10 Occasions to Gift a Handmade Portrait

Over the past few years, the fad of gifting custom made portraits has been one of the trending ideas and ever since its arrival it has become a reliable option for gift givers. All around the year we get invited to many occasions or face such situations where the need to get a gift for the other person arises. Let’s take a look at 10 such occasions where a portrait is a perfect gift.

  1. Birthday gift

In the modern cosmopolitan world with the ever increasing connections, we may, at times fall short of what to gift to the person whose birthday it is. Gifting a portrait can really save you a lot of trouble in such cases. Just select a good memory you share with that person and get it translated into colors and paint on the canvas in the form of a portrait.


    2. Anniversary Gift

Selecting an anniversary gift can be a tricky job for many, and if it’s your anniversary when the stakes are too high, you always have the pressure of getting a gift better than your partner’s, and even if it’s not your anniversary you feel the need to make the couple feel special.A custom-made portrait of the couple will do the job for you. It will be something that they will cherish for life and will also act as a constant reminder of your love and affection towards them.


   3. Gift for Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day

Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts have always been something that we have faced problems with while selecting, that’s mainly because on such occasions we look to repay our parents with the unconditional love they have showered upon us since the very moment we were born. But, there isn’t anything that can possibly help us do that, what we can do instead is tell our parent’s how much we care for them and gifting them a custom-made portrait is just what you need. Your love for them artistically outlined over a canvas with a plethora of colors spilled. Sounds like the perfect kind of gift to me.


   4. Gift for a Housewarming Party

When people move into new houses they are looking forward to decorating their home sweet home and you can make the job easier for them by gifting them an abstract painting that suits their taste and decorates their wall, and there’s no better occasion for this than the housewarming party.




   5. As a parting gift at a farewell party

Parting ways with someone you have known for a long time can be a tough phase; this can be anyone, a relative moving abroad, or you boyfriend changing cities. A portrait acts as a constant reminder of your love and support for them and helps them cherish the sweetest of the memories you have shared together.




   6. Gift for a retired personnel

When someone retires after serving their post for a long time, they expect their work to be cherished by generations to come because they gave it all while doing justice to their job. In my opinion, nothing can be a better reminder than a portrait describing their decorated tenure.


   7. Wedding gift

Weddings urge you to bring your A-game to the table and if you are closer to the bride or the groom then your job becomes a lot more difficult. Not only you have to help with the wedding chores but also decide on a special gift that reminds the married couple of you constantly in their happily married life. Now, what can be a better gift than a custom-made portrait?


   8. Valentine’s Day

The time of the year when you get invariably attracted to a person from the opposite gender, you may as well say that “Love is in the air”, but that’s not all about this season. Let’s come down to the tricky part, the part which leaves most of the love-struck cosmopolitan youth biting their nails and then end up making the wrong decision. That’s right; it’s the selection of the perfect gift for your perfect partner. I have got the perfect solution for you all, a hand-made custom portrait.




   9. Graduation Gift

Graduating is a big deal for everyone and there should be memories that make the graduation ceremony a bit more special altogether. Something that reminds the graduate that he/she made it through the college and is now ready for the outer world, gift them a portrait and constantly applaud them on a job well done.


   10. An infant’s first birthday

Toddlers of all have the least understanding regarding gifts and won’t care much about what you have gifted them, but now that you consider it as your job to make them feel special by gifting them something, gift them a portrait which highlights one of the sweetest moment from their childhood, this will be something that they will cherish at some or the other point in their lives.

Now, the tricky part is, where to get custom made portraits from? Don’t worry; I have got that sorted out for you as well. Just visit PortraitFlip or write to them at portraitflip@gmail.com, give in your specifications and the photo you want to get customized and leave the rest to best of their artists. You can also contact them via WhatsApp on +91 82202-43838.

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