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In a world which is progressing so rapidly in terms of technological advancements, people are looking for ways of instant gratification. A photo has become the epitome of storing memories as it takes less than a second to capture. Who shall wait for a painting as patience has become a luxury which not many people […]

Custom Painting Artists: How To Hire Them (Step by Step)

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The days when people were eager to buy readymade paintings are coming to an end. They do not prefer paintings which have already been made by the artists using their imagination. As the modern world is progressing towards advancement in all aspects of civilization, art is not an exception. This progress in the field of […]

Turn Photographs Into Paintings (Step by Step Guide)

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To turn photographs into paintings is no child’s play. It is much more than keeping the picture in front of an artist and painting it with the specific demands of the customer. Any mistake or overlooked feature is easily visible, and this may lead to dissatisfaction among people who want these paintings picture perfect. Carelessness […]

12 Pet Lover Gift Ideas (Updated List)

12dog lover gift ideas

The bond that an individual share with his pet is often stronger than the one he shares with most other human beings for. “No one appreciates the special genius of your conversations as does the dog”     -Christopher Morley They speak in loving gestures rather than meaningful words for their love is unconditional and gives […]

Turn Photo Into Painting (Updated Guide)

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If a photo is worth a 1000 words then imagine the resounding effect that a painting can have on a person. Now try picturing your favorite photo into a painting. Isn’t it a stunning image! Art has been a form of expressing and communicating with each other since time immemorial. A great artist not only […]