Paper Anniversary Gifts

Paper anniversary gifts

Hola! So you are celebrating your first anniversary and looking for some fresh and impressive paper anniversary gifts!

Your thought bubble has got you to the perfect place where we would reveal some unique first-anniversary gift for him/her which have never been gifted before.

If you are not specifically looking for paper anniversary gifts, then you may visit our blog – 51 personalized anniversary gift for him and her.

Without any further ado let’s rocket ourselves to the universe of unique paper anniversary gifts.

Sit Back And Relax!

(Pro Tip to Impress Your Spouse:

If you have messed up something, forgot an important date, or banged his Mercedes, you should prefer personalized gifts and then spill the beans! Thank us later.)

1. Personalized Message in a Bottle:

Personalized message in a bottle 1

How about a poem made especially for your spouse?

Rhyme your poetry which describes him/her and tries to sprinkle some of her irritating habits to make it fun!

Present it in the amazing bottle and fill it with sand and shells by getting it from

2. A Stunning Charcoal Drawing:

A stunning charcoal drawing

You check all the boxes by gifting this one!

Paper Anniversary Gift?


Unique First Anniversary Gifts?


Thoughtful Paper Anniversary Gifts For Him/Her?


Charcoal paintings look classy as the level of detail is expressed only with a blend of the two colors.

But how can you get it without the hassles of finding a genuine artist, bargaining for the right price and of course the risk of trusting his expertise?

How about PortraitFlip!

We house more than 100 artists who are handpicked from various parts of the world.

We guarantee 100% Satisfaction, so if you are not happy with our painting you get a No Questions Asked 100% Refund.


Your spouse’s reaction to such a wonderful painting of his/her.

We are trusted worldwide to order paintings from photos only because of the quality we offer at the lowest price possible.

Check out our happy customer’s testimonials when they received the happiness package here.

Pro Tips:

  1. Convert a candid photo of the couple or your spouse’s into a classy charcoal drawing as it looks very romantic!
  2. Get both of your names written in an artistic manner for free by just mentioning it in the additional details textbox by ordering here.

3. Customized Folded Book:

Customized folded book

This customized folded book is made by cutting the paper in such a manner that it showcases your custom text after it’s done.

You can get the book to showcase the anniversary date or the couple’s initials as well.

Gift your loved one with this thoughtful paper wedding anniversary gift by finding a dealer from Etsy and make the best out of your anniversary.

4. Paper Tickets For A Getaway:

Paper tickets for a getaway

Why should an anniversary gift have to be something material?

Plan a getaway with your spouse and personalize it with all the activities both of you like.

You may add some interesting adventure sports like Scuba Diving, Banana Boating, Para Sailing, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Kayaking, Dirt Biking, etc.

The most important is to Talk!

Enjoy the sunset with a chilled mojito or tea and talk about yourselves, carry your swimsuits, suntan and leave the office at home.

5. Paper Tickets To A Concert:

Paper tickets to a concert

Concerts are fun, if you guys are into live shows and love the energetic environment you should definitely get this unique first-anniversary gift.

If the tickets are not on paper you can always print it out and gift it to your spouse.

Imagine your loved ones joy when he/she knows that you got a ticket for their favorite band as an anniversary gift.

6. Photo Books:

Photo books


They capture our best moments and can take us back to the magical moment when the photo was taken.

Collect all of these and get a photo book printed locally or use the services of any online vendor like Shutterfly.

7. Paper Flowers:

Paper flowers

The list is not complete without flowers.

But how with paper?

Get some interesting paper flowers of her choice and personalize a cute note to go with it by choosing from many dealers from Etsy.

PS: Don’t Water Them or Start Talking To Them!

8. Cook Her A Delicious Breakfast And Serve It With A Card:

Cook her a delicious breakfast and serve it with a card

Does she like pancakes or is she more of a Sunny Side Up kinda person?

Whatever she likes to get up early, make her some lip-smacking breakfast and enjoy her waking up to a surprise.

Pair this idea with a personalized gift card which describes her fun and irritating trait her or write a poem for her.

Now isn’t that a great paper anniversary gifts for wife!

9. Harry Potter Hogwarts Book Set:

Harry potter hogwarts book set

“We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

22 Years after the first book was published these words still have that nostalgic magic in them.

If your spouse is a big fan of the Harry Potter series get this thoughtful harry potter themed box with the 7 volumes and make the best of your First Anniversary.

PS: You are not selected, it was a joke!

 10. A Best Seller Book:

A best seller book

Has he/she been talking about some book for a long time?

Get that book and surprise with this unique paper gift.

You can get a signed version of the book to add a cherry on the top.

Don’t forget to pair it with a delicious breakfast or a greeting card.

11. Custom Constellation Art:

Custom constellation art

Get crafty and unique with this custom constellation art.

This one of kind artistic gift showcases the star position on the date of your anniversary.

Now isn’t that a thoughtful first anniversary gift, find yours on Etsy.

12. A Colored Pencil Drawing From Photo:

A colored pencil drawing from photo

Colored pencil drawings are executed on a premium quality paper (support), so get the happy couple sketched on it by just sending a photo to PortraitFlip.

A colored pencil sketch is a thoughtful gift and would perfectly express your love on your first or any anniversary.

Hang it in the living or bedroom to get your décor on the next level.

We at PortraitFlip not only offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee but also offer services like:

  • Unlimited Free Revisions
  • Worldwide Free Shipping
  • No Questions Asked Return Policy
  • And You Can Start By Only Paying 30% as Advance

Get a colored pencil portrait with your anniversary date written on it with PortraitFlip and cherish your love forever!

13. Your Vows As A Letterpress Art Print:

Your vows as a letterpress art print

Another interesting way to showcase your wedding vows in a stylish way.

Get this beautiful art and flaunt your creativity in the living room in front of your guests.

You can get frames of your choice by simply choosing it from

14. Bucket List Planner:

Bucket list planner

You must have agreed upon doing something fun together but your wedding should not change anything, right?

Write your bucket list in this interesting diary which can be customized according to your text.

So be it watching The Fault In Our Stars with each other or binge-watching FRIENDS, keep striking off the boxes!

Get yours from Etsy!

15. Handmade Leather Diary:

Handmade leather diary

Does your spouse love to write?

Then get him/her this handmade leather diary and personalize it with his/her name on it.

Write something interesting to describe your spouse and then gift it, thank us later!

Find yours on

16. A Comic Book Set:

A comic book set

Is he/she a Marvel or a DC Fan?

Be it any which ways, you can get any comic book on the online store

Gift them the nostalgic childhood memories right from Agatha Christie to Donald Duck and show them that they matter with this comic set.

17. DIY Instagram Book:

Diy instagram book

Right from its daily use in almost everyone’s life until a lot the acquisition by the social media giant Facebook, Instagram has become an integral part of everyone’s life.

So how about gifting a handmade InstaBook for your spouse?

Just shortlist some of his/her best photos and get them printed all in one size and follow the rest of the romantic recipe from here.

18. Ruby Paper Gems:

Ruby paper gems

Ruby Paper Gems are an incredibly unique and romantic paper anniversary gift!

The paper jewelry is carefully constructed from layers of fine French paper.

Find yours on Etsy.

19. Origami Paper Cactus:

Origami paper cactus

Are you somebody who always forgets to water your plants?

Are you tired of your plants dying because of you?

Here’s a solution and a great gifting option,

Forever green paper cactus.

Don’t worry you don’t need to DIY, you can simply order this from Etsy.

This origami paper cactus is a thoughtful wedding anniversary gift.            

20. A Pencil Sketch From Photo:

A pencil sketch from photo

You always wanted that portrait of yours with your spouse, isn’t it?

Gift a couple of pencil sketch made from your photo which would be a great start to your relationship!

You can hang it in the living or bedroom and cherish it forever!

PortraitFlip offers these sketches and a lot of other paintings in other mediums as well in just a few clicks!

Get your painting in 4 Easy Steps with PortraitFlip:

  1. Visit the website and upload image/images which you would like to be painted.
  2. Get your image edited if you want for free.
  3. Add details like the name of the couple or the anniversary date.
  4. Choose framing and

Voila! You receive the happiness package as soon as possible with just a few clicks.

We are offering FREE Shipping and an exclusive 10% Discount sitewide25, get your coupon here!

21. Scrabble Themed Name Portrait:

Scrabble themed name portrait

This is not just a name portrait it signifies that you two were meant to be together and hence acts as a lovely metaphor!

Celebrate your first anniversary with such a thoughtful gift and keep the love alive forever!

Get yours from

22. Engraved Couple’s Names Oak Photo Cube:

Engraved couple's names oak photo cube

A couple which is made for each other needs a gift which is custom made.

This photo cube features 4 photos on the 4 sides and personalization on the upper side.

Now isn’t that a thoughtful first year paper anniversary gift!

Find yours on

23. Bicycle Bike Anniversary Gift Present:

Bicycle bike anniversary gift present

Start the ride of your first anniversary by gifting this photo frame to your loved one.

It signifies how you go hand in hand in the happy journey of life!

Find yours on Etsy.

24. DIY Lantern:

Diy lantern

This DIY lantern goes perfectly in the backyard of your garden and offers ambient lighting during those evening coffee breaks.

This small cube DIY lantern makes a cute small anniversary gift.

Pair it up with some other small gifts to make a good gift package for him/her.

Learn how to make this at

25. Custom Sound Wave Portrait:

Custom sound wave portrait

Hey! In every couple’s life the song that they first danced on is very special.

Get the sound wave of that song printed and flaunt it in the living room.

This is one of the best thoughtful anniversary gifts, get yours from Etsy.

PS: If your spouse is into music you have landed on the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary.

26. Song Lyrics Framed:

Song lyrics framed

You must have that song which is about you both, right?

Just pick that stanza which best describes both of you and get it printed on a paper from any dealer on Etsy.

Not only will this be a thoughtful paper anniversary gift but it is unique as well.

PS: Your first dance song would also do the trick!

27. A Magnificent Watercolor Painting From Photo:

Watercolor Paintings are the most thoughtful anniversary gift one could ever gift.

And the fact that you can make it just from a single photo makes it easy to procure as well.

Just send a photo of you two or your spouse to PortraitFlip at the order page.

And use the unlimited FREE revisions feature to make changes like Background Replacement, Merging Multiple Photographs into one, Style Transfer and many more.

Choose the express delivery by PortraitFlip to get your order as quickly as possible, or you can get in touch using our 24*7 chat feature.

Checkout our watercolor paintings gallery here.

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Don’t forget to leave your comments and likes for us which always fuel to get more of such helpful content to you.

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