22 Ideas of Christmas Gifts for Couples

Christmas gifts for couples

The truth is that a gift is not easy to be chosen for a single person. So, seeking Christmas gifts for couples is even more challenging.

While choosing gifts, you have to keep in mind the practicality and thoughtfulness, which itself adds to the uphill task.

The crucial thing is to select gifts that both persons in the couple will find mutually shareworthy to cherish.

For instance, it would be silly to purchase a bunch of bestsellers if he prefers gaming and she loves reading.

Additionally, you got to find something that you know none of them already has; it is a serious task.

We have some Christmas gift ideas for couples that would assist your selection process in getting easier this year.

Thus, we have a range of gifts for a pair who has similar hobbies and passions as well as for those who have a major milestone approaching.

What about coffee? Does the couple like it? Does the pair enjoy experimenting with food recipes on Friday nights?

If they are newly living together, then we have lots of cool ideas to let them set up their home together.

Just traverse through our entire collection of Christmas gifts for couples for inspiration.

These gifts will not make you feel cheap and they are lovely and mesmerizing.

Our Top 5 Gift products:

  • An Oil Painting of Them – They will be enthralled to get their selves and their love immortalized in the form of a painting
  • Glass Bubble Wand Sculpture – This piece of art captures the colors of the rainbow, is made inside a cobalt flame
  • Pet Portrait – For the special buddy in their lives, give them a delight of their pet bond with the painting portrait of them with their pet
  • Fondue for Two This Swedish barbeque pot will make the interaction between the couples a very memorable one.
  • Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit Grill – Another cooking delight, this time for outdoor food experimentation delight of the couple.

An Oil Painting of Them

An oil painting of them

Anybody would definitely want to see themselves immortalized in a painting.

The best way to cherish the relationship would be by hanging a painting on a wall.

Who said you had to create the painting? Our experts here at Portraitflip will do the needful for you.

All you have to do is to get a charming and high-quality digital photograph of the couple, and we will do the rest.

No doubt this is one of the most unique Christmas gifts for couples. Just upload a beautiful photo of them onto our website.

We will deliver the oil painting at your doorsteps without any shipping charges.

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Long distance touch bracelet set

It is said that in long-distance relationships, the fondness increases.

However, living apart is not easy.

Whether you are expending the day, not in the same location, or are 100s of miles far apart, these bracelets can help you.

The bracelets are waterproof and assist in inducing a feeling of closeness in distance.

To use this device successfully, download its application, set its functioning, and transfer an electronically vibrating sensation to your close one.

Consequently, their device will vibrate, letting them know that they are in your mind.

The device lets you release 10 taps in order to give a customized message. Secret code can also be made and sent in this way.

Kissing Lovers Sculpture

Kissing lovers sculpture

This gift is the charm of all lovers. It is so polished and soothing that it reminds you of the peace that love brings.

Let the couple enjoy their time and let lay beside them the symbol of what they mean to each other.

This wooden looking sculpture is a soapstone carved by bare hands.

This is one of the manually manufactured Christmas gifts for couples in the heart of Zimbabwe.

Carved from one stone, this serpentine carving piece exemplifies the non-brittle bond of love.

The expert artisans use a technique bestowed by older generations, modifying stones using non-complex implements and give them the polish of beeswax and sand.

Glass Bubble Wand Sculpture

Glass bubble wand sculpture

When the rays of the sun fall on the glittering surface, you visualize a nascent kid smiling in short fits gliding on a summer’s day.

The colors of the rainbow are caught by this graceful piece of art.

Manufactured from a cobalt blue flame, inside an open flame.

During the glass’ molten stage, it is solidified with rills with the bigger rings.

The bubble is blown to the right giving it this shape.

Personalized Couple Hobby Blanket

Personalized couple hobby blanket

A blanket is useful because when things get intimate, you want to ensure that there are only two of you there.

This blanket symbolizes the closeness between the couple during times in the bed.

The edge of the blanket is unusually made and it has minimal threads when the going gets exciting, why would not they take the edge off them?

The imprint on the blanket exemplifies the fun and frolic that make the couple unique.

The characters can be customized as per your requirement. You can select from clothing, hair color, skin color, and hobbies.

By gifting the pair one of the most charming Christmas gifts for couples, you make them happy.

A Portrait of Their Pet

A portrait of their pet

We know many couples who keep pets with them.

They really love them without any limits. Some couples even possess dogs, whereas some possess cats.

There are couples who have more than one dog at home, and some couples have a combination of dogs and cats in their homes.

This shows you how much fondness couples have towards their pets.

You should not miss a chance to gift involving someone they cherish the most, their pet.

Take a brilliant photo of them or select one from their existing album and upload it to our website.

The best part is that you can select the choice of medium that you want.

Bose Home Speaker with Alexa

Bose home speaker with alexa

The speaker has the ability to infuse any home with thumping and exhilarating sound.

It effectively bounces sounds off the walls while being better than any other smart speaker.

Being one of the costlier Christmas gifts for couples, it will definitely be a treat for the music-loving pair.

They will not only enjoy song services, but will have fun with all playlists, internet radio stations, and trillions of songs.

Just speak and the vibration begins. One can begin and end the music with controls at the top, or by using the Bose app.

You have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to serene music.

Favorite music services like Apple, or Spotify.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Moscow mule copper mugs

Let the couple have some time alone for drinking one of the most sought after drinks – the Moscow Mule.

This drink will give the couple the sourness of lime, and the irritation of ginger, along with the intoxication of vodka.

This is one of the Christmas gifts for couples that are made entirely of copper and are classy.

The Moscow Mule copper mugs are cent percent copper. Why do injustice to the Moscow Mule?

Justify its authenticity in the way it was meant to be done.

The mugs are encased in a premium box of the gift package.

The delightful box contains 2 straws of cocktail, a shot glass of copper, and a preparatory copper stirrer.

Not only this, but the couple will also get a recipe book as well as an e-book for reading electronically.

A Handmade Acrylic Painting

A handmade acrylic painting

No, you do not have to paint the painting.

The experts here at Portraitflip are highly skilled artists who can convert a digital photo into a masterpiece of a portrait.

You have a variety of finishing options to choose from such as gallery-wrapped, rolled, and framed.

Not only this, but the painting will also be delivered at the couple’s doorstep without any shipping charges.

If you want express shipping done, then you have to pay a nominal additional amount.

For any queries regarding the product or in general, visit our website’s FAQ page.

Acrylic painting is one of the most sought-after mediums in paintings.

Charm the dear couple in your life with one of the best Christmas gifts for couples.

Fondue for Two

Fondue for two

Make the interaction between the couple great with a small amount of mouth-watering Swedish fondue cuisine.

Feed them with the help of a charming pot of food holder intended for the purpose of making foodies happy.

This setup may be for the purpose of a night out for the lovely pair, or them biting away romantically at night in the house.

None of the Christmas gifts for couples other than this is certain to bring the best time of their lives.

To melt the lumps of cubical cheese, use the supplementary dish that is shaped in the form of a square and is made with a ceramic material.

The treat will become more endearing if you add extras like mustard, curry, or salsa sauce.

To ignite the cooking of the dish, merely light the candle beneath the pot and let it melt the cheese.

Date Night Bucket List

Date night bucket list

One of the strictly-for-couple Christmas gifts for couples, after getting this gift, the person among the couple will ask himself/herself: “what should we do for a date night?”

The letters are imprinted on a collection of adorable wooden sticks of birch.

The messages for a night of the date involve a series of awesome daydreams of romance (wrap their luggage and go somewhere in a quiet place for solitary stargazing) to mental challenge (sit in a university or a museum lecture).

A pencil is provided with the bucket list set for a purpose.

Once the couple has bartered each experience they had had, they must jot down the date behind the stick.

This is one of the proudly made Christmas gifts for couples in the United States.

Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

Q&a a day 3 year journal for 2 people

With these types of Christmas gifts for couples, they can build a time capsule for 3 years to cherish their relationship in the simplest possible way.

This book – The Our Q&A a Day gives for each day, a question, with sufficient room for two persons to note down a 1 – 2 sentence reply.

With this journal, comes a diversified set of questions.

Some set of queries are addressed towards the relationship (“Where would you like to travel with your partner?”), whereas the others are targeted towards the personal knowledge of each other (“What does your partner’s laugh sound like?”).

Some other questions are dedicated to individual replies (“What is your top priority today?”).

Once the three-year duration has ended, both participants can view and compare their answers, alter, and contrast while they cherish their lasting relationship.

Cold Brew Coffee Set

Cold brew coffee set

Brewing coffee over a romantic ambiance is the best experience of a couple.

This set is intended to be one of the ideal Christmas gifts for couples.

Cold Brew Coffee Set is one of the fancy and classy coffee toolkits to cherish pastime and incorporate the benefits of caffeine.

A small fortune is all that is required to see this beauty in the hands of the couple.

This set is built to be used at home and it comes with various implements to make tasty coffee and coffee beans themselves.

What the couple also gets is an exciting and educational book on the history of coffee and recipes on making amazing varieties of coffee frequently. These items will be beautified by their packaging.

The box of corrugate wood contains imprints and looks awesome.

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized cutting board

The personalized cutting boards are a result of handcrafting.

The couple will enjoy the quality of the board for it is supreme.

There are few Christmas gifts for couples that are supreme and are handcrafted; this is one of them.

The name of the couple’s individuals can be printed on either side of the board and they can also mention the date of their anniversary.

The cutting board will have a thickness of ¾ inches.

The board is sturdy as well, so you need not worry.

A cutting board is among those Christmas gifts for couples that are unique and operate in a functional manner.

Portrait Sketch of the Couple

Portrait sketch of the couple

Gifting a portrait sketch of the couple would delight them extremely, for it would be such a thoughtful gift.

The drawing made with a black and white pencil is classic and is one of the most classic Christmas gifts for couples.

The upward trend towards buying a pencil sketch is because of some reasons.

Firstly, the white and black sketches can invoke pattern, texture, light, and shadow from an image.

Secondly, these types of drawings are the perfect choice for ordering because they get made faster by the artist who only has to create a single layer.

Order the painting from Portraitflip by uploading a photo of them to our website.

To choose the size of the painting, browse our size chart.

One Pan, Two Plates Cookbook

One pan, two plates cookbook

While the couple is thinking about experimenting with recipes during Christmas, there are no other Christmas gifts for couples that are as good as this one.

The One Pan, Two Plates cookbook is the perfect getaway for couples as the book specializes in recipes for exactly two plates.

The book emphasizes on lessening the preparation time for food making.

It is a thorough and simplified instructional book for beginners as well as for the experience.

The booklet consists of 70 mouth-watering and delicious recipes that can be finished in less than or equal to 60 minutes.

It contains recipes of various types, for instance, seafood, chicken, pork, beef, sandwiches, grains, and home-cooked pasta.

Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit Grill

Outdoor smokeless fire pit grill

One of the few outdoor Christmas gifts for couples that we have in our collection, the smokeless fire pit grill will give your loved couple the wonderful moments to cherish.

The fire pit will make a spark become fire in a mere 30 seconds.

Afterward, you can cook meals, and observe the game the fire plays with your food.

With the style of hibachi, you can grill to delicacy your food by burning it with wood or charcoal.

The system consists of four speeds of fans to regulate the flame intensity. The fan intensity can be regulated from the powerpack or from the mobile app for android and iOS.

Personalized Star Constellation Map

Personalized star constellation map

This is just one of the many personalized Christmas gifts for couples out there.

If you are looking to recollect a very precious moment in your married life, or in your other special moments, this gift can give you that opportunity.

With this personal map of stars, you can enliven those days.

You just have to provide the couple’s special date.

The professional-grade astronomy software enables the map to point out the exact and correct visual of the night sky.

This would indicate the life-changing event of your life.

The set not only acts as a map, but the guests can provide their signature and good wishes by using a white or a colored archival ink pen.

Thus, it acts as a guest book for the wedding.

The Kissing Mugs

The kissing mugs

Well, money can buy the couples’ attention towards this unique cup and ultimately towards you.

The kissing mugs are the loveliest Christmas gifts for couples because they celebrate love in an intimate way.

The mugs are formed in the shape of the human front faces and are the ideal snack and tea time companion for a couple.

Celebrate the couple’s unison with two lovely mugs that fit exactly like the lip-lock the couple. Thus, this is love at first sip.

The faces of cups appear friendly, and, did you notice the heart shape made by the handles of the mugs?

The next time the couple enjoys a sip, they will use this gift.

Water Color Couple Portrait

Water color couple portrait

A couple is a pair that always lives with a close bond.

Take a beautiful photo of them from the album and see the magic happen.

After you upload the photo on Portraitflip.com, the painting will be delivered to the desired address.

There are no shipping charges by the way.

You do not need to worry about the quality because we have professional artists who use the best quality watercolors and support.

The watercolors show their magic only with optimum viscosity and we will ensure that.

Let the couples adorn their bedroom with a lovely watercolor portrait.

This will make for one of the best Christmas gifts for couples.

Kinky Truth or Dare

Kinky truth or dare

Have you thought about Christmas gifts for couples that are kinky? Well, here is one such gift.

To further spice up the couple’s bond and let them cherish moments in their private time is the way to go.

Decide among blindfolds and strip poker instead of movie and a date night idea.

The game is truth and dare but is a kinky one. This pushes the couple to heights of sexual expression.

The prompts in this gift will, of course, be racy and you also have the double-sided sticks.

They say, “What’s your ultimate role play fantasy?” or “choose an adult movie for us to watch.”

The questions will make you blush and the moments will be seductive.

How Do I Love Thee From A-Z

How do i love thee from a z

How Do I Love Thee From A-Z is a love book and one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for couples?

It lists the ways of loving a partner by the partner himself/herself.

Gifting this book can be a random surprise occasion or can be an occasion of a wedding or anniversary, it lets the couple open their hearts to each other.

It consists of 26 prompts in a booklet of a beautiful font.

Now let the couple contemplate the charming quirks of one another and about the romantic moments.

The gift will remind them of their partners and will make them cherish their relationship.

It was our pleasure to bring you the cool presents you can give to a couple. We hope these ideas were worth your time.

If you have other such ideas, you can share them with us in the comment section below.


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