70+ Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Superhero in Your Life 

A father lifting his baby and both sharing a happy moment

Most of us always fall short of a Father’s Day gift ideas. 

Why wouldn’t we? 

After all, it’s a day where we celebrate the father figures in our lives. 

Frankly speaking, a single day would never be enough to celebrate these living breathing superheroes. 

From being the person who will always have your back no matter what.  

To be the go-to person for life lessons. 

 They are the best cuddle bears in your life. Period.  

(A daddy’s girl might relate with me on this!) 

Memorial Portrait

We are here to help you find the perfect gift for Father’s Day. 

Let’s celebrate the strongest moral forces in our lives with the best Father’s Day gifts. 

So, dive right in then!

A. Father’s Day Gift From Daughter 

A father and daughter in superhero costumes

Most girls would agree that a father is a girl’s, first true love! 

And’s dads are no less, always partial towards their daughters. 

So, wondering what would be the ideal Father’s Day gift from daughters? 

We have handpicked a few gifting options that would be symbolic of the special father-daughter bond. 

1. Father And Daughter Portrait 

A father daughter portrait by PortraitFlip

Frame your most precious moment with your dad this Father’s Day. 

His joy will know no bounds when he sees a memory come alive into a beautiful portrait. 

If you have any doubts on finding the perfect gift among various Father’s Day gift ideas, this is it!

Just mail the photograph to us and our artist will flip your photo into a customized portrait. 

This one’s surely joining his list of most prized possessions! 

2. Dad’s Spot Throw Pillow 

Dad's spot pillow for fathers day
Image Source: Etsy

Oh, tell me if your dad really does not have a dad’s spot! 

That’s close to impossible. Dads always take over the perfect spot on your couch. 

So, to seal their spot forever buy them this dad’s spot throw pillow. 

3. What I Love About Dad Journal 

Journal for fathers day
Image Source: Amazon

Is there anything better than a journal that captures all your favorite moments with him.  

This dad journal will be the perfect way to let him know about all that you admire about him. 

4. World’s Greatest Pop Jar 

Greatest Pop jar for fathers day
Image Source: thegunnysack

Tell your pop he’s the world’s greatest with this Pop Jar! 

Dads would love this punny treat with all things “POP”. 

5. BBQ Basket 

BBQ basket for fathers day
Image Source: thebesttoyou

If your dad’s favorite pastime is BBQ, then this one’s for you.  

You will surely have a grilling Father’s Day with this BBQ basket. 

6. World’s Best Dad Mug 

Best dad mug
Image Source: flipkart

With every sip of his morning tea let him know that he is indeed the world’s best dad with this special mug. 

7. Flannel Throw 

Flannel throw on a chair
Image Source: countryliving

A flannel throw will be his perfect companion for the nights he waits for you to return back home. 

It will be a reminder of the warmth and comfort you share in your relationship. 

B. Father’s Day Gift From Son 

A father and son enjoying playtime during sunset

With sons and fathers, the connection can rarely be put into words. 

P.S. Their non-verbal is generally strong! 

Despite them not saying much, their bond is incomparable. Come what may they will always have each other’s back. 

So, we are here with some best gift ideas for Father’s Day for a son. 

1. A Father And Son Portrait 

A father and son portrait by PortraitFlip

Frame your priceless memories through custom-made paintings from photos at PortraitFlip. 

Looking for memorable Father’s Day gifts, then this would be a perfect choice. 

Turn your memories with your dad into everlasting ones with a beautiful father and son portrait. 

PortraiFlip will now make you the finest portrait for Father’s Day

2. Business Card Holder 

Personalized card holder
Image Source: igp

This would be among the most ideal Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who like to leave no room for mess. 

A business card holder will help him find all his cards at a common spot. 

3. Beer Bouquet 

Beer bouquet
Image Source: carousell

For the dads who never get tired of enough beer, this beer bouquet will be a pretty cool gift for Father’s Day. 

Go for a beer bouquet rather than a flower bouquet this Father’s Day.  

4. No. 1 Dad Trophy 

No. 1 Dad Trophy
Image Source: freepik

This no. 1 dad trophy will be the perfect accolade for all the sacrifices your father has done for you. 

5. Massaging Cushion With Heat 

Massaging cushion
Image Source: aliexpress

For all his aches and pains, this massaging cushion with heat will do the trick. 

6. Fitbit 

Different Fitbit variants, in multiple colors and sizes
Image Source: fool

Be a fitness enthusiast or not this one’s a good Father’s Day gift. 

This will be a constant reminder for him to stay active and move more with constant exercise. 

7. Trainers 

A pair of classic trainers
Image Source: freepik

A wardrobe staple for every dad out there. 

Trainers will be super easy to walk in and give him comfort on hectic working days making it the right Father’s Day gift ideas.  

C. Father’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend  

A lovely couple sharing a happy moment with their baby

Whether you’ve been together a few months or a few years; sharing parenthood together is priceless. 

Does your heart skip a beat when you see him doing all his daddy duties with the utmost ease? 

Then you ought to tell him what a wonderful father he is with these Father’s Day gifts for boyfriend! 

1. For A Dad Who Lost A Loved One 

A custom made compilation portrait by PortraitFlip

Lossing a loved one is never easy. 

Be it a death of a close friend or a family member, their memories always make your dad smile. 

Get those memories painted with portraitflip.  

Are you hesitating because you don’t have their picture together? 

At PortraitFlip, we can merge different photos into a single painting, recreating a memory that was never captured.  

Get your dad an eternal symbol of togetherness through a portrait.  

So, this Father’s Day surprise your boyfriend or husband with a beautiful compilation portrait of their favorite memory.  

2. Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

A Bluetooth shower speaker in a bathroom
Image Source: shopify

If your dad is a music lover then this one’s for him. 

Make his leisure hours musical with this Bluetooth shower speaker. 

3. Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 

Magnetic wireless powerbank

Image Source: Amazon

This magnetic wireless power bank can be attached to the back of the phone to give it instant energy.  

No wires no worries! 

4. Premium Tea Kit 

Good quality premium tea kit that contains tea in different flavors

Image Source: Amazon

A refreshing premium tea kit will be a great Father’s Day gift idea for all our hardworking humans out there. 

Making their mornings filled with nothing but positive-tea! 

5. Love You Dad Cupcakes 

I love you Dad cupcakes in a box
Image Source: pinterest

Go for the extra mile with these customized love you dad cupcakes. 

With this nice gift for Father’s Day tell him that “WE LOVE YOU DAD” 

6. Travel Mug 

A travel mug on a wooden table
Image Source: freepik

Looking for cool Father’s Day gift ideas? 

This travel mug is the perfect companion for their regular outdoorsy routine. 

Something mug-nificient for Father’s Day this year! 

7. Weighted Blanket 

Weighted blanket for fathers day
Image Source: greatist

This Father’s Day gives them the best good night’s sleep with these weighted blankets. 

D. Father’s Day Gift New Dad 

A father kissing on his baby's little finger

Being a father for the first time can bring with it excitement and anxiety both at the same time. 

The happiness of holding your baby for the first time knows no bounds. 

Their first smile, the way they hold your finger in their little hands all these moments could be overwhelming for a new father. 

So here we are with some amazing ideas on Father’s Day gifts for new dad to make it more special for them. 

1. A portrait Painting Of Their New Born Baby    

A father and baby portrait by PortraitFlip

When he is a new father all he would want to do is cherish every moment with his newborn. 

Seeing his baby smirk, the way he blinks, his baby fingers all this just gives him happy tears all the time. 

What could be better than the memory of his little munchkin in a handmade baby portrait? 

Give him this best personalized Father’s Day gift that would surely pump his heart with joy. 

2. Baby And Papa Bear Matching T-Shirt  

Matching father and child t-shirt set for fathers day
Image Source: Amazon


This Baby and Papa Bear Matching T-Shirt set would make a super adorable gift for any new dad & baby. 

Dad in his head after this: “See like father like son” 

3. Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA 

the book "Your baby's first word will be dada" by Jimmy Fallon
Image Source: goodreads

This New York Times Bestseller book is the perfect addition to a new father’s must-have list. 

This punchy and artfully simple book will surely be a cute Father’s Day gift new dad. 

4. Polo Cap 

A polo cap
Image Source: Amazon

This polo cap will be the perfect shade mate. 

It would come to his aid when he goes for random essentials(grocery) runs in the middle of the afternoon. 

5. Diaper Backpack 

Diaper bags in different colors and varients
Image Source: momjunction

This diaper backpack is one of the popular Father’s Day gift. 

It’s very handy for a new dad who likes to multi-task and juggle his responsibilities. 

6. Water Flask 

New style water flasks in exquisite colors and shapes
Image Source: verywellfit

This water flask for all the extra hydration while he runs around the little munchkin. 

7. Dad Hoodie 

A dad hoodie with different compartments that has baby products in it
Image Source: dontwasteyourmoney

If you are a dad who loves a quick walk around the neighborhood with your baby, then this one’s for you.  

These dad hoodies help you stroll hands-free while carrying your little one. 

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8. Specialty Coffee Maker 

A coffee maker with a mug an spoon
Image Source: freepik

A specialty coffee maker for some brew-tiful coffee. 

This one will be a savior on all the nights he going to stay up with you to take care of the baby. 

Painting of Two girls

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F. Father’s Day Gift For Grandpa 

A happy family picture where a grandchild, father and grandfather are all smiles

“For the love between a grandfather and grandchild is forever” 

They are the humans who have probably pampered you more than anyone else. 

When it comes to things we love like the long piggyback rides, the endless playtime, and the secret treats grandfathers always know it all. 

So why stay behind when it comes to making them feel special. 

With these amazing Father’s Day gifts for grandpa, you could just brighten up their day. 

1. A Memoire In The Memory Of A Lost Grandparent 

A grandfather and grandchildren portrait by PortraitFlip

Many of us have so many fond childhood memories of our grandfathers. 

Those moments of sheer happiness we shared with them can never be paralleled to anything. 

So, for Father’s Day this time frame your irreplaceable memories with your grandfathers with the help of PortraitFlip. 

We make the most endearing grandfather and grandchildren portraits that could be the perfect Father’s Day gift for grandpa. 

If you have lost your grandparent and want to freeze a memory of them forever these Memorial portraits should be your choice.

2. Grandpa Pocket Watch Keychain 

A customized grandpa pocket watch
Image Source: Etsy

They are an embodiment of unaltered discipline. 


This pocket watch keychain will remind him of you every time. 

3. Neck Pillow 

A neck pillow
Image Source: flipkart

This neck pillow will be a blessing in disguise. 

In all the hours when his neck pain chimes in, this pillow will be his perfect companion. 

4. Sofa Essentials Side Pocket 

An essential side pocket hanged on the side of a sofa
Image Source: uncommongoods

This sofa’s essential side pocket will be like his memory calendar! 

It’s a super handy addition where grandpa could place all his things right next to where he is lounging. 

5. Jenga 

A man playing Jenga
Image Source: freepik

Albeit growing up in different eras, their playfulness can’t be matched. 

Jenga would be ideal for all your family time together. 

Beware they would give you a tough fight! 

6. The Best Grandpa Mugs 

The best grandpa mug
Image Source: ubuy.co.in

With this cute mug tell your grandpa that he indeed is ‘THE BEST GRANDPA IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD’ 

7. Glasses Subscription 

A person choosing from multiple spectacle frames
Image Source: charlestoneyedoctor

I think this glasses subscription ought to be the most thoughtful gift ever! 

With their old age, it’s often usual for them to either misplace or break their glasses.  

Cause the eyes to have it all! 

G. Father’s Day Gift From Wife 

A happy family picture

Shout out to all the super daddies and husbands out there, who juggle these roles with much ease! 

Are you looking for the best Father’s Day gifts for your husband?  

We’ve got you covered with a variety of Father’s Day gifts ideas. 

1. A piece Of His Heart In A Frame 

A family portrait  by PortraitFlip

The one thing every father holds close to his heart is his family. 

So, what could be more endearing and heartfelt to him than an everlasting souvenir that has his family in it!   

For this Father’s Day gift your husband an exquisite family portrait from PortraitFlip. 

Choose your favorite memory or picture and send it over to us for the best Father’s Day gift from your wife. 

2. Grilling Apron 

A man wearing a customized apron in the kitchen while making food
Image Source: freepik

This grilling apron is for all the days he assists you in the kitchen. 

A handy apron will be just the right thing for your sous-chef. 

3. Bluetooth Turntable 

Bluetooth turntable
Image Source: Amazon

In every dad’s kingdom, vinyl can never become an outdated gadget.  

Whether he’s new to the record-playing world or a vintage collector from The Beach Boys era, a dad with a Bluetooth turntable will surely be the coolest pop on the block. 

4. Men’s Lounge Set 

A man wearing a comfortable lounge set
Image Source: flipkart

This comfy lounge set will be his go-to choice for all your lazy date nights and chill sessions. 

5. Smart Doorbell 

A smart doorbell
Image Source: sciencefocus

Wouldn’t your dad love to learn more about protecting and securing his home with this smart doorbell? 

If he is a ‘smart home’ lover this father’s day present is for him. 

6. Kid Proof Boxer Briefs 

A kids-proof briefs by fridababy
Image Source: buzzfeed

To all the wives out there, these kids-proof boxer briefs protect your most prized possession! 

P.S. Tell me if I’m lying! 

With kids running around the house, their flailing arms and feet could be alarming a causality. 

7. T-Shirt Carrier 

A man holding his baby in his t-shirt carrier
Image Source: freepik

This T-Shirt carrier is the best Father’s Day gift for new dad. 

With this easy baby carrier, dads can enjoy the company of their newborns during their morning walks, and other routine activities. 

E. Unique Father’s Day gift 

A daughter surprising her dad with a unique fathers day gift

A father, the man who strives day and night for his family. 

It’s a rare occasion that they think for themselves! 

Hence, we need to let them know how much their sacrifices mean to us. 

A unique Father’s Day gift would surely bring a huge grin to his face. 

1. Customized Royal Portraits 

A customized royal portrait by PortraitFlip

A father never leaves a chance to pull your leg! 

Now it’s your turn. 

For Father’s Day, this year gift him a customized royal portrait by PortraitFlip. 

This one would be a complete dazzler in your home décor. 

Father figures are generally set side by side with Hitler! 

So go ahead and give a tribute to the Hitler essence in fathers! 

He would surely laugh out loud once he sets his eyes on it. 

For more such spellbound Custom Royal Portraits connect with PortraitFlip. 

We will convert your daddy cool’s picture into a portrait of Kings, Queens, Prince, or Princess. 

2. Personalized Wooden Spatula Kit 

Customized spatula kit for fathers day
Image Source: Etsy

To all the fathers who drive inspiration from “Master Chef Australia”, this one would surely excite you. 

A personalized wooden spatula kit will be the exact weapon you ever wanted in your kitchen. 

3. Beer Preserver 

Different colors of beer preservers on beer cans
Image Source: allrecipes

How cool is this beer preserver? 

He can now accessorize his beer or soda can with these cool jacket-shaped preservers. 

On hot summer days, this would keep his can cool and sweat-free. 

4. Massage Gun 

A woman massaging a man's shoulder using a massage gun
Image Source: istockphoto

Work out all the tight muscles, kinks, or soreness in his body with this unique massage gun. 

It would be a perfect Father’s Day gift for all the father figures in your life. 

5. Bottle Opener Game 

A man playing the bottle opener game
Image Source: freepik

This bottle opener game would be such a fun pastime to keep him engaged during his free hours. 

It would bring the entire family together as they would want to join in on the fun too! 

6. Wood Grain Personalized Flask 

A wooden grain flask
Image Source: freepik

For the father who savors his alcohol, the wooden grain personalized flask will be his favorite addition to the bar table. 

He would literally love showing it off at all of his social parties! 

7. You Are My True North Banner 

You are my true north banner
Image Source: Etsy

Just like in Game of Thrones north is where HOME is! 

Let him know with this banner that he will always be your true north, whom you would look back to. 

H. Father’s Day Gift On A Budget 

A father and daughter with a fathers day gift

Are you officially out of Father’s Day gift ideas? (The ones that are affordable at least) 

We are here with some great options for Father’s Day gift on a budget. 

1. Treasuring His Priceless Memories 

A customized charcoal portrait by PortraitFlip

I still look back at my father’s old pictures and wonder, God how handsome was he!  

These pictures are priceless because you see something real that is now just a bygone. 

Everyone would have many such old black and white pictures of your fathers that our treasured memories for him. 

Remind him of all those old days with a throwback charcoal portrait

Craft stunning customized charcoal portraits for your dad for Father’s Day this year. 

Above all, this one surely should be your first pick for Father’s Day gift on a budget. 

Get A Charcoal Drawing Now! 

2. Father’s Day Captain America T-Shirt 

A man wearing a super dad Captain America t-shirt
Image Source: freepik

Certainly he might not be Captain America in real but he sure will be one for you. 

This Captain America T-Shirt will be the right choice if your father is a Marvel fan. 

3. Pizza Maker 

A pizza maker on a table top
Image Source: housebeautiful

For all your pizza-making sessions together buy your dad a pizza maker for Father’s Day this year. 

4. Shaving Kit For Men 

An all encompassed shaving kit with different products
Image Source: freepik

This ought to be a must-have in every dad’s shaving stash. 

A well-groomed beard wouldn’t be a farfetched dream for him with this shaving kit. 

5. Desk Lamp With Pen Holder 

A desk with a pen holder
Image Source: fruugoindia

The desk lamp with a pen holder will add functionality and elegance at the same time. 

In addition it will help your dad keep his desk perfectly organized while ensuring that his essentials are within his reach. 

6. Customized Cutting Board 

A customized cutting board
Image Source: Etsy

This customized cutting board is for all the dads who love to EAT, SLEEP, COOK, and REPEAT. 

7. A Hip Pack 

A man wearing a hip bag
Image Source: freepik

Wouldn’t this hip pack be a cool addition to your dads’ wardrobe? 

If are looking for cool things for Father’s Day this, is it. 

I. DIY Gift For Father’s Day 

A daughter gifting her father a DIY card for fathers day

Something handmade and something personal never fails to impress. 

They leave your essence in it and convey to the receiver the amount of effort you have added. 

Thinking of what to get your dad for Father’s Day, these DIY gift for Father’s Day will be his absolute favorite. 

1. Cookie Bouquet 

A customized cookie bouquet for fathers day
Image Source: Etsy

Above all if your dad has a sweet tooth nothing better than a cookie bouquet as a father’s day present. 

2. Breakfast In Bed 

A surprise breakfast in bed for fathers day
Image Source: yahoo.com

A classic way to say Happy Father’s Day is with some breakfast in bed. 

Give dads the morning off to make him one of some delicious hot breakfasts like some fresh salad or sausages and maple strawberry pancakes! 

3. Handprint Platter 

A hand-painted grilling platter with hand imprints on it
Image Source: pinterest

Surprise your father with a hand-painted ceramic platter that’s fun and easy to make, Dad will be proud to serve his specialties on this one! 

4. All Things About My Dad Scrapbook 

A personalized scrapbook with different memories, notes and pictures for fathers day
Image Source: pinterest

Tell your dad about all things you love about him with this personalized scrapbook. 

5. Stacked Herb Garden 

A mini herb garden with rosemary, parsley and cilantro
Image Source: pinterest

A stacked herb garden for all his unique cooking experiments. 

From Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, and Lemon Balm, you can have it all here! 

6. Father’s Day Questionnaire 

A fathers day questionnaire
Image Source: pinterest

This Father’s Day tries out a fun challenge through this Father’s Day questionnaire. 

7. You Are My Superhero Mug 

A superhero mug for fathers day
Image Source: Amazon

This superhero mug will be perfect for our real superheroes, FATHERS.  

P.S. Real Superheroes don’t wear capes! 

J. Cheap Father’s Day gift  

A daughter holding a surprise fathers day card and gift for her dad

You don’t have to dash a ton of dough to spoil your favorite family guy.  

These cheap Father’s Day presents won’t break your bank. 

1. Take Him Down The Memory Lane  

A color pencil sketch from an old photo by PortraitFlip

Has he lost any of his precious photos?  

You can now turn his fading photos into new memories by making them into an amazing drawing. 

PortraitFlip turns your bad photos into an everlasting masterpiece for your loved ones. 

We’ll convert your photo/s it into a beautiful colored pencil sketch, even if it’s a bad or old photo. 

Your old man will be in awe after he sees the effort you have put behind this one. 

This will be among the most thoughtful Father’s Day gift ideas!

2. Windchime 

Customized wind chime with special fathers day message
Image Source: freepik

Personalized Wind Chimes with thoughtful and heartwarming messages on them are definitely a cute Father’s Day gift. 

3. Tea Kettle 

A designer tea kettle with beautiful flower prints on it
Image Source: popsugar

If your dad is a tea lover, or even if he isn’t, this kettle will just ease up things in your father’s tea time routine.  

4. Dad Themed Cake 

A dad themed cake for fathers day
Image Source: Amazon

Celebrations are incomplete without cakes.  

So, if you are ever falling short of an idea customize a dad-themed cake as a happy Father’s Day gift for your dad. 

5. Flower Vase 

A white flower vase on a work table with beautiful geometrical designs on it
Image Source: freepik

May it be his study, or the living room (where you’ll usually find him), this flower vase will add elegance to the entire décor. 

6. Denim Jacket 

A denim jacket
Image Source: Etsy

Certainly a statement piece or rather a must-have in wardrobe-essentials. 

This denim jacket will be an awesome Father’s Day gifts for all his casual day-outs. 

7. Wooden Tie Rack 

A wooden tie rack that has tie's in different colors and fabrics hanging on it
Image Source: youtube

The old man might have numerous ties’, one for every special occasion. 

Gift him this wooden tie rack to accommodate all of them perfectly. 

Holaa Amigos! 

It was an absolute honor to bring to you all these amazing Father’s Day gift ideas. 

Hope you have found your pick for this Father’s Day! 

Do let me know in the comment section about your previous Father’s Day experiences. In addition also tell us about your first ever Father’s Day gift. 

Go ahead and share this article with anyone who is prepping up for the coming Father’s Day.  

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Any gift that is heartfelt and has a personal touch to it will be a really good Father’s Day gift. If you are still confused about what are good Father’s Day gifts, then check the list of creative gifts for Father’s Day we have curated above for your old man.

If you are confused on what to get on first Father’s Day, it’s bound to happen. First Father’s Day will always be special for as a new dad. So, gifting him that will be useful for his me time with the baby will be the most ideal option.

Most kids often get caught in the loop of what to get your dad for Father’s Day. Check out our personally curated gifting options above to know more about the perfect gift for you dad.

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