15 Great Ways To Memorialize Your Pet

Great ways to memorialize your pet

Today we come to you with an article on some great ways to memorialize your pet after their unfortunate death.

All those days of tireless joy, games of fetch and run, that furiously wagging tail and that adorable little gaze.

It may have been fun while it lasted but it has gone and there is very little that can fill that empty void within.

The beautiful things in life we have lost can seldom be gained again but their memory will always be in our hearts forever.

A pet leaves a paw print on your heart which is tough to forget and even harder to let go off.

What is gone need not be lost forever as long as it has a special remembrance deep within the heart.

Below we have listed some ways in which you can memorialize your pet:

1. Write An Article, Letter, Poem Etc.

Write an article, letter, poem

Caging up all those feelings of anger, guilt and sorrow can be a tough task especially at such a crucial time.

A great way to get it all out of your system is to put pen to paper as a means of solace.

Those words and feelings are also a great way to memorialize your pet as it is a welcoming reminder of your pet’s importance.

The rainbow bridge poem is a great reference which shows the immense amount of love that is shared between an owner and his pet.

Not every one of us is a writer but each one of us has a different story to tell.

We have some stories about good, some about bad but every time we put it on paper it becomes immortalized in our hearts.

2. Hold A Memorial

Hold a memorial

Holding a memorial in their honor is the best way to memorialize your pet for it shows that they really meant a lot to you.

Call all of your near and dear ones and you can even prepare a eulogy if it makes you feel any better.

Put all those feelings out in the open and let all your dear ones realize the depth of your emotions.

You can also invite some of your other colleagues or family members to say a few words on the sad demise of your pet.

Nothing lasts forever except the memories that change our life.

This may especially be helpful if your pet had to go through euthanasia as there can be feelings of guilt and remorse.

3. Create A Scrapbook

Create a scrapbook

Collect all the photos that you have of your beloved pet so that they are only just a scrapbook away from you.

So whenever you feel lonely or miss the presence of your beloved pet just take a trip down the memory lane.

All those pictures with your pet’s smile wider than any other are sure to give you some comfort.

You can add pictures, quotes and can even ask everybody in the family to write how they felt about him.

He may be far away in pet heaven but there will always be a part of him within you.

Thus a scrapbook is a great way to memorialize your pet and keep his essence alive inside of you.

4. A Pet Portrait Painting

A pet portrait painting

A pet portrait painting is a great way to memorialize your pet as art is a great means of showcasing those emotions which may be hard to describe or put in words.

Getting a custom handmade portrait painting is a great way to cherish the presence of your pet.

It will also show the great amount of love that you possessed for your pet.

He may not be with you physically but he can certainly be with you mentally and spiritually.

Moreover, it can also be a great addition to your home décor and help bring positivity in the surrounding.

Looking at it hanging in the hallway may just give you some solace after his sad demise.

Art has always been a great way to fill a huge void and thus it may be just the perfect solution for you.

5. Donate In The Name Of Your Pet

Donate in the name of your pet

Not all of us have the luxury of leading a comfortable life.

Many do not even have access to basic necessities like food and water.

In such circumstances, it becomes the responsibility of those who pose more to share with the not so fortunate.

Helping those who are in need is always a great way to memorialize your pet.

This is because it shows that even in times of grief you have the compassion to share with those who don’t.

What better way to celebrate the memory of your pet than by giving a donation in their name.

Rest assured there will be a big smile on his face when he looks down upon the noble deed that is being done in his name.

6. Get A Tattoo Done

Get a tattoo done

We have seen people tattoo the names of their beloved.

Some even go to the extent of tattooing the names of important places or celebrities.

Hence in keeping up with today’s trend, it is, in fact, a great way to memorialize your pet.

It is the perfect badass and modern way to remember someone who held a really special place in your heart.

It is one of several artistic means to have a memorial.

A tattoo is not just an external means of show.

It is something realty intimate for

“Our bodies were printed with blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts.”

– Michael Biondi

7. Volunteer At A Local Shelter

Volunteer at a local shelter

I know that you miss him badly.

All those times with both of you running around senselessly keeps flashing in front of your eyes.

Distract yourself by volunteering at your local shelter with a truckload of other little pups and kittens.

Not all of them are lucky to have owners like you.

This is a perfect option for those who feel that they are not yet completely ready to adopt another pet.

You can keep yourself busy and see your own deceased pets within these not so fortunate pets.

8. Plant A Tree

Plant a tree

We have reaped many benefits with the rapid development and industrialization taking place.

Communication across borders has become cheaper and faster than ever before.

All of these may seem really profitable but they also have certain vices attached to it.

Planting a tree can be a great way to memorialize your pet as well as to save the world.

It is an important step to protect ‘mother nature’.

In my opinion, you should not wait until the death of your beloved pet for such a charitable cause.

None the less a tree a day can save the day and each one of us should take this initiative.

9. Wear A Memorial Necklace Or Dog Tag

Wear a memorial necklace or dog tag

Do you yearn for something that can be carried with you everywhere as a remembrance of your four-legged friend?

A memorial necklace can be a great way to get a fashionable accessory and memorialize your pet in an eloquent way.

For all the guys out there a dog tag can be the perfect solution.

It will assist your look in a real classy way.

Not only will it be a great addition to the outfits in your wardrobe but also a symbol of eternal remembrance.

You can even inscribe the name of your beloved companion and the years through which he lived.

Those precious years will forever be printed in your heart for the amount of joy that it brought to you.

10. Pet Memorial Stone

Pet memorial stone

A grave or a morgue for pets is not uncommon these days.

A pet memorial stone is thus a great way to memorialize your pet and honor his existence.

You can place a pet memorial stone in the backyard and just have a glance at it whenever you miss him a lot.

Inscribe the name and date of birth of your pet along with how long he lived.

It will be a great way to commemorate him and you can also hold an annual service in his memory.

It could either be the day he was born/adopted or the day that he died.

Having this stone in your backyard will make you feel that you are just a thought away from him.

11. Create A Photo/Video Collage

Create a photo

Go down the memory lane and revisit all those precious moments that you spent with your beloved pet.

You can thus create a collection of photos and videos as a means to memorialize your pet and his existence.

Remembering all those worry and tension free times with your pet can help bring a smile on your face.

Those endless games of fetch and tag will come flooding into your mind.

An album is not just a collection of photos but a storehouse of memories which bring out a varied collection of emotions.

A video is also a great way to collect snippets of important moments in one’s life which can be cherished later on.

12. Get A Clay Paw Print

Get a clay paw print

You may have heard of people getting a mark of their hand and leg printed on wet cement.

This is most often hung on the walls as a reminder of the times that gone by.

You can do the same with your pet by getting a clay paw print to memorialize your pet in a unique way.

If you are getting euthanasia you can ask your doctor to get his paw print before putting him to sleep.

You can also do this yourself if you have come to realize that it is very little to no chance of your pet surviving.

He left a paw print on your heart and this will always be a stark reminder of that fact.

No one must have ever thought that a tiny soul can have such a big impact on a person’s heart.

This clay paw print will be a reminder of the unconditional love that you shared with your pet.

13. Memorial Chimes

Memorial chimes

Getting a memorial chime is a great way to remind oneself that he is in a much better place now.

We are all made from dust and shall eventually return to dust.

It is the same with our pets and hence getting a chime in their remembrance is a great way to memorialize your pet.

Immortalize all those precious moments.

Whenever the winds blow with some force it will remind you of those golden days.

Those days when your pet ran up to you will the biggest smile you have ever seen in this world.

14. Pet Phone Cover

Pet phone cover

This may sound like a really quirky option especially after your pet has passed away.

In fact, this is a great way to remember him in a trendy fashionable manner with a customized phone cover.

As we all know the mobile phone has become an inescapable object in the modern world.

This is why it is a great way to cherish the soul of your beloved four-legged friend.

For a world that cannot live without its cell phone, it will be a great way to constantly remember his soul.

It will also be a symbol to the world of how much you miss your pet.

15. Fill A Box With The Important Items Of Your Pet

Fill a box with the important items of your

Keep all the collection of the items that your beloved pet used in a box as a means to memorialize your pet.

Whenever you feel lonely and crave for his presence, you can go through all of his belongings and find some satisfaction if any.

 Once you are completely over the tragedy of your loss you can even donate these toys and items to your local shelter.

If not it is totally fine to keep them as a form of remembrance of your dearly beloved pet.

The box could contain anything from a dog collar to a leash or even his water bowl as long as it reminds you of him.

We try our best to save the ones we love but there are times when even our best efforts are turned futile.

In such circumstances, we can only take all that is left of them and keep it close to our heart.

This includes the various experiences that we had with them.


Your pet may have played a pivotal role in your life.

The loss creates a void which seems that it cannot be filled but life must go on.

There are some instances which are inevitable yet out of our control and death is one of them.

“Grief is so painfully real, regardless of its origin. The love of, and attachment to, an animal friend can equal that of human relationships. Likewise, the loss of an animal can be just as devastating.”

– Rev. Joel L. Morgan

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