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In a world which is progressing so rapidly in terms of technological advancements, people are looking for ways of instant gratification.A photo has become the epitome of storing memories as it takes less than a second to capture.Who shall wait for a painting as patience has become a luxury which not many people can afford or at least it seems that way.But isn’t it justified comes the argument?Why bother about some age-old tradition which is losing its grandeur to the progression of time?Well, a painting may be a much more tedious and time-consuming task as compared to capturing a photo.But it is a known fact that a painting requires an enormous amount of skill which is not possessed by everybody.A painting starts with an idea. A nucleus of an idea that grows into conviction, followed by desperation and finally the conversion by the skilled hands into a cacophony of colors on a sketch paper.

GET STARTED Every painting depicts an emotion and is associated with some kind of memory which makes us delve deeper into the memory lane.mothers day oil paintingA painting is an image to which colors are added thus giving it a more realistic touch as compared to the monotony of a photo.In earlier days a painting was the only way of capturing the beauty of a moment or a thing.Thus a painter was considered a really important person and was highly respected in society for“ All you need to paint is a few tools. A little instruction and a vision in your mind.”     -Bob RossThe painting also has a wide array of medicinal properties some of which are discussed in another of our blog posts.A unique skill set which has lost some of its appreciation over the time.Every stroke, every color, and every borderline is a brick that forms the building blocks of our fantasies projected on a white sheet of paper.Painting over the centuries has had such a lasting impression on us that painters such as Van Gogh, Da Vinci have become immortalized with time.The ability of art to mesmerize crowds is unfathomable. Hence compliments and acknowledgments are some of the perks attached to handmade portraits.Some of the defining characteristics as to why art is placed on such a high pedestal are mentioned in the points below.

  • Panache:
Paintings have an aura about themselves, a certain eloquence and class which is rarely found in something else.Hence during medieval times, the walls of aristocratic people are adorned with paintings.Not every person understands this flamboyance which is attached to paintings.At one time only the royal and elite privileged class could afford paintings.It was a sign of their standing in the social hierarchy.Great art is always bound to garner applause from a true connoisseur of art.family charcoal drawing
  • Economical
There was a time when only members of royalty or the higher social class could afford paintings but those days are long gone.I know that a photo is relatively cheaper to a painting but the value for money and satisfaction that one receives with a painting is nothing compared to it.With the emergence of the digital revolution, people all over the world have access to paintings of top-notch quality.Distances are not a factor anymore.PortraitFlip is one such e-commerce site which allows you to acquire world-class paintings at cheap and economical prices.
  • Priceless
There is a famous statement that says money can’t buy you happiness and it reflects an age-old truth.“ Who wants a fool who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”         -Oscar WildeA painting is most often than not used to capture those precious moments which cannot be put into words.As addictive as today’s expensive electronic gadgets may be, they tend to lack the factor which makes a gift truly special in the eyes of the beholder.Kid oil portraitIt lacks that touch of personalism and uniqueness.That special feeling when one realizes that the gift has been made especially for him taking into account his nature and likes.For example, A laptop can be gifted can very well be gifted to anybody but a handmade portrait painting is meant solely for that person.The priceless quality of making a person feel special is what makes a painting a wonderful option for a gift.
  • Uniqueness
Ever felt like the urge to do something different? Ever felt like taking a stroll down the path less trodden? Ever felt like trying to be a round peg trying to fit in a square hole?Well, a painting is a perfect example of something which is out of the box.Each piece of art is different as it reflects the skill and to some extent the personality of the artist which is bound to be different in each case.It is the perfect way to unleash all the creativity which is stored within an individual.A casual visit to an art gallery will help you understand this point from a better perspective.It will also help you appreciate a tradition which on the slow path to oblivion due to the recent technological advancements that are taking place.Paintings have the kind of uniqueness that can be replicated by only a few things in this world.friends acrylic painting
  • Dedication
Contrary to well-established professions, art is underrated and the earnings are not impressive enough to attract more and more people into the job.Hence a higher level of dedication is required as compared to some other mainstream paths.A higher amount of talent and skill is a prerequisite if one is to make a living or garner fame in this profession.In order to encourage the practice, people should vest more and more time into art.Art demands a certain level of appreciation and acknowledgment.The more the crowd the bigger is the enthusiasm of the person behind the painting as is the case with many other professions too.Engaging a small part of your financial earnings into art investments can be of great help to many artists who spend hours together and sometimes even days inside a studio.A little appreciation and gratitude go a long way and same is the case here.family colored pencil sketchHaving underlined few of the importance of paintings, the next question is how can one procure portrait paintings at an affordable price?These days many custom painting services and agencies are available on the internet and they can be a really delightful service.They are engaged in the noble task of delivering fresh and made custom paintings to their customers and that too in exchange for an affordable fee.The process is as simple as can beFirst, a person needs to send a picture of the one whose portrait is desired to be painted.The painting can be sent to their contact online or on their mail.The photo can be digitally edited for better clarity whilst painting.Editing can be performed based on the demands of the customer added with the expertized consultancy from the artists who know about it.Once all this is done one must mention the painting style that is preferred, though the most commonly used ones are an oil painting, watercolor painting, and charcoal painting.
  • Next is the frame size
One can choose from an option of big, medium and small. A new custom size frame has also come which offers a lot of flexibility and options for your portrait.Each and every size is fit for certain occasions that which are left to the discretion of the customer.When all of the above is finalized, the painting is made and shipped to the customer’s door within a short span of time.PortraitFlip is one of the many start-ups dedicated to making handmade portraits for all of your needs.Why our clients love usWe guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction.

GET STARTED Art is a method through which a person showcases his inner feelings and emotions.It is an outlet for all those trapped feeling.A perfect gift for any occasion. It can be used as a souvenir, a memoir and much more.In a world full of deadly addictions make art one of your prime obsessions.In the end“ Life is a great big canvas, throw all the paint on it you can”    -Danny KayeWe hope that this article has been of much use to you and if you feel that you have anything interesting to share please mention it in the comments section below.


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