37 Minimalist Home Decor Ideas Of 2023: Elegance Is Refusal

A photo of home decor representing minimal decor
Minimalist Home Decor Ideas and tips for those who want a chic decor with bare-minimum efforts.

If I could define minimalism in regards to home decor, I would say it in just three words, ‘Sophisticated yet simple

Those of you who love to live a minimalistic lifestyle, do know the importance of how much “little things” truly add value in life.

When you’ve decided to stick to things that are the bare minimum and not spend on fancy stuff that adds little or no value to your life, you should switch the home decor to reflect your minimalistic personality.

So it’s very crucial on finding the best places to buy home decor that is both minimalist and budget-friendly.

Whether you’re simplistic or not; minimalistic home decor will let you declutter your home and add a dash of elegance.

From hanging art pieces on the wall to adding negative spaces to the decor, below you’ll find wonderful tips and 37 minimalistic ideas that’ll add value to your home.

With these minimalist home decor ideas and tips, you’d get a fair idea of how you can spruce up your decor without having fancy stuff.

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Let’s go!

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Minimalist Home Decor Tips

7 tips for minimalist home decor

Before we look at some cool minimalistic home decor designs ideas, let’s look at some golden tips that will give you a perspective on what you can do to achieve a high-in-class minimalist look for your home.

1) Bye Bye Old Stuff!

Declutter your house and get rid of stuff that doesn’t add any value to your home. Whether it’s an overly sized Tv stand or a table that doesn’t complement the living room—decluttering should be your first step.  Once you get rid of stuff you don’t need, you’ll realize how clean your house can look.

Family painting from different photos

2) Purpose Is Everything

One of the fine tips is to have only home decor items that serve the purpose. Anything that serves no purpose (regardless of how fancy it is), should be removed.

3) Two-in-one

Add decor items that serve two purposes—for example, Ottoman which you can use as a coffee table as well as for storage.

4) Embrace Empty Space

Because there’s blank space in your bedroom doesn’t mean that you should put up a table just to fill the vacant space;  the real deal to minimalist home decor is to have fewer decor items. Lesser the clutter, mindful you’ll feel.

5) Be The Architect

Let the architecture of your home speak for itself.  The structural elements of the house may look more beautiful if there are not masked by excessive decor items!

6) Light Colors For A Brighter Home

Having light colors on walls reflects more light, thus breathing more space into your decor. So go with light colors as opposed to darker shades.

7) Kiss Sunlight

Opt for large windows while refurnishing your home to let the sun rays kiss the decor! Also, switch up the dark curtains with light ones for a brighter home.

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Minimalist Home Decor Ideas

Whether you wanna revamp the ambiance for each room or for a particular area of your home decor within your budget—be it mantle or hallway, or whether you’re looking for ideas for a particular occasion like a birthday, or Christmas—below are some minimalistic home decor ideas to spruce up your home.

1) Simple Yet clean

living room minimalist decor
Photo credits: thespruce.com

When being simple and elegant is your lifestyle, so shall you put up your decor that lets the living room decor speak for itself.

2) Pink is Bae

living room decor with neutral shades with pink style.
Photo credits: livspace.com

Neutral tones plus a dash of pink = a classy minimalist decor idea that you can’t take your eyes from.

3) Power of Art

a handmade painting of two small girls made by portraitflip's artist is hanging on wall

Decorating the living room with minimal decor requires you to have fewer and fewer decor items around; but with the proper placement, the few handpicked items can totally make up the decor.
Like in the photo above, the first thing to catch your eyes is the beautiful baby portrait of two little girls. So simple minimalist decor, yet so powerful.

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4) Dare To Bare

living room with clean blank walls in white theme.
photo caption: dreamstime.com

One of the famous minimalist bedroom decor ideas is embracing clean walls and keeping them clutter-free.

5) A Zip Of Contrast

a colorful bedroom with a minimalist personality
Photo credits: elledecor.com

Give your room a vivid and vibrant look by adding contrasting colors that will reflect the minimalist personality.

6) Worldliness Design

a modern decor style with cycle on wall.
Photo credits: fertility-design.com

Sophistication in home decor doesn’t mean hanging expensive decor items – rather it’s a minimalist way of decorating the home in a modern style.

7) The Minimum Guy

small apartment decorated in minimalist way with white walls.
Photo credits: grafomap.com

Being smaller than houses, apartments tend to get cluttered easily- so keeping the furniture and decor to a minimum and on point is all you need for a minimalist look.

8) Swing and Chill?

porch decor in a minimalist's way.
Photo credits: designcafe.com

A minimalist decor idea that all the porch lovers would definitely love!

9) Today’s menu?

minimalist kitchen decor
Photo credits: blog.kitchenandbathclassics.com

Don’t you find this a-peel-ing?

Kitchen can be the most cluttered part of the home, especially during festive seasons when food prep is in full swing! But this minimalist kitchen decor idea can take care of everything.

10) Just Roll With It

minimalist bathroom decor
Photo credits: home-designing.com

The individuals who get their mind-blowing ideas while doing their thing in the toilet will surely appreciate this minimalist bathroom idea!

‘Coz organized bathroom = organized thoughts (at least for most of us)

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Minimalist Decor Ideas For Those Spaces In Your Home

Because they do need a minimalist makeover! Below are some minimalist home decor ideas for tiny spaces and decor items that make up your home.

11) Just “One” Night-stand

night-stand home decor ideas
Photo credits: stylecaster.com

—Because having too many won’t be a good minimalist decor idea for home.

Keep the nightstand simple with the necessary items, lamp, or the best: an indoor plant!

12) Give Your Mantle An Artover!

A mantle decoration with a family portrait by Portraitflip hanging above it

A place that warms the room will warm your heart too when you put a family portrait above it. Not only a great conversational starter, this minimalist mantle decor idea will strengthen the love between the ones who are close to you.

13) Where’s The Rug, Lebowski?

rug decor in a minimalist way
Photo credits: aliexpress.com

Be the Big Lebowski and add an abstract rug that goes in with your minimalist living room decor. A pro tip: While choosing a minimalist rug decor, always choose simple or abstract rugs that will fit in with your minimalistic decor.

14) Country Living—The Minimal Way

tradition farmhouse minimal decor
Photo credits: houseopedia.com

Bring traditional farmhouse style to your home with an added touch of minimalism! Plant on a table, chandelier, and wood decor – this idea speaks for modern ways to revamp the farmhouse decor.

15)  Let em float!

a simple shelf decoration
Photo credits: decoist.com

Give your self -I mean your shelf a total makeover with this minimalist shelf decor idea! Even if you have bare walls, this idea will fill up your space without cluttering.

creation of adam reproduction

16) Take A Shelfie

a bookshelf decorated in a simple way.
Photo credits: pinterest.com/lasesana

— of your wonderful bookshelf!
Showcase the only books that you need and add the only essentials to the bookshelf and add small decor items that complement.

17) The Little Minimalist

nursery decor with  atwist of minimalism
Photo credits: designs.spacejoy.com

Make a cozy space for the little human with this nursery minimalist decor idea that will also let you click awesome pics as they learn to walk on their own. 

18) Chamber Of Comfort

dorm room simple decor idea
Photo credits: homeaddict.io

Make the dorm room feel like home by adding a minimalist style that’ll give it a homely feeling!

19) Decor That Is Clever Than You

industrial decor idea
Photo credits: roohome.com

(and me too!)

Emphasize the functionality of decor and adopt minimalist industrial decor ideas to make your home more spacious and

20) Organize Your Thoughts

a painting of a dog that is painted by portraitflip's artist is placed on a study table beside a few books and flower pot,

Tidy up your study table and keep the only thing that makes you feel good: books and a painting of your pet! Flowers and books – you can get them anywhere, but one of the best places to get a painting from a photo is here!

21) Dress It Up

a dresser decor in a minimalist way.
Photo credits: yrayideh.com

Declutter the dresser and show some love! Revamp it with a minimalist idea- that means keeping only what you need.

22) Don’t Forget Corridor

hallway decor with a mirror that gives a simple look
Photo credits: houzz.com

Hang mirror for aesthetic beauty that’ll complement the hall decor, a minimalist way.

23) Small space? No problem!

a beautiful compactly decorated living room
Photo credits: interiorzine.com

Experiment with the small spaces with a minimalist mindset and you’ll find out what works for you.

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24) The Comfort Of Little Things

rustic minimalisim decor
Photo credits: blog.modsy.com

Rustic minimalism is all about living with only what is required but in a comfortable way. And that’s what you can do while going with minimalist decor ideas.

25)  Knock Knock?

entryway decor
Photo credits: cocolapinedesign.com

This minimalist entryway decor idea will surely impress your guests as soon as they enter that door!

26) Log In Some Green!

succulents placed on a table
Photo credits: hello-hayley.com

Don’t leaf them alone! One of the best minimalist home decor ideas is to add succulents or small plants and make them a focal point

27) 50 Shades Of Grey?

grey themed living room decor
Photo credits: dbrain-studio.com

Don’t know about the other 49, but this shade of grey goes in well! Switch up your color pallet and turn your living room precious with the grey theme!

28) In the Bedroom Too!

grey bedroom decor
Photo credits: dbrain-studio.com

Just look at this bedroom decor and tell me that grey is not the color of elegance! If anyone says that grey can be boring, just show them these photos

29) Love of art

a couple portrait by Portraitflip on the wall above sofa

What is the minimal way of showing your spouse that you love them every day without saying, “I love you”?
By adding a Husband and Wife Portrait to your living room!

Minimalist Decor Ideas For Special Occasions

Whether it’s a birthday or a holiday and you wanna celebrate it the minimalist way, below are some home decor ideas for those dear occasions.

30) Trick or treat?

Halloween minimalist decor ideas
Photo credits: karinuliving.com

Boo! Those who love to keep their lifestyle minimal way sure will love to go with minimalist decor ideas this Halloween.

31) Everyone Will Fall For This

fall decor in a simple style
Photo credits: theglampad.com

Make your home gourd-geous with minimalist fall decor ideas that’ll make autumn your favorite season!

32) Turn On The Music, Man!

party decor in a minimal style
Photo credits: honestlymodern.com

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation day, or any celebration that calls for a party- there’s always a minimalist way to the party decor

33) Happy Birthday!

birthday minimalistic decor idea
Photo credits: u-buy.jp

When it’s the birthday of your loved one, you can’t miss decorating the minimalistic way, nor should you forget giving them perfect gifts.

34) Celebrate Togetherness!

anniversary decor idea in a simple style.
Photo credits: ubuy.co.in

Anniversary calls in for the celebration, but for a minimalist soul like yours—anniversary decor can be minimal without losing its essence. And if you can give a custom painting to the lovebirds, it’ll be a cherry on the top.

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35) Where’s The Turkey, Fam?

Thanksgiving table decorated in a minimalist style.
Photo credits: realsimple.com

Keep the diner table warm and minimal with this colorful minimalist thanksgiving tabletop decor idea.

36) Jingle Bells

christmas decor in a minimalistsic style:
Photo credits: livingletterhome.com

Be minimal and make use of  Christmas tree branches to make a great minimalist Christmas decoration that’ll set the right mood for the holidays.

37) Eggs! Eggs!

dining table decorated with easter decor.
Photo credits: decor8blog.com

Go with an eggcellent easter decor idea that speaks of minimalism in a classy way. For more Easter decor ideas, you can check this wonderful blog.

When it comes to minimalist home decor ideas, there are tons of ideas that you can experiment with, but the base will remain the same:

Less is more!

As we’re stepping toward a healthier future, many people are adopting a minimalist lifestyle where they love to live with fewer resources and have the only required possessions.

(By the way, if you’re a minimalist, you’d like to check our guide on eco-friendly gifts that’ll let you choose the gifts that are nature-friendly and  support minimalism)

In a nutshell, minimalist decor ideas boil down to decluttering the decor and placing the little things that complement the decor!

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Minimalism is a style that is described by simplicity. In terms of architecture, Minimalism is the use of simple design and architecture to give a simple and classy look.

Minimalist home decor is using home decor that is simple and useful and keeping only the required items. In a nutshell, it is keeping only decor that adds value to your home.

Minimalist decorating style is using the art of simplicity while decorating the home for any event.

To decorate a minimalist living room, you’ll have to declutter the living room by getting rid of unnecessary stuff, and then decorating the room with simple decor as per the theme that you are choosing

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