27 Best Family Dogs and Kids Friendly Dogs

27 best family dogs and kids friendly dogs

Having a best family dog will bless you with many happy days of your life.

Because once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished. 


Don’t you want a tail-wagger in your house to bless you and your family with happiness!

Here are some main characteristics disclosed to choose your best family dog:

  • Incredibly child-friendly dogs
  • Affectionate with family
  • Intelligence
  • Easy to train
  • Amount of shedding
  • Easy to groom

Let us introduce you to the 27 most child-friendly and familiar dogs who can share some adorable moments with yourself and your family.

We are sure that these breeds of dogs can link you to paradise!



Beagle is a breed of foxhound which is primarily developed for hunting.

It’s a dog with a characteristic of a great sense of smell and super tracking instinct.

It is employed as a detection dog for agricultural purposes and restriction of humans in secured places.

It is famous due to its physical features.

So if you have Mr. Beagle in the house, you and your family don’t have to worry about the security of your house and farms.

  • Type: Detection dog
  • Origin: England
  • Colour: Tricolour or white with black & tan/brown or brown/tan
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Features: -smart


                -curious & friendly


                -loves constant activities & outdoors

  • Weight:  Male (22-25) Lb; (10-11.3 kg)

              Female (20-23) Lb; (9.1-10.4 kg)

  • Height: Male (36-41)cm

             Female (33-38)cm



The Boxer is a German dog with a smooth and tight-fitting coat with a middle-sized appearance.

They have short and broad skulls with strong jaws.

They are fine family dogs and need consistent leadership.

These dogs are playful and animated dogs who love romp and jump.

It is preferred most as a family dog because it is protective as well as fine with other family pets.   

  • Type: Domestic & guardian  dog
  • Origin: Germany
  • Colour: Fawn or brindle, and white
  •  Life Span: 9-15 years
  • Features: -bright


                -demands solicitous attention

                -harmless in the family

                -playful & friendly

                -soul of honesty & loyalty

  • Weight: Male (55-71)Lb; (25-32 kg)

             Female (55-71)Lb; (25-32 kg)

  • Height: Male (22-25)inch; (56-64)cm

            Female (21-24)inch; (53-61)cm



The Chihuahuas are the best companion dogs and are good family pets when treated respectfully.

They are neurotic too because it doesn’t like everyone but apart from all this, they are comical, entertaining, and loyal.

It is popular due to its small and cute appearance.

  • Type: Tiny dog
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Colour: a wide variety of colors
  • Life Span: 15-20 years
  • Features: -the smallest  breed of dog



                -they enjoy in sunlight

               -clannish nature

               -playful for children above the age of 10

  • Weight: Male (4-6)Lb; (1.8-2.7 kg)

             Female (4-6)Lb; (1.8-2.7 kg)

  • Height: Male (15-25)cm; (6-10)inch

             Female (15-25)cm; (6-10)inch


Golden retevier

Golden Retrievers are the best obedient dogs and are often the champions of sporting competitions.

They are watchable all the time because of their entertaining actions and playful nature.

They are very well mannered, great with kids and even kind with strangers too.

The next time there is a pet sports competition in your city, do not forget to take your Golden Retriever!

  • Type: Gun dog
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Colour: Dark Golden, Light Golden, Cream, Golden
  • Life Span: 10-12 years
  • Features: -kind




                 -child friendly 

  • Weight: Male (30-34)kg

             Female (25-32)kg

  • Height: Male (56-61)cm

            Female (51-56)cm


Labrador retriever

Labrador Retrievers make wonderful family pets and as the most popular dog breed for families because of the low aggressive nature.

The outgoing nature of  Labradors will not make them a good guard dog as they tend to form bonds with everyone they meet or come in contact with.

It’s pretty difficult to upset a Labrador so the children new to pets can pull and climb on them without getting hurt.

These dogs are trainable and working which makes them the best family dog ever. 

  • Type: Retriever-gun dog
  • Origin: UK & Canada
  • Colour: Black, chocolate, yellow, pale yellow, fox red
  • Life span: 12-13 years
  • Features: -intelligent


                -stranger friendly

                -child friendly

  • Weight:  Male (65-80) Lb; (29-36 kg)

                       Female (55-70) Lb; (25-32 kg)

  • Height: Male (57-62)cm

            Female (55-60)cm


Pitbul terrier

Pit Bulls are a loyal and people-oriented breed that thrive as part of the family.

They are affectionate with adults and child-friendly dogs.

These dogs do not require much grooming because of their short coat.

Pit Bulls are relatively healthy and very athletic, they can literally motivate you to get daily exercise whether you want to walk or workout.   

 This breed of dog is super loyal, loves to cuddle and excellent therapy dogs, so get ready to be always warm in your bed.

  • Type: Domestic dog
  • Origin: USA
  • Colour: Black, White, Brindle, Fawn, Tan, Blue, Grey, Brown, Red
  • Life Span: 8-15 years
  • Features: -affectionate


               -strong willed



             -child friendly

  • Weight: Male (16-30 kg, adult)

        Female (14-27 kg, adult)

Height: Male & female (50 cm;adult)



“Sweetness of temperament is the hallmark of Newfoundland.” says the AKC standards.

These dogs have generally known for its fury body and his calm, dignified and generally quiet behavior.

Newfoundlands have a good nature with everyone and especially with well-behaved children as they are known as child-friendly dogs too.

These breed dogs always need companionship as they can’t live alone, you can say that they are social dogs.

Newfoundland loves snow and water.

It’s a perfect family dog for you who can swim in summers and play with snow in winters.

  • Type: Large working dog
  • Origin: Canada
  • Colour: Black, White with black patches, brown and gray
  • Life Span: 8-10 years
  • Features: -giant size


               -tremendous strength

               -calm dispositions


  • Weight:  Male (121-143) Lb; (65-80 kg)

                 Female (121-143) Lb; (55-65 kg)

  • Height:  Male (71 cm; 28 in)

            Female (66 cm; 26 in)



Collie dogs are very much known for their loyalty as well as she is intelligent and a good family companion.

She is very much friendly to strangers and other pets around the environment.

As she sheds often much so you should take care of it otherwise she is high potential in playing and roaming around with your kids.

  • Type: Herding dog
  • Origin: United Kingdom (Scotland)
  • Colour: Sable, mahogany sable, shaded sable, tri-colored, blue merle, sable merle, color headed white, double merle, white.
  • Life Span: 13-15+ years
  • Features: -great for children

               -well socialized

               -rarely aggressive nature

              -responds best to a gentle hand

  • Weight: Male (44-75) Lb; (20-34 kg)

            Female (35-64) Lb; (15.8-29 kg)

  • Height: Male (55.8-66 cm); (22-26 in)

        Female (50.8-61 cm); (21-26 in)


Irish setter

Irish Setters have a stunning appearance as they have awesome physical traits and its long & soft coats.

The overall personality of them is considered as elegant and glamorous, intelligent, and known for their playful misbehavior.

They are bright dogs and enjoy working as well as they require grooming because of their long coats.

  • Type: Domestic dog
  • Origin: Ireland
  • Colour: Chestnut color
  • Life Span: 11-12 years
  • Features: -well with children

               -excellent companion with animals

               -highly intelligent

               -well suited as guard dogs

               -therapy dog

  • Weight: Male (65-75) Lb; (29-34 kg)

               Female (55-65) Lb; (25-29 kg)

  • Height: Male & female (61-71cm); (24-28in)



Vizsla dogs are the dogs who just love to attach with people and preferably in their laps, needs personal attention too.

These dogs are gentle-mannered, affectionate, sensitive and need daily exercise as it belongs to a category of hunting dogs.

Vizsla is packed with energy and would respond well to your training, they are child-friendly and polite with everyone including other animals.  

  • Type: Domestic dog
  • Origin: Hungary
  • Colour: Golden Rust, Red Golden, Golden
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Features: -affectionate



                            -quiet & gentle

                            -excellent nose

  • Weight: Male (20-29 kg)

            Female (18-25 kg)

  • Height: Male (56-64 cm)

           Female (53-61 cm)


Great dane

Great Danes are stated ‘gentle giants’ as they are huge, powerful and elegant dogs.

They are playful, affectionate and child-friendly dogs.

These dogs are easy to train and polite with other animals too if raised with them.

Great Danes feeding can be expensive as they eat a lot because of their large size.

  • Type: Domestic dog
  • Origin: Germany
  • Colour: Black, Brindle, Fawn, Blue, Mantle, Harlequin
  • Life Span: 8-10 years
  • Features: -devoted



               -loving & friendly

               -tallest dog

  • Weight: Male (54-90 kg)

            Female (45-59 kg)

  • Height: Male (76-86 cm)

           Female (71-81 cm)


Cocker spaniel

Cocker Spaniel is considered as the most loving, affectionate and child-friendly dogs as well as they have good behavior with other pets too.

Just as their cute face they have actions which are adorable as they love to snuggle on the couch and play with the kids in the yard.

These dogs are very cheerful and easy to train.

  • Type: Sporting dog
  • Origin: England
  • Colour: White with colored patches, black, liver/brown, red/golden
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Features: -compassionate




  • Weight: Male & Females (51-55) Lb; (23-25 kg)
  • Height: Male (48.9-50.8 cm); (19.25-20 in)

            Female (48.3-50.2 cm); (19-19.75 in)


French bulldog

French Bulldogs do well with children as they are considered as wonderful watchdogs.

They are good companion dogs for a family and focuses on being a fabulous family friend and show dog.

These dogs are affectionate with family and friendly towards strangers.

Great Danes are popular for the best companion dogs.

  • Type: Domestic dog
  • Origin: France, England
  • Colour: Brindle, Fawn, White, Brindle & White, Tan
  • Life Span: 10-12 years
  • Features: -patient

               -easygoing & affectionate

                -sociable & alert


  • Weight: Male (20-28) Lb; (9-13 kg)

            Female (18-26) Lb; (8-12 kg)

  • Height: Male (28-30 cm); (11-12 in)

            Female (28-30 cm); (11-12 in)


Bichon frise

The Bichon Frise is considered to as the best playful and gentle dog among all the pets, they get along well with other pets too.

They basically need grooming, bathing and trimming on a regular basis.

It has floppy ears and a silky thick coat on its body which is very adorable.

Bichons are playful and energetic dogs small in size and do not require much space.

  • Type: Toy dog
  • Origin: Spain
  • Colour: White
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Features: -feisty



               -playful & gentle

  • Weight: Male & female (3-5 kg)
  • Height: Male (23-30 cm)

            Female (23-28 cm)



Labradoodle is considered as an interesting hybrid of ‘Labrador’ & ‘Doodle’.

These dogs are known for their intelligence, affection, sociability, self-confidence.

The combination of traits makes Labradoodles good therapy dogs as well as terrific family companions, they are an energetic active animal and highly intelligent dogs that quickly learn standard obedience commands.

  • Type: Domestic dog
  • Origin: Australia
  • Colour: Black, Smoky Blue, Blue/ Grey
  • Life Span: 12-14 years
  • Features: -intelligent

                -calm temperament



  • Weight: Male (15-65) Lb; (7-30 kg)

            Female (15-50) Lb; (7-25 kg)

Height: Male & Female (35-63 cm); (14-63 in)



Mastiff usually known for its droopy eyes and floppy ears are a good-natured, loving and good companion to older children.

These dogs are massive, powerful and muscular & have a straight, coarse coat which moderately short.

Its grooming is quick and easy with this good-natured animal.

  • Type: Domestic dog
  • Origin: England
  • Colour: Brindle, Fawn, Apricot
  • Life Span: 10-12 years
  • Features: -dignified




  • Weight: Male (73-100 kg)

            Female (54-77 kg)

  • Height: Male & Female (70-91 cm)


Bearded collie

Bearded Collie belongs to the category of sporting dog and does well in most of the dog sports including agility and herding.

They enjoy working and are friendly to other pets.

These dogs have large, expressive eyes, a broad skull, ears hanging down, and a long hair fringe with the tail carried low. 

  • Type: Herding dog
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Colour: Black, Fawn, Tri-color, Blue, Black & Brown, Brown
  • Life Span: 14-15 years
  • Features: -self-confidence


               -lively & active

               -intelligent & alert

               -popular family companion

  • Weight: Male & Female (18-27 kg)
  • Height: Male (53-56 cm)

            Female (51-53 cm)


Boston terrier

Boston Terriers are a good choice for first-time owners because of its companionship.

Boston always wants to be with its family.

They are extremely sensitive to their owner’s mood.

It has large expressive eyes and a sleek easy-care coat.

Boston is usually polite with everyone including other pets and typically loves to play games and chase balls.

  • Type: Domestic dog
  • Origin: USA
  • Colour: Black & White, Brindle & White, Seal & White
  • Life Span: 13-15 years
  • Features: -well proportioned

               -friendly personality

               -great sense of humor

               -very protective for owners

  • Weight: Male & Female (4.5-11 kg)
  • Height: Male & Female (38-43 cm)


Cavalier king charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is born to be the companion, consists of the sporty nature of his ancestors.

It is very joyful in nature as he enjoys hiking, running in the grounds and dog sports such as agility, fly ball, and rally.

They are incredibly child-friendly dogs and friendly towards everyone. 

  • Type: Toy dog
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Colour: Black & Tan, Tri-color, Blenheim, Ruby
  • Life Span: 9-14 years
  • Features: -affectionate




               -playful & adaptable

Weight: Male & Female (5.9-8.2 kg)

Height: Male & Female (30-33 cm)


Saint bernard

St. Bernards are adorable and loving dogs, they are very friendly, gentle and tolerant and especially good for families with well-behaved children.

These dogs are a social being so they can’t be left alone.

These dogs shed twice a year and regular brushing will help them to minimize such shedding.

They can be trained easily as they have eager to please and learn.

  • Type: Large working dog
  • Origin: Switzerland, Italy
  • Colour: Red & White, Brownish-yellow, Reddish-brown Brindle, Reddish-brown Splash
  • Life Span: 8-10 years
  • Features: -lively



              -gentle & calm

Weight: Male & Female (64-120 kg)

Height: Male (70-90 cm)

Female (65-80 cm)


Welsh corgi

Welsh Corgi is a dog with short legs and big size.

It is athletic, steady and dependable.

Herding, obedience, agility, or chasing balls are enjoyable activities for his enthusiasm and his wish to work.

These dogs are living creatures with larger than life personalities, they truly known for their loyal and protective nature.

  • Type: Cattle herding dog
  • Origin: Wales
  • Colour: Fawn, Black & Tan, Sable, Blue, White & Black, Red
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Features: -tenacious



                -playful & friendly


  • Weight: Male (10-14 kg)

            Female (10-13 kg)

Height: Male & Female (25-30 cm)


Staffordshire bull terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a very tough looking appearance but these dogs look a lot tougher than they really are.

They are rugged, tough, energetic and impulsive.

He is friendly with everyone but requires rigorous exercise as an outlet for his energy and maintain his muscle tone.

They live peacefully with other dogs and pets in the house with their own family.

  • Type: Domestic dog
  • Origin: England
  • Colour: Black, Brindle, White, Fawn, Brindle & White, Blue
  • Life Span: 12-14 years
  • Features: -bold





               -intelligent & courageous

  • Weight: Male (13-17 kg)

            Female (11-15 kg)

  • Height: Male (36-41 cm)

            Female (33-38 cm)


Cesky terrier dog breeds

Cesky Terriers are popular for being a loyal and loving family dog.

These dogs are friendly with everyone within the environment, especially children.

It is important to socialize these dogs at an early age so it does harm strangers.

Cesky Terriers are a fairly long-bodied dog with short legs and long wavy hair that falls long around the legs and under the stomach, as well as eyes which there appearance cute and adorable.

  • Type: Domestic Dog
  • Origin: Czech Republic
  • Colour: shades of gray, rarely brown, shades of charcoal to platinum
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Features: -cheerful




               -calm & non-aggressive

Weight: Male & Female (16-22 Lb)

Height: Male & Female (10-13 in)



Poodles have long face and floppy ears with the regular requirement of grooming, their tail is docked, but not short with a leggy appearance.

These dogs are notorious for their intelligence and ease of training.

Poodles are lively, active, fun-loving who thrive on attention.

It is very necessary to have early socialization as it can trouble you further. 

  • Type: Formal dog
  • Origin: France, Germany
  • Colour: Black, Apricot, White, Cream, Sable, Blue, Black & White, Grey, Brown, Silver, Red
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Features: -alert



               -faithful & active


  • Weight: Male (45-70 Lb)

            Female (45-60 Lb)

Height: Male & Female (24-60 cm)



The Bulldogs are a little powerhouse who is strengthened, stable and vigorous.

Their eyes are dark and the jaws are massive, broad and strong.

Its skin is loose and filled with heavy wrinkles and thick folds on the face and a dewlap hanging from the throat.

The bulldog is a wonderful family dog and loving to most children. 

  • Type: Mastiff-type dog
  • Origin: England
  • Colour: Brindle, Piebald, Red, Fawn /yellow
  • Life span: 3-12 years
  • Features: -sweet disposition

                -low endurance dogs

                -excellent with children


  • Weight: Male (50-55 Lb); (23-25 kg)

            Female (40-50 Lb); (18-23 kg)

  • Height: Male (31-40) cm

                        Female (31-40) cm

26. PUG


The pugs are considered as the best family dogs and are very playful.

They are child-friendly dogs as well because they have trouble delivering an aggressive bite so they are totally safe for the kids.

The pugs are small in size with the expressive size and a loveable face which attracts human.

They are always eager to play and will follow you everywhere you go.

They are low maintenance dogs comparatively and versatile in nature.

  • Type: Toy dog
  • Origin: China
  • Colour: Fawn or black
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Features: -charming




                 -likes to show off

                 -great sense of humor

                 -thrive on human companionship

  • Weight: Male (6.35-8.16)kg

             Female (6.35-8.16)kg

  • Height: Male- 30 cm

             Female- 25 cm


German shepherd

Last but not the least here introducing the German Shepherd who is large in size known for its intelligence.

These dogs are loyal and always protect their owners, they are high on energy levels and can literally do anything.

So if you have a German in your house, then you can actually never have robbery at your place!

  • Type: Working dog
  • Origin: Germany
  • Colour: Black, Black & Tan, Sable, Black & Silver, Grey, Red & Black
  • Life Span: 9-13 years
  • Features: -loyal




  • Weight: Male (30-40 kg)

             Female (22-32 kg)

  • Height: Male (60-65 cm)

             Female (55-60 cm)

These are the 27 human-friendly dogs best in companionship with humans.

As we know or we feel that dogs have a special chemistry with humans that goes back many tens of thousands of years.

Even the researchers also investigated that this special relationship with different angles and their results are literally surprising.

A dog will teach you, unconditional love.

If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.

Animals have become too much necessary for our lives and after years in their absence, you will remember them with sweet memories.

To keep your dog always alive in your heart, you can get a portrait painting of your pet.

Because the dog is a perfect portrait subject, as he expresses his never-ending love by actions.

If you have anything else that you would like to share you can surely mention it in the comment section below. 

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