Making a Dog-Friendly Home (Decorating Ideas)

Making a dog friendly home

Dogs have always been referred to as man’s best friend, therefore, it is only fitting that you make a dog-friendly home that caters to their wants and needs.

“The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be.”

– Konrad Lorenz

They are a bundle of joy wrapped up in fur having four feet and a tail that is continuously wagging.

No matter how you feel a dog at your feet is always a welcoming site especially after a long hectic day.

They have this majestic ability wherein all of our troubles and worries just dissolve and vanish.

1. Vacuum Your Home Regularly

Vacuum your home regularly

Keeping your house clean is a difficult task especially when there is a pet in the house.

Your house can seem like a really nasty place when your pet is roaming around the house and this is made worse when they are shedding.

Vacuuming the house is an important aspect of making a dog-friendly home.

It can help clear out all the fur and dirt particles which may be difficult to remove manually.

As boring and mundane as it may sound it is an important aspect of keeping your house in pristine condition.

It is necessary to clear out all of the excess fur and dirt to keep not only your pet but also yourself safe from allergies.

We have given a further explanation on pet allergies in the allergies point.

 This shedding may sometimes also cause you pet allergies.

2. Bathe And Groom Your Pet Often

Bathe and groom your pet often

Cleanliness is close to godliness and the same rule applies here.

Regularly grooming your pet may also help you to notice certain irregular changes in your pet’s body which may require the attention of a veterinarian.

Grooming plays a pivotal part in taking care of your dog, it makes him look presentable.

It may not seem to make that much of a difference but it does play a psychological role in how people perceive your dog.

People are less likely to be more attached or open to an unkempt dog.

If you feel that it is tough or too time-consuming to groom your dog you can hire a professional groomer too.

It is important that you train your dog to endure grooming since they are pups so that there isn’t a problem as they grow older.

It is also a great way to check if there are fleas, ticks or other such harmful stuff in your pet’s skin.

Regular brushing can give your dog’s skin a polished look and sheen.

Bathing and grooming is important to create a dog friendly home.

3. Use Washable Fabrics All Over Your House

Use washable fabrics all over your house

I know that you wish your dog has an everlasting mark on you, something which cannot be erased.

But I’m sure you didn’t mean paw prints on your blanket by that.

See that you replace the blankets on your bed with washable fabrics, so that you don’t have to discard or use the same dirty materials.

The dead skin of the pet (dander) can also trigger pet allergies in humans which usually take place during shedding.

Sneezing and a runny nose are the most common symptoms of pet allergies.

This is a necessary measure not only for your pet but also to keep you away from any kind of harm or trouble.

4. Hard Surface Floors

Hard surface floors

With your beloved pet running around the house with gusto and enthusiasm, it can be the worst nightmare for any carpet.

It can also be an absolute fiasco for the interior of your house for it may be torn to pieces within a couple of minutes.

See that you replace all the carpets and such materials which can be easily ripped apart or you will have a dog created disaster instead of a dog-friendly home.

Hard surface floors are endurable and will withstand the pressures of both your dog and time.

It is a smart and long term play for those who have dogs.

5. Hire Sitters While You Are Away

Hire sitters while you're away

There are some circumstances which are unavoidable and some trips which have to be made at any cost.

See that your dog does not have to spend too much time alone as it could lead to separation anxiety and at times aggressive behavior.

Hire professional sitters or ask your close friends to take over your shift for some time.

Attention and affection is the only thing they crave hence these are necessary ingredients in creating a dog-friendly home.

Nobody likes to be alone and the same thing applies to our four-legged friends.

6. Check Out For Various Allergies

Check out for various allergies

Most allergies may not be fatal but may cause a nagging sense of discomfort to them.

But some of them may also lead to chronic respiratory issues.

Some of the symptoms may be irritation/fur loss, excessive licking, compulsive scratching and frequent chewing of the same body parts.

If you notice any of these symptoms or notice a sudden change in your dog’s behavior immediately take him to the vet.

You can have a dog-friendly home only if the dog/dogs in your house are hale, hearty and happy.

The different types of allergies are

  1. Contact allergy
  2. Flea allergy
  3. Food allergy
  4. Inhalant allergy

You may also have to make changes in their diet if by any chance your dog has a certain allergy to something.

It should be realized that allergies cannot be cured but can be treated successfully.

There are various special diets that are prescribed to keep things in control.

7. Gardens And Plants That Are Pet-Friendly

Gardens and plants that are pet friendly

Most of the people think that they have to say goodbye to their lovely and beautiful garden once they get a dog but that is not necessarily the case.

You may maintain a garden and still have quite the dog-friendly home for your beloved companion.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the plants present in your garden should not be poisonous or harmful.

You should avoid thorny plants as they can cause serious eye injuries and may even get lodged into body parts of your dog.

Create solid paths for him to walk upon because dogs tend to dig up loose materials like gravel.

Provide shade so that he can have a decent rest when the weather is soaring and he is tired after running around all day.

Keep some portion of your garden as plain grass as dogs are designed to run and this can provide the much-needed place where he can run unrestrained.

Such a garden is the perfect addition to creating a dog friendly home.

8. Dog-Friendly Furniture

Dog friendly furniture

Dog friendly furniture is a must for a dog friendly home.

Dogs are by nature playful and full of energy or enthusiasm. They will run around the house creating all kinds of chaos.

Choosing your furniture as a pet owner is always easier said than done as you have to take several factors into consideration.

See that there are no sharp edges or pieces of the wood coming out from your furniture as it can be really dangerous.

The leather is one of the easiest materials to clean and maintain which is especially true if your pet has a severe drooling condition.

When your dog is in the mood for some aggressive play or a game of fetch you will be thankful that you have a sturdy coffee table which can handle the immense pressure of your dog.

9. Trash Can With Lids

Trash can with lids pet

Unless you want all of your waste to be scattered all over the floor, ensure that the trash cans are firmly placed with lids on them.

This will make it tough for the dog, to dismantle it or go dumpster diving in your trash can.

There is also the risk of your dog swallowing something sharp like fish bones which may get stuck in their neck and cause a lot of discomforts and may even be fatal.

There is also the obvious fear of food poisoning which is commonly called as “Garbage gut” or “garbage toxicosis” by veterinarians.

There are also other non-edible items that may pose a serious threat to your dog’s health.

See that your cans are heavy and durable so that your dog is unable to topple them over.

‘Stay put lids’ are also necessary so that if your dog manages to topple it over, the lids stay put and your dog cannot access the stuff that is inside.

10. Creating A Dedicated Play Zone

Creating a dedicated play zone

This is a must for every dog-friendly home as he should have an area that is only made to fulfill his play cravings.

It is a great way to excite him and set his tail wagging furiously.

The advantage of having a place that is dedicated to his play is that he won’t mess up your living area.

It will bring you some much needed peace of mind.

Without much of restrictions, it will certainly become one of his favorite areas in the house.

Extra Suggestions

Making a dog-friendly home can seem like a difficult challenge and hence we have listed some décor ideas to help ease the burden off your shoulders.

1. Landscape Ideas

Landscape ideas

Creating a landscape for the backyard as a pet owner can seem like an impossible task but it doesn’t have to be so.

You may probably think that giving him a wide open space is a good idea but do remember to put up a fence.

This is so that he doesn’t pull up any Houdini trick.

After a long day of play, any dog would be parched beyond its imagination hence it is a good idea to keep a small water facility life a bowl or pond to quench the thirst of your dog.

You can also keep a certain number of treats in hidden shelters which can be a fun game for your little friend.

You can do this by adding a sandbox so that he will be engrossed in digging it and the treats will be a great way to pique his interest.

2. Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom ideas

Some dogs are known to grow as big as humans themselves.

You can create an open shower instead of a tub so that it becomes easy even to bathe a bigger dog than usual.

It will also help get the dirt of those muddy paws much more easily.

Get bigger drainage in place so that the pet hair/fur does not get stuck into it.

3. Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen ideas

A built in pet bowl is a great idea to keep your kitchen spick and span.

It is a great way to see that you do not spill anything unnecessarily.

You can have a faucet near the wall.

This will make it easy to fill the water bowls.

You can also install baby gates so that you can keep your dog away from the kitchen whenever you are doing something important like preparing dinner etc.

Suitable products to make a dog-friendly home

1. Dog Portrait Painting

Dog portrait painting

This is a great way to make your house a dog-friendly home as it perfectly portrays the amount of love you have for your dearly beloved four-legged friend.

Collect those special moments which you have on camera and turn the picture into a painting and create an epic masterpiece.

It is bound to not only captivate the eyes but also touch the heart.

2. Dog Flea Spray

Dog flea spray

Preventing your dog from flea and tick infestations is important.

It not only gets rid of the discomfort but also helps provide safety from any unnecessary illnesses.

 It is one of the basic healthcare measures that every pet owner should take.

It is an important product for all pet owners and essential to making a dog-friendly home.


We have tried to cover all the aspects that would go into making a dog-friendly home according to us.

Even after all of this, one must remember that the most essential thing is the time and love that you give him.

Money may buy you all kinds of amenities but only warmth and affection can satisfy that inner craving.

“True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice.”

– Ben Jonson

A meaningful relationship and the way it makes you feel is worth much more than a million dollars.

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