55+ Modern Home Decor Ideas That Can Enliven Your Space [2023 List]

55+ modern home decor ideas

This is a complete guide to modern home decor…

From living space to entryway, we’ve shared 55+ practical ways to help you style or redesign a house of your choice!

The best interior designers in the world had a lot to share about modern house decoration.

But the fact is the modern decor idea that works for a bedroom will not be great for an entryway or dining room. 

You will have to consider a few adjustments seriously before you get an accent wall for a living area or a fancy light fixture in the foyer. 

Don’t fret! 

We have some ideas that are worth your attention! 

Here we go!

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10 Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

1. Style Your Empty Fireplace 

Living room interior with  a wooden chair, a wall art, a figurine on a white background.
Image Source: House Beautiful

You will have to create an environment to reap the benefits of a fireplace. 

Family painting from different photos

Applying white paint to walls and repositioning some pieces of furnishings can really make the focal point of your home mesmerizing and welcoming. 

2. Discover Mid-Century Inspired Furniture

Living room with old fashion furniture and two square sized portrait on the white wall.
Image Source: Home Designing

Houses with retro-style furnishings look marvelous for several reasons.

Firstly, it matches any arrangements and accents. Secondly, any chandelier goes with a room surrounded by old-fashioned furniture.  

Undoubtedly, this is one of the unique modern living room ideas that enliven the living space! 

3. Install Minimalistic Living Room Amenities & Units 

Living room with a pair of white chairs with a marigold colored rug and a cushioned sofa set.
Image Source: Elle Decor

It’s an edge for owners who have a nice, picturesque lawn.

You don’t need anything except for a pair of white chairs that go perfectly with a marigold-colored rug and a cushioned sofa set. 

This is one of the modern home decor that makes living space colorful and spectacular.  

4. Dominate Your Walls With Texture-Rich Design

Living room with a sofa set and a wooden center table.
Image Source: The Spruce

The saying goes “the texture that you choose talks about you.”

Pick one that matches your character.

For instance, the rustic metal texture is mostly loved by nature lovers. And it looks strikingly beautiful in the living room along with a sofa set and a wooden center table.

5. Keep The Room Airy And Spacious

Living room interior with sophisticated furniture.
Image Source: WendyBradFordInteriorDesign

Modern home decor ideas aren’t only about sophisticated furniture and multicolored walls. 

It’s beyond that! It’s about heart-winning ambiance sometimes.

The best way to have it is by bringing in sleek modernist chairs, a brown-colored rexine sofa, and an ottoman. 

6. Add Black and White

Living room interior with black and white furniture set.
Image Source: Firstcry

The B/W effect adds a layer of luxe.

Your happy place will look voguish and elegant with white walls and black wooden furnishings.

7. Set A Mood With Maximalist Designs 

A living room interior with maximalist designs.
Image Source: Elle Decor

Make sure you don’t over-repeat patterns, fixtures, and collectibles. 

The modern living room has bold-colored motifs and a lot of functional units in it. 

For instance, an ideal maximalist living room has a pull-out sofa bed, an LC3 Grand Modele armchair, and a Mocha wood coffee table. 

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8. Embrace Modern Art Deco

A living room space with a modern art deco.
Image Source: InDesignLive

This popular design from the 1920s is in the rage!

For those who think geometric patterns can’t be good for living space, here introduction to a Modern Art Deco that is guaranteed to wow. 

This style embraces symmetrical designs and luxury in exuberant shapes, and will make your living space striking and stand out-ish! 

9. Introduce Modern Bohemian Decor

A living room space adorned with a bohemian style.
Image Source: Taylor Wimpey

Modern bohemian decor is one of the best contemporary living room ideas. 

It will make a living room playful as it focuses on ethnic weaves and plays with aesthetic textures and prints.

A Lounge chair, a modern arm sofa, large floor pillow, handwoven rug, and others can embrace this free-spirited, bohemian style!

10. Welcome Rustic Living Room

Rustic living room with wall wall color paint and furniture.
Image Source: Spacejoy

Do you want a rustic living room with a touch of modern? 

Here are some adjustments you need to make:

Get wood accents, a neutral color palette, soft furnishings, and of course, some modern pieces. 

This will beautify old family favorites and make the living space playful and cozy. 

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10 Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

1. Don’t Forget the Bright Blue Accent

Bedroom interior with the bright blue accent.
Image Source: EssentialHome

Don’t forget a bright blue accent known for its tranquil features. 

Embellishing a bedroom wouldn’t be tougher when you consider the following arrangements: 

Two iridescent glass pendants over the bed and a side table next to the cue with beautiful artwork on the wall.

These adjustments make a bedroom space playful and creative!

2. Limelight On Art 

Bedroom space with a dog portrait mounted on the white wall.

Make some room for art by discarding unnecessary knickknacks and general clutter.

Commission a stunning handmade pet painting and mount it to the wall just above the headboard.

Find the best place to buy custom paintings!

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3. Embrace Scandinavian Bedroom

Bedroom with Scandinavian interior.
Image Source: The Spruce

Embrace this mid-century fashion that loves white color and minimalist patterns.

This way you can turn a simple bedroom into a colorful and functional one. 

4. Get Bright Accents

Beautiful bright accent for bedroom
Image Source: The Spruce

Although most designers pick red and orange, you go with green this time!

It makes your bedroom flawlessly charming when it has the following adjustments: 

A white-colored fluffy mattress, dark green curtains, and an off-white wall paint set a cozy vibe throughout the bedroom. 

5. Keep it Spacious

Airy, roomy, and spacious bedroom interior.
Image Source: The Spruce

This modern bedroom decor can win anyone’s heart!

Just create a bedroom that has minimal furnishings, collectibles, and items to make it functional and roomy. 

Since functionality is a basic theme of modern home decor, let’s embrace it this time! 

6. Brighten Up Bedroom With Polished Surface

Bedroom with cozy environment and polished surface.
Image Source: MyDomaine

In a modern bedroom, the surface always remains bright as a new pin.

Any furnishings and light fixtures look mesmerizing on a shiny surface bedroom. 

7. Think About Multi-Purpose Furniture

A bedroom space with multi-functional furnishings.
Image Source: The Spruce

Modern home decor screams furniture that serves multiple purposes.

Think about pieces like a bench with storage space, a cabinet that transforms into a study table, and a king-size bed with a frosty white and dark brown finish.

This sleek multifunctional furnishing adds a different color to your sleeping spot and upgrades the ambiance by 10x.  

8. Introduce Rich and Colorful Accessories 

Bedroom with colorful and rich accessories.
Image Source: hgtv

Even a pendant light can create an elegant look in the bedroom. 

However, you will have to make a few adjustments.

For instance, a chandelier hung from the ceiling over the curvy-sided bed, with an upholstered ottoman on the left looking picturesque. 

If you want, you can consider other pendant lights that appear to be rich and luminous. 

9. Welcome Beach Escapes Modern Bedroom 

Bedroom interior consists of beach escape vibe.
Image Source: decorpad

Do you want relaxing and breezy beach vibes in the bedroom?  

Just bring beach-inspired furniture to your place and let it create a soothing environment. 

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most unique modern home decor ideas on the list. 

10. Install Latest Light Fixtures

Bedroom walls with advance and sophisticated light fixtures.
Image Source: The Spruce

If you have a large bedroom, here’s something you need to do to make it more colorful and luminous. 

Install sconces on either side of the bed, a table lamp on a dresser, a standing lamp next to your comfortable chair, and other pendant lights. 

This modern home decor sets an enjoyable vibe and highlights each keepsake and collectible in the bedroom. 

10 Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas 

1. Embrace Monochromatic Green 

Kitchen room with monochromatic green.
Image Source: GoodHouseKeeping

The kitchen is a prime location to experiment with bold colors. 

To spruce up your austere kitchen, you must change floorings with monochromatic green that looks soothing to the eyes!

The lavish use of monochromatic green (modern home decor) makes the kitchen age gracefully. 

2. Upgrade Kitchen Sink

Kitchen area with a rustic kitchen sink.
Image Source: Magnolia

The most ignored part of a kitchen is the sink. 

Why not remodel it with a wooden sink?

This might give a vintage look to your kitchen, but a rustic one. 

3. Design Bold Lines On Ceilings

Kitchen interior consists of bold lines on ceilings and side walls.
Image Source: MyDomaine

Make your kitchen stand out with this modern home decor.

This modern kitchen decor uses thin wood slats that lengthen the ceiling and continue down the wall. 

It looks contemporary to those houses that have a common kitchen and dining area. 

4. Introduce White Color

Image Source: Envato

When you’re thinking of soft colors, pick white over anything! 

It goes perfectly with dark-colored furnishings and highlights the brightest part of the kitchen. 

5. Go Contemporary 

Kitchen space with subway tiles and multifunctional furniture.
Image Source: This Old House

With white calm paint and subway tiles, anything looks great in the kitchen!

It’s suggested that this combination (modern kitchen decor) goes with a subtle black countertop and hardwood floors. 

With minimal kitchen units, your kitchen will look spacious and uncluttered.  

6. Opt For Counter To Ceiling Open Shelving

Kitchen interior consists of counter to ceiling open shelving.
Image Source: The Inspired Home

You don’t have to rely on expensive techniques and accessories to draw everyone’s eyes up!

This modern kitchen decor idea makes the small space look roomier and more organized. 

To advance your kitchen look, display your favorite collectibles and imported items on the shelving. 

7. Play With Wood

Kitchen space with wooden furniture giving a farmhouse vibe.
Image Source: Ashley Webb Interiors

Want a fresh farmhouse vibe? 

Incorporate warm wood tones which is the best deal for kitchen decoration. 

Marble backsplash and countertop, with matchable furnishing, make a room visually appealing, refreshing, and clean.

8. Find Accent Furniture

Kitchen interior consists of monochromatic designs and aesthetic furniture.
Image Source: cheliushouseofdesign

This modern home decor can tie the room together if you have a monochromatic design in the kitchen.

With woven barstools and accents, an aesthetic blue rug, and a subtle white-colored countertop, you can make the room charming throughout the corners. 

9. Blend Modern With Traditional

Kitchen room with old fashioned furnishing but modern floorings.
Image Source: My Domaine

If you wish to embrace modern home decor but don’t want to discard old fashioned furnishings, here’s a deal: 

Remodel the floorings with neutral tones that perfectly go with warm wallpaper and retro kitchen pieces.

This way you can preserve the essence of traditional furnishings and give a sleek look to your kitchen.  

creation of adam reproduction

10. Get Geometric Patterns

Kitchen interior with geometric patterns  and storage units.
Image Source: housebeautiful

Get geometrical patterns that merge with kitchen storage units!

This modern home decor idea adds a subtle design to the heart of the house and makes its personality unique as yours.

Although the plan also goes with asymmetrical cabinet units and can draw people’s attention due to its meticulously detailed design. 

10 Modern Entryway Decor Ideas 

1. Keep Your Entrance Simple

The round mirror along with a vase on the side table and a vintage rustic wooden table in the entryway.
Image Source: californiahomedesign

Keep your entryway decor simple, airy, and roomy.

To keep the entrance unadorned yet welcoming, mount a round mirror, a wooden side table on the left, and a floor made up of plywood exactly shown in the picture.

2. Focus on Chandelier

Focus on chandelier hung on the ceiling next to the window.
Image Source: houzz

You have an edge if your house has a high ceiling. 

You can hang a glamorous large chandelier to illuminate the entryway. 

This way you can win visitors’ hearts who are going to show up for the first time!

3. Introduce Colorful Front Door

Orange designed frame door in the entryway.
Image Source: curatedinterior

Think of painting your front door to enliven your entryway!

You can use shades of turquoise in lieu of adorning the walls and sprucing up the floors with imported rugs and granite tiles.  

This modern home decor sets an amazing tone both inside and outside. 

4. Incorporate Warm Wood Sideboard

A wooden side table with a rustic rug on the floor of the entryway.
Image Source: vinterior

The privilege of keeping a sideboard is you can flaunt your artwork over its surface.

The front door and sideboard should be monochromatic to match the walls and other entryway furnishings.

Besides, you can keep other items in its and glam up the empty space. 

5. Get Two Velvet Side Chairs And A Console Table

Two velvet chairs on the sides on a single shelving table, with a round table in the entryway.
Image Source: houzz

This is one of the voguish modern entryway decor ideas. 

Two turquoise side chairs look sorted, of course, gorgeous when they’re placed on either side of a console table. 

The round mirror behind the table on the accent wall looks unbeatable!

6. Hang A Car Portrait

A beautiful house painting by PortraitFlip mounted on the orange wall.

Bring some charm to your entryway with artwork of your choice!

A car portrait looks exemplary on its wall. 

If you have a story worth listening to, a story related to a car in the form of pictures, let us know. 

We will turn it into a strikingly beautiful portrait!

Also, get to know how to hire an artist for such custom paintings.

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7. Embrace the Simplicity of Blue and White

Entryways interior consists of white and blue combination furniture and designs.
Image Source: housebeautiful

This is definitely a no-brainer modern home decor idea on the list!

You can’t deny the fact that blue and white make a wow combination.

The wall covered with these colors creates a soothing environment. 

8. Choose a Statement Rug

An entryway with a beautiful pink rug on the floor.
Image Source: curatedinterior

Even a simple adjustment can make the entryway’s ambiance serene. 

Instead of regular rugs, this time, you go with a statement rug available at Ruggable or Wayfair. 

9. Keep It Low-Key But Mighty

A meticulously detailed peacock art piece on the wall in the entryway.
Image Source: uttermost

With the right accessories, a corner can even become a good foyer. 

Create a moment just after you open the entry door with these installments and adjustments. 

You need sleek furnishings like a console table, some artwork, a table lamp, showpieces, and others exactly what you can see in the picture. 

10. Create a Gallery

An entryway dominated by several artworks.
Image Source: housebeautiful

Turn your simple entryway into a wall gallery.

It’s one of the budget-friendly modern wall decor ideas. 

Grab photo frames from the market – make sure you mount them properly for a picturesque view.  

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10 Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

1. Make It Like A Spa

Modern bathroom interior gives you spa-like experience.
Image Source: housebeautiful

There are a few installments and adjustments to get a spa-like experience in your bathroom.

A side table made up of jute, placed on the side of the bathtub with tortilla texture floors will look like your dream bathroom.

Similar to what you experience in the luxurious hotel’ bathrooms. 

2. Reflects The External Charm

Modern bathroom space with a wooden sloped ceiling and fancy light fixtures.
Image Source: housebeautiful

If you have a wooden sloped ceiling in your bathroom, then you’re gonna love this idea!

You will have to make the window settings similar to the picture shown above to make the floor-to-wall green tiles area luminous. 

Let positivity flow in with these modern home decor ideas!

3. Add Seatings

Modern bathroom decoration with a bathtub and semi-rounded windows.
Image Source: justinplace

Bring in sophisticated and relaxing circular seating in your bathroom if you have a lot of empty space.

Make the windows rounded that go with circular seating to make the bathtub a center of attraction. 

4. Introduce Wallpaper

Modern bathroom with a fancy marble sink.
Image Source: decorpad

Don’t be afraid to visualize your bathroom with colors 

Your bathroom may look fancier and more dramatic, but it looks out-of-box, especially if you’ve no plans to incorporate bathroom furnishings. 

5. Shake Things With Colors and Lights 

modern bathroom decoration with monochromatic pink.
Image Source: housebeautiful

The monochromatic pink on the walls and floor make the entire bathroom a romantic spot.

The energy that surges in is unmeasurable as the adjustment makes the room serene and lovable. 

6. Insert A Fireplace

modern bathroom welcomes a fireplace.
Image Source: veranda

This one is for those who are building it from the scratch – who wish to have extra perks

You can insert a fireplace just next to the bathtub to pass warmth, cozy, and of course, a romantic vibe.

7. Get A Copper Jacuzzi

Modern bathroom with a copper jacuzzi and blue accent paint on walls.
Image Source: veranda

A copper jacuzzi is a statement your bathroom needs!

When the weather gets colder, you will find no excuse to see yourself in this large copper jacuzzi. 

Your bathroom just gets fancier with this modern bathroom decor.

8. Stick To Your Color

A modern bathroom with off-brown walls and off-white sinks and mirror frames.
Image Source: housebeautiful

It is evidently the fashionable and smartest way to beautify awkward corners and spaces. 

Make sure you have off-brown dominance on walls, titles, nooks, underneaths, and off-white as a supplementary color for sinks and mirror frames.

9. Prefer Countryside Design

Bathroom decoration in countryside design.
Image Source: housebeautiful

No matter where you’re from, you can’t say no to southwest style when it comes to adorning the bathroom. 

All you need is the insertion of small house plants, white cactus decoration, and a bathtub that makes your bathroom alluring and comfortable!

It not only tops the design but also makes the area organized and clutter-free. 

10. Incorporate Etagere

A modern bathroom with an etagere and a jacuzzi.
Image Source: housebeautiful

In lieu of drilling in the walls and mounting frames and shelves, have an etagere to your bathroom area.

The spot next to the bathtub can be the ideal one to keep cosmetics and soaps close by. 

Since they’re exposed, you can keep other collectibles on it to display. 

10 Modern Home Office Decor Ideas

1. Install Track Lighting

Wooden table and V-type chairs in a modern home office space.
Image Source: housebeautiful

Install track lighting above your cabinet to keep yourself productive! 

Your study table or desk needs to be clutter-free and spacious, that way you can keep important documents and files organized and handy. 

Although the wooden table and V-type chairs belong to modern times, it gives a rustic feel if placed in the right spot under the track lighting. 

2. Modify Your Favorite Place

A cushioned sofa set and wooden adjustments modern home office.
Image Source: housebeautiful

The room packed with a sofa set, a side table, fabric-packed curtains, and other collectibles won’t make you feel alone!

This modern home decor can make a versatile office for yourself – where you work, think, play, and have a cup of coffee.

This will keep you focused and organized only when your favorite space is accessible for yourself, not for others. 

3. Get Home Office Units

A bedroom area with home office units
Image Source: displate

When you don’t have a view or furniture to work seriously at home, this modern home decor can really motivate you.

Your books, calendar, notes, and phones can be kept on it; it will turn an austere room into an innovative and befitting office place.

4. Welcome Minimalism

Simple minimalistic adjustments and furniture in home office space
Image Source: meccinteriors

Embrace minimalist decor when you have limited space for a home office!

With a shelf slide desk, an ant-shaped wooden chair, and a fabric ottoman you can turn an empty space into a work environment!

5. Get Some Sleek Furniture

Sleek furniture that make a living room more like an office.
Image Source: meccinteriors

Your reading room can also be your home office space.

Add shelves and cabinets that create room for office papers and documents.

6. Mount Artwork On Your Wall 

A beautiful acrylic artwork on the wall.

If you don’t have a beautiful view from your house or you’re missing creative decor of the office then mount an artwork next to your desktop!

This will create an office vibe at your place and keep you creative.  

Want to get it for your wall?

Send us the photo and we will make beautiful artwork out of it.

7. Incorporate Nature Inspired Home Office Design

Natured inspired open shelving in a living room
Image Source: estliving

The work-from-home culture cannot be intimidating if you incorporate nature-inspired furnishing into your home.

This way you can take breaks the moment you hit the top level of boredom.

Add a multiple-compartment shelf and wooden cabinet with a chair to merge with the environment of nature to keep things running smoothly.

8. Blend In With Surroundings

A modern small-sized office home cabinet with a wooden chair.
Image Source: Pinterest

To continue or start off with in-home work, you don’t need to have a wide spare space. 

Make a note of this that you can keep productivity boosted and focused on work with a few adjustments in bedrooms as well. 

A modern small-sized office home cabinet and a wooden chair can go with other furnishings in the bedroom. 

9. Paint It Your Favorite Color

Blue wall bedroom with a home office units and furniture.
Image Source: digsdigs

If you have everything aligned and structured in accordance with work, just recolor your wall with blue.

Blue drives serenity, and inspiration, and is soothing to the eyes.

It makes a spot perfect to get started with tasks you’ve been delaying.

And create a picturesque view comprising a wooden open shelf, a four-supported center blue chair a marvelous soft surface cabinet to keep notes and a laptop on. 

10. Break Into Sections

A green wall bedroom with a wooden chair and a table.
Image Source: heidicaillierdesign

The idea is to spread the home office throughout the house.

Incorporate office units in multiple rooms so you can comfortably answer your colleague’s call from the living room, drop an email where your wifi is strong, and send reports from the bedroom. 

In Conclusion

I hope you found some of the modern home decor ideas valuable and budget-friendly.

Now, it’s your turn. You’ve to decide which one you’re moving with to adorn your beautiful house.

Don’t forget us, when you pick these ideas by commenting below!

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