35+ Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For The Nature-Loving Folks (2022 Updated)

A list of 35+ Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For The Nature-Loving Folks Portraitflip

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly gift for the tree hugger in your life, you are at the right place.

We all know at least one person who attempts to make the world better with their green acts.

You’ll see them recycling waste, carrying tote bags for shopping, planting trees, and pitching you their ideas on how to combat climate change.

These greenies will do everything to reduce their carbon footprint (and will motivate you to do the same).

It’s their birthday or anniversary or any occasion that demands giving a gift.

What gift would you give that will not add to the environmental issues they’re trying to fight?

Finding the right eco-friendly gift for your friend can be hard, especially if you don’t know what to give them. 

That’s why we have curated a list of 30+ eco-friendly and sustainable gifts that nature-lovers will like.

Even if you don’t have any environmentalist in your life, it is still thoughtful to give your friends and family eco-friendly gifts.

Are Eco-Friendly Gifts 100% Natural?

Consider this:

If you’re giving organic fruits, you can say that they are natural. But if you give recycled products made from plastic, can you say they are eco-friendly?

Call them Eco-friendly gifts or Green gifts or Natural gifts; they point toward one thing – Sustainability.

Any product that benefits the environment is an eco-friendly gift or a sustainable gift.

So, even if they are not 100% natural but are sustainable, then those gifts are a good fit for your nature-loving folks.

Let’s dive into our list of 35+ eco-friendly gifts!

We have categorized gifts into different classes to make things easier for you.

You can find an eco-friendly gift for babies, kids, women, men, or sort your choice by the type of gift. 

A) Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Eco friendly gift ideas portraitflip

Researching each and every gift to check if they are sustainable can be a daunting task.

That’s why we have come up with five awesome eco-friendly gift ideas that your eco-friendly friends will love.

Check them below!

1.   Keep Their Teeth Healthy With Wooden Toothbrush

colorful eco friendly Bamboo toothbrush

An individual uses 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime. Imagine how much non-biodegradable plastic waste will it produce.

Let your nature-conscious pal ditch the plastic toothbrush forever! Get them plant-based toothbrushes made from bamboo.

Being biodegradable, bamboo toothbrushes are an excellent way to reduce carbon footprint. Your friend will appreciate it when you give this sustainable gift.

2.   Let Them Utilize The Sunrays With Solar Power Charger

solar power charger on a beach

Solar power charger is one of the best eco friendly gift ideas for earth lovers.

As you know, these peeps are always looking for ways to utilize renewable sources of energy. So give them solar power chargers that will let them charge their phone.

You can alternately go for solar appliances like solar light, solar power bank, solar backpack.

3.   Get A Compost Bin For Their Kitchen Waste

black compost bin for kitchen waste

The compost bin is an awesome eco-friendly gift to recycle kitchen waste. Do you know that all your kitchen waste ends up in landfills?

While it is being dumped, it can get mixed with other waste and make the soil toxic (which is bad news for an environmentalist).

So let your friend turn their kitchen waste into compost with a compost bin. This way, they will be able to reduce the amount of garbage that goes into their dustbin.

Plus, when the compost matures, it can be used as a soil enricher for their garden.

4.   Let Them Breathe Clean Air With An Air Purifier

white colored air purifier cleaning the living room

You know that air pollution is the leading cause of many diseases, but do you know that air pollutants are also present in your home?

Asbestos, biological pollutants, carbon monoxide, fumes from cookstoves are a few of the indoor air pollutants.

Your eco-friend must be going for morning walks for the sake of getting fresh air. So how will you help your friend get clean air at home?

By getting an Air Purifier!

This eco-friendly gift is a great gadget to remove indoor pollutants and to keep the air pure. (You can also consider buying an air purifier for yourself, especially if there is no proper ventilation at your home.)

5.   Fancy Cotton Bags For Grocery

fancy eco friendly bags for groceries. girl carrying tote bang

Plastic is the immediate threat that we are facing. It is polluting rivers, soil and affecting wildlife to a great extent.

You know that every time you go to the grocery store, you come back with plastic bags. So, turning to reusable cotton bags is a great option to reduce plastic pollution.

Your nature-loving friend may always carry a tote bag whenever they go to get groceries. So gifting them a bunch more will be great.

Get fancy reusable cotton bags as eco-friendly gifts for them. They will love to carry these bags to the grocery store.

B) Eco-Friendly Gifts For Christmas

Eco-Friendly Gifts wrapped For Christmas

Don’t wait for the new year!

This Christmas, make a resolution to help mama earth by getting an eco-friendly gift for each guest. 

And if you are planning to give the plant-lover friends a gift, take a look at four awesome eco-friendly gifts for Christmas.

1.   Spread A Smile On Their Face With Indoor Plants

decorated room with Indoor plants

No doubt one of the best sustainable gifts ever – indoor plants are great gifts for anyone for any occasion.

You may know that indoor plants purify the air, increase oxygen levels, relieve stress, beautify the home decor, and give numerous other benefits.

Gifting them indoor plants is a great eco friendly gift idea. You can also choose to get succulents as they are more likely to be appreciated for their beautiful structure.

Also, indoor plants are inexpensive as compared to other eco-friendly gifts. So give some to your eco-friends so they have more plants to hug

2.   Get A Handmade Watercolor Painting For Them

photo to watercolor painting portrait portraitflip

Christmas is a big occasion for your dear one and you’re searching for the best gift online.

Your loved one believes more in contributing to a greener earth, so gifting them non-eco products is not an option.

You turn to search for eco-friendly gifts but none of them are meeting your expectations.

“It’s Christmas, so my gift must be special!” – if you’re thinking to get a gift that is environmentally friendly and unique, then I have something for you:

A handmade watercolor painting of their favorite moment!

Imagine how wonderful they will feel when you get them a customized watercolor painting! A personalized watercolor painting is one of the best ways to honor a relationship.

Plus, the gift is eco-friendly and will last a lifetime (something that your dear one will want). So, end your restless search syndrome by getting a watercolor portrait as an eco-friendly gift for Christmas.

3.   Replace Their Old Furniture With Hemp Wood

brown hemp wood furniture

Christmas is a perfect time for getting rid of old furniture.

You can give your dear ones new amenities, but you may not know that the type of wood used to make them is not so eco-friendly.

Mahogany, American walnut, maple, white oak, black cherry, beech, rosewood are some types of woods that are used widely for making home furniture.

Turning those woods into furniture results in the production of toxic byproducts and wood waste. So get hemp wood furniture! It is non-toxic, doesn’t contain any VOC, and the best thing? The waste produced is low.

4.   Smart Sensors For Smart People

water and light sensors

Keeping the tap running while brushing and forgetting to turn off the lights when you leave the room: Do you know what’s common?

Our carelessness when it comes to saving valuable resources!

But your eco-friend must be making efforts to save each drop of water and every minute of electricity for a greener planet.

So help them in their mission by getting them smart home sensors as eco-friendly gifts for Christmas.

These sensors will automatically turn off the lights when they leave the room and the water sensors will enable them to save gallons of water every day.

5.   Eco-Friendly Cookware For Eco-Friendly Friend

eco friendly cookware like pans

It can be hard to believe that most of the cookware used at home is not eco-friendly. These cookwares can react with certain food and create toxic chemicals and waste products.

That’s why using eco-friendly cookware is a nice decision anyone can make. Take this for an example: a non-stick pan will produce less food wastage than a regular pan.

So, help your friend ditch old cookware by getting them eco-friendly cookware for this Christmas.

Here are some of the brands that manufacture eco-friendly cookware:

  • Great Jones
  • Our Place
  • Xtrema
  • Emile Henry
  • Milo
  • Caraway

Those were our top picks for eco-friendly gifts for Christmas.

Whether the people in your life are nature-loving or not; getting eco-friendly gifts is a nice decision you can make. You can also check some of the best Christmas gifts here.

Now, let’s see some awesome eco-friendly gifts for the special someone!

C) Eco-Friendly Gifts For Her

Eco friendly gifts for her by portraitflip

Finding a gift for women can be difficult for us: men.

And if your woman is a nature-lover, then searching for eco-friendly gifts can be a tough challenge (and impossible for many).

But take a deep breath, my friend. I have done the hard work of finding the best eco-friendly gifts that you can give to the woman of your life.

And I’m 100% sure that these gifts will not disappoint her. Take a look below.

1.   Organic Products For Her Organic Beauty

organic beauty products

If your girl is a nature lover, then there’s no doubt she must be choosing organic beauty products over chemical ones.

So, give her organic products as eco-friendly gifts.

Not sure which brand to choose? Let me help:

  • Lush
  • Faith in Nature
  • Barry M
  • Buddha Beauty Company
  • Dear Earth
  • 7th Heaven

If you have got the time and a creative itch, you can make DIY eco-friendly products like organic soap, shampoo, moisturizer, bath bomb, and tons other at home!

I’m sure she’ll appreciate you giving organic beauty products.

2.   Farmstand Lettuce Grow

Farmstand Lettuce Grow in garden

An awesome way to grow organic veggies at home, a Farmstand Lettuce Grow is a great eco-friendly gift for her.

It is a self-watering, self-fertilizing farmstand that allows you to grow up to 36 plants at a time. You can choose to grow veggies, leafy veggies, herbs, and even some fruits!

Imagine how wonderful your lady will feel when she would be able to grow organic veggies at home.

It is a great sustainable gift for her.  Once the veggies are harvested, she can plant the seeds once again! So, get your green girl a farmstand Lettuce Grow.

3.   Eco-Friendly Sunglasses For Her

eco friendly sunglasses in wooden frame

Eco-friendly sunglasses are a great choice as sustainable gifts for her.

Unlike regular sunglasses, eco-friendly sunglasses are made from material that is either recycled plastic or other eco-friendly materials like acetate.

You can also expect frames made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic, wood, metal, and glass.

Here are a few brands that manufacture eco-friendly sunglasses

  • Solo Eyewear
  • Proof
  • Warby Parker
  • Shwood
  • Zoni Wear
  • Norton Point

Also, if your lady wears a spec, you can choose to give her eco-friendly spectacles!

Before we move ahead, let me ask you: do you know what a carbon footprint is?  And do you know what will happen to your life if you reduce it?

Read on!

A carbon footprint is the complete amount of greenhouse gases like Co2, methane that is generated by our actions.

So the more you choose an eco-friendly lifestyle. less carbon footprint you generate. The lesser the carbon footprint is generated, the healthier our planet will be.

Here are few ways to reduce your carbon footprints. (No, you dont have to be a hardcore nature lover for following these.)

  • Stop buying stuff made from virgin plastic. (Instead, go for recycled plastic or natural derivatives.)
  • For short-distance travel, walk or use a cycle. This will improve your health and save fuel.
  • Eat less meat and more green.
  • Turn off the light and unplug devices to save electricity.
  • Adopt using eco-friendly products in your daily life.

Now, what’s the best thing that happens when you start reducing your carbon footprint?

Simson character money saving

You start saving money! (I’m not lying!)

Don’t believe me? Search it up on the web!

G) Eco-Friendly Gifts For Him

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Him portraitflip

If the man of your life is a nature-lover,  can there be anything better than giving him an eco-friendly gift?


Take a look at three awesome eco-friendly gifts for him.

1.   Get The Nature-Loving Guy Hemp Clothes

men's yellow hemp shirt

The products derived from hemp are sustainable and changing the world for the better!

Cotton, linen, denim, leather, and fabrics. What’s common in them? They are used in manufacturing clothes and generate a lot of waste (and are not eco-friendly).

So If your boyfriend or husband prefers to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, get him clothes made from hemp.

Hemp clothing is durable, lightweight, soft, absorbent, UV resistant,  breathable, and has many other useful attributes.

You can get anything from a t-shirt to jeans or trousers made from hemp cloth. So get this awesome eco-friendly gift for him and support his lifestyle!

2.   Switch The Regular Bag With An Eco-Friendly Backpack

eco friendly backpack bag

The backpacks are usually made from plastic, nylon, Pvc, canvas fabric, cotton, leather, and sometimes a mix of the mentioned materials.

As you can guess, these backpacks are not eco-friendly and definitely non-biodegradable.

But do you know that there are eco-friendly backpacks?

These backpacks are made from recycled materials and some are even made entirely from plants.

I’m not kidding! Hemp backpacks are available in the market which is long-lasting, durable, and 100% biodegradable. 

And some companies also manufacture backpacks made from recycled plastic from oceans (how amazing is that, isn’t it?)

So make your man happy with this eco-friendly gift!

3.   Metallic Water Bottle For Better Health

different colored metallic bottle

If your man is still using a plastic water bottle, it’s time to throw it away!

Drinking from plastic bottles can lead to chemical leaching and the plastic particles will end up being ingested. In the long run, it can cause toxicity.

Also, bacteria built-up is common in plastic bottles.

So, get a stainless steel water bottle for your man as an eco-friendly gift (if he is not using it already).

If he is a nature lover, he must be aware of the hazards of plastic bottles and must be using glass bottles. But the downside of glass bottles is that they are fragile and won’t last long.

The stainless steel bottle is safe to store water and is sustainable in the long run. You can also choose to give him a copper water bottle which is said to have positive health benefits.

These were our top picks for eco-friendly gifts for him!

D) Eco-Friendly Gifts For Babies

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Babies portraitflip

There are so many gifts that you can give to newly become parents, but what if they are zero-waste enthusiasts?

In that case, finding sustainable gifts for their baby can be a task.

Don’t worry. I have made a list of the top three eco-friendly gifts for babies.

These gifts are practical and suitable for babies, regardless of their parents being nature-lovers or not.

Check them out.   

1.   Ditch The Paper Straws With Stainless Steel Straw

stainless steel straws

When the baby grows older, it is motivated to drink milk from the glass.

As the babies find this task difficult, they are initially given paper straws to drink the milk.

The problems with using paper straws are that:

  1. A straw can be used only once.
  2. They are non-eco-friendly (create a lot of waste).
  3. The baby may chew and ingest the paper.

So how can you help the parents tackle this?

By giving them a bunch of stainless steel straw! These straws are a healthy alternative to the ones made from paper. They can be washed and reused till the baby grows old enough to drink milk from a glass!

So get stainless steel straw as eco-friendly gifts for babies.

2.   Bamboo Wipes For Nature-Conscious Parents

eco-friendly Bamboo Wipes pack

Most of the baby wipes are made from non-woven fabrics which are not substantial. Also, they can leave a rash on a baby’s skin.

So if you’re planning to give baby wipes to nature-loving parents, I’ll suggest you choose baby wipes made from bamboo.

They’re natural and 100% biodegradable as compared to the wipes made from non-woven fabrics.

What’s more, they are more gentle on baby’s skin than regular wipes. So get bamboo wipes and give them as eco-friendly gifts for babies

3.   Organic Baby Diaper For A Happy Baby

organic baby diaper

One of the best eco-friendly gifts for babies, organic baby diapers, is all you need to impress the newly-become parents. 

Organic baby diapers are made from natural plant-derived materials, unlike regular diapers which are made from non-degradable materials like cellulose, polythene absorbent material.

Imagine how much non-degradable waste will pile up as the baby grows up. (Commercial baby diaper can take more than 500 years to biodegrade)

So get organic baby diapers and give them as eco-friendly gifts for babies.

They are super soft and comfortable than regular diapers. Plus, they are 100% biodegradable. (A bonus point for nature-loving parents.)

E) Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids portraitflip

There are many reasons why you should get eco-friendly gifts for kids.

First of all, eco-friendly gifts are environmentally friendly and last longer than conventional ones. Apart from that, they are non-toxic and safe.

As you know, kids tend to put things in their mouths, so giving them eco-friendly gifts is a great decision you can make.

Check out a few gifts below:

1.   Get BPA-Free Toys For Kids

kid playing with Bpa-free toys

Bisphenol A, a harmful chemical, is found in plastic toys, sippy cups, and plastic bottles.

As kids are habituated to chew or put toys in their mouths, they may ingest the toxic  BPA chemical. To avoid this, get BPA-free toys that will be safe for kids.

2.   Throw Away Plastic And Get Wooden Toys

a wooden truck kids toy

Whether they are BPA-free or not, plastic toys may contain other toxic chemicals that can harm children. 


Ditch the plastic toys forever and get wooden toys. These sustainable gifts for kids are a great alternative to plastic toys.

They are environment-friendly, durable, long-lasting, and give a good playing experience to kids. So next time you’re planning to get gifts for children, go with this eco-friendly gift.

3.   Let Them Use Organic Crayons For Coloring

eco-friendly organic crayon set

This is one of the best eco-friendly gifts for kids. The widely available wax crayons are made of paraffin wax and non-toxic color pigments (as they claim).

Instead of crayons made up of paraffin wax, you can choose organic crayons that are totally child-friendly.

These natural crayons are made from beeswax and have plant-based pigments and are totally eco-friendly. So get these sustainable gifts for kids.

Those were some of the safest eco-friendly gifts that you can consider giving to kids. Now let’s see the best eco-friendly gift.

F) Best Eco Friendly Gift  

Best Eco Friendly Gift  portraitflip

For the folks who treasure nature more than anything, sustainable gifts are the only gifts that they deem to be worthy of.

So don’t let them down!

Go with our list to find the best eco friendly gift for them.

Take a look down.

1.   Eco-Friendly Pet Toys For Pets

dog playing with eco friendly pet toys

If your zero-waste friend has a dog or cat (or any other pet), then give them eco-friendly pet toys as a sustainable gift.

Apart from being not toxic to pets, these toys are not ruff on mama earth as they are 100% biodegradable.

These eco-friendly pet toys are more durable and safe than regular toys. Here are a few brands that manufacture purrfect eco-friendly pet toys:

  • KONG.
  • The Good Dog Company.
  • Honest Pet Products.
  • Beco Pets.
  • Ware of the Dog.
  • Purrfect Play.
  • Beco’s Beco Ball.

So make your zero-waste friend’s pet a nature-lover by getting this purrfect eco-friendly gift.

2.   Freeze The Memory With A Handmade Charcoal Drawing

photo to charcoal drawing portraitflip

This best eco-friendly gift idea is reserved for the dear ones in your life.

A charcoal drawing (along with a watercolor portrait) is the best sustainable gift that you can give to anyone.

Although the drawing is black shaded, It can depict the emotion of a photo strongly.

So if you want a classy gift that is eco-friendly, you should go for charcoal drawing.

Just send us your favorite photo of your dear one and our artists will create a magnificent charcoal drawing!

Don’t believe that charcoal drawings are classy? Check out below and find out!

And if you’re thinking if charcoal is eco-friendly, I’ll tell you:

Yes! The charcoal stick used for drawing is a natural material made from branches of the willow tree or grapevine. It is basically made from burned wood.

So be rest assured that the gift you are giving is environmentally friendly.

3.   Hydroponic Garden Set For Fresh Veggies

Hydroponic Garden Set

Greenies love everything that is sustainable, and a hydroponic garden set is no different.

A hydroponic garden lets you grow your own veggies, herbs, and even a few fruit-bearing plants. It is easy to set up and requires less water and care as compared to the conventional mode of gardening. 

And the best part is that the vegetables grown are organic and have a high nutritional value.

So give this eco-friendly gift to your nature-loving friends and watch them take a step ahead in their path of sustainable living.

4.   Books For Sustainable Learning And Entertainment

A stack of open books

There is absolutely no doubt that a book is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone for any occasion.

Although manufacturing paper is not such an eco-friendly process, many publishers are turning to using recycled paper for printing books.

A book is a great sustainable gift as it lasts for a lifetime and educates the mind of anyone who reads it. So get the books that your eco friends would like to read gift them. 

If they are an avid reader, you can consider gifting them an e-reader with tons of e-books or a membership plan.

5.   Keep Their Food Fresh With Vacuum Seal Food Container

vacuum seal food container

No matter what, there is always some food left in the refrigerator after the meals.

If not stored properly, the leftovers may change their odor and flavor, or get spoiled.

The best way to avoid this is to keep the leftovers in vacuum seal food containers. So give a few containers to your nature-loving friend as an eco-friendly gift.

They can also keep fruits, nuts, vegetables, or snacks in it to increase their shelf life.

You can also give them a vacuum sealer to preserve the food for a very long time. (Some food items can be preserved for more than a year!)

Let’s see what eco-friendly gift to get if you’re on a money-saving mode.

H) Cheap Eco-Friendly Gifts 

Cheap eco friendly gifts portraitflip

Do you know the number one reason why people don’t go for eco-friendly products? 

Because they are more expensive than the regular ones! Hey, but don’t let that turn you down.

We have got a list of three cheap eco-friendly gifts that are inexpensive and good enough to get a smile from your eco-friend!

1.   Sustainable Battery Over Zinc-Carbon Battery

eco friendly battery representation

Zinc carbon, lithium, and alkaline batteries are the most commonly used batteries all around the world. But the problem with them is that they are not eco-friendly.

Being cheap to manufacture, they are available on a large scale in the market.

But you know what?  Eco-Friendly batteries are manufactured by various companies. Although they are not 100% environmentally friendly, they are still more sustainable than commercial batteries.

Batteries are part of our daily life, and everybody needs them.

So, give these environmentally-friendly batteries as an eco-friendly gift to your dear ones! They are more energy-efficient and sustainable than regular batteries.

2.   Glass Products Made From “Recycled Glass”

different glass bottles made from recycled glass

This is one of the best ideas for cheap eco-friendly gifts

You may be aware that glass bottles, jars, or any food-grade glass products are 100% recyclable and reusable.

So get glass products made from recycled glass and give them as eco-friendly gifts. They are inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

And they are practical too. Any glass product you give will be used by them. 

3.   Let Them Walk In An Eco-Friendly Footwear

brown colored eco-friendly footwear made from hemp

Have you ever thought that footwear that you use could be eco-friendly?

It’s hard to think, but that’s what some companies have done!

They are manufacturing eco-friendly footwear made from materials like cork, polyurethane, pinatex, and recycled materials.

Although they are not fully sustainable, making use of recycled materials is an awesome way to reuse these non-renewable resources.

Some companies also Recycle certain materials like cotton, rubber from tires, leather to make shoes. Here are some of the brands that make eco-friendly footwear:

  • Baabuk
  • Toms
  • Beyond Skin
  • Green Shoes
  • Funky kalakar

You can also get wooden slippers made from 100% wood (probably the best sustainable footwear ever!)

So next time you want to give someone something that is earth-friendly and cheap, go for this eco-friendly gift!

I) Cool Eco-Friendly Gifts

Cool Eco-Friendly Gifts portraitflip

For the cool nature-loving folks in your life, we have curated a list of three cool eco-friendly gifts.

These gifts are unique and sustainable in every sense (and are great for giving to anyone).

Check them below.

1.   Get Them Toothpaste Tabs For Clean Breath During Traveling

Toothpaste tabs

Brushing while traveling is often a task, but searching for the toothpaste in the bag can be a difficult job.

What’s more, the toothpaste may leak or worse- burst open due to the weight of items in your bag.

This can spoil your precious items in your bag. So many companies have come forward to tackle this issue by creating toothpaste tabs!

It’s just dehydrated toothpaste compressed in the form of a pill.

You just have to pop a tab in your mouth and chew and use a wet toothbrush to brush. Viola! Your teeth are clean.

Some even debate that Toothpaste tabs are better than regular Toothpaste as they have fewer chemicals and preservatives.

This means that toothpaste tabs are more eco-friendly than regular Toothpaste.

So get this cool eco-friendly gift and give it to your nature-loving pal.

2.   Cotton Yoga Mat For The Fitness Freak

cotton yoga mat red green blue and black colored

This cool eco-friendly gift is a great fit for any fitness freak in your life. Especially if they are a zero-waste person, they are going to love it even more.

The regular yoga mat is made of Polyvinyl chloride which is a form of plastic or rubber (non-biodegradable). But this yoga mat is made from cotton and has a number of benefits that a PVC or rubber yoga mat cannot provide.

It is breathable, odor-free, provides a strong grip, and is durable. So get this cotton yoga mat for the environment and fitness-loving person in your life.

3.   Beat The Summer Heat With Bamboo Bed Sheets

white bamboo bed sheets

Bamboo Bed Sheets are a great addition to any plant-hugger’s life. As per the name, these Bed Sheets are made from bamboo and are 100% biodegradable.

But are they soft as cotton bedsheets?

The answer may surprise you: bamboo bed sheets are softer and more breathable than cotton bedsheets. This means that they will keep you cool in the humid climate.

What’s more, is that bamboo bed sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. In addition, they are more durable than cotton bedsheets.

So get this cool eco-friendly gift for the eco- people in your life. I bet they will love to receive the gift.

So, those were three cool sustainable gift ideas for the nature-loving folks!

You can find these gifts easily online.

But if you’re a creative person, the next category is just for you!

J) DIY Eco-Friendly Gifts

DIY Eco-Friendly Gifts portraitflip

Nature lovers will love any gift that is eco-friendly, but they will treasure it even more if it is handmade by you!

If you have a creative mind and a liking for making handmade gifts, we have three DIY eco friendly gifts for you!

Check them out!

1.   Mason Jar Herb Garden For Homegrown Herbs

herbs growing inside mason jars

Mason jars are good for storing food, but they are better when you use them to make DIY  projects.

There are a lot of things that can be made with a Mason jar, but we are looking for something nature-friendly.

Take some mason jars from your shelf and plant herbs in them.

Help your nature-loving pals to make kitchen herb gardens by giving these jars as an eco-friendly gift.

Now they will use homegrown herbs for cooking.

2.   Homemade Moisturizer For Perfect Skin

homemade moisturizer

Homemade Moisturizer is one of the awesome DIY Eco-friendly gifts ever.

It’s easy to make and doesn’t need a lot of supplies.  All you need is just shea butter or coconut oil and the essential oil of your choice.

Mix the two ingredients and you’re done!

When you give this to someone, they will surely be surprised to use this chemical-free and fragrant moisturizer. Also, it can also be used as a lip balm!

3.   Sweater Pillow For Their Zero-waste Lifestyle

three Sweater Pillows

The whole point of making DIY eco-friendly gifts is to reuse the old stuff. So, get old sweaters, cut out the sleeves, and sew the sweater to make pillow covers.

Making pillow covers out of old used sweaters and giving them as gifts may sound strange, but believe me, it isn’t.

Being a nature enthusiast, your friend knows the power of recycling, so they won’t mind when you give them these DIY eco-friendly gifts.

Stop! Never Give These Gifts!

Many people think that giving these gifts is great due to their attractive packaging, but don’t fall for the trap!

As captivating as they may look, they are not eco-friendly.

With the growing climate change and innumerable natural calamities, it is important to be a responsible human and adapt a zero waste lifestyle.

Here are ten things that you should avoid buying or giving them as a gift. (Never give these things to nature-loving folks. NEVER.)

  1. Paper cups (difficult to recycle as they have a plastic lining).
  2. Plastic stuff -glasses, straw, bottles, plates, containers (you know about this evil).
  3. Disposable cutlery (a lot of waste!).
  4. Baby Food pouches (create a ton of waste that is not biodegradable).
  5. Meat (The tasty meat has the highest carbon footprint on the planet! Hard to believe, right?).
  6. Products made with palm oil (production of palm oil causes deforestation).
  7. Products made with refined sugar (growing sugarcane causes pollution to its surrounding areas).
  8. Teabags (Imagine how much packaging material is wasted for every box of tea bags).
  9. Potato chips (The bag is made from various different materials which are hard to separate and recycle).
  10. Paper towel sets (Most of them are not recyclable).

So these are our top eco-friendly gifts for the nature-loving folks in your life.

We believe in conserving mama earth! So always try to get eco-friendly gifts for everyone (regardless if they are nature-lovers or not).

Among the list, I feel that a handmade portrait is the best eco-friendly gift for your tree-hugger pal.

A handmade portrait is sustainable (will last a lifetime) and a gift that will strengthen your bond with them. 

meme explaining how a custom handmade painting from portraitflip is best eco friendly gift

Heyya fellas!

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Also take a look at our website: PortraitFlip, a wonderful platform to get handmade portraits from photos.

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