Horse Portrait From Photo

Horse from photo

The horse portrait from photo is a sure shot way to instill a bit of class and flamboyance into your home.

A painting with an excellent portrayal of an animal who stands for speed and agility.

Speed and progress are almost synonymous with evolution and change as this is a pivotal factor that applies to all aspects of life.

The horse has always been an animal that stands for a sense of eloquence and has been associated with royalty since medieval times.

Sports such as polo and horse riding which were associated with the social elite class of the society used to make use of the horse.

These sports are not only confined to the classy tag but also can teach us many important lessons in life such as.

Life problems can never be solved by confronting them with anger and frustration.

If you start fighting with a horse it will only worsen the situation and start returning the favor.

After a few times, it will become evident that you cannot match the physical strength of the horse.

It teaches us an important lesson that anger is never the solution to any problem.

Communication is the true key to them all.

Communication is essential not only with other people but also with oneself as it becomes the foremost factor in determining your goals and aspirations.

All of which will ultimately mold you into the person that you will eventually become.

Like many animals a horse also senses fear.

Every jockey knows that confidence is the key to a successful relationship with their horse.

Without this valuable trait, you would be the servant rather than the master of the horse.

Thus the horse would run you instead of you running the horse.

Not the kind of situation that you would want to get into.

Trust is another important attribute that one needs to master for making a thousand-pound animal jump over a fence with you on its back t certainly teaches you trust.

Most of the times all that we can do in life is given any task our best shot and have faith in the process.

Some days may work for us and some of us.

But trust is that pillar on which humanity rests for without it we would all be on our own with no one to look up to.

If you notice closely you shall take note that all of the attributes discussed have a very important role in forming a person’s personality.

Thus any sport or animal can teach us a lot more than that which meets the eye.

All you need to do is look for the lessons in the details.

When the student is ready the teacher shall appear automatically.

“A dog may be man’s best friend but the horse wrote history.”

And those who forget history are doomed to repeat it again.

Many of the world’s great leaders have conquered the world with the help of their horse who was always by their side.

Through good times and bad, in the glory of victory or the sunken feeling of defeat.

Its allegiance is pledged to his owner and no one else.

Won’t it be all worth it putting a horse portrait from the photo as a centerpiece in your home knowing all that this precious animal has taught humanity since time long gone?

Remembering all those lessons as you glance through this painting every morning.

Reminiscing about its grandeur and majestic beauty.

The heroism of this animal is also mentioned in ancient Indian history with the most notable example being Maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak.

According to ancient folklore, Chetak who was already wounded in battle carried Maharana Pratap safely away from the battle.

He later succumbed to his wounds thus giving even his last breath for his master.

Such nobility and chastity displayed by a creature who’s obedience cannot be questioned.

Not now not ever.

In fact, there is even a memorial in his name called the ‘Chetak Smarak’ located at Haldighat which is in the Aravali mountains of Rajasthan.

It is said that this brave horse lost his life in the battle of Haldighat fought on 21 June 1576.

Well isn’t it beautiful, the love that was shared between them?

It also teaches us that intent is much more powerful than words.

A person may tell you a hundred or maybe even a thousand hows to achieve your goals.

But it ultimately comes down to that all-important why.

The reason that keeps you going when every sane muscle in your body tells you to stop.

That ‘why’ is what we call the intent and it is the determining factor in deciding how far and how much a person will achieve in his or her life.

The energy that you put into a task can be infectious at times.

A horse may not be able to speak like us but it puts its absolutely everything when it is on the track.

Nothing is held back, the beast is unleashed and it starts slaying.

That kind of energy is what an individual must possess if he wants to genuinely achieve something in his or her life.

Unleash the beast within you and you will find that you automatically start to attract opportunities that were never there when you started out.

Or your enthusiasm leads you to the perfect network which enables you to achieve your goals.

The use of horses is not only confined to sports or really big pets but they are also part of a therapy program.

The horse therapy which is formally referred to as Equine therapy is a form of the experimental theory which involves interactions between the patient and the horse.

The equine therapy involves activities like grooming, feeding, etc which are undertaken with the supervision of a mental health professional and a horse professional too.

The main objective of this therapy is to help inculcate in the patient skills and attributes such as accountability, responsibility, self- confidence and self-control.

This therapy has been so successful because according to CRC health Horses are typically non-judgmental, have no preconceived expectations or motives and are highly effective at mirroring attitudes and the behaviors of the humans with whom they interact.

Assertiveness, empathy, stress tolerance and impulse control are few of the many benefits of this therapy.

Thus a horse can also prove to be a valuable companion in your time of need and stress.

Though it may not be profoundly known for the loyalty it has always displayed it in abundance.

It has taught us many valuable lessons which can assist a person in his journey in life.

Thus getting a horse portrait from the photo done is the perfect way of immortalizing this creature who stands as an icon of style and elegance.

It will add that spark to your life and always force you to become a better version of yourself.

Constantly practicing and developing if you have to be at the top of the game.

Change is the only constant and learning to adapt is mandatory under such circumstances.

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