16 Ideas To Design Your Dream Bathroom: Because You Deserve It

Ideas To Design Your Dream Bathroom.

We all deserve our dream bathroom because bathrooms are our sanctuary, an intimate space that often left is austere and unadorned.

More so or often Bathrooms are the space that just doesn’t vibe with the rest of the house and maybe that is why more and more people are getting their dream bathroom made.

I feel this intimate space should inspire and empower you; make you feel ready to take on the day but also a place that should allow you to end your day with a relaxing atmosphere.

Remodeling your bathroom not only increases the quality of your life but also the valuation of your house.

The process of Renovating a bathroom is just as much fun as it is overwhelming. I think any home improvement task is quite time-consuming.

But it is time that you start creating a bathroom that matches your expectations.

We are here to help you renovate your bathroom into your Dream bathroom.

mona lisa ad of reproduction

There are 3 areas that we need to focus on when remodeling a bathroom; Budget, Function, and Style.

And remember that bigger is not better, better is better! Your bathroom should accommodate your specific needs with efficiency.

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Family painting from different photos

A. The Basics

Here are a few basics of designing a bathroom that you need to know!

1.     Budget is Everything!

You must have a budget or at least an idea of how you are willing to spend on your dream bathroom.

The cost can easily go up once you start, so it is better to budget now than be disappointed later.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself and anyone else who is going to share the space.

  • What is your routine? The layout of the bathroom will be determined by that.
  • Do you need complete remodeling or just a few upgrades? Or you want to keep a few elements from your existing bathroom and give it a mix with new ones.

It will also help you understand what parts of your current bathroom you don’t like and what you do.

  • What are your storage needs? Are they currently being met or do you need to add more? You must make this decision now as it will be harder and more expensive to add later.

And lastly, make sure you set aside 20% of your budget for unplanned and surprise expenses that are bound to happen when you are remodeling.

But no matter the budget or size, you can still have your dream bathroom with functional design and great decor.

2.    Types Of Bathrooms:

  • A standard Bathroom is a full-size bathroom that contains a toilet, sink, bath or shower or both.
  • Half Bathroom or powder room is a small bathroom that only has a sink and a toilet.
  • Wet Bathroom, it is a full bathroom that has no separate cubicle or a curtain around the bath/shower. From walls to cabinets, everything is completely waterproofed.

A bathroom comes in various types, so keep in mind what kind of bathroom you want.

3.    Don’t Miss Out On Natural Light

Natural light in bathroom.
Image Source: bathroomgoals

One of the first things to reconsider when remodeling/ relocating your bath is whether or not there is a window or natural light source.


It automatically makes the space more pleasant and it prevents mold built up from the water.

4.    Placement Of Toile

Make sure that when someone first enters the washroom, they shouldn’t be greeted with the toilet.

I understand that many don’t have the luxury of that kind of space, but it is always good to be aware.

5.    Do Not Let Functionality Be Compromised

A good bathroom is less about how it looks and rather how well it functions.

Great design is about better efficiency; in function, cost and maintenance.

Of course, the looks and feel of the bathroom are important but they shouldn’t be prioritized above functionality.

These tips for your dream bathroom will help you in remodeling.   

B. Styling Ideas For Dream Bathroom

Your dream bathroom needs decor that will give it a visually appealing look.

Aesthetics are important, looking at beautiful things makes us happy.

Here are a few handpick tips and ideas for your dream bathroom.

1.     Get the Modern Rustic decor

 Modern Rustic dream bathroom decor.
Poster Frame Mockup interior in a Bathroom

Modern rustic is a mix of old and new styles, high and low.

A dream-style bathroom in this decor will artfully balance the clean, modern aesthetic with softer, natural elements in space.

This style requires keeping that space pretty much neutral and mixing styles, shapes, and forms.

It needs a touch of vintage, and the best way to bring it is by adding a painting.

A painting that can be the focal point of your dream bathroom.

Maybe a landscape charcoal drawing?

Art that you can express your personality with. Be it with the image of your favorite memory or your most stunning picture.

With PortraitFlip you can get your photo painted by professional artists and get your hand-painted portrait delivered to your doorstep. 

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2.    Go Botanical

Botanical theme dream bathroom.
Image Source: sanswiss

Deep green backgrounds to tropical leaves patterns, incorporate earthy tones with furniture, plants, and other elements like towels, soaps, etc. to have a botanical theme dream bathroom.

3.    Get wild with patterns

Bring interesting patterns in your bathroom for some character and drama.

It can be in form of colorful rugs, tiles, curtains, or other decor items.

This is an excellent way to brighten up your space and break the monotony.

4.    For The Wanderlust In You

If you are someone who travels often and likes to bring back souvenirs, then maybe you would love to have a bathroom with a ‘collected look’

It will be a fun journey of decorating your dream bathroom.

For aesthetic purposes or motivation, you can hang a large-scale map (waterproof of course!)

creation of adam reproduction

For an avid traveler, this could help you decide on your next destination.

Gallery wall in bathroom decor idea.

When we think of a gallery wall, we assume this wall decor is for the living room or the hallway, but never the bathroom.

I think it is the element of surprise for people that makes art in the bathroom intriguing.

More like a peak in your world by catching them off guard with the location.

Art brings depth and allure that cannot be replicated with any other menial decor item.

Also, it has a way to cut through the rigidness of the bathroom and introduce some interesting colors and patterns without overwhelming the room.

Like handmade paintings, you can get your favorite photo painted by a professional artist.  

And when you buy art from us, you aren’t just buying a painting; you are supporting an artist by bringing colors into your world.

For more advice about best places to buy a custom painting you can look into the blog post here.    

Well, the wall behind you needs to be an epitome of joy. Lets hang some melodic memories on it.

6.    Bring The Old-World Influence

Vintage bathroom decor idea
Image Source: botanicalpropaganda

old is gold they say but, in our case, nothing is ever out of fashion.

Trends keep coming and repeating but vintage is always in.

When we mix accents of vintage with other styles it only elevates it.

No matter what you use, be it distressed furniture, antiques that you collected/ passed down from family, or adding a painting made from old photos.

They always have a way to bring charisma into the space that gives an anchoring effect to the decor.

A dream bathroom style with a flair of vintage that has the perfect amount of drama and style that blends seamlessly with your existing decor.

7.    Nature Is Never Out Of Trend

Having Nature related elements in your dream bream bathroom creates a soothing atmosphere.

The simplest way to bring some natural elements to your bathroom is by adding bathroom plants.

One could also feel inspired by the colors of nature, deep and rustic hue can be your palate for your dream bathroom.

Try branching out and bringing the beauty of nature into your space.

Natural elements or elements representing nature like a painting of nature will bring calm to your sanctuary.

Suggested Product: You can also get a pet color pencil portrait from PortraitFlip for your home walls!

8.    Forgo the Mirror

bathroom decor with no mirror.
Image Source: freepik

Mirrors are essential, but maybe not everywhere.

This is uncommon advice as many believe they need mirrors everywhere in their washroom.

You can easily replace a mirror in your washroom with something more interesting like a painting.

Switch up and make things interesting with unexpected elements.

This is a perfect idea for your powder room, as you can present add an element of surprise for your guests.

9.    A Little Drama Never Hurts

Are you someone who loves to have dramatic decor, all back? Victorian? Art decor style? No matter what style you choose, make sure to make a statement with it!

And if you don’t want to uphaul your entire decor, you can make some changes to your existing decor to bring a stunning glamor.

  1. Get new fixtures – Be it the lights or hardware or both. It will create a visible change in your bathroom style.
  2. Glam up the Mirrors – mirrors are always supposed to flatter. And if your mirrors aren’t doing the job they if either the location or the lights around it.
    Also, a mirror acts as decor, be sure to have a mirror that makes a statement.
  3. Paint your ceiling – celling’s should be anything but white.

10.   Get Inspired by Royals

Get some gold accents, and add mirrors and soft plush-looking towels to feel like the king/queen you are!

Make sure to have clean lines and muted textures to compliment the link.

11.  Be creative with storage

Dream bathroom idea with storage
Image Source: freepik

People often feel like having a storage space is like adding bulk to the space.

And it often does add bulk, but it can be avoided if you do it well.

Crave out nooks to hold shower essentials, try concealing them in a basket that matches your bathroom decor.

Try mounting faucets, and bars onto your bathroom wall; that creates a clearer and lighter look.

Use your shelves smartly, don’t add a lot of things, and pack them up. Use the space cleverly by add leaving some space out and adding decor to make it look visually appealing.

Confused about buying? Then check out our new blog, where we talk about the best places to buy home decor.

To Conclude

Remember, in the end, your dream bathroom style should help you achieve your everyday needs with efficiency as well as give you a relaxing space to unwind after a long day.

Every Bathroom needs some personalization, so don’t be afraid to add your personal touch.

And what better way to bring your charm to your dream bathroom than a handmade painting made from your favorite photos?

Dear readers,

I hope this article helped you bring your dream bathroom to life.

Helps us Personalize your dream bathroom with a handmade painting.

Check out these beautiful paintings created by our artists.

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Cheers! ❤️

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