Dog Owner’s Checklist (For a Responsible Owner)

Dog owner’s checklist (for a responsible owner)

“A dog will teach you, unconditional love. If you have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”

Robert Wagner

A dog can be the epitome of affection and joy but taking care of your little buddy may seem like a stressful job at times.

Well, you have stumbled upon just the right place as we have put together a ‘Dog owner’s checklist’ to ease away your burden.

 This dog owner’s checklist is basically a collection of all the objects and tools that are necessary for any dog owner. It can be compared to an owner’s guide or shopping list.

Let us now start our dog owner’s checklist with a list of some basic toys, nothing too fancy or elaborate.


Dog toys

Toys are a great way to get the body warmed up and also get your precious pet all excited and full of energy.

The list below should suffice as a beginners guide for all the dog owners out there.

  • A ball
  • Rope
  • Chew toy
  • Puzzle Toy

         This is a good way to start off

  • Basic chores associated with a dog

We understand that completing or doing any chore/task can feel like a tedious and cumbersome thing.

Distribute and delegate the tasks to different members of the family.

They may seem mundane and monotonous in the beginning but slowly you will see how interesting they can be as you create a special bond with your dog.

         Below given is a simple list of activities that should be on every dog owner’s checklist when it comes to the tasks that need to take place when you have a dog in the house.

  • Provide fresh water several times a day
  • Feed the dog 2 -3 times per day
  • Brush and comb them  everyday
  • House training – taking them on trips outdoors every few hours.
  • Walk & leash training
  • Training for basic commands, socialization, and etiquettes.

Anti Chew Spray

Dog anti chew spray

This spray will perfectly as a no limit area wherever it is sprayed. Your dog will be discouraged from biting anything on which this anti-chew spray is sprayed as it will give your dog a very bitter taste.

Hence it will stop him from chewing on necessary and hazardous things and keeping him safe.

  • Choosing a veterinarian

The reason that we have stated this so early on in our dog owner’s checklist is that this is a task which is usually taken for granted and not given importance on a priority basis.

Just like we humans need the help of doctors from time to time to make sure that our health is in place, so do the dogs require the same kind of attention.

Make sure that your dog is vaccinated from time to time and visits the doctor for the frequent check up’s.

You can never be too cautious when it comes to health for

‘Prevention is always better than cure.’

  • Make the house puppy proof

Please note that the term ‘puppy proof’ here means to ensure that your beloved dog is brought up in a safe and caring environment which will be totally beneficial to him.

It is inhumane to have your dog chained throughout the day, therefore, we advise you to make your surroundings safe and secure to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Some important aspects to remember while making your house dog proof are:

  •  Fix all the holes in the fence so that there is no looming risk of your dog getting lost.
  • Remove lightweight flowerpots so that your dog can’t knock them over.
  • Look for dustbins, wild plants or any other source that can be poisonous for your dog.
  • Training your dog

Training is an important aspect to gain mastery over the self and other important aspects of life, therefore, we will give due importance to this attribute in our dog owner’s checklist.

There are many different ways to train your dog but in our view, positive reinforcement is one of the best methods to train your dog.

Teach him to follow certain commands and give him a treat every time he executes it perfectly.

You could also use the leash technique but after a while, a dog needs his freedom to.

First Aid Kits

Dog frist acid kits

This is an essential part of any responsible dog owner’s checklist as your dog may require urgent medical attention at the drop of a hat.

God forbid that such an unwanted medical anomaly ever, take place, but it is always better to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The first aid kit for your new puppy or pet should contain all the basics such as bandages, water, thermometer etc.

Sterile saline eye wash is also a necessary component that can be used to remove all the debris and irritation that is present in the eyes of your pet.

A contact card of your local veterinarian or a pet hospital is important as you never know when a situation may escalate.

A treat will always come in handy when there is a dog around so do not forget this when it comes to your first aid kit either.

Poop Bag Refills

Poop dag refills

This is a must for every dog and pet owner out there especially when you are taking your dog out in public or for your daily morning walk.

Excretion is a natural process and a poop bag refill should be on every dog owner’s checklist.

This way you can enjoy the company of your favorite buddy without making the surrounding dirty and thus playing your part as a responsible citizen.

Be sure to put this down on your shopping list whenever you go to fill up your stock of dog essentials.

In the above-given points, we have discussed most of the mainstream and conventional points and tasks that have to be in order for every dog owner’s checklist.

Below, we shall state some of the rather unconventional or unheard of but equally important when it comes to taking care of your dog.

ID Tags

Dog id tags

It is our personal belief that ID tags are one of the most important accessories in every dog owner’s checklist.

Millions of dogs get lost every year, make sure that your dog isn’t just another part of this depressing statistic and put a GPS tracker on his/her collar immediately.

Dog Bed

Dog bed

This is an important part of every dog owner’s checklist unless and until you want fur all over your personal bed and germs all over your body.

It all gives the dog a comfortable place to rest so that he is fully fresh and recharged throughout the entire day.

Quality Dog Food

Quality dog food

Many owners think that it is a good idea to give the dog leftover food from the dinner table but this can lead to many intestinal problems such as improper stools and increase in the worms.

Hence it is recommended that you give your dog proper and quality dog food unless advised otherwise by a professional pet caretaker or veterinarian.

Flea Treatment

Dog flea treatment spary

Fleas can easily sneak into your house without any invitation or formal appearance hence it is important that you take as many precautionary measures as possible.

Nowadays there are many sprays and liquids which are available to address this possible.

This is an important part of the itinerary for every dog owner’s checklist.

Spare Leash

Dog leash

We realize that no dog owner’s checklist or guide is complete without a leash but always remember that a spare leash can come in handy when you least expect it to.

It is one of the most important items that are used during the start of your pet training.

You may not require it frequently or may not even use it but it’s always better safe than sorry and going that extra mile for your dog could not hurt much.

Baby Gates

Dog gate

These give you enough freedom to roam around the house without many disturbances and block away from your dog from important or rather sensitive areas.

Therefore in our opinion, a baby gate is important for every house that has a dog and should be amongst the top priorities on every dog owner’s checklist.


Dog collar

No article on a dog owner’s checklist is complete without the mention of a collar.

This is a unique form of identification that separates your dog from the other ones out there.

It will also help you identify your dog amongst a group of them.


Dog brush

A brush is an essential part of any dog owner’s shopping list as it can be used to put the dog’s fur in place and cleanse it properly after you have rinsed it nicely.

It is gentler compared to rubbing your precious dog ferociously with a regular towel.


Dog shampoo

This is another important part of any dog owner’s checklist for the stuff that has to be used for the dog as his furry body can collect lots of dust and dirt during the day.

The shampoo is an effective way of removing all of this dirt and making him/her spick and span.

Paw Wipes

Dog paw wipes

This may sound a little over the top and unnecessary to quite a few people but it can prove to be a great addition to every dog owner’s shopping list.

It is the perfect way to remove any unwanted dirt from your lovely pet’s paws, keeping them healthy and hygienic.


 All dogs should be trained in crates or crate trained, and the best time to start is right now. Crates come in three types:

Wire: this folds flat and has better ventilation

 Plastic: this is cozy and is approved for shipping via airplane.

 Cloth: this is lightweight but can be shredded by dogs who want to get out. Wait until your dog behaves in a hard-sided crate before trying a cloth one.

A Portrait Painting

A portrait painting is a perfect way to create something meaningful, artistic and visually appealing.

It should be on every dog owner’s checklist as it is a great way to portray his or her love for their dog.

It can be the perfect memoir or centerpiece in your house and create a good ambiance for your home too.

You have reached just the perfect place for we at PortraitFlip will take care of all your artistic needs right from customized portraits to even a simple charcoal sketch depending on your needs and wants.

“The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn’t pose. He isn’t aware of the camera.”

Patrick Demarchelier

Toe Nail Clippers

Dog toe nail clipper

Normal clippers may work fine for tiny puppies but for adults, a scissor-type or guillotine-type clipper is required

It is ultimately a matter of choice.

 You can also use a grinder.

This is also an important addition to any dog owner’s checklist.

Exercise Pen

Dog exercise pen

An exercise pen is a portable enclosure that functions as a doggy playpen. It’s safer compared to locking your dog in a closed room, and he’s less likely to object because it doesn’t have that closed-in feeling that a small room will give him.

Place or set up the pen in your kitchen or den, where he can be out from underfoot yet still be part of the family when you can’t watch him.

 They’re also great when you are traveling to help keep your dog from bolting out of hotel rooms.

             In the given article we have tried to describe and showcase whatever we felt was important and should be there on every dog owner’s checklist but if you feel that we have missed out or would like to add something else to the dog owner’s checklist, please mention it in the comments section below.

 We sincerely hope that this article may have been of at least some help to you and will give you a blueprint as to what all should be there on every dog owner’s checklist.

It is important to understand that money can buy you a dog but only love can make him wag his tail.

More than anything patience should be the top priority on any dog owner’s checklist.

The only reason that it hasn’t been mentioned is that it isn’t some object that can be procured or brought from a store.

It has to be practiced over time genuinely.

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