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There are a certain number of hobbies which are found to be common for every hobbyist. Playing the guitar, playing video games on a PC, Xbox or any other console is a few of them.

As their trend keeps on growing, more and more people are beginning to neglect the alarming consequences on their health. Even if some of these commonly pursued hobbies do not depreciate the human health, they have been shown to contribute very little to the overall development of a human being.

However, of all these hobbies, painting has recently been a subject of great research. It has been discovered that painting, as a leisure activity has great beneficial effects.

It is not only a very productive hobby, but the medicinal wonders associated with it range over all the aspects of the body. The painting has mental, physical, emotional, social and medicinal benefits.

Some of them are:


  • As An Emotional Booster:

Letting it Go: Hiding emotions and trying to suppress them ends up making a person more frustrated. Over time, it poses a detrimental effect on the health.

When these emotions are allowed to be expressed in the form of paintings, it proves to be a sigh of relief for the individual.

Currently gaining worldwide attention as art therapy, the practice involves making a simple sketch and painting it when a person is undergoing a mental turmoil. The more they get involved, the more it helps in letting off the suppressed emotions, providing a peace of mind for the person in distress.

Raising Emotional quotient: Similar to Intelligence Quotient (IQ), EQ is similarly necessary to have a balanced state of mind. With negligible emotional quotient, a person quickly loses friends and becomes the detested one in a social circle.

Acknowledging the feelings of other people and relating their emotions to you is considered as an important quality which should be present in every human being.

Painting helps us depicting emotions through the works of art. It is only when one begins to understand emotions that he can freely sketch them in the form of drawings and paintings. Painting is considered to be one of the major activities for boosting emotional quotient.

Eq vs iq

Positive Outlook: It is nothing new that painting brings about a new outlook towards life. Helping a person in raising the emotional quotient and letting go of concealed emotions, paintings makes a person more optimistic.

It is a skill which takes time to master. Hence more beautiful the paintings, more is the confidence that is instilled in the individual.

This increases their self-esteem and makes them readier to take up new challenges. On a whole, art as a hobby inculcates optimism, self-esteem, and confidence in a person.mothers day oil painting

Happy painters: Painting is an activity that can be enjoyed as a hobby. There is no pressure to excel in it, meet deadlines and satisfy a whole big bunch of people.

It is a means to add wings to human creativity. Based on a research conducted by Robert Epstein in 1996; it was shown that creativity is directly proportional to happiness.

When a person becomes more creative, he becomes happier. Happiness on a personal front is always good for us. Inner happiness breeds outward happiness. A person who is happy inside will be nice and friendly to everybody around him; whereas someone who is sad inside would tend to remain silent and less interactive.


  • A Means of Socio-Cultural Development:

Visual interaction: with the gradual shift towards smartphones, the essence of drawing is losing its place as the means of interaction.

In the case of little children, drawing is a primary form of interacting with their contemporaries as well as elder people.

It is also easier for a kid to understand the essential subjects through portraits and sketches rather than dull words which are difficult to visualize.

The fact is in conjunction with the age-old phrase: “A picture speaks a thousand words”. Hence, paintings and drawings should be encouraged among children in order to help in their overall development as an adult.

Observational skills: Picture based puzzles are a very common thing these days. Finding out the dissimilarities between two pictures, deducing the clues hidden in a drawing are very good activities for the development of analytical skills.

At adolescence and teenage, drawing based puzzle solving activities are recommended for assessing and boosting their reasoning and aptitude. The ability to tackle problems and make decisions is a needed quality in every individual.

Establishing friendship: In case of people with a similar knack for sketches and a common interest in paintings, art help in fostering friendship.

The more they interact, the more they exchange artistic ideas which build up a strong bond between themselves.

Besides, artistic is not restricted to gender-based, caste-based, color-based, nationality based and age-based discriminations. It is a great way to bring people from different ethnicities together under one common roof.

The mutual acknowledgment and appreciation for other’s works of art is a beneficial quality of every human being.

No Language barriers: A picture conveys a message in a way that words cannot. It is because words are limited to a specific language and a specific community of people who are well versed in it.

On pursuing drawing as a hobby, such dialect barriers are automatically warded off. In the modern world, most of the workplaces, communities, and places are becoming cosmopolitan.

As such, language barriers pose a serious problem to the growth of friendship and social interaction between people.

Hence, painting can be used as a means of moving beyond language barriers.


  • Art As A Remedial Measure:

Stress buster: Engaging in the practice of understanding paintings and attempting to use creativity to sketch one of our own has been listed as a means for reducing stress levels.

With every increasing academic pressure, corporate pressure and family pressure, stress levels are rising at an alarming rate, especially among the adolescent and teenage community. It is recommended to find a little amount of time out of an everyday hectic schedule and dedicate it to painting.

It not only soothes the brain but also helps in de-stressing the mind. It is no secret that harboring stress for long periods of duration can affect the natural working of the brain and biological activities in the body.

It is not too late to pick up that brush and make off a few color strokes on the white paper, is it?


Dementia: People who are suffering from such abhorring bouts of forgetfulness undertake painting as a hobby.


Recently a study conducted in hospitals incorporated art sketching as a part of remedial measures for dementia and Alzheimer. With the help of a skilled artist, patients were approached as asked to guide the artists in drawing their own face.

With repetitions, patients were observed to be able to remember their facial features. Besides, they used these portrait pictures and compared it to their fellow patents, which led to a more socially interactive circle.

The activity also stimulated portions of the neural system which had undergone damage owing to the disease. This led to an overall improvement in health and physical state of the afflicted.

Elder people: Having memories forgotten due to the curse of oblivion is a common happening in elder people. To keep their memories intact and remember more and more, painting is again a suggested measure.

A lot of elders adopt art as a leisure activity in order to boost their psychological state of mind. Paying regular visits to art exhibitions, art museums, sketching during free times are a trend among the older community. They often resort to sketching and drawing as a more productive hobby than other ones.

Mood improvement: It is an activity that immediately uplifts your mood from a morose state to a happy state.

Whenever a person is under a state of depression, looking at a painting and silently admiring it even for a short span of time can do wonders.

One of the common examples of this is doodling; which is a very healthy habit that distracts your brain and relaxes it. It is not even so difficult to adopt sketching as a hobby.

All that is needed is a pencil and the last page of a notebook to get started. It can be practiced during free times and even between work intervals.


Therapy for Cancer: Cancer is more than a terminal disease; it is a perpetual battle between life and death.

It makes a person frustrated, sad, depressed and a general loss of will to live. In order to vent of all these negative feelings, art therapy is suggested for such patients.

Art helps in expressing emotions more than interaction with counselors. A person may be more likely to vent off his inner feeling in the form of sketches and drawings than talking to people.

Channeling the agony of being afflicted with a terminal illness, people are able to talk through art.

Tranquility: Art is a popular means of attaining a state of tranquility. No matter the level of mental turmoil going on in mind, resorting to sketching a pastime activity makes a person calm and serene.


It cools you down, assisting in expelling all the work burdens which makes your head heavy and heated. A calm brain is a more focused brain. A calm mind is more ready and willing to accept challenges and probable of tacking them in a successful manner.

Art therapy has the similar effect on the brain as meditation and yoga.

  • Art as a Psychologically Enhancing activity

Sharpens memoryThe explanation for art being a great memory sharpening skill is that it takes more memory and less effort to remember a painting than a page long essay.

Remembering every aspect of a painting is more interesting than trying to memorize a dull and boring collection of words. From a neural aspect, the sensory nerves have a good exercise; the motor nerves are subject to a healthy session of neurological activity.

The more these nerves are flexed and exercised, the more it increases their efficiency. The activity also helps in developing the cerebral regions of the brain, giving an overall boost to memory power.

Helps in rising Self-esteemArt is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why art is a hobby where one becomes perfect with practice, and perfection in it makes a person more confident.

Self esteem

It instills self-esteem and gives a morale boost to people. The feeling of satisfaction after the finishing of every painting breeds more optimism and conviction to do more. It makes more willing to achieve something.

Rising self-esteem is proportional to a sense of accomplishment. To sum it up, sketching as a hobby is a terrific way to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Sensory coordination: Multitasking is a much-demanded skill, and there is no count to the number of instances where we have to do multiple things at the same time.

Drawing engages the artist to use the wrists, the eyes as well as the mind to make analytics judgments on how to get the facial proportions correct. This brings about an improved control over simultaneous coordination and control over multiple parts of the body together.

Gradually the functions become a habit, and involuntary. We do not need to worry about making the correct curve after we become fluent in it.

Similarly, when essential skills in everyday life become a habit, there is no need to remember the way of doing them. This gives an overall rise in our productivity and working skills.

Patience: Control over daily activities is not the only needed quality. The ability to control oneself and be patient and sensible is also essential.

Time sand

A single glance is enough to understand that paintings are not completed in seconds and takes time. Therefore, these works are a great test of patience.

The more one gets involved with sketching as an activity, the more he becomes patient and self-controlled.

If you consider yourself impatient, it would be a nice idea to try a hand at painting. It would imbibe patient and tolerance. Not only youngsters, it is popular among all the age groups.

Ambidextrousness: The word Ambidextrous here has been used by keeping the hemispheres of the brain in reference. Using both sides of the brain at the same time is quite difficult.

This involves using parts of the body each of which is individually linked to the different sides of the brain. By using both hands as well as other sensory organs, both the hemispheres of the brain are involved in work.

This makes it able to handle tasks together since the brain can perform only one job linked to one side of the brain at a time.

The term used to coordinate both sides of the brain together is known as bilateral coordination. A person who is good control over bilateral coordination is a more physically and psychologically developed human being.

Painting as a hobby helps a lot exercising the entirety of the brain recognizing and predicting patterns and improving hand-eye coordination.

fathers day watercolor painting

On a concluding note, portrait paintings have numerous benefits the overall well-being of a human body. It’s always good to try to master the art of paintingBut have you ever tried it and gave up after a few tries, thinking that you are not cut out for it?

 Time, patience, skill and the will to adopt painting as a hobby is very essential. But, if you are ever troubled by the intricacies of the art and yet want to have beautiful, paintings in your possession, then take a look at this picture:

These are custom paintings. This means the picture and the desired style of painting are left to the choice of the customer.

One can choose from three primary painting styles: oil, watercolor, and charcoal. The picture that you want to be painted can be sent to them through the mail directly.

The artists there would undertake the task of painting it as per your style and delivering the same back to your doorstep.


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