Christmas Gifts For Grandpa

Christmas gifts for grandpa

We are back this time with a list of Best Christmas Gifts For Grandpa!

Are you looking for some amazing Personalised Grandad Gifts or Grandparents’ Day Gifts?

Your thought bubble has got you to the right place!

We from PortraitFlip are going to explore some Unique Gifts For Grandpa as well as Funny Gifts For Grandpa.

“A grandfather is an unsung hero we all owe our success to, he is a simple person who is just happy by seeing us prosper”

So without any further ado let’s jump into PortraitFlip’s pool of Personalized Grandparent Gifts:

1. First Time Grandpa Gift – A Portrait Painting:

First time grandpa gift – a portrait painting

The first time grandpa gift must be special and should hold a lot of emotional value with it.

How about a Portrait Painting From Photo?

Paint your grandad and give him a gift of a lifetime. We are sure he would end up in tears of joy!

But where could you find an artist who can make a painting from photo?

Try PortraitFlip,

We make genuine handmade paintings from photos and deliver at your doorstep in just a few clicks.

You can convert your grandpa’s photo into Acrylic, Oil, Pencil, Colour Pencil, Charcoal or Watercolour Painting.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with No Questions Asked Return Policy.

Watch our YouTube Testimonials or skim through our Oil Painting Gallery.

This Christmas lets gift his happiness and make his sacrifices count with PortraitFlip!

2. Couch Arm Table:

Couch arm table

This unique gift for grandpa is all he needs for his Flix and Chill moments.

The couch arm table is easy to install and can be used to keep beverages, snacks, remotes, etc.

This amazing product helps to stop the sofa hand rest from getting dirty as if any food or drink falls, the sofa cushion is still safe.

Find this amazing grandpa gift at

3. Willow Tree Keepsake:

Willow tree keepsake

Susan Lordi has always been brilliant at sculpting the unspeakable relations you share with your loved ones.

One of those is the relation of a grandfather, he is the unsung hero behind our existence and success we achieve in our lives.

Cherish your relation with Susan Lordi’s handcrafted sculptures by ordering it from Amazon.

4. Premium Whiskey As A Personalized Grandparent Gift:

Premium whiskey as a personalized grandparent gift

Is he a whiskey kinda guy?

If yes,

Then get him a bottle of premium whiskey which is as experienced as he is!

Every grandpa loves whiskey and a whiskey which is aged around 12 years gives that slow buzz only a veteran can enjoy to its full potential.

Gift your grandpa this 12 years aged whiskey and be rest assured of his happiness.

It can be personalized by adding your grandfather’s name on it.

Get yours from

5. Personalized Doormat For Grandpa:

Personalized doormat for grandpa

Don’t you love to visit your grandparents?

It’s the most wonderful vacation when it is at grandpa’s place.

Get her this personalized doormat which screams out that it is your place of fun and this is where you get spoilt!

Find this funny gift for grandpa on

6. Beard Management Kit:

Beard management kit

Beard management kit contains the three basic essentials your grandfather needs to shape his dense white beard.

Beard Wash contains a blend of Peppermint, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus essential oils which will cleanse your grandpa’s beard.

Beard Conditioner is enriched with olive oil, castor oil, and a touch of jojoba seed oil which leaves the beard feeling soft.

Beard Oil has a light vanilla scent to keep your grandpa’s beard hydrated and fragrant.

7. Stone Drink Dispenser:

Stone drink dispenser

Now isn’t that an amazing looking drink dispenser!

This stone drink dispenser will look very cool on your Father-in-law’s bar counter.

The dispenser comes in two variants, 2 legged and 4 legged.

The 4 legged comes with a rubber stopper which makes it leak proof.

Definitely, your grandpa doesn’t have everything until he has this.

Want this as a Christmas gift for grandpa?

Head to

8. Grandpasaurus T-Shirt:

Grandpasaurus t shirt

Grandpasaurus T-shirt are a funny gifts for grandpa on Christmas.

Imagine how your grandfather would react to such a gift on Christmas! He would love this!

Buy this unique gift for grandpa from etsy.

9. Tile-Mate GPS Tracker:

Tile mate gps tracker

Tile mate key finder is one of the best Christmas gifts for grandpa who forgets where his keys and phone are.

The GPS tracking chip which looks like a keychain can be attached to your pet, keys, kids, pen drives, and other valuables.

The best thing about the tile mate is that it can be located from an app from your phone and you can also locate your phone from the tile.

Get this as a Christmas gift for grandfather and reduce his efforts of finding things and enjoying the greater good of life!

10. FunPa (Funny Grandpa T-Shirt)

Funpa funny grandpa t shirt

FunPa T-shirt is for that grandpa who has a funny bone like no one else in this world.

The Google search themed Tee is made from 100% Cotton and

This T-shirt is by far the one of the coolest Christmas gifts for grandpa.

11. Personalized Beer Glass:

Personalized beer glass

Personalize and gift a beer mug to your granddad this Christmas.

The glass can be added with different messages, personalized yours on Etsy.

12. Let Him Unwrap The Happiness Package With A Painting Inside:

Let him unwrap the happiness package with a painting inside

He has given you a lot of gifts like a Good Lifestyle, Advice, Bedtime Stories, That Extra Pocket Money, and also the partnership in crime when you didn’t want to go to school.

How about we at PortraitFlip and you make this Christmas the best time of his lifetime by gifting him with this Stunning Portrait Painting?

We have seen our customer family crying out of happiness when they have received their portrait from their sons and grandchildren and the feeling really is something to hold upon too!

All you need to do is:

  1. Select One of His Photos.
  2. Select A Medium among Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil, Color Pencil or Charcoal.
  3. Select A Finishing Option among Rolled, Gallery Wrapped, or Framed.
  4. Put the painting on the wall at night and record his reaction the other morning!

Do check out what happens when one receives a PortraitFlip Happiness Package in our Video Testimonials.

We have been thinking about how we could deliver happiness to more families and we came up with an amazing 10% Discount Coupon (OFF10).

Want to get a Painting?

Know more on our website.


Let’s continue!

13. Google Home:

Google home

What better personalized product could one imagine of!

The Google home speaker comes with a speaker and of course the Google assistant which makes daily activities a lot of fun.

The Google home device can be very useful for your grandpa for listening to music, getting news updates, turning on/off lights, or just for all the fun activities.

Get this as a Christmas gift for grandfather and ensure his happiness and excitement to use this device.

Find yours on Amazon.

14. IRobot:


Umm, not the movie! It’s an automatic cleaner.

This automatic cleaner clears all the dust for the old man who is not that fit to vacuum clean the whole house himself.

The automatic cleaner can be scheduled to specific timing and it cleans all the dirt by automatically moving like a remote-controlled vehicle and collect all the dust.

It charges itself automatically by finding its way to the charger.

Find yours on Amazon.

15. First Time Grandpa Gift – Coffee Mug:

First time grandpa gift – coffee mug

This coffee mug is perfect to welcome your kid’s grandad to the grandfather’s club where every topic is about how cute their grand angel is!

Let him carry this everywhere and flaunt his enrollment in the club!

Get this funny gift for grandpa at

16. Unique Christmas Gift For Grandpa-As A Cushion:

Unique christmas gift for grandpa as a cushion

Looking for something to express your Love and Gratitude towards your Grandfather/Granddad/Grandpa/ for all those Warm Hugs, Childhood Stories, Unconditional Love and Countless Blessings that he always showered upon you.

Then this exceptionally quixotic designer “GRANDFATHER LOVE CUSHION PILLOW” makes an adorable gift and will surely bring that Priceless Smile to your Grandpa’s Face.

An Ideal & Thoughtful Gift For Grandfather – This Beautiful Digitally Printed Cushion Cover is specially designed to delight your on occasion like Christmas.

17. Personalized Grand-Dad Slam Book:

Personalized grand dad slam book

Grand Dad slam book features questions which when answered by the grandchild leaves a fun and lovely personalized gift.

The gifts ultimate goal is to create Humor, Laughter, Love and Fun!

Write off some FUN-tastic answers to make it one of the best Christmas gifts for grandpa ever!

18. Personalized Cute and Funny Coffee Mug:

Personalized cute and funny coffee mug

This cute mug with the amazing message on top is one of the perfect Christmas Gifts For Grandpa.

Get this is on Etsy or amazon.

19. E Tape:

E tape

You know he is fantastic carpentry skills and always wants to repair something on his own.

Get him this E Tape which eases out his efforts by automatically measuring the distance.

He can also convert units on the device itself and lock the tape using the lock button easily.

Get yours from

20. Revive His Young Days With A Painting:

Revive his young days with a painting

Every grandpa loved his Twenties and Thirties when he did all the things which made a difference in his life.

He would like to go back in time and relive all the moments he enjoyed and which made his life worth living.

Take him back to the good old days with a YOUNG, BOLD, and HANDSOME portrait painting this Christmas.

We do everything possible to create the happy moment in your lives!

Our Graphic Designing team would be happy to Change the Background, Merge Two Photos, and do all the minor or major changes in the image.

21. Touchscreen-Friendly Winter Hand Gloves:

Touchscreen friendly winter hand gloves

Touchscreen get all sorts of irritating during winters or snow, all the moisture from the air adds moisture to the screen and it is impossible to tap with a finger which has gloves on.

These gloves help to sustain the cold weather and improve the smartphone experience outdoors.

This is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for grandpa.

22. Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa Beer Glass:

Best dads get promoted to grandpa beer glass

Yes, it’s funny!

Yes, the beer mug is useful!

Yes, you should order it from etsy.

23. Kindle Paper White:

Kindle paper white

Get the 7th Gen Kindle Paper White for your grandfather who likes to read it all but has a small library to keep the books.

Adjustable front light lets you read comfortably for hours—indoors and outdoors, day and night.

Purpose-built for reading, with a 167 PPI glare-free display that reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight.

Read distraction-free. Highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, and adjust text size—without ever leaving the page.

Get this grandparents day gift from Amazon.

24. Whiskey, Rum or Beer Making Kit:

Whiskey rum or beer making kit

Let him brew his own beer or blend his own whiskey this Christmas with this beer or whiskey brewing kit.

The brewing kit comes with all the equipment which are necessary to make some smooth beer which is read to chug!

The whiskey set comes age scotch whiskey, spiced rum, or a full-bodied Kentucky bourbon to your taste with a handsome cask.

Get yours from Amazon.

25. An Oil Painting With Granny:

An oil painting with granny

Get your old man a Beautiful Oil Painting expressing the magnificent relation the couple has!

Oil Paintings have Archival Properties and hence can be stored for years if maintained properly and followed these tips.

An Oil Portrait can exhibit its maximum potential only when is painted by a Genuine and Professional artist.

PortraitFlip houses more than 100 genuine artists around the globe who are handpicked on the basis of their Skill, Expertise and Turnaround Time.

We can get your painting Rolled, Gallery Wrapped or Framed for you.

Check out our oil painting gallery and don’t forget to use OFF10 to get a Flat 10% Discount.

Hey! That was all from our side regarding Christmas gifts for grandpa, leave your amazing thoughts on the blog down in the comment box.

For pet gifting options which no one has ever gifted head to 28 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas, You Don’t Know About.

Happy Gifting!

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