25 Gift Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Gift ideas for st. patrick’s day

Go green this festive season and delight your close ones with gifts that celebrate the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day.

Along with experiencing delicacies of Irish food and drinks, don’t miss the chance to grab some beautiful gifts that display your bond.

Have some sweets ready for children and a pint of beer to go along in the celebration.

The celebration is going to last for an entire day and it will be over before you realize it.

Whether you are going to be a part of the parade or not, you may have a get-together function where you will share pleasure and chill time with your folks.

There are lots of wonderful gift items that you can buy for people.

We are bringing you a collection of some amazing gifts that you can certainly give a try.

Let the special occasion be commemorated and remembered for its special place in the lives of many – or just for fun.

We bring some green gift ideas – ideas that represent both, the Irish culture as well as environmental friendliness.

Look no further for cool gift ideas, but consider the upcoming gift ideas mentioned below:

St. Patrick’s Day Cotton Apron with Pocket and Extra Long Ties

St. patricks day cotton apron with pocket and extra long ties

A great item for women, these aprons have a St. Patrick’s Day-themed appearance.

Whenever she wears this apron, she is bound to feel the effect of the green color – what the green color symbolizes.

When in the kitchen or elsewhere wearing the apron, she will enjoy doing stuff because the design is cool and the texture has typically cottoned.

The ties are long and wrap around the neck and waist such that they give a good degree of adjustment.

Also having two large pockets along with it, the apron just adds to the atmosphere of St. Patrick’s Day.

Handmade Painting from Photo

Handmade painting from photo

Why not do something out of the box for this festive occasion?

To your friends, colleagues or loved ones, gift a unique present on this St. Patrick’s Day.

Order a handmade painting to be made from a photo of the person.

Pick a cherishable photo from a photo album and upload it to the PortraitFlip.com website.

The process is simple:

  1. Upload a clear photo of the person to our website.
  2. Select a medium for the painting from among Watercolor, Oil, Charcoal, Acrylic, Color Pencil, and Pencil.
  3. Choose the size of the painting.
  4. Optionally write suggestions to the painter such as mentioning a name or about the subject of the painting.
  5. Order the painting by applying the coupon code OFF10 to avail a 10% discount.

And what more, the painting will reach at your doorstep without any shipping charges.

Irish Blessings Candle Holder

Gift Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

A blessing emboldened by light falling on it makes it stand out from other things inside the house.

This candle holder is not ordinary.

It makes use of the candle in a creative way.

View this item closely to get illuminated about its ability.

The holder has the Irish blessing in the form of a beautiful poem decorated with imprints of three Shamrock plants.

The poem is written on a glass heart that is attached to the candle’s metal holder.

Convey your closeness with this impressive heart-shaped candle holder.

Irish Night Light Celtic Cross and Shamrock Stained Glass

Irish night light celtic cross and shamrock stained glass

Stained Glass is always a treat to watch.

It helps in creating a colorful environment in a dark setting.

Still, it can also be used to add charm to a pre-illuminated place.

As a matter of fact, the purpose of the stained glass is fulfilled when light falls on it.

So, this piece also comes fitted with a bulb to make it complete.

Just plug it in and the Celtic Cross, along with the Shamrock stained glass will get lighted.

The gift can also be used as a keepsake and that is an advantage.

The giftee will cherish this gift in whichever way he/she chooses to use it.

Square St. Patrick’s Day Appetizer Bowl

Square st. patricks day appetizer bowl

An appetizer bowl, and that too a square-shaped and not very large will definitely add to the aesthetic appeal of a meal.

Be it whatever content inside the bowl such as sauces, cheeses, spices or condiments, dry fruits or any other suitable food item, the presence of this bowl will bring a simple yet sophisticated feeling.

With this bowl, the giftee will be able to showcase his own appetizers and snacks in his home.

The height of the bowl is approximately 2.25 inches and it can hold nearly 7 ounces of food material.

Color Changing Straws

Color changing straws

When you drink a cold drink with a straw in a transparent cup, you experience nothing amazing.

However, when you use color-changing straws with a cold drink, magic happens.

The delight achieved by seeing the color of the straws change in the liquid is unique, remarkable, and fun.

Let the straws change their color from white or yellow to green this St. Patrick’s Day.

The person whom you gift this may try these straws with beer if he likes; the straws will show their magic regardless.

Irish Shot Glasses with Green Shamrocks

Irish shot glasses with green shamrocks

Try these Ireland memorializing shot glasses for drinks like whiskey, rum, and other liquors.

The picture of the Shamrock leaves imprinted on them gives a unique appeal to the glasses.

Go away from the usual shot glasses and let the leaves of Shamrock bring variety to the drinking occasion.

Make sure that the person whom you are gifting this one doesn’t already have them.

Make them enjoy their favorite drinks Irish style.

A Pet Portrait From Photo

A pet portrait from photo

Does your gift recipient have a pet?

If yes, then you have struck gold.

Those who have pets love them beyond comparison and there isn’t a better occasion to memorialize their pet.

Choose a photo of them with their pet and just upload it to our website.

We will convert your friend’s pet’s photo into a handmade portrait.

The portrait will be made by our highly skilled professional artists who will leave no stone unturned in finishing it to perfection.

You can choose the size of the painting as well as the finishing options.

Decorative Irish Throw Pillow

Decorative irish throw pillow

To add charm to the home décor of your best friend, why not bring home a throw pillow that reminds her/him of you by a quote?

The thoughtful quote goes like: “A best friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have.”

Mesmerize your best friend with this quote that is written in a huge font.

Let him have this with him as a display item or while taking a light nap.

The throw pillow will every time remind him of the bond that both of you share.

Beer Lovers Snack Food Gift Pail

Beer lovers snack food gift pail

An occasion of beer drinking without snacks is not so great as with snacks.

The Beer Lover Snack Food Gift Pail is a fun gift for the one who has everything.

Keep in mind that beer is not included with the gift.

However, the bucket consists of a multitude of tasty snacks and other accessory items to complement the beer.

The bucket itself can be used to chill drinks on hot days.

The pail comes with exciting items such as beer-flavored jelly beans, beer cheese, beer guide, and more.

Celtic Knot Doormat

Celtic knot doormat

Celtic Knots represent abstract concepts such as love, friendship, faith, and loyalty.

These knots appear as complete loops that do not have a beginning or an end.

They are said to represent eternity.

And you have clover in the middle in this doormat.

The clover would additionally stand for hope and luck.

So, in a Celtic Knot doormat, you have many things that provide motivation.

Whenever your gift recipient stands on this doormat, he will be reminded of these abstract qualities such as faith and luck.

Rocking Cocktail Glasses

Rocking cocktail glasses

These rocking glasses are special because they create a swirling motion when putting down.

Thus, when you have whiskey in the glass, the spirit will swivel along with it making for a visual treat.

If you have ice in the glass, it will create a pleasing sound by colliding with each other and with the glass.

As the oxygen flow in the spirit increases with motion, aroma will be released in the atmosphere making it further intoxicating.

Personalized Whiskey Stones

Personalized whiskey stones

These whiskey stones do the job of chilling a spirit without diluting its taste.

All you have to do is freeze the stones, add them (3 recommended) to your drink and keep it as is for 5 more minutes. Have a blast!

Not only this, but they can also be made to heat for the purpose of maintaining warmth in drinks.

Gift this thrilling piece by personalizing with 2 letter monograms, or a message of two lines.

Bull Catchall

Bull catchall

This classy catchall can be used to gather articles such as jewelry and coin change.

Made with a sleek design, this elegant looking material is made up of heavy cast brass with a finish of nickel.

On the long horns of the bull construct, you can hang keys in style.

A soft underside made of foam protects surfaces from scratches.

Wine Barrel Clock

Wine barrel clock

The design of the clock is inspired by a wine barrel.

The clock also has a beautiful quote saying: “life is not measured by minutes but by moments.”

The clock tells us indirectly to make every minute worthwhile by cherishing special moments mutually.

The quality of the clock comes from pine wood used as the raw material.

Car Mats

Car mats

Car mats are an essential part of traveling in a car.

Car mats help in keeping away dirt from the car and also help in preventing sweat from clinging to the car floor.

This car mat is made especially of rugged design to go along well with the automobile theme.

It is like an indication that the one who owns the car is an automobile enthusiast.

You may choose this item to gift if the recipient is a car lover.

Beer’d Stein

Beer’d stein

How about a beer mug that is unusual?

This beer’d stein will give an illusion that the drinker has a beard on his cheeks.

When the drinker will hold the stein near his mouth to take a sip, the beer impression on the glass will do the trick.

The item is hand-washable only and is not dishwasher safe.

Plush Beer Stein Purse

Plush beer stein purse

Let us say cheers to this new and mind-blowing item in the stores.

This is a fancy looking beer mug, rather, a purse in the shape and appearance of a beer mug.

The purse has a zipper on the top that can reveal your secret items, even beer if you have carried it.

The froth simply looks sizzling at the top of this beer purse and just adds to the charm.

Classic Fruit Basket

Classic fruit basket

Combined with accessories such as gourmet sweets and some crunchy snacks, this fruit basket is not just great for its usefulness but is also a treat to the eye.

You will find some exciting fruits in this basket such as oranges, apples, and pears.

Also, you will find other delicious treats such as oatmeal cookies and almond chocolates.

Delight your friend with this mouthwatering gift this St. Patrick’s Day.

Garden Lily & Rose Bouquet

Garden lily rose bouquet

The bunch of roses and lilies will enthrall the gift recipient.

An eye-pleasing olfactory delight such as a bouquet will bring a refreshing welcome on this St. Patrick’s Day.

The bunch contains flowers such as purple hydrangea, pink roses, and white lilies.

Also as a supplement, you get a free greeting card with your personalized message on it.

Traditional Teatime Basket

Traditional teatime basket

A teatime basket for your best bud is the way to go.

The basket contains organic teas along with an assortment of items such as teacup and teapot, honey, biscotti, and tea cookies.

A free personalized card is included and the gift also comes with complimentary scissors with the help of which the recipient can reveal the gift for himself.

A Charcoal Sketch

A charcoal sketch

Gift a delightful package of intricately created painting from a photo.

This artistic piece made from charcoal pencils is certain to create a breathtaking visual effect in the mind of the viewer.

We chose charcoal sketch because it is made from a naturally occurring material and thus it gives an impression of an unrefined feel in the observer’s mind.

Send us a clear photo of the gift recipient and we will dispatch the finished drawing to your mentioned address.

Gourmet Basket

Gourmet basket

Your person will love the assortment of items that come within this ravishing gourmet basket.

This basket is unique in that it comes with a vast collection of items, unlike other baskets.

You will see a collection consisting of cream caramels, Almond Roca, dolcetto wafers, popcorn, snack mixes, olives, camembert cheese, salmon, etc.

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelet

You might have known chain bracelets for a long time.

This time, try beaded charm bracelets.

Here you have a combination of multicolored beads such as brown, green, black, and white beads all in one bracelet.

These are the colors of autumn.

The bracelet gives an altogether different appeal to your arm or wrists such that they enhance their appeal.

Leprechaun 3D card

Leprechaun 3d card

Grab a cool gift such as this crafty one.

The cool 3D card may remind you of the good-old craft books that helped in creating cardboard-based pen holders, cruise ships, etc.

When the person receives this card and opens it, he will be dazzled at the art that follows.

He will see a green little leprechaun spawning a rainbow and beneath the rainbow lies a 3D pot of gold.

We hope these ideas were useful to you and we hope you will implement them for a St. Patrick’s Day.

It was nice to help you. Good luck!

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