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Photos do not speak. Photos do not feel. Photos are not alive. No matter how beautiful and perfectly captured, a photo is still a part of memory in a negative reel.So, what makes a photo animate, something which when looked at creates a barge of emotions?A painting is a method of relieving a part of memory by using watercolors, oil, pencils, sketch paper and most of all the artistic hands to make a projection of the same.A memory, when projected on a white piece of paper with the help of stationaries, in the hands of an artist, becomes much more than a photo. It comes alive, and every feature of the paintings reflects an emotion.

GET STARTED Hence, every photo has a desperate yearning to be turned into a piece of art.Painting is diverse; with branches extending in all known directions. Branches refer to sub-categories of paintings, and a single artist single-handedly cannot master all of them in his lifetime.Every type of painting depicts a certain emotion and is suited to certain specific circumstances. If the circumstances, the subject do not concur with the proper selection of painting style, it leads to a loss of art quality.The skill set involved in the painting is more than that required for professional photography. But both of these practices are not rewarded equally. There are oil paintings, charcoal paintings, watercolor paintings, simple pencil sketches and other classifications of the varied art.The method adopted to paint in the charcoal format style is dissimilar to the method a painter would adopt for oil painting. The primary difference lies in the drying time.fathers day oil paintingContrary to popular myths, a painting lasts for a long duration unless if the canvas or the sketch paper tampers in a physical manner.They can also be laminated for hanging on walls. They are a popular choice of gift recommendations for people of all age groups. They can be inserted into ornaments to make them more appealing.Paintings add the extra in the ordinary. Any walls outside amusement parks become more attractive when graffiti and street art are added to them. Similarly, any white and blank canvas hanging outside public places can be furnished with a painting to make it an eye-grabbing sight.fathers day acrylic paintingHaste is an evil when enacted during making paintings. Trying to quicken the speed of a painter or forcing an artist to speed up the process is devastating. He may fail to incorporate all the features necessary into the masterpiece.The swings of paintbrushes become haphazardly wrong when time constraints are put into effect. Painting is a test of patience; it is not obtained in a second, unlike photographs.However, the end result is far more desirable than a photograph. Good things are for those who wait. The same photo taken in a second may take a week at most, to be painted. Time, however, should not be used as a rod of judgment in such cases.The most effective way of adding a breath of life into photos is to send them to custom painting portals for desired painting possession. Art procurement has become more convenient in the modern world.Paintings are not readymade and can be made as per the demands of the customer in a span of time shorter than early times. The subject can be anything; group photos, sceneries, pet animals, portrait photos, family photographs.The list is endless. Along with subject, the painting frames can also be selected from an array of predefined templates. The frame sizes are dependent on the subject.friends acrylic paintingGroup photos and family photographs require big sized frames. Portrait photographs may require custom frames.Custom frames are where the dimensions of the painting are decided by the person in need of it. There is a standard dimension available for big, medium and small-sized custom paintings.With the addition of custom frames, the dimensions also receive an added flexibility. More flexibility is added to the choice of painting style. Painting is not a fixed part; it is branched into several styles like charcoal, watercolor, pencil sketch and oil paintings.Customization features are a signature feature of custom paintings. The photo which is to be converted into a painting can be digitally edited for better painting.Post-processing includes settings the contrast, adjusting the background, addition or subtraction of any key features in the picture, the inclusion of any extra element or exclusion.A more digitally edited photo is more easily converted into a painting than one which has been photographed in a poor manner. The post-processing is not a single hand task, artists consult with customers to understand the place which may or may not need extra detailing.It is a double end process; customers provide useful advice as well as artists, making it a productive colored pencil sketchAmong all the suggestions for custom painting portalsPortrait Flip has made a promising foundation as a provider of quality handmade paintings to their customers.With an extensive support from talented artists, fueled by a dedicated customer service policy, it has emerged as one the most convenient startups in the custom painting sector. The rules are simple; all one needs is a photo taken and sent to the website at PortraitFlip.A robust and humble interactive policy ensures that the customer’s demands, i.e., the frame size and the painting styles are known to the person who is to be engaged in making the painting.There are varied styles available: charcoal, oil, pencil sketch and watercolor. A customer is free to choose among any one of them. If not as a gift, a lover of art can always have some paintings solely for himself.Besides providing art, PortraitFlip has a vast gallery of amazing paintings which is open to anybody for the view.

GET STARTED The best way to convince someone into possessing art is to let him stroll through these galleries, which induce a sense of greed for having such paintings. When the delightful art meets the eye with a taste for it, you never know how hours will pass by.Have a stroll through these galleries on the website, and hours will seem to pass away like seconds. Help yourself to the mesmerizing world of art! 

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