23 Luxury Gift Ideas for Dogs [2019]

23 luxury gift ideas for dogs

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Don’t you just love your dog wagging his tail, licking your face, jumping at you, leaning against your feet and of course for his excitement when you are back from work?

Do you ever feel you could do something more special for him/her which makes your Fido more special and expresses your tremendous love towards him?

Then stick around till the end to make yours and your pooch’s life a happier place!

We know how you are at a constant search of gifts when your friend’s or your dog’s birthday is around the corner.

Hence we have made it easier for you by listing 23 luxury gifts for dogs.

(*) beside names of the products denote a steal deal for dog lovers, watch out for it in the list!

1. GoDogGo Fetch Machine:

Godoggo fetch machine

This machine is the ultimate gift for dogs.

This product interacts with dogs and improves their stamina and keeps them energetic.

No human involvement is needed, the game runs in a loop and you could just enjoy your tea in the garden while your pooch plays with this amazing product.

2. A Mesmerizing Oil Painting From Photo*:

A mesmerizing oil painting from photo

hOil paintings made from a photo of you and your pet or just your pet would be the only thing lacking in your incomplete living room.

Oil portraits showcasing candid love of you and your pet would do wonders for a dog by explaining his importance in your life for not only him but also for your friends, relatives, and family.

We from PortraitFlip enjoy serving our customers with portraits made from a photo and spread the love!

We follow a traditional method of painting an oil portrait and give maximum time to the painting to breathe in the air and dry naturally.

Feel free to check our work here. Or let our experienced service representing team help you with queries who are available 24×7.

3. Navy and Orange Padded Leather Dog Collar:

Navy and orange padded leather dog collar

These designer leather padded dog collars are a real style statement in a classy way!

These stylish dog collars are padded with luxury leather, folded over for extra strength and for softly rounded edges, making them very comfortable for your dog to wear.

These can be customized on the basis of Neck Circumference, Collar width, Fittings and you can also add matching lead for your king/queen of your house who demands a luxurious life.

4. Goofy Tails Comfort Soft Cooling Mat:

Goofy tails comfort soft cooling mat

Summers are a happy chore for kids because of their holidays, but for your dog, it might be a disaster.

Dogs need a cool environment during summers, no one can possibly change the weather but definitely can help the dog.

This comfort soft cooling mat has Pressure-Activated cooling gel which keeps pets comfortable, no need to freeze or chill it in the refrigerator.

Simply lay the perfect pet seat where your four-legged friend likes to relax and let the cooling mat go to work immediately; sheer bliss and ideal treatment for senior dogs or for dogs with health conditions.

Which reminds of an amazing gift for dogs during summers:

5. API Doggie Fountain:

Api doggie fountain

Dogs have a natural tendency to drink running water because their brain thinks it is safe but nowadays sadly it is not.

API Doggie Fountain is a great way to create an artificial environment at your home to which your Fido would love to lick away all the water.

Just install this in your garden and make it interactive for your pooch and avoid all the refilling of the dog water bowls.

6. Beds From The Posh Puppy Boutique*:

Beds from the posh puppy boutique

Now you can easily take your dog’s favorite bed on your next trip!

Dog beds from the posh puppy boutique can be your dog’s throne at home, and the removable travel cushion lets you bring your dog’s bed with you, wherever you go!

You can choose from 2 sizes Grand and Super.

7. A Watercolor Portrait Painting of the Dog*:

A water color portrait painting of the dog

A candid portrait painting from photo showcasing dog parents and the dog hung in the living area would be an out of the box dog present idea.

The portrait painting of the royal family with the king (Your Dog) in between would act as a great focal point in the room.

Portraitflip is the world’s best website to buy such portraits, once you send the image we turn the image into handmade painting and also provide customizing options like Background Editing, Style Transfer, Replacing Faces, and Merging of Multiple Photos.

Check out our amazing pet artworks here.

8. CleverPet Hub*:

Cleverpet hub

Don’t you feel sad when you leave you Fido alone at home and he makes those innocent eyes?

This game can be helpful to keep your tail-wagger entertained in your absence.

The CleverPet is an outstanding product to involve a dog mentally with a game which rewards snacks when he answers correctly.

New puzzles sync over your Wi-Fi and you get frequent updates through the app about his status so that you miss him and come back soon!

9. Dog Ramp by Hammacher Schlemmer*:

Dog ramp by hammacher schlemmer

This is a portable pet ramp that helps older or arthritic pets climb into a car or SUV.

Made of a rustproof plastic composite, it supports dogs up to 150 lbs. and has a non-slip texture for stable footing.

When not in use you can fold it and easily store it in small spaces.

10. The Gentle Pet’s Nail File:

The gentle pet's nail file

This is the device that gently files a pet’s nails.

Unlike traditional clippers that can cause pain and trauma to a dog’s paw, this spinning file has safety guidelines that help prevent you from contacting the quick—the sensitive tissue below the nail line.

It rotates at two different speeds, has a built-in light, and features a rubberized grip.

Do you also have a cat? Great! This will work with cats as well.

11. The Pet’s Personalized Placemat:

The pet's personalized placemat

Get a personalized mat for your pet with their name engraved on them.

You can use this mat to serve them with food and snacks.

Made from 100% polypropylene, it protects floors from food and water spills by keeping messes contained, effectively trapping food particles and absorbing moisture.

The thick fade and rot-resistant pile can be vacuumed, shaken, or rinsed off, while the durable rubber backing prevents water seepage and keeps the mat firmly in place.

12. Acrylic Dog Painting:

Acrylic dog painting

Acrylic Portrait from a photo of the dog parents or the dog itself is a great gifting option.

This modern way of paintings is known for its fast drying properties and yet delivering the quality of an oil painting.

Acrylic painting is subject to the use of quality colors to be the most effective and beautiful.

PortraitFlip’s more than 100 artists worldwide use only the colors from Winsor & Newton, the market leader in acrylic paints.

Not only do we guarantee 100% handmade paintings and FREE worldwide shipping but we make sure that you are 100% satisfied with it.

In case of any quality or satisfaction problems, we are covered under guarantee terms to send you a full refund.

Check out some of our acrylic paintings here.

13. The Pet’s Bedside Bunk:

The pet's bedside bunk

This is the lofted pet bed that sits level with your mattress.

Unlike standard pet beds that require a beloved dog or cat to sleep on the floor, this bunk lets your pet sleep at your side without hogging the bed or infringing on your personal space.

Crafted from engineered wood, it supports up to 60 lbs.

14. Your Pet’s Personalized Stocking:

Your pet's personalized stocking

This is the personalized stocking for a four-legged family member.

The red wool stocking displays an adorable dog or cat on its heel and is embroidered with a name up to 12 characters across its white felt cuff.

It suspends on any mantle or stocking holder via its loop and secures treats, toys, and gifts from Santa.

15. The Automatic Electronic Pet Door*:

The automatic electronic pet door

This electronic pet door automatically opens when a pet approaches.

The unit installs in a sliding patio door frame and when a pet wearing the included ultrasonic collar comes within 1’’ to 10’’ the pet door automatically opens to let the pet in or out.

Its rigid aluminum frame, dual pane window made of hermetically sealed, tempered glass, and air-tight pet door that locks with a deadbolt ensure a secure, weather-tight barrier.

This is a great luxury gift as it only allows the pooch king in or out!

16. PYRUS Automatic Feeder:

Pyrus automatic feeder

The King / Queen should never get always get the meals on time with a proper invitation, shouldn’t they?

Treat your highness using this automatic feeder which dispenses food 3 times a day where you choose the amount and timings.

The best part is you can record a sound of 10 seconds which is played when it is meal time so that your tail-wagger comes running towards the food.

17. Charcoal Drawing or Pencil Sketch of Your Pooch**:

Charcoal drawing or pencil sketch of your pooch

How do you think will a black and white charcoal drawing or a pencil sketch of all your dogs look in the living room, stunning won’t it?

Black and white sketches made from a photo are a very unique and classy gift which you could consider.

It would not only increase your lovely bond with your pet but also act a great conversation starter with your family and friends.

Try PortraitFlip, we are the current market leader in providing paintings made from photos in the whole world.

We offer a merge feature in which we would merge all your dogs into one single portrait painting.

We offer 100% handmade paintings made from the best artists handpicked from around the globe.

Check our Charcoal Drawings Gallery and Pencil Sketch Gallery.

18. Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper by K&H:

Thermo snuggly sleeper by k&h

His Highness demands a good bed for him as well!

Gift him/her a bed which can provide your pet with warmth and comfort.

Your pooch will be safe and warm with the MET-listed Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper.

Dual thermostats provide the perfect amount of pet-pleasing warmth while offering you the safety and efficiency of a low wattage heater.

Because of its unique design, the entire cover is washable.

19. Petnet SmartFeeder*:

Petnet smartfeeder

This is by far the best automated dog food feeder available in the world.

Petnet SmartFeeder feeds your dog with the help of your phone application, the app lets you decide the meal frequency and amount of food.

The app also helps to track the calorie intake of your Fido.

The best part is it connects via Google Home and Amazon Alexa to feed on voice commands.

Don’t worry if you are going to be late at work or want to stay at your friend’s place overnight Petnet would do the needful just at the click of your finger and will send a notification on your phone to help you be at peace.

20. Pet Cube:

Pet cube

Petcube Play is the next-gen version of Petcube’s bestselling original laser pet camera, now with 1080p HD video, night vision, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, and a more compact design.

The laser camera lets you play with the pet even if you are outdoor.

The night vision allows you to still watch out your pet in the night.

It can hold up to 10 days videos in its memory.

It lets you hear and talk with your pet when you are away.

21. Customized Dog T-Shirt:

Customized dog t shirt

Customize your pet’s clothes by his own photos or some funny texts.

You can print his photo with some cool goggles on the T-Shirt or write something like:

1. My Parents are the best

2. I guard the territory!

3. I am the best!

Find vendors at Etsy.

22. The Backseat Safety Dog Deck:

The backseat safety dog deck

This safety deck creates a safe, comfortable platform for dogs riding in a vehicle’s back seat.

A great add on to the luxurious lifestyle of your tail-wagger.

Give him the royal treatment he deserves while going on long trips and vacations by giving him a separate customized seating.

Find your product on Hammacher Schlemmer’s website.

23. The Dogbrella:

The dogbrella

Dogs are demanding a walk on rainy days too, treat them royally by using this umbrella.

Here is dogbrella by LESYPET which not only protects your dog from the rain but also provides the ease of using it without tying anything to your pup!

Keep enjoying those long walks with your pooch without any worries.

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