Occasions to Gift a Handmade Portrait From Photos

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Giving the perfect gift to someone has always been kind of a pain for most of us people.

How do you give someone something that’s personal and intimate enough to be heartwarming and also be relatively light on your wallet?

Well, this new old-fashioned trend of gifting paintings is rising again in recent times.

However, what’s even better than a painting to gift someone?

A personalized custom-made painting tailoring to your needs and choices.

Let’s look at some of the occasions where a personalized handmade portrait would be the perfect gift for your loved ones:  

1. Birthday Gift:

In the modern cosmopolitan world with the ever-increasing connections, we may, at times, fall short of what to gift to the person whose birthday it is.

Gifting a handmade portrait can really save you a lot of trouble in such cases.

Just select a good memory you share with that person and get it translated into colors and paint on the canvas in the form of a portrait.

kid oil portrait

2. Anniversary Gift:

Selecting an anniversary gift can be a tricky job for many, and if it’s your anniversary then the stakes are even higher, you always have the pressure of getting a gift better than your partner’s, and even if it’s not your anniversary you feel the need to make the couple feel special.

A custom-made painting from the photo of the couple will do the job for you.

It will be something that they will cherish for life and will also act as a constant reminder of your love and affection towards them.

valentine oil painting

3. Gift for Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day gifts have always been something that we have faced problems with while selecting, that’s mainly because on such occasions we look to repay her with the unconditional love that she showered upon us since the very moment we were born.

But, there isn’t anything that can possibly help us do that, what we can do instead is tell her how much we care for her and gifting her a custom-made portrait is just what you need.

Your love for them artistically outlined over a canvas with a plethora of colors spilled.

Sounds like the perfect kind of gift to me.

Mothers day oil painting

4. Gift for a Housewarming Party:

When people move into new houses they are looking forward to decorating their home sweet home and you can make the job easier for them by gifting them an abstract painting that suits their taste and decorates their wall, and there’s no better occasion for this than the housewarming party.

landscape acrylic painting

5. As a Parting Gift at a Farewell Party:

Parting ways with someone you have known for a long time can be a tough phase.

This can be anyone, a relative moving abroad or your boyfriend changing cities.

A portrait acts as a constant reminder of your love and support for them and helps them cherish the sweetest of the memories you have shared together.

boy charcoal sketch

6. Gift For Retired Personnel:

When someone retires after serving their post for a long time, they expect their work to be remembered and respected by generations to come because they gave it all while doing justice to their job.

In my opinion, nothing can be a better reminder than a portrait describing their decorated tenure.

fathers day acrylic painting

7. Wedding Gift:

Weddings urge you to bring your A-game to the table and if you are closer to the bride or the groom then your job becomes a lot more difficult.

You, not only have to help with the wedding chores but also decide on a special gift that reminds the married couple of you constantly in their happily married life.

Now, what can be a better gift than a custom-made portrait?

Wedding Painting Gift

8. Valentine’s Day:

The time of the year when you get invariably attracted to a special someone, you may as well say that “Love is in the air”, but that’s not all that it is about.

Let’s come down to the tricky part, the part which leaves most of the love-struck cosmopolitan youth biting their nails and then end up making the wrong decision.

That’s right; it’s the selection of the perfect gift for your perfect partner.

I have got the perfect solution for you all, a hand-made custom portrait.

9. Graduation Gift:

Graduating is a big deal for everyone and there should be memories that make the graduation ceremony a bit more special altogether.

Something that reminds the graduate that he/she made it through the college and is now ready for the outer world, gift them a portrait and constantly applaud them on a job well done.

girl charcoal sketch

10. An Infant’s First Birthday:

Toddlers of all have the least understanding regarding gifts and won’t care much about what you have gifted them, but now that you consider it as your job to make them feel special by gifting them something, gift them a portrait which highlights one of the sweetest moment from their childhood, this will be something that they will definitely cherish in their lives.

colored pencil sketch child

11. Gift for Father’s Day:

What gift do you possibly gift the man that gave you everything that you could have ever needed in your life?

To the man who was strong in the face of adversity and soft when he needed to be?

How would you possibly select a gift for a hero like that?

Simple, instead of a materialistic gift, gift his memories in the form of a hand-painted portrait of your happiest moments with him and let him know that you are thankful and that you love him.

fathers day oil painting

12. Rakshabandhan:

Rakshabandhan is the day for brothers and sisters to show their love for each other and promise to protect one another.

Selecting a gift for such a day would be quite a difficult feat.

So this Rakshabandhan gives your sibling something that would remind them of you in their times of crisis and motivate them to keep pushing.

Gift them the memories that you shared.

girl pencil sketch

13. Christmas:

Christmas is the spirit of holidays, a time of happiness, rest and most importantly, family.

A handmade custom Christmas day portrait is the best way to immortalize the love that you share and the memories you make in something regal that lasts forever.

Friends acrylic painting

14. Memorial Day:

Physical immortality is currently, and will be for the near foreseeable future, impossible for humans.

However, it is said that till the time people are in our hearts, they never really die.

Having a regal portrait of them done the way you remember them, be it playing with kids, or cooking their favorite foods or sitting respectfully and nobly, is the best way to remember them and keep them alive in your hearts forever.

Fathers day watercolor painting

15. New Year:

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to forget your worries, past misgivings and any hatred you might have in your heart for a fresh start.

The best way to celebrate the new year and move forward, remembering the good and perishing the bad is to have a portrait of the best moments that you had in the year so that whenever you look back, the portrait comes to mind and you remember all the happiness that you had in that year.

Landscape acrylic painting

16. Easter:

Easter is the day that celebrates one of the best and most pivotal occurrences in  Christianity, the rebirth of Jesus Christ.

It is also the day of fun, family and togetherness as everyone in the entire world get to hunt for the Easter eggs full of surprises.

There are quite a few days that is as fun for all ages as Easter is.

This day is best commemorated by having your happiest moment as a family into the immortal canvas as a handmade portrait and making those memories a bit more permanent.

friends acrylic painting

17. Armed Forces Day:

The most important thing for the brave ones in the military is their country so much so that the official photos of everyone is taken with the country’s flag.

So much so that they gave up their very own lives for their country and this day is to not just remember, but celebrate them, their valor and their fearlessness in the face of grave danger believing in the fact that they’re doing their part to make their country a safer place for their future generations to come.

So, remember them and make their memories permanent by immortalizing them on canvas in the form of a beautiful hand-crafted painting that perfectly symbolizes who they were.

fathers day acrylic painting

18. Independence Day:

Independence day is the day that all of the countries come together with all their differences and difference in opinion and unites under one common banner, that of the country and patriotism.

Celebrate this unity in diversity in the perfect way with painting and have that feeling of awe when you see everybody chanting the national anthem together, the feeling and energy of that moment so strong and tangible you could feel it on your tongue, keep it with you, preserved in this painting.  

19. Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving and many of its iterations in other cultures is a time to give thanks for the good harvest and for everything that we are thankful in our lives, be it good grades or the good people around you.

To immortalize this Thanksgiving (or turkey day) with a painting of your whole family to remind you in life what you are thankful for whenever you are In a state of crisis or when you feel low on life.

Family colored pencil sketch

20. Hanukkah:

Hanukkah is the festival of happiness of freedom, togetherness, righteousness, and family.

A time when everyone gets together as one irrespective of their differences or feuds.

To keep this positive euphoria with you and the feeling of unity, immortalize this in a painting specifically made for your needs which reminds you of the memories that you have.  

21. Diwali:

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals for Hindus.

It is the festival of lights, representing the victory of good against evil, light against dark and the prevailing of justice for your actions along with goodwill and karma.

It is a time of happiness, of buying new clothes and of the playful sparkles of firecrackers.

Some of the best memories are made on this day.

Keep your loved ones with you even when they are away by capturing the warmth and love and happiness of this day in a custom portrait that Is more than just a photo.

It represents memories and happiness and is a much more tangible and personal experience.


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