawing of your pet which can even leave your partner in tears. 

Charcoal paintings are one of the most thoughtful gifts for an anniversary and it lets you express your true feelings towards your partner.  

2. A Greeting Card

One of the best paper anniversary gifts are greeting cards.
Image source: Envato Elements

An Anniversary greeting card may sound like an old-school gift, but oh boy, it does wonder. 

Many people think that it’s just a piece of paper, but it definitely holds a special place in your partner’s heart.

Try giving an anniversary card to your partner on your first wedding anniversary day and watch them cherish it forever. 

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3. Personalized Message In A Bottle

Personalized message in a bottle
Image source: Envato Elements

If your partner is a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean then surprise them with this concept.

There are a lot of mini bottles available on either Etsy or amazon, get them and pen down a heartfelt letter for your life-partner.

Slide these mini bottles under your partner’s pillow or hand them these mini jars at the breakfast table.

Trust me! It will be one of the coolest paper anniversary gifts out there in the pool of anniversary presents. 

4. Photo Books

One of the paper anniversary gifts is a photobook
Image source: Envato Elements

Photos make their way straight from the recipient’s eyes to their heart.

PS: It can be emotional if you can collect and compile all your photos from the past and give them the photobook in the morning when your partner wakes up.

5. Paper Wine Glass Lampshade

Paper wine glass lampshade
Image source: Amazon

Wondering what to give your partner as a paper anniversary gift? Or when you guys plan a candle-light dinner at home? 

Try these Wine glass lampshades made out of paper, it can turn wine glasses into cute lil lamps.

Don’t worry, they are waterproof and durable which can also be used in outdoor setups. 

6. A Best Seller Book

A best seller book
Image source: Envato Elements

If your partner is a bookworm then what else can be the best than a bestseller novel from his favorite genre. 

You can give it to them at the dinner table, they will definitely be in awe. 

PS:  They might spend more time with their book than you, lol jk.

7. Daily Journal

Daily journal is one of the thoughtful paper anniversary gifts.
Image Source- crazylaura.com

Can you see your partner stressed due to work? If yes, then this daily journal will be a perfect present in taking away her stress. 

Sit with them during your morning coffee and motivate them to journal and meditate. 

It can be one of the best wedding gifts and also prove to be one of the best bonding exercises for both of you. 

8. A Comic Book With Your Couple Image On The Cover 

A customized comic book.
Image source: Envato Elements

Is your partner a fan of comic books or manga? If so, then surprise them with the newest edition of their favorite comic.

Not only will it thrill your partner,  but it will also add a twist element to the moment. 

The way to do so is getting the book’s cover customers by experts—perhaps, adding your and your love’s picture. 

I’m certain that the moment she opens it, she’ll be struck in awe. 

9. DIY Paper Flower Bouquet

DIY paper flower bouquet.
Image source: Freepik

The original flowers are irreplaceable but they wilt after a day or two but that’s not the case when it comes to artificial flowers.

Especially when it comes to paper flowers, they tend to last longer and represent delicate and cute relationships between a couple.

Get a bouquet of paper flowers and DIY it, this can definitely be one of the best wedding anniversary gifts. 

10. A Love Map 

A love map
Image source: Envato Elements

Wondering what can be the best gift for your travel freak partner? A love map can be the best gift.

Remember the first city or the first place you met at? Then you can even get it customized and you can pin and get the location zoomed in.

Make sure to frame the map and it will be the best first anniversary gift for your husband or wife. 

11. Monthly Magazine Subscription

Monthly magazine subscription is one of the thoughtful Paper Anniversary Gifts
Image source: ebayimg.com

Does your wife love to sit and sip morning coffee with a cosmopolitan or vogue copy in her hand? 

What else can be the best when she wakes up and sees a copy of the latest vogue on the coffee table. 

She’ll be surprised and will be in awe for sure and also this is one of the coolest wedding anniversary gifts for your wife. 

Wondering which magazine should you subscribe to? Check out these 8 Best Magazines to read in 2023. 

12. DIY Lantern

DIY lantern is one of the paper anniversary gifts
Image source: Envato Elements

Festive season nearby or you guys just love decorating your house? DIY your own paper lanterns together and hang them in your backyard or at your doorstep.

It can be a fun weekend activity for you and your husband. You can make time for each other and maybe grab a chilled beer as well.

Hang the lantern in the kitchen and it will definitely be one of the best DIY anniversary gifts for him.

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13. DIY Heart Shaped Photo Art

DIY heart shaped photo collage
Image source: gifty.pe

A photo frame can never go wrong! Compile the favorite photos of both of you and get it customized in the form of a heart collage.

Wrap it beautifully and give it to your partner. I’m pretty sure that this cute anniversary gift will make your partner swoon over you.

Are these newlyweds moving to a new house?

Then you can gift them a wholesome housewarming painting from PortraitFlip for which the photo frame can be used for!

14. Paper Rose Ring 

Paper rose ring is a cute paper anniversary gift
Image source: inhabitat.com

Flowers and rings never go wrong when presented as a gift to your lovely partner. 

But what if you DIY your own ring? Sounds a bit childish but trust me it is hella cute.

DIY your own rose ring from a piece of paper. They’ll go Aww just by receiving it for sure!

15. Paper Necklace 

paper necklace is a cute first anniversary gift idea
Image source: flickr.com

Unlike a rose ring, a paper necklace can actually take a lot of effort in their making, and if made properly then they can turn into the cutest necklace you can give to your wife.

Don’t know how to make one for her, check out the blog to learn how to make a paper necklace.

16. Paper Bead Bracelet 

paper bead bracelet is one of the paper anniversary gifts.
Image source: fiberartsy.com

Wanna keep reminding them about how much you love them? A bracelet can never go wrong in this case.

Couple painting ad

But it’s your first wedding anniversary (Paper anniversary) then it has to be something special. 

DIY a paper bead bracelet for you and your husband and wear them together.

17. Personalized Stationery 

Personalized stationary set
Image source: indiamart.com

Imagine your partner is at their workplace and they pull out a pen and a diary with their initials on it, it will definitely be a huge surprise for them!

You can get the stationary essentials like pen, handy notebook, a pencil, etc. personalized just for your partner.

If you are looking for anniversary gifts for your husband then, take a look at personalized anniversary gifts for him.

18. A Recipe Book

A recipe book is one of the first anniversary presents
Image source: Amazon

Do you usually spot your partner cooking in the kitchen and experimenting with new dishes as if it’s their every other day’s hobby? 

Then don’t worry; give them a recipe book in which they can learn new dishes which you both can devour. 

This is indeed one of the best paper anniversary gifts, and don’t worry you can find some amazing recipe books here.

19. An Inspirational Quote Poster

An inspirational quote poster is one of the best paper anniversary gifts
Image source: Etsy

Looking for some motivational paper anniversary gift ideas because you want your partner to stay motivated during the tough times!

Give them a poster with an inspirational quote printed on it.

Place it on their bedside table or at the coffee table, because whenever they will read it, they will get a wave of inspiration and the assurance that you are there for them.

Some quotes which you can get framed are: 

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

– Maya Angelou

 “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

– Lao Tzu

20. Photo Frame With Personalized Message 

Photo frame with personalized message
Image source: Pinterest

Is there anything you want your partner to keep in their mind forever? Like, your Starbucks order? JK JK!

If you want your partner to remember that you’re with them forever then have your wedding photo framed and get a message or quote imprinted over it.

Mount that personalized message frame in your bedroom and whenever you guys feel a bit off then take a look at it!

They will forever adore this as a memory of your first wedding anniversary.

21. Letter-Pressed Vows

Letter-pressed vows are one of some best paper anniversary gifts.
Image source: minted.com

Do you remember your wedding vows? When the priest was all loud about the vows and you were busy staring at your partner and trying to process that you’re actually getting married!

Well jokes aside, a thoughtful wedding anniversary gift like this actually can wow your partner and will remind you guys to stay connected on an emotional level as well. 

22. Customized Toilet Paper

customized toilet paper.
Image source: Etsy

Is your partner the kind of person who spends a lot of time in the washroom? Then trust me with this funny paper anniversary gift!

Customized toilet paper rolls! Yes, it would be the best idea as whenever they pull the toilet paper out, they’re going to be flabbergasted.

23. Watercolor Portrait

watercolor portraits is one of the cute anniversary gifts.

A watercolor portrait can be a cute anniversary gift option. If your partner likes art and is into subtle artworks, then a watercolor portrait can do wonders for them.

Watercolor Portraits look Colorful, Magnificent and Elegant when done! So when presented as a gift, watercolor portraits are a really classy option. 

Explore more watercolor artworks at our website and order at special offers (available for limited time).

24. Planner

Planner is one of the thoughtful gifts for anniversary
Image source: purpletrail.com

If your hubby or wifey keeps on forgetting things or you are finding it difficult to stay organized all through, then give them these ultimate planners.

With the help of planners they can plan and organize stuff effortlessly, and make time for themselves. 

25. Personalized Lunar Phase Of Love

Personalized lunar phase of love is one of the 1st year anniversary gifts
Image source: Etsy

When we think of the moon, the first thing which comes to mind is love and romance as it is often associated with the emotions of love.

And imagine you are handing this as the 1st year anniversary gift to your husband!

These will be the best paper anniversary gifts for him. 

Lunar phases represent the phases of your relationship and it features a full moon in the middle as you and your partner are like the phases which complement each other and turn out to be like a full moon.

26. Custom Star Constellation

A custom star constellation is a best first anniversary gift
Image source: ubuy.co.in

Tell your partner that your love towards them is like the stars in the sky, infinite (PS: it’s a super cute line, use it if you want to flatter your hubby or wife) 

A custom star constellation image can be one of the best anniversary gifts for a couple.

 It will definitely be a special gift for your partner and a unique way for you to present your love towards them.  

27. Colorblock Notebook

A colorblock notebook is one of the first anniversary presents
Image source: shophappilygrey.com

Get a colorblock notebook and give it to your partner with the thought that they are going to keep it handy and when in need they can take notes of all the important things.

Why colorblock notebook? Because it literally makes one of the coolest paper anniversary gifts, DUH!

Couple and pet portrait Ad

28. Poster Of Their Favorite Celebrity

Poster of your partner's favorite celebrity.
Image source: Etsy

If your partner is a fan of James Bond or Ryan Reynolds, you can give them a poster of their favorite celebrity or idol.

They might mount the poster on the living room wall but it’s fine as long as they are happy, because that is what makes you happy, right?

29. Japanese Blotting Paper

Japanese blotting paper is one of the best paper anniversary gifts.
Image source: tatcha.com

For your beauty guru partner these blotting, oil-absorbing sheets will be one of the best gifts. 

You can find these on Sephora, Amazon, etc. 

They mattify the skin even with the makeup on and also helps in removing extra oil and sebum from the skin.

So it can be a fantastic option from the range of wedding anniversary gifts for your wife. 

There are many other anniversary gifting options for her which tend to be more on the personal side.

Hence, you can check some more personalized anniversary gifts for your wife

30. Sheet Mask

One of the paper anniversary gifts is pack of sheet mask
Image source: Envato Elements

Although we have discussed many first wedding anniversary gift ideas, when it comes to relaxing nothing can replace a good skincare routine. 

Gift packs of sheet masks to your skincare freak wifey or hubby. first wedding anniversary gift ideas,

Whether it be after a long tiring day at the office or to give a fresh start to your day, a sheet mask with a cup of coffee is like your relationship “match made in heaven”.

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Ahem! Ahem! This Was It..

These were a few paper-based options for your 1st wedding anniversary which is known widely as paper anniversary.

Whether it be your first anniversary or your tenth anniversary, it can always be made special with love, care, and some thoughtful paper anniversary gifts for your partner.

Don’t forget to take a closer look at your partner’s wishlist before hopping at the perfect gift for them. 

Author’s Note

Paper-related gifts are easy to bag and can be DIY’ed as well! After all, it is going to be one of your first anniversary gifts.

And if you still can’t think of any other gifting option then I’ll suggest you get her a Valentine’s Day painting, which put her in awe.

You know it’s never too late to express your gratitude and surprise your woman with stunning gifts.

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See you on the seashore, bye-bye!

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