How To Cope With Losing A Pet Unexpectedly?

How to cope with losing a pet unexpectedly


PortraitFlip feels it is very important to extend a hand of support to people grieving for a pet, which fuels us to write this blog about “How To Cope With Losing A Pet Unexpectedly”

We have received a lot of comments and emails about; how to handle a dog’s death? My dog died suddenly, what do I do?

Grieving the loss of a pet after euthanasia, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and depression after the loss of pet.

Hence we from PortraitFlip extend our supporting hand to all those who are having a difficult time after losing their pet.

Thinking to get a new pet immediately? Don’t.

Okay! Let’s be frank here,

Every pet captures a unique space in your heart, it is very personal and pure for you.

And hence you CANNOT just replace it with a new pet to get rid of the Grieving, Over-Thinking, Anger and everything you’re doing after the pet’s death.

Eventually after 1-2 years, yes but don’t trick your emotions by getting a pet before a year or so.

Also after getting a new pet, you won’t be able to move on and always get reminded of your old pet and his/her characteristics.

In the same context one of our painting artist in this context says:

You know you are ready when you can bring a new pet home and not expect them to be the one that died.”

Your adorable pet has created a void for you which if not dealt properly can lead to hypertension or may result in suicide.

If you ever feel like you have had a lot of it and you can’t anymore just call the National Suicide Helpline for the USA at 18002738255, there are some people who care for your life.

It is okay to miss someone but not to the extent at which you lose yourself.

Following screened tips will make sure to get you back to the HAPPY Life and Love Yourself after the sudden demise of your pet:

1. Funeral Services:

Funeral services

We know that you might have thought about this already but doing it correctly in a practical way is very important.

Funeral Services are very important, make sure that all the family members, close friends, and relatives gather in a church or so as only these are the people you interact daily.

Make sure everyone closely associated with the pet speaks about the pet even children, this acts as counseling and helps to let it out and cry.

2. Donate Everything Your Pet Had:

Donate everything your pet had

We know how you are connected to the tail-wagger’s toys and the accessories, which is the reason to let them go. To help you move on!

Consider giving away the pet supplies to an animal shelter near your house to deal with depression after the loss of the pet.

Hey! Don’t worry you are only helping yourself and the pets in the animal shelter, your pooch would be happy to know that you are moving towards a happy life.

3. Memorialize With a Portrait:

Memorialize with a portrait

Get yourself or for your loved ones who are grieving over a pet loss a portrait painting from photo.

You must have a photo of the pet right?

Just get a painting of that image.

This helps to connect with the pet in a very healthy manner and avoids overthinking by seeing every small thing related to the pet here and there.

Whenever you miss him/her just sit in front of the painting and speak your heart out, or just cry out loud.

Slowly and steadily after you have expressed your frustration, loss, and regret you will learn to start sitting by the painting and just smile by remembering the quality that the 4 legged angels added to your life.

Get a handmade painting from the photo made by an experienced artist who highlights the characteristics of your pet.

You can consider PortraitFlip. We are trying to,

Spread the subtle importance of handmade paintings in everyone’s lives.

Give us a chance to help you get a painting made from one of our 100 artists around the globe at your doorstep.

Or try other ways to memorialize your pet here.

4. Introspect:


How to handle a dog’s death?

Stop giving thoughts to these myths immediately:

  1. I should have known this was coming or been able to act quickly.
  2. The Veterinarian didn’t care about my pet and wanted them to die.
  3. The pain of loss is too much and you should never have another pet.
  4. If I have to take time off of work for grieving my pet’s death I’m weak and crazy.
  5. No one understands what I’m going through and I feel all alone.

And see it from here instead:

(Suppose the dog ingested something in your absence not meant for him like chocolate, grapes, human medicines, etc.)

  1. Would you let him do it if you were present?
  2. Were you able to change his intent?
  3. Could you control what he/she ate?
  4. Was your intent to do harm when you bought those medicines?

Most of the answers would be No! Remember you did not wish to harm the pet, you always loved them and hoped for their best, isn’t it?

5. Talking To The Children:

Talking to the children

People forget the importance to talk to children after a pet’s death.

Children have similar nature as of pets. They are carefree, they seek love, they are energetic, and they think that you are their whole life.

Children will help you move on when you talk to them without any false behavior.

Consider the following things:

1. Don’t Lie:

Don’t ever say that the dog went to a farm, or ran away. The children might always look out for them to return.

You must also not say that the cat slept forever, this may lead them into believing that they should never sleep.

2. Confront:

Explain them the situation at hand exactly, if they are old enough to be around a pet then they can handle its death as well.

They tend to handle it properly when you are straightforward and avoid any lies.

Talk to them, they will take some time to cope-up.

As it is very important that the children in a house are happy because they are one of the major positive energy sources of your life.

6. Read Some Motivating Articles:

Read some motivational articles

Did we all forget how experiences of other people can get us out of the phase swiftly?

Read the experiences of others and try those things which might work for you.

Experiences of others act as a guideline, and you understand that you are not the only one suffering but there are many out there who are in a worse situation.

You can read a really soothing article about How To Recover From The Loss Of Your Pet” to know what others are referring to.

7. Celebrate The Pet’s Existence Instead Of Grieving Its Death:

Celebrate the pet’s existence instead of grieving its death

Hey! It is not necessary to grieve over your pet because its normal or everyone does the same and gets depressed, eats less, stays quiet and may get annoyed easily.

No, you don’t need that!

Instead of paying attention to quantity focus on the quality of the pet’s life.

Didn’t he teach you the importance of love, and made your ordinary moments as best as they could get?

Celebrate the good memories by getting a portrait painting from photo, share all of his videos with friends and family, Bring his dog friend’s to your house and give them a fair opportunity to see your pet’s photo.

If all of his 4 legged friends come down with their parents to your house and grieve in front of the painting, won’t your pet love seeing that from wherever he is?

Give us a chance to paint him, as we value the emotion behind the painting and try to satisfy our customer’s every small detail inconsiderate of revisions required.

Hence, we feature a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a No question asked return policy.

We at PortraitFlip assign an artist who specializes in the medium you choose from the 6 mediums.

These include Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Watercolor, Color Pencil and Pencil Sketch.

8. Art Therapy:

Art therapy

The act of painting has therapeutic values. It has a great impact on your mental health. It helps you deal with depression.

Often depressed people reach out to an art therapist who prescribes their activities to boost mental health.

Art therapy involves drawing, sketching, painting or anything you want to do on that white paper.

The therapist will give you direction based on the problem you are trying to deal with. You can talk to him/her about your life and what is troubling you.

Splash some colors on the white paper and express your grief for the pet through the handmade painting by yourself.

This also leads to getting out of that bed, going out in the sun and socializing with new people.

9. Surround Yourself With Positive Energy:

Surround yourself with positive energy

Most of the people when losing their pet, cut the chord with friends and at times family. One also does not find a motivation to work and may cut off from work life as well.

We agree!

It is natural and healthy. But not for a very long time. Give yourself around 1-2 weeks or so. But not more than that!

We are not telling just switch back to your normal life, No find your peace around some fun activities.

These activities can be getting some Dance lessons, trekking alone, Paragliding, Scuba Diving, Joining social clubs, etc.

Hey! Don’t bother, you are not celebrating anything. You are just switching off to connect to yourself. To introspect.

“You don’t need anybody but yourself when your dear ones die.”

10. Grieving The Loss Of A Pet After Euthanasia:

Grieving the loss of a pet after euthanasia

There is a very negative meaning given to death everywhere around the world.

Why can’t it at times be a better option?

Think about death as a transition from one phase to another and Euthanasia is just an act to cut the pain which a body has to bear when the soul leaves.

Just think that the pet has to be somewhere else which is more important and you are just giving him/her a less torturous journey to reach there.

Don’t be guilty, you love him tremendously and he loved you back.

That’s it!

11. Don’t Hesitate To Seek Support Of Friends And Family:

Don't hesitate to seek support of friends and family

Would you be there for the person who recently lost someone and is facing difficulty coming back to the normal life?

Yes, right!

So why should you hesitate to ask them for help, friends and family are there to be with you in your good and bad times.

Just let them know you are finding it difficult to move on, talk to them, let your heart out, and they will make sure you to motivate you.

Spend time with them, go to the park, get some coffee, go on a boat ride, and just be out there. Instead of tying yourself to the bed.

12. Seal His Memories Forever:

Seal his memories forever

Okay! The pet was the member of your family, isn’t it?

And you want to remember his perks, characteristics, food preferences, his excitement towards you, etc. right?

So, you need something which lets you peek into the beautiful memories of the pet with you and your family.

Create a nostalgic experience at home by getting a handmade painting of the whole family and hang it in the living room.

Because you never want to forget in your busy life that someone like your pet once existed and made you feel special.

You can use the merge feature by PortraitFlip to get a single painting with everyone in it from multiple photos.

Consider an oil portrait for its archival values.

Get your soothing package of happiness anywhere in the world with free shipping by PortraitFlip.

Okay! So that was our attempt to address your problems related to how to cope with losing a pet unexpectedly.

If you need more help dealing with your pet’s demise, visit our other blogs:

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Hope you take the demise of your pet in good spirit and go back to the person you were.

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