35 Thoughtful Paper Anniversary Gifts That Can Wow Your Love!

27 Thoughtful Paper Anniversary Gifts That Can Wow Your Love!

(Kudos! You’ve landed in the right place if you’re looking for paper anniversary gifts that can wow your favorite soul.)

First, let me make a confession: “Gift-giving is a joy that nobody can ever take it away from you. However, they can influence your buying decisions!” 

That’s why it’s essential for you to pick out what truly appeals to your recipient.

Since you’re celebrating your upcoming first wedding anniversary, your presents should have some sort of depth and thoughtfulness in them.

The first year of marriage is considered a fresh beginning for two souls, which is why it’s fragile, delicate, and sensitive.

In order to develop, grow, and make it beautiful and better, it’s been a tradition to gift your partner a paper-related gift on the first anniversary!

Going with the tradition, you can get any of these below-shared paper anniversary gifts, and grab personalized wedding gifts for the next year!

Here you go.

1. An Anniversary Charcoal Drawing

a charcoal drawing of a couple by PortraitFlip.

Your partner deserves the best on the 1st wedding anniversary, and so does that bland wall 😀

Imagine: You’re standing next to your love and she’s looking into you as if she’s drowned in your eyes.

The very next moment you bring out the rectangular-sized frame from your back, which you’ve been hiding for a while. 

You ask her to unwrap it; your voice goes deeper out of excitement. 

The moment she starts unwrapping it, you feel the butterflies in your stomach.

In this process, you’re unable to make eye contact with her as it palpitates you.

In the middle, she stops and takes a look at you as if she has already taken a glimpse of surprise.

Instead of opening it completely she comes and hugs you tightly and you kiss her forehead!

This is how magical a handmade painting/ drawing can be if given as a paper anniversary gift!

It’s one of the thoughtful and timeless paper anniversary gifts for her that you need to order, without thinking for a second!

Get herself a stunning drawing from professionals!

There’s a special discount for early buyers; use “Off10” and…

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2. A Greeting Card

a greeting card as a paper anniversary gift for her/him

You can gift him/her this greeting card as complementary that goes perfectly with any of these anniversary presents

There are plenty of ready-made greeting cards available on Hallmark or Papyurusonline. 

If you want to make it personalized go on Etsy. And don’t forget to send out your special message to them. This could be your promises, secret signs, or a romantic song!

3. Personalized Message In A Bottle

A personalized messaged kept in a glass bottle

Every man is a poet when he is in love – Plato

Whatever you scribble or inscribe, it won’t fail to impress her!

Make sure you write it yourself and don’t ask for others’ help.

The upside of giving it as a paper anniversary present is it will make her feel that you’ve finally expressed your feelings through words.

You’ve poured down your emotions and affection onto a paper, and that sound too poetic and romantic!

4. A Customized Folded Book

A customized folded as a paper anniversary gift

Customized folded books are most often given as paper anniversary gifts!

You can find it in any store on Etsy that can instantly impress him/her.

You can have your love’s name or initials designed in it in a seamless way!

5. A Colorblock Notebook

A green pink covered colorblock notebook

It’s one of the affordable 1 year paper anniversary gifts that’ll look captivating on her desk!

Every time she looks at it she’ll remember you. In your absence, she may sketch or write something about you.

She can also use it to jot down her to-do list and bucket list!

6. A Paper Ticket For Adventure

A couple scuba diving.

Who says paper anniversary gifts for her have to be materialistic?

You can make it realistic and entertaining by taking her out on an adventurous journey!

This is one of the thoughtful paper anniversary gifts that can give her a thrilling experience on your special day!

Plan an interesting adventure of her choice—Scuba Diving, Banana Boating, Para-Sailing, Paragliding, and others that both of you like the most.

This way she can spend quality time with you away from her daily obligations!

7. Photo Books

3 photo books lying on the plain white surface.

Bring back the shine of your old memories!

Send your wedding photos to Zoomin and get a photo book out of them.

You’ve all the freedom when it comes to choosing templates and layouts!

This is one of the innovative paper anniversary gifts that preserve and display your memories in the best possible way. 

Also, this can be a great conversation starter she’d ever need!

8. DIY Paper Flowers

A man is holding DIY paper flower in his hand.

Celebrations are incomplete without flowers!

Get herself some paper flowers or learn how to make them from The Spruce Craft.

There are plenty of paper flower tutorials, including Crepe Paper Peonies, Giant Kraft Paper flowers, and others.

9. Paper Wine Glass Lampshade

Paper wine glass lampshade on a white surface.

It’s one of the unique paper anniversary gifts that can innovatively don your wine glass.

This makes her wine glass look more like a lantern. In this manner, she’ll take it to the patio and remove the paper lampshade when she wants to sip her favorite wine. 

10. A Best Seller Book

3 best romantic novels for your spouse as a paper anniversary gift.

Is she a voracious book reader? 

If yes, then get herself a book on the paper anniversary!

It’s one of the romantic and affordable paper anniversary gifts that will entertain her and make her fall for reading once again!

Pick out the best seller novels—perhaps, The Notebook, It Ends With Us, or Reminders of Him by Collen Hover.

11. Personalized Paper Jewellery Designed Letter

personalized paper jewellery designed letters for the wife

This paper anniversary gift can help her to put in all the love letters and handwritten messages which you’ve given to her

Make sure you leave a heartwarming message in it, that talks about your first wedding anniversary and some precious moments.

She’ll love it and keep this heart-touching present forever!

12. A Bucket List Planner

A bucket list planner on a pink surface

Gift her a customized bucket list planner from Zazzle or BookOutlet on the paper anniversary!

Because there are hundreds of promises you’ve made in broad daylight—both pleasant and wild!

Why not jot them down into a bucket list planner and accomplish them?

No matter how big or small it is, when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it 😀

13. A Handmade Leather Diary

a leather old-fashioned dairy

Is she an avid writer?

If yes, then gift her a BIBELOT handcrafted eco-friendly leather diary with a lovely cover. 

You’ve got plenty of options that let you personalize it with her name.

It’s one of the affordable paper anniversary gifts for her that can bring her writer/poet out!

14. A Comic Set

All of the Marvels, a comic book for a marvel fan.

Who doesn’t love comic sets?

If your partner in crime is a Marvel fan then giving her a comic book can be the best decision you’d ever make!

Consider “All of the Marvels: A Journey to the Ends of the Biggest Story Ever Told” for someone who wants to read every single Marvel comic book ever released but can’t find the time!

15. DIY Instagram Book

An opened DIY Instagram book.

Win her smile with this DIY Instagram book!

A DIY Instagram book can be a great paper anniversary present for her as it consists of all her nicest pictures from Instagram.

Make it creative by putting emojis and funny characters on it!

It’s one of the best gifts for the paper anniversary that can bring a wide smile to her face!

16. A Paper Map

A paper map mounted on the white, plain wall.

Go creative by making a paper map that shows all the cities where both of you have traveled.

It’s fun and a personalized paper anniversary gift that can add nostalgic touch and make her recall all those beautiful moments of her life.

She can display it anywhere—her desk, shelf, or office cabinet!

17. Paper Tickets To Concerts

A couple enjoying and recording a live concert on their mobile phones.

Even if she’s not fond of live shows and concerts she will love to spend some time with you in the theatres!

As they say, the best presents are the ones that can be experienced. 

Hide movie tickets in cover and take your significant other to a musical or concert and groove and make the day memorable!

18. Magazine Subscriptions

A bunch of magazines as paper anniversary gifts.

It won’t sound romantic but actually worth your attention if your partner loves to read magazines!

This is a practical present that makes her forget the outside world and keep updated on trends, Fashion, and Gossip! 

19. A DIY Lantern

a half dozen DIY lanterns for wife or spouse on paper anniversary.

This DIY lantern will look great as a paper anniversary as he can hang it in his garden’s backyard!

This will also provide ambient lighting for those late-night coffee breaks.

It’s up to you whether you wanna go for Tin Cans or Paper Bags, this will appear as one of the best DIY paper anniversary gifts for him!

20. Heart-Shaped Photo Art

family photos designed in a heart shaped photo art.

It’s one of the cutest paper anniversary gifts as it put all his precious memories in one place.

Gift him this stunning paper art that won’t fail to wow him on his first wedding anniversary!

Get it from Shutterfly which is known for making top-notch heart-shaped photo paper art!

21. Personalized Paper Cufflinks

paper personalized cufflinks on a wooden surface.

Even the tiniest gift can succeed in wowing him!

Think of giving him personalized paper cufflinks that have his initials engraved on them.

The website “Paper Anniversary by Anna. V” can professionally and beautifully inscribe his initials on the paper and turn them into personalized paper cufflinks.

This is one of the inexpensive paper anniversary gifts for him that can be cherished forever!

22. Paper Flower Vase

3 different colored paper vases with flowers as paper anniversary gifts.

We can do a lot on the paper anniversary day, one of them is gifting him/her a paper flower vase.

She’ll love to receive it as it also looks cute, creative, and captivating as home decor which you can order from Root To Wine!

23. Paper Rose Ring

3 paper rose ring. One paper rose ring is in the red heart shaped box.

Surprise her with an incredible paper rose ring from Etsy.

You can also ask them to inscribe her initials!

This looks dainty but is a unique paper anniversary gift that will come up in an unexpectedly cute box!

24. Paper Necklace

A colorful paper flower necklace.

Think out of the box, because you’ve plenty of options for your 1st paper anniversary.

Gift your love a paper necklace from Sarah Trumbauer’s store!

They have unique, pre-designed, artistic paper necklace collections that have never failed to impress recipients. 

25. Origami Wall Clock

a wall clock as a paper anniversary present.

Present your partner an origami wall clock from the store of GiftedPapers (Esty).

It’s a terrific way to show how much time you like spending together, and how much you know about her.

Make sure you send them her favorite poem or quotes, so they can use them on the paper from which the wall clock can be made. 

The wall clock is a nice image to help her remember that the finest gift of all is giving your time to each other. 

26. Paper Bead Bracelet

paper bead bracelet for the spouse on paper anniversary.

Is your charm loves to wear black?

If yes, then this can look perfect on his wrist!

This is one of the best paper anniversary accessories that will look unique and stylish.

27. Paper Ornaments

a paper ornament lying on a ceramic plate.

Another paper anniversary gift that is artistic and affordable he/she would love to receive is a paper ornament.

This is a unique paper anniversary present that can look mesmerizing in any place—ceiling, walls, tree, or her table.

The ornaments are hand folded, made with sheer effort and dedication that will be the perfect gift for the paper anniversary! 

28. A Thought Gift That Preserves Her Best Moments

A compilation family portrait made by PortraitFlip

The 1st anniversary is always special. It’s fragile and delicate though, just like a newborn baby. 

You have to take care of every aspect of the relationship to make it grow as best as possible.

For that, you really need to communicate with your partner regardless of any situation.

Since you’re about to clock 365 as a married couple, you can have a special present ordered for her—that speaks your love language!

This is the easiest yet most effective way to be the reason for her smile on a special occasion.

All you have to do is transform her favorite family photo into an extraordinary present—a handmade painting.

This’ll wow her as you’ve put in the effort to collect all her family members’ photos, and compiled them to make a handmade painting.

Don’t miss out on special coupons, use “OFF10” and…

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29. Personalized Stationery 

a personalized stationery as a paper anniversary gift

Personalized stationery is always in style no matter what occasion you’re giving it as a present.

This paper anniversary gift that’ll help him in doing some paper art, and keep her busy in his spare time. 

There’ll be a box that consists of custom cards, notes, or notepads. Plus, you can even personalize it by engraving his name on the box.

It’s unique, thoughtful, economical, and meaningful, which tells the recipient in a subtle way that every little thing is willing to drive happiness in our lives.

30. A Recipe Book

A recipe book that contains 75 delicious food recipes.

Surprise her with Wine Food, a recipe book that consists of over 75 wine styles with 75 recipes that complements perfectly.

She may have excellent knowledge of wine, food, and barbecue. However, this recipe book will certainly teach her other recipes which are mouth-watering and unique.

This paper anniversary gift will help you as well to bring out the chef from you and cook delicious food for your wife, friends, and family!

31. An Inspirational Quote

an inspirational quote printed on a frame

You may be walking down the same road where you hold each other’s hands.

However, there was a point when she had gone through a rough phase; she kept her mentally and physically strong and thrived in those situations. 

To the brave lady of your life, gift her this paper anniversary present that can glorify her victory and keep her motivated for the next chapter of the marriage. 

32. A Photo Frame With Personalized Message

A personalized message from a husband to his wife on a photo frame.

Have this one-of-a-kind paper anniversary gift ordered for your better half.

You invite art and love to one place and design a masterpiece that’ll be best given on 1st paper anniversary!

This is one of the nicest paper anniversary gifts that can be customized by her name, photos, love messages, or promises you’ve made together. 

33. Letterpress Vows

A wedding vow printed on a frame.

This will remind her of the vows you both exchanged a year ago in front of everyone.

There may be a lot of marriage vows that probably both of you have forgotten. 

But this paper anniversary gift can make you recall the moment and make you wonder how time has passed.

This is one of the paper anniversary gifts that can be greatly appreciated by your bland wall as well. 😀 

34. Paper Anniversary Toilet Paper

a bunch of toilet paper with a quirky message printed on them.

There’s actual toilet paper made specifically to celebrate the first wedding anniversary.

This is one of the paper anniversary gifts that are thoughtful enough to bring laughter to everyone’s face.

You can even customize it—write a quirky message to make your wife laugh out loudly. 

35. An Emotional Gift

an oil portrait made by PortraitFlip

Have you ever proposed to your girlfriend by presenting her with a pet? 

If yes, then this is going to be a meaningful paper anniversary surprise for her.

You can have all those pictures turned into a pet painting, which can be best received as a token of love.

It’ll make her realize how much you love that moment and how your heart felt when she replied “yes” to you! 

That’s all for today!

I hope you find this blog worth reading! 

I’ve shared 35 paper anniversary gifts that are thoughtful and can make a difference in the recipient’s life.

If you think I’ve missed mentioning presents that should be included in this thoughtful paper anniversary gifts, do tell us by commenting below.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please reach out to us on social media.

We’re active on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube as well. 

Thanks for reading till the end.

Bye 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

The best paper anniversary gift can be a Charcoal painting—a timeless, meaningful, and artistic gift. Other than that, a heart-shaped photo art, a paper necklace, and a paper map.

A greeting card, a paper ornament, and a paper rose ring are some of the meaningful paper anniversary gifts that fall under $5.

When it comes to giving him a paper anniversary gift, a handmade portrait should be your first choice! It always has a story behind it and connects the recipient on an emotional level.

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