45 Amazing Christmas Gifts For Brothers That Won’t Look Cheesy 

Christmas gifts for brothers

Keep reading till the end if you wish to buy the best Christmas gifts for brothers!

Before that, keep this one thing in your mind: “Never ever stop annoying your brothers.” 

I, out of nowhere hit my younger brother with a throw pillow!

What do I get by doing this?


Umm… His attention. 😀 

And this is my way of expressing love to him, which he often regards as a pet peeve.

No matter what happens, I’ll never stop annoying him. In this manner, I grab his attention which is precious to me.

Since Christmas is around, I’ve been scouring the internet to get one of the best Christmas gifts for him.

And I found some really good gifts which can also be given as Christmas presents.

Family painting from different photos

If you’re looking for suggestions on Christmas presents, you’ll love these gifts for brothers shared in this post.

A. Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For Brother

Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For Brother

In this section, you’ll find 10 amazing Christmas gifts for brothers that’ll remain with them for ages.

These are hot-selling Christmas presents for men that’ll solidify your status as the best sibling ever!

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1. Smoker Gun For Your Chef

a black smoker gun as a gift for a brother
Image Source: Amazon

This is the perfect gift for the techy food nerd in your life.

This way, you will ignite his passion for cooking and let him mimic professional-style cooking techniques at your home.

2. Insulated Backpack

an insulated backpack for your brother
Image Source: Amazon

This insulated backpack can be the go-to gear for hiking, trekking, or a road trip.

It’s a sort of Christmas present for a brother that can be flexed in front of his peers!

It doesn’t have a charismatic look. However, its sturdy grey design and multiple compartments will amaze him. 

Whether he’s planning for long-hour adventures or day trips, he can use it to keep his drinks and food at their best temperature. 

3. Handmade Compilation Painting

a beautiful compilation painting made by PortraitFlip

A handmade painting always tops the list of gift-giving.

Here’s why: It’s a timeless, artistic, eco-friendly, and importantly memorable present.

You must have heard of a compilation of photos. But have you ever heard of a compilation portrait?

You can commission us to compile the best photos of him and turn them into a beautiful portrait exactly shown above.

Your brother will surely love this Christmas present idea. 

Make sure you order a compilation painting that displays one of his favorite memories.

Within a fraction of a second, he’ll fall in love with this art; maybe, he sheds some tears at the moment.

4. Running Shoes

A pair of running shoes hanging in a blue background, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: freepik

Gift your brother this amazing pair of shoes from Nike!

He must have been a couch potato—it’s time to get him back in shape.

Get him the best shoes and let him decide which sports he wants to go ahead with!

5. Captain America T-shirt

a marvel customized t-shirt, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: flipkart

Is he a die-hard fan of Marvel? If yes, giving him a Captain America t-shirt can be the best Christmas gift for him.

This is one of the versatile Christmas gifts for brothers that go well with any lowers—toned jeans, joggers, or twill chinos.

6. Perfume

a perfume and its box on a black textured surface, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: freepik

Time to turn your boy into an Alpha male with this breathtaking perfume.

There is plenty of options for men’s perfume.

Get him a Villain Hydra perfume that has a masculine, intense yet refreshing scent!

7. Mini Golf Game

a man playing gold on a mini golf course game, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: glenmuir.com

A mini golf course is made for every age group.

Whether he’s 12-year-old kid or 25-year-old fellow, anyone can enjoy it at their home.

He may not find the right time on the weekend to practice golf. However, you can bring a golf course to your place and let him set golf goals by himself. 

8. Duffle Bag

a grey duffel bag for brothers
Image Source: freepik

Duffel bags are perfect for occasions.

He must have plans post-new year—perhaps, a trip to Chicago, or a family day out in mountains.

This Christmas present won’t fail to surprise him and will be there for many years to come as a loyal companion.

You may get any of these duffel bags—rugged twill, Yeti Crossroads, or Herschel novel bag that’ll go with well his personality. 

9. Shackets

shackets for older brother
Image Source: stitchfix

Buy a shacket instead of a shirt or a jacket and makeover his closet!

Shackets are the rage! 

As people have become accustomed to working from home, away from regular formals, shackets will be great to keep him stylish and elegant.

This Christmas gift for a brother will upgrade his fashion. Plus, it can be worn with any lowers, especially, loose jeans and joggers.

10. Couch Coaster

a cup of tea on a couch coaster, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Amazon

Coasters are an easy way to adorn his dining table or cabinet!

I’m not talking about the regular ones. But fancier types that fit perfectly on the couch.

Well, it’s quite a turn-off moment when you feel lazy and you don’t find the energy to grab another bottle from the table beside you.

At such a moment, this Christmas present works supremely and lets him enjoy his drinks on his couch itself. 

11. Ski Wine Rack

ski wine rack mounted on a white wall, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Amazon

Christmas is the time when many wine bottles get ordered and opened.

His friends and other mates may gift him wine and he may run out of storage space.

In such a situation, a wine rack can be installed and used to store bottles in an organized way. 

Get a honeycomb hexagon modern geometric wine rack that can store over a dozen bottles in it.

12. Loafers

a pair of loafers, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: flipkart

Loafers can be one of the nicest Christmas gift ideas for brothers if you buy them from Allen Solly.

They have all the trending and hottest collections at the store.

Gift him loafers that ensure a smart and comfortable finish to his outfit.

13. Reusable Coffee Mug

two reusable coffee mugs on a wooden bench, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: javry

If you’re still looking for a budget-friendly yet eco-friendly gift, then don’t look further and buy this reusable coffee mug for him.

He can start off his day by having his favorite hot beverage—coffee or tea in it, which will be a perfect start for work. 

It can also be a multi-functional Christmas present that will not be used to have coffee or tea but can store pens, pencils, and paintbrushes.

Now, let’s see some cool Christmas gifts for brothers who always chose to be the first player in video games.

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B. Christmas Gifts For Older Brothers

Christmas Gifts For Older Brothers

Your elder brother deserves the best Christmas gift.

It’s prohibited if you buy a greeting card, cupcakes, or other such cliche presents. 

We want you to be the best when it comes to surprising your brother on Christmas eve! This is why I’ve curated a list of gifts that can be great as Christmas present ideas for brothers. 

1. Retro Wall Clock

retro wall clock mounted on a blue wall, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Amazon

Does he love vintage-style presents? 

If so, gift him a retro wall clock that gives an awesome vintage look to his bedroom.

It will cost you, but it will be worth your money. 

This is a type of Christmas gift for a brother that won’t be discarded sooner. Also, it brings back the 18th-century look to the home!

2. Coffee Maker

a coffee maker machine in a white background, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Amazon

Gift him a coffee maker that’ll satiate his craving for coffee.

A Phillip coffee maker can be best as it’ll let him make it from the comfort of his home.

He’ll thank you as it will save some of his morning time and let him leave early for the office. 

3. 3 Funky Socks

 3 funky socks for your older brother
Image Source: Amazon

Consider this out-of-the-box Christmas gift idea for brothers!

Get him 3 pairs of wacky socks this Christmas!

It won’t fail to make him feel happy as there will be different types of socks—cartoon personality, quirky messages, statement pieces, and others. 

 4. Watch

a watch on a wrist of a man, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: freepik

Your elder brother will be surprised to have this luxe Christmas present!

Whether you want to gift him a Fossil or Fastrack watch, he’ll love to have it on Christmas evening!

This iconic watch will remain with him for many years to come as it’s something that can be modified and reused from time to time. 

5. Whiskey Glass

a whiskey glass with some ice cubes over its rim.
Image Source: freepik

When you gift a diamond whiskey glass, you make your Christmas present stand out amongst all the others.

Also, when you gift someone a whiskey glass, you basically share joy and love.

It also symbolizes that you make a promise of coming together and celebrating the bond both of you share with each other.

You can even personalize it the way you want—by engraving his name, a meaningful message, or a star sign!

6. Portable Campfire

a portable campfire on a rock, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: mentalfloss

Add this to your cart as it’s made from recycled material that burns for hours without creating a mess.

It’s a lightweight, conveniently carried, and inexpensive Christmas gift for a brother who is fond of mountains and hills.

For the “always ready to hike” guy, this is an amazing gift to keep their passion for exploration alive!

Holiday family portrait

7. Portable Body Massage

a man is using a body massager at a gym
Image Source: golits.com

A portable body massage can be a good Christmas gift for a brother.

Your brother whose back always aches will get some relief from it.

There are many options in body massage that not only offer back pain relief but also fit seamlessly into the home. 

8. A Couple Portrait

a couple portrait from photo made by PortraitFlip

Were you the first who knew about his relationship?

If so, then it’s time to surprise him with a portrait.

You must have his nicest photos along with his wife/partner!

Instead of putting all of them in one, pick a beautiful picture and flip it into a portrait.

This should have a story. Perhaps, a detail that’d throw him back in the past that gave him the most lovely experience.

Believe me, it’s going to be the most beautiful Christmas gift idea for a brother that’ll stay in his heart forever!

Now it’s time to see some cool Christmas gifts for the young kid.

C. Christmas Gifts Ideas For Little Brother

Christmas Gifts Ideas For Little Brother

You must’ve noticed that your nasty pal sometimes acts like a sweet and mature kid. 

Why? He loves to annoy you. But in the end, he loves you more than anyone ever.

Remember, he does it to gain your attention. And it makes him feel great to irritate as you won’t come back with a serious punch or attack.

For your lovely young brother, I’ve curated a list of nicest-looking Christmas gifts that are creative, unique, and affordable.

compilation portrait for Christmas

1. A Monocular

Monocular on a wooden surface, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Amazon

A monocular is one of the good Christmas gifts for brothers who love sightseeing and aren’t a fan of pricey presents!

Gift him this Christmas present that is worth it for birdwatching, hiking, and hunting.

2. Wood Sunglasses

wood sunglasses on wooden surface
Image Source: woodgeekstore

There’re so many reasons to give or receive wooden sunglasses as Christmas gifts!

First of all, they’re light and clunky though. Still, it rests lightly on your face, giving you the perfect beach look.

They’re unique, comfortable, and made with love—most of them are produced by people at tree hut.

Your little brother will truly appreciate them as they give him an artisanal look and can be used for prolonged periods.

3. Board Game

a duo is playing a board game.
Image Source: npr.org

Board games are great to have a good time with him—to annoy him once again by defeating him in the game 😀

Make sure you check what all board games he has and accordingly buy a board game.

If not, go ahead with games such as Marvel United, Space Invaders, Snakes & Ladders 2.0 version, and others.

4. A Hoodie

A boy in white hoodie, , Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: freepik

It’s Christmas, a Winter season that is best known for wearing hoodies and sweatshirts.

Gift your little pal a trendy hoodie that offers warmth and comfort to him.

You can have a printed design or plain and witty quotes hoodie to make his day brighter!

5. Mini Projector

switching on the mini projector
Image Source: siliconvalley

What do I get for my brother on Christmas?

A mini projector as it’ll entertain him since he can watch his favorite anime and TV shows on big screens.

It’ll create a real holiday mood, and gives an awesome experience on a Saturday movie night!

6. Noise Cancellation Headphones

Noise Cancellation Headphones
Image Source: Amazon

When considering Christmas gift ideas for brothers, headphones are always a good choice.

These headphones will let him play his favorite songs and always allow him to do more. For instance, videocalling, recording, and keep him away from untangling wires.

They are handy, multifunctional, and in vogue, that can best as Christmas gifts for brothers. 

7. Geometric Backpack

a geometric backpack
Image Source: Amazon

If your little brother is in school, this geometric backpack can be a wonderful Christmas gift for him.

It can add style to his regular school look and make him look like a nerd. 

Although there are plenty of options in a backpack, go for geometric one with that single compartment but a lot of space to keep his notes, laptop, and stationary. 

8. Table Lamp

a man is about to grab a pen from a table lamp
Image Source: thegadgetflow

Celebrate his nerdy side with this table lamp that helps him do smart study.

It won’t help him writes his notes faster but it will be operated by his command and let him read under its mild and relaxing light.

Your little brother will love this advanced table lamp that can also make a difference in home decor.

9. Gym Membership

different types of dumbbell on a purple surface
Image Source: freepik

No more procrastination!

It’s time to boost your brother’s motivation with this Christmas present.

Your little brother has been a couch potato for a while now and this may get him back to routine. This time, in a routine that brings him in good shape. 

Whether he wants to lose belly fat or gain strength, a gym membership will help him kick-start the new year.

10. Waterproof Speakers

waterproof speaker, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: dreamstime

Parties are incomplete without music.

This is why we’ve DJs, singers, and musicians at several events.

But they won’t be seen or heard in rare places—beaches, mountains, or poolsides.

In such a situation, you by yourself be the vibe setter. The only thing that you’d need is a waterproof speaker from Boat. 

A waterproof speaker is one of the best Christmas gifts for brothers who love to blast their playlist in places where they go!

Now, let’s move to our next category and grab the funniest Christmas gifts for brothers.

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D. Funny Christmas Gifts For Brother

Funny Christmas Gifts For Brother

These 10 funny Christmas gifts for brothers will make him laugh harder!

One should always add humor and fun when it comes to gifting someone that is too close to them. 

In this section, I’ll share Christmas gift ideas that are not only budget-friendly but also hilarious.

1. Royal Portrait

a beautiful royal portrait made by PortraitFlip

You can turn your brother’s photo into a royal character whom he loves the most!

Perhaps, the one from his favorite TV shows, movies, or series.

We can turn his photo into a royal portrait exactly the one shown in this image.

Photo morphing is legal only if you do it in a playful way. 

Apply “OFF10” and get up to 10 per cent off on a royal portrait that will win his smile.

2. Viking Drinking Horn

Viking Drinking Horn, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Etsy

Make him realize that he is not lesser than any warrior with this Christmas present!

A Viking drinking horn is one of the unique Christmas gifts for brothers that make them feel that they’re from Winterfell.

Like Tormund, he can have his favorite drink in it and give you a bear hug. 

3. Face Coasters

a dozen of face coasters, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Amazon

He will not buy it for himself. So why not gift him a set of one or two funky face coasters?

You can have coasters made the way you want from Etsy. 

For instance, a face coaster depicting your brother in his childhood will look incredibly hilarious as a Christmas present.

4. A Chocolate Hamper With A Sarcastic Note

A Chocolate Hamper, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: winni.in

He will never say “No” to chocolates.

But he will be astonished as soon as he finds the note.

It is the nicest way to embarrass him in a playful way and make him realize that you’re more sarcastic than he has ever been. 

Chocolates won’t be seen in a day or two, however, this sarcastic note shall remain with him for a longer time. 

5. A Shoe-shaped Beer Glass

A Shoe-shaped Beer Glass, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Amazon

Gift your brother this shoe-shaped beer glass and introduce him to the German shoe beer drinking tradition.

It’s one of the funny Christmas gifts for brothers who are into beer and not any other booze. 

Make sure you get him a THOA beer glass that has the finest and sleek designed shoe-shaped beer glasses. 

6. A Throwback Nerf Gun

A Throwback Nerf Gun, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Amazon

Add this throwback nerf gun to your cart as a Christmas present for your little brother.

You must have defeated him in many online gaming tournaments.

Now, it’s for him to turn the table and give you tough competition in this gunfight.

Play gunfight on Christmas afternoon and get everyone involved in this adventure. 

7. Hand Gesture Candle

Hand Gesture Candle, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: workingtitleclothing

Give him a hand gesture candle that looks cool as home decor.

It will look even funny when given as Christmas gift since most people don’t look forward to this present idea.

However, it’s an edge to get him a hand gesture candle that comes in different colors.

He could plan a candlelight dinner date at his place when nobody is around!

And it scents so nice that it creates an aura one couldn’t resist.

8. Funky Flip Flops

Funky Flip Flops, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Etsy

Not casual ones, but funky types that say “follow me” or “bring beer”. 

If he’s a fan of collecting unique products, these Christmas gifts will surely amaze him.

They’re great footwear for his beachside vacations as they leave the message behind on the sand and can look with any of his beach outfits. 

9. Netflix Subscription

a boy is switching channels from TV remote
Image Source: freepik

Send him a beautifully decorated letter that has “Here’s your Netflix subscription, enjoy!” written on it.

It’s going to be a fun Christmas gift for him as you’d offer him an annual Netflix subscription and break his habit of asking friends for Netflix passwords.  

10. Misheard Lyrics Book

Misheard Lyrics Book, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: Amazon

Is he one of those who shakes his legs and sings loudly wrong lyrics?

It’s a good thing though as he’s so much in the moment that he forgets what others think of him.

This Christmas, gift him a misheard lyrics book and let him turn on the music and haughtily sing whatever he believes the lyrics are! 

E. DIY Christmas Gifts For Brothers

DIY Christmas Gifts For Brothers

If you have a budget, time, and passion for creativity, don’t look further and give these Christmas ideas a shot!

Make some DIY Christmas gifts for your brother who appreciates artistic presents over any other expensive products.

In this section, I’ll share 4 DIY Christmas gift ideas that are easy to make and show detail and love.

1. Mason Jar Piggy Bank

two mason jar piggy bank, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: whatson.guide

Make it simple. Make it remembering.

This Christmas make a piggy bank that is covered with papers, threads, stickers, and other decorative items.

Decorate in such a way that he can keep store his tiny valuables in it. Perhaps, his childhood treasure—fake money coins, handwritten letters, and marbles.

2. Photo Bookmark

a personalized photo bookmark
Image Source: Etsy

This is my personal favorite DIY Christmas present idea for brothers.

You can simply turn his hilarious photo into a bookmark that’ll put a smile on his face.

It’s up to you whether you want to flip the most hilarious photo or the nicest picture of him, either of them will look great as a Christmas gift for him. 

3. Handmade Bracelet With Luck

Handmade Bracelet With Luck for your brother
Image Source: Amazon

Gift your brother a handmade bracelet this Christmas!

You can take inspiration from Minegalleria to have a Tibetan copper beads bracelet made for your brother. 

Else you can have it delivered to your brother’s doorstep from Etsy.

4. Merry Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Card, Christmas Gift For Brothers
Image Source: thepioneerwoman

The old days were beautiful. Weren’t they?

The time when you would make Christmas cards and write a message in your broken language.

But the joy was pure like a diamond as there wouldn’t be any peer pressure on you for gifting the most expensive gifts.

Time flew away, memories didn’t.

Why not recreate those moments and surprise your brother with a merry Christmas card?

I’m sure he’ll remember all his old days and keep them with him for many years to come!

That’s all for today!

I hope you found these Christmas gifts for your brothers valuable and worth knowing!

If you’re going to order any of these products, let us know in the comment section.

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Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good Christmas gifts for brothers?

A smoker gun, an insulated backpack, a handmade painting, and running shoes are some of the good Christmas gifts for brothers.

What is the best Christmas gift ideas for male friend?

Shackets are the best Christmas gifts for male friends because they are all the rage and considered the ultimate winter outfit.

What are the worth-giving Christmas gifts for your younger brother?

A board game, a hoodie, a noise cancellation headphone, and a waterproof speaker are some of the worth-giving Christmas gifts for a younger brother.

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