Dog Memorial Gifts: 19 Ways To Help A Grieving Dog Parent

Dog Memorial Gifts

The entire idea of having to get dog memorial gifts is heart-sinking.

Some goodbyes look longer than their entire life and it is difficult to detach ourselves from our furry little pet.

“It’s so much easier to move on after the death of a pet if their items aren’t all over the place. It was one of the things we had to do after the death of our childhood dog. We knew we didn’t want to try and replace Tess anytime soon, so it was off to the thrift store with any quality leads, beds, and toys.”

Dan Morris from PetNPat states

Days get harder when you realize that your pet is no longer there to sit by your feet or drool over your dinner. But it is never a goodbye, it is always “you are will remain my good boy fur’ever.”

The loss is beyond words. Pay honor and remembrance to the dog that’s crossed the rainbow bridge with these healing dog memorial gits.

Our list of dog memorial gifts includes everything from dog memorial stones to dog memorial frames and portraits.

Keep the unforgettable memories of your little companion alive in these loss of dog memorial gifts.

Dog Memorial Stone

Dog Memorial Stone PortraitFlip

One of the perfect dog memorial gifts for your pet is a dog memorial stone.

A lot of families use this as a symbol and keep it exactly at their pet’s comfort spot.

However, they can keep a pet memorial stone in the garden, in the living room, or any other place.

That way they will have an exclusive space to honor the deceased pet.

Dog memorial stone can also work as a keepsake if your friend plans to cremate them instead.

A pet memorial stone can be made of concrete, resin, brick, or even a wood carving.

You can personalize dog memorial stone the way you want.

“No longer at our feet but forever in our hearts.”

Doggo Memorial Jewelry

Doggo Memorial Jewelry PortraitFlip

If your closed-one had a companion pet, we know how heart-wrenching it would be for them to not have him around.

Not see them jumping while they are up for some play, and you would surely want dog memorial gifts specially made for this little one.

Pet memorial jewelry serves the purpose of feeling the demised pet around.

It can be a customized pet memorial necklace or a locket where they can keep his paw-print locked, or maybe an elegant bracelet to show their style and what is important to them.

Pet memorial jewelry is subtle and makes a strong statement.

The Pet memorial necklace is the cutest when it comes to dog memorial gifts

They can always wear the pet memorial necklace and carry them around wherever they go.

Dog Memorial Marker

Dog Memorial Marker PortraitFlip

Pet memorial markers are the most common dog memorial gifts.

It can come in the form of a headstone, a burial marker, or as a piece of home décor.

The best thing about a marker is you can personalize it.

The most customary practice is to get his name, birthdate, and death-date written on the pet memorial marker.

However, there is a lot of option available where you can get a quote or a saying engraved.

Breed-specific headstones have become a trend too, just to make the demised pet feel close to his like ones.

One of the perfect dog memorial gifts I got after Elsa left was a headstone that said “Who’s the good girl?” with her name, birthdate, death-date, and her favorite treat engraved on it.
She would have loved it!

Dog Memorial Frames with Portrait

Dog Memorial Frames with Portrait From PortraitFlip

Losing a pet comes with a lot of sadness and negativity.

Portraits have always been the easiest way to motivate a dull person.

I have Elsa’s portrait on my wall, the first thing I see in the morning.

Although she is not around, I always feel so full of her love and warmth every time I look at her portrait.

You can get a portrait of the demised pet for your pal who has lost the dearest.

Portraitflip will make sure that the pet memorial frame with a pet portrait looks as natural and alive as the dog staring right at you.

It will make the person better and nearer to his pet.

A Dog Memorial Frame Portrait = Best Dog Memorial Gift!

A little gesture goes a long way.

Shadow Box For Pet Memorial

Shadow Box For Pet Memorial PortraitFlip

A shadowbox or a pet memorial urn generally contains the cremains of the pet.

You can gift a pet owner who is moaning from the inevitable loss of his pet.

It is especially for a parent who cremates his pet but can be used for the buried pet as a keepsake box too.

The box has two layers, the lower one to keep the cremains or ashes, and the upper one to keep his things like a collar, bandana, his favorite toy, or charms sealed with a glass frame on the top.

Our friend, Dan Morris from PetNPat recently lost his dear pet.

To sustain the grief and with the thought to not replace Tess’s memory anytime soon, he put down all his items in a shadow box.

He often tells us that the shadow box reminds him of Tess and never fails to make his presence felt.

Shadowbox for pet memorial works best as a keepsake dog memorial gift from a dear one that decided to leave way before we could have enough of him.

Pet Memorial Windchime

Pet Memorial Windchime PortraitFlip

Remember when their dog came running from the garden with the clicking sound of his nails hitting the floor or the flap of their doorway making flapping sounds?

A pet memorial wind chime will make your friend remind of his demised pet every time the wind hits the chime and produces a relaxing tune.

Windchime has been a common way to reduce bad omen and gloom and can help your friend cope with the loss.

It has the power to fill a person with tranquility and provides comfort with its mellifluous sound.

You can get your friend and his deceased pet’s photo attached to the pet memorial wind chime.

It will be a good deal for the receiver to look at it and feel the presence of his pet with the winds.

“Listen to the winds and know I am near.”

Dog Memorial Statuette

Dog Memorial Statuette PortraitFlip

Remember what the Odate people do to remember Hachiko?

They made a pet memorial statuette in front of the Shibuya station where he waited for his master to arrive.

You can gift a healing pet owner a pet memorial statuette, more like a concrete statue to place it at their pet’s favorite spot in the house.

Pet memorial statuettes make great dog memorial gifts since it is the closest form to their pet.

Pet Memorial Portrait From Photo

Pet Memorial Portrait From Photo from PortraitFlip

Portraitlfip gives you the honor to select a customized pet memorial portrait from a photo of the healing pet-parents with their baby.

Choose between custom portrait, compilation portrait, or rainbow bridge custom portrait of their pet, and see their moods lighten up.

To make the portrait look more real and close to the original we offer mediums like Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Pencil Color, Charcoal, and Color Pencil.

Portraits spread positivity and support the creativity of all the people who have put their soul into making the healing pet-parents a little better.

We know it is very difficult to accept that our pet is no longer physically with us but we, at Portraitflip try our best to empathize with you and freeze-frame the best memory of your pet.

Dog Memorial Tattoo

Dog Memorial Tattoo PortraitFlip

Tattoos are becoming a growing trend and with each day people are getting inked for different reasons.

Some get inked because they want to stand out and others tell their story through their tattoo.

You can get your healing friend a pet memorial tattoo.

It can be anything from their paw-print to their name or the pet’s image – whatever fits your budget.

A tattoo will not only be a unique dog memorial gift but will also be cherished by your friend.

A pet memorial tattoo can be a great way to carry a part of their lost pet with them – even to their grave. It will forever remain on their body and will give them hope.

A pet memorial tattoo will be a style statement and a completely new experience for your friend if this is his first time.

Pet Memorial Candles

Pet Memorial Candles PortraitFlip

Do away with the standard white candles and give the healing pet parents a customized fragrance candle as a dog memorial gift.

They can keep it in front of the pet portrait or the shadow box and light it up whenever they miss their pet.

Think different.

Not everyone would think about gifting a pet memorial candle as a pet sympathy gift.

Fragrance candles always have a story to tell with the aroma that it emits.

A similar candle will relax the mind of the pet owner and will bring back all the happy memories of their pet with its soothing essential oils.

A Book

A Book PortraitFlip

Books are the best meditation.

Losing a pet is much more than grieving, it is a complete disruption of lifestyle.

Most people end up losing a part of themselves to depression and it comes with a lot of mental and emotional stress.

Studies have said that the trauma of losing a pet is equal to the trauma of losing a child.

In such situations, book therapy is the best.

Get your healing friend “Healing After Loss” and other such therapeutic books that will show them the route to meditation and help them cope with depressing thoughts and sorrow.

A Dog Loss Healing Package

A Dog Loss Healing Package PortraitFlip

Comfort your friend and family with a pet loss healing package as a pet memorial gift.

You can buy assorted products and club them together to make a hamper.

Include a PoP Paw-Print, a small keepsake dog memorial stone, a dog memorial necklace, or other dog memorial jewelry along with a fragrance candle, remembrance booklet, and a gift card for aromatherapy.

Donate An Animal Shelter

An Animal Shelter PortraitFlip

The best way to memorialize your pet is to donate to the animal shelter nearby or from where you got your pet.

Ask them if they have a wall of memories where you can put a picture of your dog.

Add a pet memorial stone for all the rescued pets and their wannabe parents to pay honor.

Donate a bit every month in the name of your dog and help other dogs to survive.

This way you can create a little legacy for your dogs and help other rescued dogs in need.

Plant A Tree

A hand planting tree PortraitFlip

Plant a tree of your pet’s favorite natural food at his favorite spot in the garden.

You can also plant a tree where you buried him.

The body of your pet will work as a fertilizer and you will have your baby reincarnated as a tree.

This way, he can live longer than he did the last time.

Plus, you are contributing to the health of the environment you live in.

Include a little pet memorial stone in front of the tree, or engrave his name on the tree itself just to personalize it more.

Pet Cremation Ring

Pet Cremation Ring PortraitFlip

You can get a resin ring made out of the cremains or ashes of your pet.

Wear it or keep it in the shadow box, the choice is yours.

It is always better to have the cremains crystalized to reduce the threat of dropping them unexpectedly.

Dog Memorial Sculpture

Dog Memorial Sculpture PortraitFlip

A pet memorial sculpture showing an angel carrying the pet can be the best dog memorial gift.

Sculptures capture the emotions and tenderness with a perfect human flavor and will always remind the pet parent of how great their pet was to deserves a place comfortable place in heaven.

Honor the pet with a pet memorial sculpture that has a lovely display and intricate detailing to make it look real.

It will be a thoughtful gift and always make the dog parents smile.

You can also get the dog parent’s memory crystallized in sculpture to make it look more personal.

A Custom Stuffed Animal

A Custom Stuffed Animal

Get a stuffed toy lookalike of the pet your pal has lost.

A stuffed toy that looks like their pet will give them emotional comfort and though not living, will always remind them of their loyal pet.

A beautifully handmade and well-detailed replica of their pet stuffed with soft cotton will be a special pet memorial gift for a grieving friend.

Be the kind of emotional support they need.

Rainbow Bridge Dog Memorial Necklace

Rainbow Bridge Dog Memorial Necklace PortraitFlip

Get a rainbow bridge pet memorial necklace for your mourning friend who has lost his dear one.

The rainbow bridge necklace will remind the dog parent that their pet is in safe heaven.

You can also customize the necklace at your will with a paw pendant and the name of the pet.

The beautiful necklace will not only make a solid style statement but will allow your friend to carry the remembrance of their pet along.

Custom Royal Dog Portrait From PortraitFlip

Custom Royal Dog Portrait From PortraitFlip

If you want your healing relative or friend to remember their lost pet humorously, you can gift them a custom royal pet portrait from PortraitFlip as a dog memorial gift.

Crystalized the most comic face of their pet or the way you remember him – making licking an ice-cream or making weird faces at you – into a royal custom dog portrait. 

Portraits do their magic by motivating a person and serve as healing power especially if it is funny.

Don’t let your friend drain all their positive energy into mourning over the demise.

Make him laugh with this amusing painting from the best artists of Portraitflip.

“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your pet would go in.”

That’s all folks!

If you are reading this, thank you!

Go, spread love and comfort to the one who lost his pet.

Hope this article could help you find the perfect Pet Memorial Gift for a person who has lost his precious

If you have any concerns or questions, you can write to us in the comment section below.

Do check out Portrait Flip, a one-stop platform to get the best handmade portraits.

If you have recently lost your pet, our heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

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