35 Christmas Gifts For Couples That Will Delight Your Soul Mate

a cover of Christmas gifts for couples

Don’t stop at a marketplace where you get a personalized mug, a Christmas greeting card, and a t-shirt with a witty message on it as options for Christmas presents.

You could if you’d like to.

However, those presents would look so cliche and old-fashioned when you’d give them to your special one. 

You should always consider buying Christmas presents for your partner that speak her love language!

She should feel special, pampered, and loved after receiving a Christmas gift.

It shouldn’t be like: “I love you, babe.” This is what I got for you.

And when she opens it, she’ll see a present that barely evokes emotion.

A gift should connect her—make her feel that she is the most important person in your life.

This is why I’ve curated some presents that are actually worth giving as Christmas gifts!

Whether she’s been your wife for 15 years, or a lover for the last 3 months, these Christmas gifts for couples will surely delight her. 

Family painting from different photos

Ready to shop?

Let’s dive in.

A. Christmas Gifts For Married Couples

a man helping her wife to open her Christmas gift

Let the love of your life know what it is like to be her husband. Shower your love and affection with these Christmas gifts!

1. Couple Painting

a couple painting made by PortraitFlip

Preserve her memories in their finest form…

…let your love know what they mean to you 

Turn your favorite photo from your wedding, engagement, or honeymoon into an extraordinary piece—a handmade portrait.

When you give your love a handmade portrait you add a new flavor to your relationship.

You make her remember how we’ve grown together and made it through thick and thin moments.

You’ll be thrilled to know that we deliver portraits in 7 mediums across the globe. 

Here’s what happens when you give a painting. 

A partner who gets joy in nostalgia will certainly find it heartwarming!

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2. Bracelet Set

a wrist filled with golden bangles, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: shopfc.in

No matter whether it’s dainty or large, a unique piece of jewelry is always appreciated by women.

Look no further and grab this bracelet set for your wife on Christmas Day!

It’s one of the amazing Christmas gifts for couples that builds suspense until the giftee opens the box.  

A bracelet set will show your love for her and remains in her wardrobe and heart for many years to come.

3. Mr & Mrs. Aprons

Mr & Mrs. Aprons, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: joyandchaosshop

This Christmas, give your wife a matching couple Apron to make her feel special and loved.

Mr & Mrs. Aprons is one of the nicest Christmas gifts for couples that’ll increase intimacy and keep the kitchen romance alive!

Also, it’ll rekindle your love regardless of the time you’ve spent together.

4. Personalized Hobby Blanket

a woman covered in a blanket having tea, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: giagazine

This is a perfect gift idea for a couple who wants to keep their partner warm on chilly nights.

This personalized hobby blanket will offer her special warmth when she sits at the window and gazes at the stars through the window. 

You can have it personalized by printing your photos, engraving a message, or displaying both of you in cartoon characters on it. 

5. Couple Figurine

a couple figurine, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: formfluent.com

When you give her this Christmas couple present, you redesign the perspective of her life. 

This may convey a meaningful message that no matter what comes to our life, we will never leave each other’s hands and thrive in every circumstance.

Your wife can also use it as a minimalistic decor for her bedroom and add it to her other collections. 

6. Outdoor Accessories

sturdy shoes, a watch, a bag, a notebook, and a camera , Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: istockphoto

This Christmas, gift her something that’ll help her in succeeding her next year’s plans. 

Give her a basket that is loaded with gear that she’ll need in her outdoor activities or beachside brunch.

You can even personalize it with her initials and upgrade its elegance with a personal touch. 

7. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

a set of copper mug, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Etsy

These Christmas gifts for couples won’t fail to amaze your love!

She can have her favorite drink in it.

Since it’s copper made, any drink—vodka, fresh lime soda, or imported whiskey, tastes divine in it. 

B. Christmas Gifts For Unmarried Couples

a boy hiding a surprise in his back

Ever-lasting love deserves the most meaningful gifts. Here are some great Christmas present suggestions for your love!

1. A Million-Dollar Handmade Sketch

a handmade pencil sketch by PortraitFlip

Image: you’re at your girlfriend’s apartment on eve of Christmas, with a gift that you’ve already kept beside the pile of others’ Christmas presents.

Everybody at the event starts opening the gifts one by one. And it’s your girlfriend’s turn to have her gift opened in front of everyone.

She slowly yet a bit excitedly unwraps the cover and sees a nicely sketched pencil portrait.

As soon as she unwraps it, her hands shake, and her stomach senses butterflies, and somehow she comes near to you and says “I’m speechless, honey! This is incredible, my love!”

She hugs you and some tears roll out of her eyes.

You feel complete as she tightly hugs you and leans her head onto your chest.

No matter whether she has been your girlfriend for the past 7 years or 6 weeks, she’ll love to receive a handmade sketch as a Christmas gift.

It’s one of the few romantic presents that’ll make her feel loved and special. 

To order a nicest-looking sketch, you’ve to send us her photos to get it flipped into a pencil portrait.

At PortraitFlip, we’ve experts that are highly skilled in making stunning handmade portraits and delivering them to your desired location. 

Get a 10% discount on your first portrait with the use of the coupon “OFF10”

2. Customized Candle Set

a customized candle set, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: igp.com

A customized candle set can be a great Christmas gift for a couple who doesn’t know about their partner’s preferences and likes.

This couple’s Christmas gift is for those lovebirds who haven’t spent most of their time with their lovers. 

The upside of giving her this present is that it helps in improving their moods. 

On top of that, you give something that alleviates stress and makes her environment welcoming and pleasing!

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3. A Space-Themed Phone Case

A Space-Themed Phone Case, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: pinterest

This Christmas couple gift idea will surely be loved by the partner who is into space and astrology. 

Add this item to your cart, which can style her latest handset and give it a look that matches her personality.

4. Christmas Tumbler Set

Christmas Tumbler Set, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Etsy

She nods her head for the sake of it every time you remind her to consume water.

So don’t annoy her and be a bit sarcastic this Christmas!

Gift her a Christmas tumbler set and make her remind of her bad habit in an amusing way.

Get this tumbler set, which is very safe to keep cool as well as warm drinks!

5. Personalized Mouse Pad

a couple photo printed on a mouse pad, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: expressprint

She doesn’t belong to those who spend hours listening to BTS and K-pop.

Perhaps, she loves to spend hours on her laptop skimming romantic blogs and writing content!

For a writing type lover, you must consider giving this personalized mouse pad, which depicts herself from her old days!

Every time she pauses her work, she will look at it which makes her smile.

6. Personalized Chopping Board

a chopping board engraved with couple names, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Amazon

I mean the handcrafted ones that are of supreme quality.

Whether she’s into cooking or something else, she’ll make great use of it in the future.

This is one Christmas gift for couples in live-in relationships who wish to upgrade their abode with little things.

Make sure you get it personalized with both of your names and the date when you have gotten into a relationship.

7. Song Lyrics Wall Art

a song lyric wall print, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Etsy

Surprise her with this Christmas present that prints her favorite paragraph or lyrics.

You may have sung to her with the wrong lyrics. However, you could sing once again and shake the legs on Christmas even when she’d unwrapped it.

C. Romantic Christmas Gifts For Couples

a couple is happy to receive a Christmas present

Cuddles, Hugs, and Kisses will amplify your bond. So will gifts. Here are some romantic Christmas present ideas.

1. Watch

a girl's wrist with a watch, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: luxurylifestyleqnet

Admittedly, the nicest-looking watch never fails to add elegance to your look.

This is why some women prefer watches to stay in fashion and confident.

If your lady love likes to be bold and voguish, a watch can be a great romantic gift for her.

Watches have always been meaningful Christmas presents for couples who wish to see their partner organized, graceful, and stylish.

2. Heart-Shaped Necklace

a woman with a heart shaped necklace, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Amazon

Always make the right call, and add a necklace when it comes to gifting something romantic to your love.

You can’t go wrong with jewelry pieces as they make her appearance dramatically elegant and graceful.

If your woman loves minimalist style, a heart-shaped necklace can look alluring on her.

Necklaces are one of the lovely and unique Christmas gifts for couples who want to see their partner more fashionable, versatile, and charming!

3. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: southernliving

It’s one of the women’s beauty products that likely remains “out of stock”.  

You won’t believe it has been there since 1970. However, it achieved status in the world of fashion lately.

compilation portrait for Christmas
Holiday family portrait

If your partner is fed up with frizzy and messy hair, this Revlon hair dryer and volumizer will help in styling her hair the way she wants.

This is one of the Christmas gifts for couples who want to see their women getting ready in less time.

4. Pet Portrait

a pet portrait made by Portraitflip

Does she have a pet?

If yes, then create a masterpiece that depicts her furry friend.

Christmas presents shouldn’t necessarily be something that could be used in her day-to-day life.

It would be something that would make her happy and save memories for a lifetime.

To make her feel loved, turn her pet’s photos into a portrait.

It is easier to make a moment with a cat or dog. But it isn’t easier to have a painting made of this moment.

However, we, at PortraitFlip, have skilled artists and designers who can create a moment the way you want! 

All you have to do is send us some photos for reference and our team will ensure that the finest portrait is made out of them.

5. Bath Robe

a girl in a white bathrobe, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: freepik

Add this plush and snug bathrobe to your cart!

Though it’s unisex, you can still consider it for your love who likes to surround herself with luxurious coziness and warmth.

Apart from the bathroom, it can be used in many places—beach, pool, and swimming hole.

It’s one of the Christmas presents for couples who would want their wives to live in a calm, comfy, and warm environment. 

6. Novel

a novel by Nicholas Sparks, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Amazon

Do you know who your wife’s favorite author is?

If so, pick one or two books that will be her Christmas gifts.

Let me tell you nobody will judge you on your Christmas couple gift’s choice!

For a reader, no gifts can ever bring more joy than novels of their favorite authors.

You could also pass on your novel to her as a Christmas present.

Make sure you wrap it beautifully, so it’ll look new.

She’ll feel great as it’s a good sign to pass on a book to another person as you made a choice of not keeping it on shelves getting mixed with dust. 

7. Customized Wine Stand

a customized wine stand, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Etsy

Out of all, this Christmas gift idea for a couple will certainly help them to stand out from the crowd.

It’s a Christmas gift idea for a couple that is rarely recommended by any website.

However, there are some perks that let you convince you to buy it:

  • She can have her wine and snack in one place
  • It goes well with any furnishing.
  • She’ll love a wine stand engraved by her name

D. DIY Christmas Gifts For Couples

a guy is making DIY Christmas gifts for couples

There’s always more we can do for our life partner—starting from making DIY Christmas for her.

1. Personalized Coasters

4 abstract design coasters, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: society6.com

Personalized coasters make nice Christmas gifts for couples!

They are something that nobody wants to buy for themselves but wish to have as gifts.

They aren’t boring if you buy the best ones that suit your partner’s personality.

You’ll find several types of coasters from Lifver Terrazzo Coasters to Modern Abstract Art 70 Coasters. 

2. Spa Gift Box

a spa gift box, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Amazon

Gift her something that can give her self-care and transform her place into a calming oasis.

She may be particular when it comes to looking after her skin, hair, and nails.

However, this spa gift box can be customized by picking out items from various stores. This way you can fulfill all her self-care requirements and set the ultimate mood. 

This is one of the perfect Christmas gifts for couples who spend much on themselves to be charming, presentable, and good-looking. 

3. Personalized Wooden Ring

a personalised wooden ring, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Etsy

Admit it or not, a wooden ring is one of the thoughtful Christmas gifts for couples.

It’s a rare present you won’t find in the local marketplace.

But you can make it at your place where you can beautifully engrave her initials on a ready-made wooden ring. 

You may find it on Etsy, and engrave her initials with the help of an engraving pen.  

This creative piece of jewelry will add a rustic charm to her Christmas outfit. 

4. White Beads Bracelet

white beads bracelet on the wrists, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: diys.com

Wanna give a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift to your wife?

Look no further than a white beads bracelet that can be easily made and delivered to her doorsteps.

It’s one of the meaningful gifts for couples who find joy in simple and handmade items.

You can get it made in an hour. Make sure you have basic ingredients at your place. You will need a jewelry line, beads,  magnet fastener, and scissors. 

5. Wooden Utensils

wooden utensils in a box, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: adobe.com

If your wife enjoys cooking, then give her these wooden utensils that look vintage yet elegant.

They are perfect for cooking use and decorating the space whichever you want. 

They are strong, chemically free, and green, which can, sometimes, retain flavors that will let her replicate her elders’ dishes.

It makes the food taste better, which absorbs the flavor and advances the quality of the dish.

6. Twine-Wrapped Wine Bottles

4 Twine-Wrapped Wine Bottles, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Etsy

Handmade wine bottles are best as Christmas gifts.

You can easily spiral the twine around the wine bottle to the mouth where you tie its knot. 

It is as similar as inscribing your wife’s name on it. Apart from that, you may add other decorations—flowers, buttons, paint, and fabrics.

7. Seashell Wind Chime

Seashell Wind Chime, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Etsy

Do you have some seashells all collected at your place?

If so, it’s time to make something nice with them.

Plan on making a wind chime out of them and give it to her.

She can hang it on her patio which will look like beautiful decor and she would love this sweetest Christmas gift. 

E. Christmas Gifts For Fiance

a woman opening a Christmas gift

With these Christmas gifts, you’ll make her feel loved and pampered!

1. Wedding Day Countdown Board

Wedding Day Countdown Board, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: bigsmall.in

You may be celebrating Christmas as a fiance but we wouldn’t want to wait anymore to celebrate as husband and wife.

As a Christmas gift, you can give a wedding day countdown board and express your true feelings for her.

Get your other half excited by gifting this perfect Christmas present!

2. Engagement Socks

a pair of socks with quirky messages, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: confettidaydreams

Looking for an adorable Christmas gift for a couple?

These socks can be great for love birds who are officially married but can stay away for a minute.

Either they are on call cribbing about their boss’s behavior and sharing they feel after talking to each other or Instagram sharing reels and romantic clips

3. Matching Christmas Pajamas

a couple with Christmas pajamas, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: today.com

There is a lot of fun in giving someone matching Christmas pajamas.

If that person is your fiance, it’s a fabulous way to be the reason for her smile. 

It is a type of Christmas couple present that can be used over and over again.

She can don any outfit over it and look classy on Christmas eve. By giving it you set a couple’s goals and remain to stand out from others. 

4. Cocktail Making Set

a cocktail making set, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Amazon

Cocktail making set could be a great Christmas present idea for a couple

If you and your partner enjoy cocktails, this is just the present to get your love! The two of you can bond over freshly made drinks at home, making it an especially romantic gift.

5. Hoodie

two black hoodies, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: Amazon

What could be better than a hoodie as a gift on Christmas night?

She loves to wear a hoodie when you’re not around. She annoys you every time you find out your hoodie is being used by her.

Why not give her a hoodie as a Christmas gift and make her remind of you?

It’s comfortable, versatile, gender neutral, and can be worn in any season.

6. Travel Bag

a girl with a wheel suitcase on an empty road, Christmas Gift For Couples
Image Source: booking.com

Are you and your partner planning a trip to Europe or a staycation in mountains? 

If so, your man needs to be traveling in style, and style is exactly what this travel bag epitomizes.

7. Family Portrait

a family portrait made by PortraitFlip

Giving a gift is always thoughtful, but making it personal like this custom family portrait will have her beaming even brighter. 

You can customize everything in this print, from the number of people to the outfits they wear! 

We, at PortraitFlip, have experts who can make it work for you.

From making a painting to shipping it to her doorsteps, we guarantee you happiness and satisfaction.

That’s all for today!

I hope you found these Christmas gifts for couples valuable and worth knowing!

If you’re going to order any of these products, let us know in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Name the best Christmas gifts for married couples?

A couple painting, a bracelet set, Mr & Mrs aprons, and a sunning handmade painting, can make the best Christmas gifts for married couples.

What are the best Christmas gifts for unmarried couples?

A customized candle set, a personalized mobile cover, a Christmas tumbler, a personalized chopping board, and a wall art, can make the best Christmas gifts for unmarried couples.

What are the thoughtful Christmas gifts for couples?

A pencil sketch, a heart-shaped necklace, a customized wine stand, and a couple figurine, are some of the thoughtful Christmas gifts for couples.

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