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With the death of your loved one, you experience the loss of a relationship along with the comfort and security it provided.
It is the loss of expectations and dreams you had for that person.
Losing a loved one is never easy. It often leaves us feeling helpless and lonely.
Art is a lot of things but with the right means, it can be healing, forgiving, and above all, it can make you feel connected with your deceased loved one.
Painting reality with dreams, creating images that only existed in your memories.
Waging the power of art, PortraitFlip connects you with your lost loved one by painting your cherished memories.

Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Family Pictures with Handmade Portrait

Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Family Pictures with Handmade Portrait

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” A treasure that we should cherish and celebrate with their stories or incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures. And no matter whom we lose, be it our parents, grandparents, best friend, or our beloved pet; grieving is important. But with the […]

Memorial Portrait: Bring Back People Who Are Gone Forever

“Those we love never truly leave us. There are things that death cannot touch.” And it is memories that death can never touch. Memories wrapped in a memorial portrait! Can we really bring back people that are gone? All those wonderful memories that you cherished? When your father looked deep into your mother’s eyes, or […]

Memorial Gifts: To Evoke The Cherished Memory Of The Departed

An image of a lady wearing a black dress and memorial veil with red nail polish. The text reads memorial gifts: to evoke cherished memories of the departed.

The thought of having to give someone a memorial gift breaks my heart. Watching someone break down because they miss the one they love, is just sorrowful. Knowing there is nothing we can do except be there for them in every possible way.  There are so many thoughts racing through your mind,  How do I […]