70+ Ideas For Bedroom Wall Decor You Need (2023 Updated)

various ideas of beautiful bedroom wall shown as options with the text saying 70+ ideas for bedroom wall décor

Imagine this, you finally have a beautiful place or you eventually bought the place you’ve always dreamed about.

It is liberating I know, but it’s time to turn your house into a home. 

Wanting to decorate your safe haven according to your aesthetics and theme is probably the only thing on your mind.

But where do you begin? 

In the B-E-D-R-O-O-M. Period.

The fact that you have landed on this page to get ideas for bedroom wall décor says it all.

Because, yes, the bedroom is in fact the first room that you decorate.

mona lisa ad of reproduction

You are not alone with this problem!

Whether it is a modern wall décor or a vintage one.

Whether it is for a man or a woman, or kids alike.

Family painting from different photos

I have got some life-changing bedroom wall décor inspirations for you, that you never saw coming loves.

First thing’s first let’s understand a few things about wall décor.

What is Wall Décor?

Wall décor is a very important part of home décor. It helps a particular space be transformed by mixing and matching ideas — obviously on the wall. 

Walls turn a space into a room.

To decorate them is to enhance your territory by zesting up the space — make it inviting. Make it a maze so beautiful that you never want to leave.

And honey, do not limit your wall décor to just art — let’s find out the ways you can deck up your space.

1. Bedroom Wall Décor Painting

A beautiful bedroom interior that has a painting as a wall décor as one of the ideas for bedroom wall decor painting.

I know what I said about not having to limit your wall décor to just art.

I said don’t limit, I never said don’t consider it!

Don’t you want to find out why bedroom wall décor painting is my first choice when it comes to ideas for bedroom wall décor?

A gallery wall with multiple paintings, photos, and complimenting wall décor pieces.
Image Source: Countryliving

I swear if there was a major transformation my landlord would let me do to my apartment without hurting my deposit — it would be a damn gallery wall.

To place beautiful pieces of art as well as accessories to complement it — Magnifico!

Pro Tip: Pick a theme and add vintage accessories.

B. Effortless Wall Decals

A wall with a deer wall decal as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Forbes

Wall decals are the newest members of the wall art family that don’t need a lot of brainstorming. 

Just pick a design and paste it on the wall. 

The best part I love about them is they can be easily taken down and replaced.

 C. A Statement Piece

A cozy bedroom interior with a handmade landscape painting from PortraitFlip displayed as a statement piece.
Image Source:Pexels

Any — I repeat any room that has a painting of a landscape is going to automatically look spacious.

Larger-than-life paintings with a similar tone to the theme of the room — that is what your bedroom wall needs.

Pro Tip: Get a commissioned unique landscape painting according to your taste.

 D. An Abstract Expression

A bedroom wall with an abstract painting.
Image Source: Etsy

Art is something that gains instant focus in a room and makes a big statement.

If you are someone who has a single-toned wall but is looking to spice it up, I’ve got two words for you — Abstract Art.

Art with the bright colors in it is a perfect example of both being the focal point as well as adding a boost of color bringing the room together.

E. A Similar Trio 

a bedroom wall with a one in three painting.
Image Source: Artdesigna

A very economical approach to add art to your bedroom is to fill up your wall with similar pieces of three.

Hang three, uniform-sized picture frames, with simple artwork, side-by-side.

Voila — affordable and a beautiful wall décor idea.

2. Bedroom Wall Décor Above Bed

A beautiful bedroom interior that has a mirror as a wall décor as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor above bed.
Image Source: Img.hospital

When it comes to ideas for bedroom wall décor, the space above the bed is often overlooked.

That is why I have put together this bedroom wall décor above the bed list.

From a beautiful shelf to an eclectic mirror or even showcasing plants to grab attention. I’ve got it all for you.

A. Kitchen In The Bedroom

A bedroom wall that has beautiful china hung on it as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: BallardDesign

This trend has been gaining some popularity recently.

Raid those cabinets and find the most elegant set of plates you can.

The different shapes, the merrier. Hang them up at different heights above the bed.

Pro Tip: It may look like this idea for bedroom wall décor is a bit feminine. For a masculine touch add flags or posters.

B. Salvaged Wood

shelves made from salvaged wood are displayed on a bedroom wall.
Image Source: Veranda

Salvaged wood gives a very rustic feel to any space.

The antique look of these pieces provides an amazing contrast against the soft colors of the linens.

Salvaged wood can be repurposed as shelves to give character to a room.

C. Shelves Are Love

a make shift shelf built on bedroom wall to place props on it as a wall décor.
Image Source: Countryliving

Prop up a set of shelves above your bed.

It not only gives you space but also comes in handy to store something above your headboard.

You can stack it up with books, picture frames, and other little decorative things to keep it interesting

D. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

multiple engraved mirrors propped on a bedroom wall making it look spacious and unique.
Image Source: Houzz

Correct me if I am wrong but mirrors do make the rooms look bigger.

Picture this, a beautiful ornate mirror above your bed.

Strategically placed, it not only adds a creative aspect but also creates a focal point.

Pro Tip: An ornate design or a sleek modern one, go for the style that speaks to you.

E. Drape A Tapestry 

a beautiful abstract tapestry draped above a bed.
Image Source: Architecturaldigest

A tapestry can be draped over a bed in two ways. I am gonna show you both.

Whether you hang it like the good ol’ days in college or use a curtain rod to drape it in a more sophisticated look.

Your tapestry could be hand-painted, printed, or even a furry rug.

3. Bedroom Wall Décor Modern

A beautiful bedroom interior that has a beautiful accent wall décor as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor modern.
Image Source: Luxx

A bedroom is an entirely whole new world within a house.

A place that provides us with the much-needed refuge. Everyone has their taste when it comes to designing their own home.

These modern bedroom wall décor ideas are worth the inspiration.

A. Trade-In For A Sculpture

a beautiful natural sculpture hung above a bed as a wall décor.
Image Source: iproperty

A bedroom becomes even more lifelike with the addition of patterns and bright colors.

A metallic accented sculpture really will add a little pop and dimension to your room.

Some sculptures sit very fine on a plain wall whereas sometimes a playful wallpaper can give a sculpture an extra oomph. 

B. Get Absurd Over-Sized Pet Portraits

a framed oversized handmade pet portrait by PortraitFlip hung above a bed as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Envato

I swear by this one. While researching I saw these huge pet portraits hanging on a bedroom wall.

It latched on to me so bad that I couldn’t complete my list of ideas for bedroom wall décor without this one.

The moment I saw that pet portrait painted on an absurdly huge canvas, it felt so aesthetic to me.

I mean, you can not deny it.

If you are even someone who doesn’t own a pet, get a portrait of your favorite animal I promise you, you will not regret it.

Pro Tip: PortraitFlip excels in Royal Pet Portraits, which technically can be hung anywhere in the house.

C. Shelf It

shelves propped above the bed as a wall décor idea.
Image Source: Pintrest

I know you are probably thinking that how are shelves a modern bedroom wall décor?

Go absolutely minimalist with these beauties. Two or three. That’s it.

Matching with the color of the wall, they not only look cute but are also a functional addition to your bedroom wall décor.

D. All That Glitters

a beautiful bedroom that has a named neon sign and a metallic painted corner.
Image Source: Kuoo

If your bedroom has a vacant corner, try this. 

A deconstructed wall paneling and a very random patch of any metallic color.

To expand the concept add some metallic lustrous lights and golden side tables.

Thank me later or I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

E. Metal Wall Décor

a metal wall décor in the shape of plump lips hanging in a bedroom.
Image Source: Envato

This metal wall décor is like the last puzzle piece of decoration your bedroom needs.

In today’s date, anything modern is very minimalistic and basic.

A wall décor like this one stands to back my theory. 

It is metallic and you can even get a customized one made according to your color. Also, I heard it ships from Turkey…

4. Cheap Bedroom Wall Décor

A beautiful bedroom interior that has a make shift wall hanger as a wall décor as one of the ideas for cheap bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Angi

Ideas for bedroom wall décor don’t necessarily have to be extravagant and expensive.

If you are on tight on cash these are precisely the type of budget decor ideas you need.

Trust me these cheap bedroom wall décor ideas aren’t just for the bedroom — you are more than welcome to use them for any other rooms too.

A. Framed Textile

a set of framed fabric frames hanging in a bedroom that also has complimenting  pillow covers.
Image Source: Mydomaine

If you love a print on a piece of fabric, get it framed.

There is nothing wrong with being a bit crafty when you feel like that piece has to be in your space.

Pro Tip: Want to make your space be unapologetically yours? Turn the extra yardage into covers for the throw pillows.

B. Bold Wallpapers

two options for beautiful wallpapers to choose from as ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Envato

Wallpapers are very affordable and an excellent choice for the ones who are indecisive.

What I love about wallpapers is that they are renter-friendly and the boldest way to transform any room.

If you are from the ones who are not quite adventurous, choose a subtle one instead.  

C. An Accent Wall

a blue accent wall shown in an all white bedroom.
Image Source: Goodhousekeeping

An empty wall and a single wooden panel are all you need to turn your wall into an elaborate accent wall.

The wooden panel acts as a headboard and you can even add in matching shelves.

This idea creates a more traditional-looking space.

D. Floating Plants

various plants shown hanging from a wall and a plant painting framed on a bedroom wall.
Image Source: Gardentabs

If you want to display plants inside your bedroom but run out of floor space. Hang ‘em.

Being a plantsman, you need that greenery, and shelves are a great way to display your plants.

Try suspending a shelf or a plant hanger on your bedroom wall and go crazy.

E. Display Your Sentiments

a bedroom with sentimental objects displayed on a wall shelf.
Image Source: Modsy

If you are an avid traveler or a collector of things, why hide them?

Your bedroom is a place where you can be you, be filled with things that you love, and describe you.

You can build frames to display the tchotchkes, collectibles, and insert the happy memories and sentiments in your favorite place.

5. Vintage Bedroom Wall Décor

A beautiful vintage bedroom interior that has frames as wall décor as one of the ideas for vintage bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Realhomes

I love a bedroom that has some vintage flairs in them. It has a weird unparallel charm to it.

Anything vintage is an acquired taste because it screams character and personality. I mean the nostalgia is worth it.

For me, the only thing that comes to mind when thinking about vintage is — flea markets. 

Never miss one next time if you like any of these ideas for vintage bedroom wall décor.

A. Lean Mirrors

a vintage themed bedroom that has a huge leaning mirror on the wall as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Houzz

The moment I put mirrors in the vintage section I knew they had to be ornate. The bigger the better.

girl with pearl earring replica

Along with its intricacy, you should never underestimate the power of a beautiful antique wall mirror while it gives out the sophisticated heirloom effect.

By placing one against a wall, in a place where it will not only catch the eye but also light.

B. Vintage Plaid Wallpaper

a plaid wallpaper displayed as a vintage wall décor ideas for bedroom.
Image Source: Countryliving

Trendy yet classic, plaid patterns create a sense of stability in any room that is installed.

Plaids have a very regal yet timeless look to them and hence the perfect wall décor for any room that wants to scream vintage.

It won’t just enhance your bedroom, it will transform you to the vintage times.

C. Vintage Posters

vintage posters displayed on a bedroom wall.
Image Source: Houzz

Vintage posters are filled with bright colors. 

They not only add a sense of the olden times to your bedroom but also give it a blast of color.

They look spectacular in a toned-down bedroom behind the bed.

D. Botanical Prints 

botanical prints displayed on a bedroom wall as a wall décor.
Image Source: Pintrest

Botanical prints are for someone who struggles to keep a plant alive but still likes the idea of having some botany in their room.

Pick up some inexpensive frames from a flea market and frame your artwork in a budget-friendly fashion.

Hang these frames anywhere in your bedroom to give it a serene, and vintage look.

E. Colorful Wall Décor

a bedroom wall painted boldly to represent a vintage style bedroom wall.
Image Source: Home-Designing

Anything vintage has to have a colorful vibe to it.

Why not a bedroom wall too? Imagine your bedroom in a completely neutral tone and then add a splash of bright color to it.

To add to your color spree add in wall décor that complements the splashes of your wall color and you are good to go.

6. Black And White Bedroom Wall Décor

A beautiful black and white bedroom interior that has a black and white frame as a wall décor as one of the ideas for black and white bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Caravanfurniture

If you are a lover of neutrals these black and white bedroom wall décor ideas are exactly what you need in your life right now.

Just black and white alone might feel a tad daunting, but not if you add textures, layers, and accessories.

Colors don’t necessarily always make a statement. 

Building your bedroom strategically around your loving neutral color will give you some baffling outcomes.

She whispered, “I am a fond lover of the black and white theme so I got the best ideas for bedroom wall décor.”

A. Embrace Some Macrame

a black and white macramé displayed on a bedroom wall as a wall décor.
Image Source: Theeffortlesschic

So macramés are back. Whether you like it or not.

These artsy décors add a handmade charm to your bedroom along with plenty of texture.

They can be used as plant hangers or as a singular wall hanging that completes your room.

B. Upholster Your Walls

an upholstered black wall shown as an idea for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Houzz

After all the research I’ve come to a conclusion that upholstered walls are chic and a very hot new bedroom trend.

That being said, do it only if you really want to give your bedroom a touch of passion and erotica.

Patterned, solid, tufted, or smooth you choose. I think this trend is here to stay.

C. Play Boldly With Stripes

a bedroom wall painted with black and white stripes to enhance the bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Pintrest

It doesn’t have to be the entire bedroom covered in black and white stripes.

Select one wall in your chamber and turn it into a black and white accent wall. 

To make the wall stand out make sure to place one toned piece of furniture against it.

Pro tip: Go for vertical stripes to make your room look bigger and longer.

D. White On White

a classic example of how good white bedroom wall décor looks on white bedroom walls.
Image Source: SiamSawadee

White on white in your bedroom basically converts your sleeping space into an ultra-neutral one.

To hang a piece of similar-toned wall décor to add a touch of texture and class to your bedroom.

You can always take inspiration from the other examples and change them according to your needs.

Eg: You can hang different white-toned hats on a white wall. 

E. The Original Black and White Décor

A beautiful and cozy bedroom wall decorated with a custom handmade black and white painting by PortraitFlip as one of the most creative ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Countryliving

Listen, art is the easiest way you can add personality to your bedroom wall.

Black and white art that is high in contrast works well with any design or color scheme.

This kind of art is always going to be considered contemporary art.

An eye-catching work of art can turn an unused or plain area into a unique design statement.

But why settle for an existing print? Why not get a unique piece of art that is just by you and for you?

From anything to anyone, colored or black and white, get your own personal painting

7. Bedroom Wall Décor Lights

A beautiful bedroom interior that has beautiful hidden wall lights as a wall décor as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor lights.
Image Source: Contemporarylighting

Every room should have secondary lighting — and these bedroom wall décor lights are always up to the task.

These lights are perfect — from illuminating the dark corners to adding a bit of calm ambiance to your bedroom.

They not only provide precision lights for a particular task but also add mega poise to your bedroom.

I‘ve got ideas for every bedroom wall décor with any style and budget.

I’ve got a light for every bedroom style and budget.

I mean what’s the point of having a suave bedroom if nobody can see it?

A. Sconces For Your Chambers

wall scones displayed on a beautiful bedroom wall interior.
Image Source: Homestolov

Sconces are the best wall accessories if you ask me.

They do the double duty of not taking up floor space and adding an extra source of light.

You have to be very careful when adding a sconce to your bedroom, it needs to complement your room while merging with it.

B. Neon Love

a bedroom wall decorated with neon signs that says do what you love.
Image Source: Sculptneonsigns

I know the first thing that comes to mind when talking about neon lights is parties. But what if neon lights were a part of your bedroom décor?

Some say it adds party feels to your room and also a whimsical touch.

But I say if “Do What You Love” galvanized you to take a day off and Netflix and chill, I hold zero judgment.

It is a great way to add a bit of personality to your bedroom and be used as ambient light. 

C. Backlight That Mimics Art

a bedroom wall decorated with with a beautiful backlight that highlights a wall décor.
Image Source: Homedesigning

Installing a light source behind a wall décor would make it imitate art.

This perfectly layered light can and will be an exceptional accessory to your bedroom.

If you want to make it the focal point of your bedroom opt for contrasting wall décor that the light can highlight effortlessly.

Pro tip: Add a dimmer to the fixtures so you can adjust them for any mood.

D. Sensitive Touch

touch sensitive lights decorated as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image source: Thegadgetflow

This is by far the cutest and possibly the coolest idea for bedroom wall décor that I’ve come across.

These light fixtures turn on and off with a single tap.

You can configure it in as many ways as possible with as many pieces as possible.

I say go nuts!

E. Moon Light

a moon theme wall light displayed as a bedroom wall décor idea.
Image Source: Homebnc

A true selenophile would truly appreciate this piece of art.

They can view the moon in its full glory every single night with this moon wall light.

Perfect for the old-school clear sky lovers who admire the moon like it was their lover.

Pro tip: This décor would look amazing with glow-in-the-dark star stickers around it.

8. Wall Décor For Master Bedroom

A beautiful bedroom interior that has a customized headboard as a wall décor as one of the ideas for wall décor for master bedroom.
Image Source: Envato

Those days are gone when bedrooms were only 4 blank walls and a mattress.

In my eyes, a master bedroom that has the utmost attention to the tiniest details is the mark of a meticulous homeowner

A master bedroom is unlike any other bedroom in your house and is meant to radiate luxury.

I’ve put together expert tips and ongoing trends to give you the best ideas for bedroom wall décor that won’t hurt your pocket and do the job.

A. Make Some Memorable Walls

a wall with texture on it displayed as a bedroom wall décor idea.
Image Source: Homedesigning

When it comes to the master bedroom you have to take a step of being “extra”. With everything!

Any solid color on a wall would look marvelous when it complements the décor set around it. 

A solid-colored wall that has a custom design or trims included sitting on top of it, would give the bedroom a memorable look.

B. Bookmarked Wall Tiles

a bed that has butterfly wall tiles displayed above it shown as a bedroom wall décor idea.
Image Source: Homedesigning

I have these lovely bookmatch marbles in my washroom, and to come to think of it that’s how I got the idea of bookmatched bedroom walls.

Not only is this a beautiful idea for your bedroom wall décor going to up the luxe factor, but it will also make it look marbe-lous.

I saw an opportunity and I took it!

C. Lights and Textures

lights and textured all shown as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Homedesigning

All these ideas that I gave you are all budget-friendly, but this one.

If I have seen anything more beautiful than this wall décor it would be the 4th of July fireworks.

Adding lights to an extruded or textured wall would make it so much more impactful. 

D. Head to Toe in Wood

an accent bedroom wall covered from ceiling to the floor in wood shown as a bedroom wall décor idea.
Image Source: Houzz

This idea may look expensive but home depot will not disappoint you.

Stained pieces of wood stacked dramatically as a floor-to-ceiling headboard would make your bedroom look expensive.

It will give your wall a simple texture but still look breathtaking.

Pro tip: Complete your room with wooden floors that will end in your bedroom looking harmonious.

E. Sculptural Decadence

a sculpture hanging on the wall above the bed shown as a bedroom wall décor idea.
Image Source: Housebeautiful

Any room in your house needs a centerpiece, something that catches a person’s eye as soon as they walk in.

This gorgeous sparkling sculpture would give your bedroom that extra touch of luxury.

This will give your bedroom wall a very exotic and bewitching look.

creation of adam reproduction

9. Farmhouse Bedroom Wall Décor

A beautiful farmhouse bedroom interior that has framed tree paintings as a wall décor as one of the ideas for farmhouse bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Getasuperbuy

Ahhhh the country aesthetic — never falls out of fashion does it?

Everything about it just seems so timeless and comfortable. Who wouldn’t want that feel in their bedroom?

The whole idea of having those antique accents, the diversity of furniture combined with the farmhouse style bedroom wall décor — transcendence.

These ideas for bedroom wall décor will truly bring the wow factor into your bedroom.

A. Exposed Bricks And A Cycle

a bedroom wall with exposed bricks is decorated with a bike.
Image Source: Homedesigning

I may sound a bit too much but exposed brick walls are bloody gorgeous to give any space the feel of the hinterland.

A decorative wall accent like a metal bicycle or even a scooter will truly complete this statement background.

You can even complete this wall by adding a charming wall lantern for the extra zest.

B. Good Night, Sweet Dreams

a bedroom wall decorated with quotes as a bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Modsy

Whenever I picture a country room I can only see wood, subtle white accents, and textures.

If cozy is what you are looking for, opt for these natural wood frames that have the simple “good night” or “sweet dreams” written in them.

The idea of having nature complement your room is fascinating.

C. The Most Antique Frame

a bedroom wall decorated with a beautiful handmade painting that is framed with a reused window pane shown as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Etsy

Repurposing any old piece of furniture or otherwise, gives any room a rustic feel.

Now, this one is for the newlyweds — listen carefully. 

Any other type of couple can use this wall décor idea too, heck even the singletons can.

Get an old window pane and use it as a makeshift frame for your wedding picture.

It will not only give your farmhouse-inspired bedroom wall a focal point but also makes it look shabby chic.

This could be also counted as Valentine’s Day decor ideas for your beloved person.

Pro tip: Instead of framing a picture, frame your wedding photo as a handmade painting.

D. In With The Skull

a skull hanging above a bed decorated as a bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Cowgirlmagazine

You may want to consider doing this because hanging an already dead animal’s skull means something completely different in a non-witch world.

It means power, strength, protection, and wealth.

And god knows some people need some of those things in the bedroom.

So, go to an antique store, go hiking in that jungle nearby, find some animal skulls and hang ‘em.

I would go for an elk or a moose skull obviously but hey whatever toots your horn.

E. Hats Off

various hats assembled on a wall shown as a bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: MeridithLynnDesigns

If you are looking to fill an empty space on your wall but want to make a statement — try this hack.

This bedroom wall décor is not only functional because it erases your hat storage problems but is also beautiful because why not.

Overlap them, align them, or scatter them across the wall, they will still look eye-catchy.

10. Bedroom Wall Décor DIY

A beautiful bedroom interior that has DIY frames wall décor as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor DIY.
Image Source: LightingStores

When you have an empty space in your that you want to fill always try the bedroom wall décor DIY first.

It is hands down the best way to customize your space — whether you want to make it purely decorative or functional it’s up to you.

With these rustic, boho, and homey ideas for bedroom wall décor, and of course a few trips to the dollar store — you will have a cozy bedroom to yourself.

A. Half-**s Art

artworks painted with half a paint hanging on a bedroom wall as a décor.
Image Source: Koloapp

Find art in garage sales or at the flea markets and color block them.

Paint them halfway with a coordinating color and voila you are going to have a very unique wall décor moment.

If you by any chance have neutral-colored bedroom walls this is the splash of color your walls need.

B. Cardboard Organizer

shipping tubes displayed on a bedroom wall as a shelf and a wall décor.
Image Source: Pintrest

Find cardboard paper towel rolls or shipping tubes or DIY them on your own and then turn them into sustainable and mindful wall accent pieces.

Make a cluster out of them on your bedroom wall and fill them up with whatever catches your eyes.

I’d go for succulents, trinkets, travel souvenirs, and small lights.

C. Painted Murals

a hand painted mural shown as a bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Etsy

You can do this one of three ways — paint your own mural, commission it or get a mural wallpaper.

If you love taking charge of how you want things in your space, DIY your own mural if not take a leap of faith and commission it.

When both these options don’t fit your desires take the easy way out and get a mural wallpaper.

D. Art On Art

a bedroom wall painted with flowers that has framed artwork displayed on it shown as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Artifactuprising

A very minimalist but effective way of making your wall look creative but also not just let the picture frames hang by themselves.

Instead of just hanging the picture frames add a custom mural or design to the wall.

This idea also turns your wall into an accent wall but also makes a beautiful backdrop for your frames.

E. Tile It Up

beautiful collage of tiles on a wall of a bedroom shown as a bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Mosaicco

This idea for bedroom wall décor really intrigued me.

Collect a bunch of tiles and put them together on your wall.

The moment I laid my eyes on this idea, I knew that this is what my bedroom would look like.

If you see none of the tiles in the image match yet they add so much character to the bedroom and make it look so unique and eye-catchy.

11. Bedroom Wall Décor For Couples

A beautiful bedroom interior that has a 'Love' debossed on a plaque as a wall décor as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor for couples.
Image Source: 731Woodworks

When you live with a partner, the bedroom is not just yours anymore but it becomes a cozy place for the both of you.

A place where you leave all the worries of the world outside your bedroom door.

These ideas for bedroom wall décor for couples will help you turn your place into a getaway without leaving your house.

A love nest where you both feel at home, and a night’s sleep makes everything okay.

A. Shiplapped Better Together

ship lapped wall with the decals 'better together' shown as a bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Pintrest

Anyone who comes home after a hard day at work should feel like they are on a retreat.

To turn your bedroom into a retreat create a white shiplap wall and add a black script to it.

The shiplap adds a backdrop and the script “better together” or similar labels the sentiment of your bedroom.

Pro tip: Add black lights on either side of the script to create a balanced and serene setting.

B. The Never-Ending Honeymoon

a stunning off green colored bedroom with different wall art with sleek-designed bedroom furniture
Image Source: Decoist

If you are a newly-wedded couple and are always living in the nostalgia of your wedding, try this to hold onto the feeling forever.

Want to feel like you got married yesterday?

Create a trio of masterpieces of your wedding menagerie and display them in the room that will always make you feel that way.

Give your wedding photos a more ever-lasting and unique touch by converting them into oil portraits.

Get three similar-sized portraits and display the black and white trio on your bedroom wall.

They make exceptional highlights of your wedding and become the focal point of your room.

Pro tip: You can also mix and match small framed photos and large paintings. 

C. Pretty And Simple

an interior wall decorate with quoted frames as a wall décor.
Image Source: Etsy

Do words speak louder than pictures for you? How pretty and simple would they look on your bedroom wall? 

Nothing random, something very meaningful.

Choose wordings that you fit in two frames but would complement each other on your bedroom wall.

You can opt for cursive or blocked words depending on the mood of your room.

D. The Love Letter 

An interior bedroom wall decorated with a leaning framed love letter as a bedroom wall décor idea.
Image Source: Uniquedelivereies

Mr. Big wrote Carrie love letters in the words of Beethoven, Mozart, Voltaire, and even Sir Edgar Allen Poe to win her back.

In my eyes, love letters are the purest form of love. 

If you haven’t written one to your S.O, frame one from one of the greatest men and hang it on your bedroom wall.

Pro tip: You can also frame lyrics of a song that means a lot to both of you.

E. Display Your Love

a bedroom wall decorated with a 'sex with paint on canvas' themed artwork as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Envato

If you are one of those experimental couples this idea for bedroom wall décor is for you.

Like Penny and Leonard, create a masterpiece out of your love with paints, a canvas, and your best moves.

Believe me, the end result looks just like a piece of abstract art, except only you two know the true meaning behind it.

Paint with as many colors as you like and hang the outcome on your bedroom wall.

12. Bedroom Wall Décor For Men

A beautiful bedroom interior that has a multiple posters as wall décor as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor for men.
Image Source: Homedesigning

If your bedroom is dull you are in desperate need of these sexy, masculine bedroom wall décor ideas for men.

Dark colors, industrial themes, metal, wood, or even a pop of color, I got them all for you baby.

Take notes because these décor ideas are going to help you put your manly bachelor pad together.

Now, I know some of these ideas might seem too luxurious for your pocket but get creative!

A. Naked Concrete

a bare cemented bedroom interior wall that is a bedroom wall decor idea.
Image Source: Homedesigning

Concrete always gives an impression of being cold and uninviting.

Not if you know how to accessorize a concrete wall with warmth and make it more accessible.

Concrete walls give a very masculine feel for some reason but you can always add soft touches to them by dressing them up.

Wall hangings and a tufted bed headboard would make the concrete look warmer.

B. Hang ém Guitars

a men's bedroom wall decorated with guitars as a bedroom wall decor idea.
Image Source: Extraspace

Specifically mentioned for all the music lovers out there — because music is not enough for the ears only.

Hanging guitars gives a very boho feel to a room and also adds character to it.

They can be hung anywhere in your house but hanging them in your bedroom is going to give it a very classic look.

C. Reused Ancient Plans 

reused patented plans framed and used as one of the ideas for bedroom wall decor.
Image Source: homedesigning

Hear me out — do not stop yourself from thinking outside the box.

Any type of wall hangings that are going to add some personality to your bedroom is a must.

You can get patent prints, diagrams, or blueprints of any engineering genius and hang them on your wall.

Please frame them in a fairly synchronized manner.

Boy, what a conversation starter are these going to be.

D. Dramaless

a minimalistic yet monotoned bedroom wall decor that goes compliments the bedroom interiors of a men's bedroom.
Image Source: Homedesigning

For someone who loves a drama-free life, even in their bedroom, you should consider this idea for bedroom wall decor.

Get matching everything — bed, nightstand, bedside table, and then decorate your wall matching shelves and picture frames.

It is the easiest way to add class to your bedroom while keeping it simple.

Also, you don’t have to worry about going overboard or cluttering your space.

E. Electric Fireplace

a men's bedroom wall decorated with an electric fireplace.
Image Source: Ortalheat

Who said luxury comes at a price? This beautiful electric fireplace goes easy on the pockets and makes a bold statement.

It is a great addition as a wall decor because it is not a real fireplace but pretends like one.

Yes, we love a pretend fireplace that gives us heat too, ain’t nobody got time to hunt timber.

You can add a shelf above it to create a makeshift mantle, a little lower than you usually would to compliment the room. Enjoy your hot cocoa!

13. Bedroom Wall Décor For Women

A beautiful pink bedroom interior that has a pink frame and a pink wall accent as a wall décor as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor for women.
Image Source: Homedesigning

A bedroom for a woman doesn’t necessarily have to be pink and floral, yes it can be feminine but also audacious to make a statement that speaks for her individuality.

For a woman her bedroom is more than just a place to relax and sleep, it is a place where she can be in all her glory.

The ideas for bedroom wall decor include ways to make it feminine and cozy as well as bold.

These bedroom wall decor ideas for women are just for references, please tweak these ideas according to your liking.

A. Invite Romance Over

a women's bedroom wall decorated with floral wall paper as a bedroom wall decor idea.
Image Source: Telegram

Right off the bat, I present to you the most romantic vision — a floral wallpaper.

It is going to do its job exactly which is to complement the neutrals around it.

The wallpaper is going to add a daunting statement to your bedroom while looking stunning and stylish.

Just as you would want to be *wink* *wink*! 

B. For The Peppy Woman

a women's wall painted in colorful stripes that represent positive energies as a bedroom wall decor idea.
Image Source: Styledegree

If you adore colors then this is one of the best ideas for bedroom wall decor for you.

They say stripes in any direction make your room look bigger.

How about painting some sense into the stripes by choosing a particular color palette like this one.

Each color in the palette is said to stimulate feelings of sanguine, happiness, mindfulness, and regeneration.

C. Mirrored Windows

numerous mirrored window panes decorated on a woman's wall as a bedroom wall decor idea.
Image Source: Pintrest

If you are a maestro in repurposing old furniture or wood, — Girl — have I got the shabby chic idea for you.

Modify old windows into mirrors.

It’s going to give your bedroom such a country vibe and catch every sunray.

D. Wallpaper Accents

decorative wallpaper that is used as a bedroom wall decor in a woman's bedroom.
Image Source: Amazon

Just like my idea on framed fabrics, if you like a piece of wallpaper — frame it.

If you don’t want to overwhelm yourself by doing a floor-to-ceiling covering just rip a piece and frame it to create a quick design solution.

This is a great idea for a young woman’s bedroom wall decor.

E. Not Just A Mirror

a beautiful bedroom interior with an entire mirrored wall shown as a bedroom wall decor idea.
Image Source: Houzz

It was down to glitter wallpaper and an entire mirrored wall.

It did not even take a second to decide — the mirrored wall it was.

Because just a vanity mirror is not enough right?

The fact that this idea would add so much depth and style to your bedroom is insane.

I also loved the fact that mirrors complement any and every type of interior design.

I mean who doesn’t want to check themselves out 24*7? Is it just me? 

Pro tip: Don’t go for just plain mirrors.

14. Boy Bedroom Wall Décor 

A beautiful boy bedroom interior that has 'The Beatles' framed a wall décor as one of the ideas for boy bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Stylinggypsy

Decorating your baby boy’s bedroom can be a task especially if he cannot decide on the theme.

Yes, his suggestions and opinions may tempt you but remember he is still growing up with an evolving taste.

There are many ways to decorate your boy’s bedroom with wall decor that will evolve with him.

Here are some ideas for bedroom wall decor that are chic enough for you to steal for your baby.

A. A Recycled Headboard

a headboard made with recycled boy's tshirts shown as one of the ideas for bedroom wall decor.
Image Source: Envato

Headboards aren’t necessarily supposed to be attached to the bed, you can DIY one and birth a unique piece — just like you did your baby. 

If your baby boy has managed to grow out of his old t-shirts, but still has a bit of love for them, recycle them.

You can turn these old t-shirts into a headboard, that shows off his personality.

Pro tip: You can even make throw pillowcases to compliment the headboard.

B. Every Changing Wall Decor

an accent wall transformed as a chalkboard wall shown as a boy bedroom wall decor idea.
Image Source: Archify

This may be a chance for your kid’s creativity to step out of him.

An accent wall in his oasis where his changing personality reflects constantly, as the chalkboard wall will never be the same.

An acrylic board or a dry erase board is too cliched if you ask me!

He will be the master of his own decisions of what he wants his bedroom to look like today, you just don’t have to.

C. To Be An Adventurer

a boy's bedroom wall painted with mountains which is an excellent bedroom wall decor idea.
Image Source: Pintrest

Kids today want to do nothing with the outdoors as long as they have their gadgets in their hands.

The older he gets, the more difficult it will be to make the outdoors exciting.

To spark his curiosity, why don’t you initiate it where he spends most of his time.

Introduce it with some fun motifs in the shapes of mountains and trees in his bedroom as wall decor and watch the spark ignite.

Pro tip: You can even set up a little tent in a corner where he can play or read.

D. A Reading Nook With Salvaged Wood

salvaged wood turned into book stands as part of a reading nook in a boy's bedroom as part of a bedroom wall decor idea.
Image Source: Houseofmirror

It is rare to come by such fresh ideas, especially the ones I would love for you to try.

But this one is a must-try.

Build a beautiful little reading nook for your bubba that is light on the pocket and yet so functional.

“Inexpensive book ledges” is the word you are looking for or even salvaged wood that will turn into a statement wall in his bedroom.

E. Busy Walls, More Play

different textured and painted walls shown as a perfect bedroom wall decor idea for a boy's bedroom.
Image Source: Archiexpo

Our professionals said that when designing a kid’s room, give them more floor space to play.

A busy wall on the other hand will be exactly what your baby needs — also he will never get bored of it.

Add textures, graphics, mix and match media, make it interesting. Which eventually translates to, it will be long before he demands a change.

15. Wall Décor For Girl Bedroom

A beautiful girly bedroom interior that has a girl's multiple photos as a wall décor as one of the ideas for wall décor for girl bedroom.
Image Source: Etsy

Struggling to put your baby girl’s bedroom together? We all know the beauty in decor stands for details.

Also if you love any wall decor for your girl’s bedroom, but it’s out of budget, think outside the box.

Believe me, there is a whole world out there beyond pink walls and pretty picture frames.

A baby oil portrait which could be an exception choice is another way to decorate your little one’s room.

I can only give so many ideas for bedroom wall decor but to come up with options is your responsibility.

Spread some love by sharing some of your options in the comment section for other pops and moms.

A. Honey Wall

a honey comb decor shown as a bedroom wall decor ideas for a girls bedroom.
Image Source: Envato

Just a small trip to Walmart will go a long way with this idea for wall decor.

Wood blocks and some paints are the only essentials but it might turn into a fun project with your baby girl too.

This honeycomb filled with colors makes an exceptional accent wall. 

It just gives me a girlish feel, shades of blue would look good in a boy’s bedroom.

B. Flutterbies On The Wall

a butterfly wallpaper decorated beautifully in a girls bedroom shown as one of the ideas for bedroom wall decor.
Image Source: hgtv

Select one wall in her bedroom and cover it up with butterfly wallpaper.

It would give the bedroom an eclectic feel and who doesn’t love butterflies?

The wall by itself will turn into a statement wall, my advice would be to keep the bedroom interiors in a similar color palette to not make it look too busy.

C. Alphabetical Wall Art

3d alphabets placed on the wall of a girl's bedroom was a bedroom wall decor idea.
Image Source: lambertslately

Not everything in a kid’s bedroom is supposed to make it pretty; you can also add a fancy educational element to it.

Alphabets in different shapes, sizes, and mediums will look so aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Choose colors that would interest your kid so that it will last them into their elementary years.

D. Cute Desk

a make shift desk that transforms into a cute bunny wall hanger as a wall decor for girl bedroom idea.
Image Source: Homeedit

This is a really cute idea to add a functional entity in their space in the shape of their fav animals.

Not only does it look cute when it’s closed but also becomes a practical place where they can jot down their creativity.

E. Growing Memories

evolving hand prints framed and hung on the wall of a girl's bedroom as a wall decor idea.
Image Source: Mamapapabuba

You could make a tradition out of this little project to add a bit of her personality to her bedroom — literally.

Every year on her birthday you can add her set of handprints to her wall of fame.

It’s going to be fun to watch her grow and she can even enjoy comparing her handprints from the previous year.

Honorable Mention:

A beautiful bedroom interior that has a huge painting of a vacation place as a wall décor as one of the ideas for bedroom wall décor.
Image Source: Kveller

Remember the beautiful family vacation you took to that beautiful place, I know something popped up in your head.

A beautiful photo from that trip can be the backdrop of your kid’s bedroom.

It can either be propped up as a mural or you can get the beautiful scenery painted on a canvas which would make it look more authentic and stately.

It will give a cute looking out the window effect to your kid’s room and they may end up having more friends over. 

Instagram worthy, might I say.

That’s all she said…

I bet that these ideas for bedroom wall decor will surely inspire you.

My only hope is that you don’t get stuck to the same idea, instead take these inspirations and infuse them with your own style.

It is said that a bedroom is usually supposed to be redecorated every 15-20 years.

Now you know how important it is to have a welcoming bedroom.

Ensure that you have wall decor that compliments your interior.

Wall decor doesn’t just have to be aesthetically pleasing, it can also be functional in addition to it as well.

The most important thing to remember is that your bedroom should feel like it is meant for you.

More suggestions for home decor painting or ideas for wall decor right at your fingertips.

Salut lovelies,

It was an absolute honor to bring to you all these amazing ideas for bedroom wall decor.

Do let me know if I haven’t mentioned bedroom wall decor for anyone in the comment section. 

Go ahead and share this article with anyone who is ready to move into their new home. Or even with someone who desperately needs to upgrade their bedroom.

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Au Revoir!

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