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We all have an artist in us, even if you say that you can’t draw a straight line. The thing is, you don’t have to draw a straight line.
Painting is said to be therapeutic; it puts you in a meditative state where you only focus on the things at hand; your brush.
From helping you release your emotions in a healthier way to connecting with yourself on a deeper level.
There are one too many reasons to pick up a paintbrush.
And we have made it easier than ever for you to start your journey in the art of painting.

Baby Portraits: Everlasting Source Of Joy

A photo of a baby that has been converted into a portrait with a reaction image. This is a baby portrait and the text on the image reads baby portraits: Everlasting source of joy.

What emotions do baby portraits evoke in you? Joy, love, everything is perfect in the world when you hear a baby laugh? I know what’s going on in your mind, why are paintings of babies so hyped up.  Come on, I’ll show you why. One: Why wouldn’t you want to get a painting portrait of […]

Oil Painting Vs Acrylic: Why And Which Medium Is Best For You

Oil-Painting-Vs-Acrylic-Painting: a guy thinking which medium he should choose.

From pros to cons and from similarities to differences, here’s everything on oil painting vs acrylic. To a normal eye, any painting can look similar, but it’s up to you —the artist— who should be able to tell the difference between mediums and different styles of paintings. Although these mediums look the same to some […]

Acrylic Painting Tips For Beginners: 8 Tips To Paint Like A Pro

A woman holding a big acrylic brush against a canvas with the text saying PortraitFlip, Acrylic Painting tip for beginner

Acrylic painting tips for beginners are a must for anyone looking to get into painting; and for one to get into paintings, one should master acrylics first. Only then can they venture into other mediums like oil and watercolors. Oils have a stigma of being more prestigious than acrylics, just because they were used by […]

How To Clean An Oil Painting: A Comprehensive Guide (+Dos And Don’ts)

How To Clean An Oil Painting At Home PortraitFlip

A guide on how to clean an oil painting must be a part of every art connoisseur’s house. Oil paintings will last a lifetime, but only if you take care of them. Storing them properly and cleaning the oil painting is one of the aspects of preserving the portrait. You’ve got a portrait hanging around […]

21 Practical Watercolor Painting Tips Every Beginner Artist Should Know

21 Practical Watercolor Painting Tips Every Beginner Artist Should Know portraitflip

If you have picked up the brush, here are 21 practical watercolor painting tips that you shouldn’t miss.  Watercolor painting is fun, but often it can be difficult due to the nature of watercolors.  The light and easy-to-use colors can be difficult to control and leave permanent mistakes in your artwork. This is the number one […]

6 Must Know Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

Oil painting Tips for beginners.

Are you interested in painting with oils but find the intricacy of oil painting intimidating? These oil painting tips will help you start your journey with confidence. From afar when we see oil painting, we see the works of great masters and the complexities in them. Oil painting has been around for centuries, allowing it […]